Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus AstrologyThe coronavirus pandemic was declared by the World Health Organisation (WHO) on March 11, 2020. This coronavirus astrology interpretation is based on two critical events in the timeline of the coronavirus outbreak. One is a timed event which gives a more accurate analysis and allows for prediction.

Coronavirus Astrology Timeline

  • December 1, 2019 – First person diagnosed with Covid-19 [1]
  • March 11, 2020 – WHO declared a coronavirus pandemic [2]

Coronavirus Paient Zero

On December 1, 2019 when Covid-19 was first diadnosed, the Sun was conjunct fixed star Antares in the Heart of the Scorpion which causes fevers and sickness. [3]

The preceeding New Moon on November 26, 2019 was directly linked to Mars opposite Uranus, one of the most disruptive influences in astrology. It was also conjunct fixed star Acrab in the Head of the Scorpion which causes pestilence, and contagious diseases. [3]

The preceeding lunar eclipse on July 16, 2019 was conjunct fixed star Pollux which is connected with extreme sickness, diseases, fevers, and poisoning. [3]

Saturn Pluto Conjunction

But the most important influence on the coronavirus astrology is Saturn conjunct Pluto. As Chris said in a comment on the March 9 full moon post: “The Saturn-Pluto conjunction seeded this, or ‘released’ it into the collective.”

The Saturn-Pluto conjunction at 22°46′ Capricorn was on January 12, 2020. But it was within a 3° orb from December 6, 2019, to February 17, 2020. That covers the major outbreak in China and the beginnings of its spread around the world. Saturn conjunct Pluto represents global events and organizations like the WHO. In that article, I stated:

When the two most serious and cold planets align there are hard times. Restriction and limitation force you to work hard… The masses will be skeptical and protest the changes being forced on them. China will expand its power and influence in an attempt to overtake the U.S.A. as the dominant superpower. Jupiter in the China horoscope is at 22°35′ Capricorn.

I thought I was wrong about China expanding its influence when the coronavirus outbreak resulted in factory closures. But as this CNN headline reads: Putin and Xi are using the coronavirus crisis to extend their control. Across the world, Trump struggles to keep up.

Update April 10, 2020: Coronavirus is hurting America’s place as a world leader while China appears to rise.

Coronavirus Horoscope

First Coronavirus Diagnosis

Sedna Conjunct Algol

Minor Planet Sedna at 27°21′ Taurus moves very slowly so it represents slowly evolving, long lasting changes. Taking 11,400 years to orbit the Sun, Sedna nears its perihelion in mid 2076. The last time Sedna was this close to earth was in 9400 BC, the beginning of the Neolithic Age when we started farming and moving away from our nomadic roots.

Sedna may also be responsible for the sharp rise in global temperature now because the same thing happened in 9400 BC. This in turn, could see a rise in pandemics, especially with the notorious fixed star Algol at 26°26′ Taurus. Sedna is within a 1° orb of Algol from June 2016 to May 2020.

Algol is associated with misfortune, violence, extreme sickness, tragedies, sorrow and events affecting large numbers of people. [4] In medical astrology it rules the neck area and can affect the thymus gland which in turn affects the lymph nodes. [5]

Neptune Conjunct Achernar

Neptune rules illness and infection. When the first coronavirus patient became infected, Neptune was at 15°55′ Pisces. It was conjunct fixed star Achernar at 15°35′ Pisces. The following paragraph about Neptune with Achernar is channeled material from a book called The Fixed Star Health and Behavior Imbalance:

This configuration causes a disturbance in the immune system affecting all the glands in the body. The native is susceptible to disorders of the entire endocrine system so that diseases can develop almost anywhere in the body. The entire body is weak and they have little energy… The condition can be helped to a great extent through the consumption of parsley every day at every meal including parsley tea. Parsley vitalizes and strengthens the immune system. Pomegranates are especially favorable for these individuals as well as oranges, especially the portion inside the skin, every other day. [5]

Coronavirus Pandemic Declared

On March 11, 2020, the coronavirus pandemic was declared by the WHO. Because we have an exact time for the event, we have an accurate coronavirus astrology chart, shown below. It should give clues about the nature of the pandemic and transits to this chart can be used to predict an outcome.

Coronavirus Astrology

Coronavirus Astrology Chart

The preceeding solar eclipse on December 26, 2019, was conjunct Jupiter so I said it would be a fortunate influence as Jupiter is associated with growth and expansion. And that a generous trine aspect to Uranus would make it more exciting.

This is a good example of how Jupiter’s abundance can be a negative thing when it amplifies the growth of something nasty. The trine to Uranus has made this pandemic exciting, but also shocking. Still, we can hope that the panic and disruption cease as quickly as it started.

The preceeding lunar eclipse on January 10, 2020 opposite Mercury has lead to polarized thinking, and disruption to trade and transport. Feelings have taken a back seat to harsh realities. The eclipse was also opposite Saturn and Pluto, with a cold, ruthless and oppressive influence. I went on to say:

Freedom of speech and the independence of the media will be curtailed by governments and even multinational organizations. The public will be subject to lies and propaganda. Even freedom of movement and freedom of association will be threatened as rulers and states increase their grip on power. Human rights will be lost in the name of national security… If you are strong you need to protect more vulnerable family members and friends.

The lunar eclipse was conjunct fixed star Castor in the Gemini Twins. Interestingly, the lunar eclipse before the first coronavirus infection was conjunct fixed star Pollux, the other Gemini Twin. The whole Constellation of Gemini causes trouble and disgrace, sickness, loss of fortune and affliction.[3]

The preceeding full moon on March 9, 2020 opposite Neptune may “increase fears about coronavirus which may be well-based if a pandemic is declared. A trine aspect to Jupiter brings the potential good fortune, trust, and faith. However, this generous aspect to the planet of growth could also increase the spread of the virus. Take extra precautions if you are not feeling well as you could be more susceptible to illness and infection.”

The full moon was conjunct fixed star Denebola which is associated with major catastrophes, currency, and the stock exchange, despair, misfortune from the elements of nature, disgrace and ruin, and violent disease of a vital organ. [3]

The coronavirus astrology chart still shows the Sun conjunct Neptune so the association with illness and infection applies regardless of the full moon. It is complicated by a quincunx to the Moon.

Moon quincunx Neptune causes extreme sensitivity and the quincunx is associated with health imbalances. This can result in illness because of an over sensitivity to infection as well as psychological problems like confusion, fear, paranoia, and hypochondria. There is the potential for contagious disease, misdiagnosis, poisoning, withdrawal, and isolation.

Jupiter conjunct Pluto is over 3° orb in the coronavirus astrology chart but it is still very important. There are three Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions this year all around 24° Capricorn which is conjunct Pluto in the pandemic chart. The dates are:

  • April 4, 2020
  • June 30, 2020
  • November 12, 2020

Jupiter conjunct Pluto brings drive and ambition but it can make people greedy, ruthless, extreme, self-righteous and obsessive. It will cause goverments and corporations to take extreme measures.

The Midheaven at the top of the coronavirus astrology chart represents the outcome of the pandemic which I will mention shortly. But the Midheaven also represent the goals or purpose of the WHO declaring this pandemic.

The Midheaven is conjunct asteroid Hygeia which rules health, cleanliness, and sanitation. So that fits very well with the intentions of the health experts. Other Hygeia keywords include hygiene, medicine, doctors, disease, illness, hypochondria, operations, misdiagnosis, and worrying about the health of family and friends.

The Nadir or Imum Coeli (IC) at the bottom of the chart represents the past or the origins of the coronavirus pandemic. Interestingly, it is conjunct fixed star Acrab, the same as the new moon before the first Covid-19 diagnosis. Remember Acrab causes “pestilence and contagious diseases.”

Coronavirus Pandemic Outcome

The Midheaven represents the outcome of the pandemic. At 02°01′ Gemini it is conjunct fixed star Alcyone in the Pleiades. Alcyone causes blindness from fevers, smallpox, and violent death. [3] Alcyone rules the base of the neck. It is the major connection to the central nervous system in the human body. [3]

The Pleiades are especially indicative of events that affect the family and family life. [4] They are also associated with deep sorrows, tragedies, and bereavements. [6]

“While the Pleiades have a generally good reputation during that time of the year when they are hidden by the Sun’s rays (approximately 40 days), they can be of great harm to mankind. At this time, with other correlative indications in the chart, they can occasion the death of a great number of people.” [4]

This occurs between April 30 and June 11. Transiting Sun passes over the Pandemic chart Midheaven on May 21, 2020. There is a new moon on May 22, 2020, at 02°04′ Gemini, right on the Pandemic Midheaven. This suggests that the coronavirus astrology points to a peak of global infections or hopefully the end of the pandemic in late May 2020. There is a new moon on May 22, 2020, at 02°04′ Gemini, right on the Pandemic Midheaven.

According to Sylvia Browne, the coronavirus pandemic should all be over as quickly as it came:

“In around 2020, a severe pneumonia-like illness will spread throughout the globe, attacking the lungs and the bronchial tubes and resisting all known treatments. Almost more baffling than the illness itself will be the fact that it will suddenly vanish as quickly as it arrived, attack again ten years later, and then disappear completely.” [7]

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    • Square pluto 5x between jan 26th and october 6th next year .. been in aries since my parents were born in 1925 … it’s tinier but also heavier and more than twice as slow:
      “It takes 559 years to orbit the Sun a single time, compared to Pluto’s 248 years.”
      greek myth makes Eris a sister to Mars
      this man has a nice way of writing:
      “Pluto is the part of us that can squarely face difficult truths. But when we instead make a weak response to Pluto, those difficult truths manifest in your life instead of showing up in your head and heart in the form of liberating insights.”

      ps: after listening to George Webb closely i doubt taking the WHO for anything, let alone birth charts, can end well … jussayin

  1. Through several months, if not years, there came a day (Oct 31, 2019), when the trinity charts were summarized:

    1. Age of Aquarius, January 12, 1996
    2. Regulus, Great Mother, November 29, 2011
    3. Cosmogenesis, June 21, 2020

    Age of Aquarius, the progressed version circa 2019/2020, is a wealth of detail, including several yods that operates like a gearbox, moving from 1st to 4th, and Reverse

    The moon is always at the Apex, the stick shift. But the sextiles, these are the gears, I call the Viral Transmission. Are you ready to drive? Get in, get comfortable, play with the clutch, and …… here we go.

    1st gear: Mercury-Saturn
    2nd gear: Mercury-Venus
    3rd gear: Saturn-Neptune
    4th gear: Neptune-Venus
    Neutral: Regulus
    reverse gear: Venus-Uranus

    I’ll post the time sequence and any revisions, and what we saw as we drove along the road. This is like saying: gear ratios, for the automotive nerds, that are new to astrology. And for the social nerds, in the backseat, or on the sidewalk, as we take the new transmission out, for the first time.

    • The Viral Transmission yod is clutch operated, that is to say, A Boomerang yod. You would be hard pressed to read this anywhere in the pantheon of astrological scholarship, but here it is: Mars is the brake**, Sun is accelerator. See them in progressed Age of Aquarius 12 house.

      And a further activator in the Viral Transmission yod:

      10 Hygiea, 23Aqr53, Age of Aquarius natal. You need sanitizer to run this machine.

      ** Because Mars under calibration from the Nov 11,2019 Mercury occultation in Scorpio Sign.

      • I’m confused says the forum Alms Cup Man. The Asbolus birder, and freelance feathered forgetmeknot. Rhythm seeker, good vibe master, and writing scribe, etched in stone, clay and longpole pine. The rivers edge, where meander meets the graveled glacier. Osoyoos snake and leather serpeant, the high screetched sound of owled entry, rabbit hole.

    • Jupiter and Pluto are not in the Yod directly. And the BoomerAng Yod can be broadened to describe the operations of the vehicle. But Bill Gates name keeps popping up everywhere these days, and his Jupiter-Pluto conjunction, so we will make him the car salesman. That’s right Bill, he’s out in the showroom, demonstrating the new transmission, taking people on test drives, signing Lease arrangements, and so on. Busy fellow.

      • Re: I wouldn’t count on Bill Gates to be our knight in shining armor, re Covid 19. With n. Sun In Scorpion, Moon in Aries, he only thinks of himself and he’s not a trustworthy car salesman, either. Windows was deliberately engineered to break down, so that Microsoft and their repairmen could make more money ? Jupiter Pluto people are not really in it for humanity. They want all of the marbles for themselves !

        • I completely agree. Bill Gates is into depopulation. Then he wants to make the Covid vaccine to save life’s? The two things are at odds with each other. Look up the UN agenda 21. Africa kicked him out because he used their people as Guinea pigs. He’s completely untrustworthy.

  2. “December 1, 2019 – First person diagnosed with Covid-19”

    That’s assuming you believe the Chinese, Jamie.

    It was well before 12/1/19, and anyone who believed the now debunked Bat soup story is either an idiot, or someone who knew better but was covering for the ChiComm’s.

  3. I would love to see a synastry chart analysis with New York City. It seems like everyone know is either sick, dead, hungry, dealing with sick or dead friends or relatives, or all of the above. Everything you have heard about how bad New York is and has been for the past month is total and complete understatement. There are pop-up morgues and bodies being stored everywhere because the funeral homes and crematoriums are backlocked (now I know why the local funeral home that I walk by regularly and is constantly having a funeral had all those rental trucks parked nearby). I can’t go on but I will just say that I’m pretty sure I’ve had it (there is no testing and most of us have lost our health insurance with the economic collapse, so I’m only about 99% sure that I’ve had it) and you do not want this. Five weeks in and I feel as if I will never have strength again.

  4. Jamie. Hope you are well and the kids. The thing you got wrong and almost never mention is that the mighty Jupiter in Capricorn is the detriment. It’s extraordinary that it’s lined up with Saturn and Pluto. The rich scrambling to keep their assets against the world’s poorest and sick. Jupiter in care homes in Western world!!!! When you read astrology can you ever see the world getting better?? Also, read yesterday about Australia’s greatest epidemiological teams may well find the best vaccine for the Corona’s. Does that show in Oz chart?

  5. January 12 2020, not just the conjunction but also the day the compiled genetic code of the virus was first publically released for analysis, first in Sydney, Australia and then in Shanghai. I say that this is the “birthday” if you will for this even as a public phenomena. But what is the ascendant for the time of this release in those places? With that information you could have a true natal chart for this phenomenon.

  6. Hi Therato

    01Leo17 Rising is one idea.

    Sorry can’t tell you how I got this, North Node was in 12house secrets at the time of my 2020 Solar Return.

  7. Hi Jamie,

    Would really appreciate your take on the extraordinary triple conjunction on the New Moon in Pisces March 2 2022. Apart from the obvious potentially dramatic civic constriction suggested by the containment of the chart within a trine between a triple conjunction of Pluto, Mars and Venus of in Cap and the lunar node in Taurus ( 27 degrees so north node conjunct Algol ) Jupiter while conjunct the New Moon is at 14 degrees of Pisces. Close to the original Neptune 15 degrees conjunct Achernar you highlight as a possible signifier of this mutating Covid pandemic.

    Could this astrological configuration suggest a new exponential expansion of this airborne virus and consequent more extreme global governmental restrictions ? Thanks.

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