Leo 2016 Horoscope

Leo 2016 HoroscopeLeo horoscope 2016 with decans for a more accurate forecast. If you are on a cusp, use the free horoscope to find your decan.

   Leo Decan 1 – born Jul 23 to Aug 2.
   Leo Decan 2 – born Aug 3 to 12.
   Leo Decan 3 – born Aug 13 to 22.

Decan 1 Leo 2016

Last year you should have made some solid gains and built up a healthy sense of security. The Saturn transit that fostered that foundation building came to and end in December 2015. This year you can enjoy the fruits of your labor with a backdrop of relaxing and harmonious eclipses. A surprise awaits later in the year with a most fortunate lucky streak.

The September 2015 lunar eclipse sextile your decan will have a harmonizing effect on your relationships. There will be a focus on your home and family life, with special attention being paid to your closest relationships. The theme of the eclipse was relationship dynamics and the role or expectations of women. Your love life should benefit greatly during this eclipse phase which last until the next lunar eclipse in March

The March 23 Lunar Eclipse is also sextile your decan so will continue the harmony of the year so far. It will have a similarly positive effect on your love life and relationships in general, and increase your emotional sensitivity. This eclipse will have a different theme though, and thus change your focus to a slightly different area of life. Check back closer to the eclipse or subscribe at the bottom of the page for an update. The relaxing influence of these eclipse phases will keep you emotionally balanced until the end of August.

Mars retrograde trine your decan from April 17 to May 30 will have a positive influence on your love life. To start with, the retrograde phase lengthens this amorous transit and also deepens your passions. New romance is possible in this six-week period, and may involve past life contacts or old lovers from this life. Any love relationships started in this period will have an intensely strong sexual attraction and karmic pull.

Jupiter sextile your decan from September 7 to October 27 is the lucky streak I mentioned earlier. This will be a time of happiness and optimism when good things seem to come more easily. Health and vitality should be high, enabling you to take full advantage of this generally very fortunate transit. There will be opportunities to increase your wealth and expand your horizons through long distance travel or further studies. Jupiter will also continue the emotional balance and sense of well-being you have enjoyed this year from the lunar eclipses.

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Decan 2 Leo 2016

Another prosperous year lies ahead for you. While still containing opportunities for growth and happiness, the focus does shift away from excitement and change towards a steadier, hard-working theme.

Uranus was trine your decan all last year and finishes in mid April 2016. This has been the source of positive change and excitement in your life. You should be enjoying a greater sense of personal freedom as this liberating influence opens you to new ways of expressing your individuality. The following transit will solidify the positive changes you have made recently.

Saturn trine your decan from mid December 2015 until mid December 2016 is the main influence this year. Although not a particularly exciting or thrilling phase of life , it is very important because you are working hard on building safe and secure, lasting foundations for years to come. 2016 would be an ideal year for buying and selling real estate, or renovating your home. As the Uranus effect fades and the Saturn effect strengthens, you will take on a more responsible outlook on life.

Mercury retrograde square your decan from May 7 to 22 presents the biggest challenge of the year. Any important decisions you need to make, or major business deals this year, should be attended to at any other time than this. Preferably during your lucky streak which follows. Mercury will scatter your thinking and lessen your judgement skills. This is not the time to be arguing your case or asking for favors. There is an increased chance of getting into arguments.

Jupiter sextile your decan from October 23 to December 25 is the lucky streak I have been talking about. You had a similar experience during the first half of 2015 with Jupiter in your decan. You should be feeling sociable and can expect good relations with loved ones as well as people at work and in group activities. Your interests and activities are likely to be broadened and this could include further study or longer distance travels. Jupiter does rule wealth so there should be opportunities to make more money through investments or simply through good fortune, being in the right place at the right time.

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Decan 3 Leo 2016

A very positive and exciting year lies ahead with none of the depressing limitations of the previous year to hold you back. You are in fact, transitioning from a period of restriction and responsibility towards a brighter future with greater freedom and opportunity. There will be brief periods of frustration due to some retrograde phases, but the end of 2016 is especially fortunate and sets up another good year in 2017.

Uranus trine your decan lasts from March 20 this year until March of 2019. Those of you born in the first couple of days of Leo decan 3 will have experienced this stimulating transit for a few months in the middle of 2015. Now all of you get the full burst of exciting change and unexpected opportunities. You will feel more free, less inhibited, and be more comfortable and even proud of being a bit weird. You may also study things which you thought were once too out there like astrology or other occult fields.

Mercury retrograde square your decan from April 28 to May 9 will be a very hectic time and you may be left feeling run off your feet. Increased mental tension means this is not a good time for making important decisions. Business deals should be deferred due to lack of mental clarity and poor judgement. Neither is this the time for debating or asking for favors. Communication is simply not a strong point at this time.

Mars retrograde square your decan from May 26 to June 29 presents the second and final challenging phase of the year. This time, it is your energy that is adversely effected. You may feel your need and primal urges growing stronger, but poor timing and an aggressive nature can lead to resistance from others. A less assertive stance is needed in order to avoid aggressive responses and the threat of conflict. There are plenty of opportunities at other times this year to assert your will and get what you want.

Jupiter sextile your decan from December 18 to the end of March 2017 brings good luck and ample opportunities for growth and wealth creation. Health and vitality should be high which enables you to take full advantage of this very lucky transit. Your interests and activities are likely to be broadened and this could include further study or longer distance travels.

Saturn trine your decan from mid December 2016 to mid December 2017 sets up the next year for steady growth and marked achievements. You will take on a more responsible outlook and will earn respect and promotion for your determination and strong work ethic. Promotion in your career and other types of recognition are possible in the year ahead.

Jupiter opposite Uranus from December 9 to mid January 2017 peaks on December 25. Although others will be challenged by this alignment, you will do well because both planets are working for you. This will result in a rush of unexpected opportunities and surprises. The sky is the limit given one more planet joins the party. I will be writing in more detail about this in the months ahead. Check back or subscribe at the bottom of the page for updates

Saturn trine Uranus from December 9 to the 12th of January 2017 also peaks on December 25. it allows for creative changes in your life while maintaining stability. Christmas day is likely to be an amazing experience. Saturn will help cement the unexpected good fortune and lay a solid foundation on which to grow in the year ahead.

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