Lunar Eclipse 18 August 2016 Special Mission

Lunar Eclipse August 2016 AstrologyThe Lunar Eclipse on Thursday 18 August 2016 is at 26 degrees Aquarius. The lunar eclipse August 2016 astrology is very positive and exciting for a change. New discoveries and relationships will send you on a special mission to find plans for a brighter future.

Lunar eclipse August 2016 will not produce any shadow over the moon so is going to act more like a normal full moon lasting 14 days. This is just long enough to finish tying up the loose ends of the last six months and start preparing for a brand new eclipse cycle starting on September 1.

Lunar Eclipse Meaning

Like all full moons, the major planetary aspect of a lunar eclipse is Sun opposite Moon. This focuses your attention on your home, family and relationships of all kind. As the lunar qualities of emotions and instincts reach their peak at a full moon, you can take an objective and balanced look at your personal relationships. Being in touch with your own needs and intentions, and those of others, you can clearly see any relationship imbalances causing disharmony.

Lunar eclipse August 2016 will bring balance to, and compliment the August 2 new moon. Projects you started two weeks ago can now be fine-tuned or completed, it is harvest time. This is also the final moon phase in an eclipse cycle which began with the March 6, 2016 solar eclipse. Any major themes or goals in your life over the previous six months will be seeking finalization before the September 1 solar eclipse clears the slate and begins a whole new eclipse cycle.

Lunar Eclipse August 2016 Astrology

The August 18 lunar eclipse at 25°51′ Aquarius does not come under the influence any major fixed stars or asteroids. As I do not use Sun Signs for interpretation, it is a fortunate thing there are some interesting planetary aspects to talk about.

Moon sextile Uranus acts in unison with Sun trine Uranus to bring two weeks of stimulating experiences, surprising events and exciting change. Relationship imbalances and polarities in life can be reconciled using higher awareness, originality and experimentation.

Increased intuition and flashes of insight lead to self-discovery and revelations. Combined with increased self-confidence this allows you to express the more unique or quirky side of your personality. You will feel like trying sometime new, so leave your comfort zone and widen your social circle with some extra ordinary people.

Stale relationships can be rejuvenated by allowing for greater individual freedoms. Old relationships can be renewed through unexpected meetings or contact on the Internet. Chance encounters may lead to instant attraction and new friendships or romances.

Lunar Eclipse August 2016 Astrology

Lunar Eclipse August 2016 Astrology

Lunar Eclipse August 2016 Special Mission

A Yod aspect pattern contains a blue sextile aspect with two green quincunx aspects. This forms a long triangle shape which in the chart above points to Mercury and Jupiter. A Yod signifies a special karmic mission you need to complete in order for your soul to evolve.

The changes, new relationships, higher self-awareness and insights of Moon sextile Uranus create a heightened state of anxiety and tension. The quincunx aspects focus this neurotic and unstable energy on the action point of the Yod. It is through Mercury and Jupiter that you manifest all that crazy energy in a stable and useful form.

Mercury conjunct Jupiter brings good news, optimism and a happy frame of mind. You should feel broad-minded, generous and sociable. This is the ideal time to start a new course of study and to sit exams. Journeys and holidays can be booked or started.

Social charm, tact and diplomacy make this the right time to settle disputes. Buying and selling should turn a profit and you can negotiate a better deal in any area of life. Making plans for the future is favored but don’t forget to have some fun. Catching up for a chat with friends and making new friends will be easy because of your positive energy.

The mission of this lunar eclipse Yod is to take the exciting changes and new discoveries in your life and turn them into optimistic plans for a brighter future. Saturn square Neptune has brought so much fear and anxiety recently so it is about time you had some fun and used positive thinking to make the most of new opportunities.

Venus trine Pluto is the strongest aspect in the lunar eclipse August 2016 astrology chart apart from the eclipse itself. Perhaps the good news coming out of your special mission has something to do with big improvements in your love life and finances.

If Lunar Eclipse August 2016 directly impacts your horoscope decan you can read about its effect in your monthly horoscope.

Previous Moon Phase: New Moon August 2, 2016
Next Moon Phase: Solar Eclipse September 1, 2016

Lunar Eclipse August 2016 Times and Dates
Los Angeles
New York
18 August – 2:26 am
18 August – 5:26 am
18 August – 10:26 am
18 August – 2:56 pm
18 August – 7:26 pm

138 thoughts on “Lunar Eclipse 18 August 2016 Special Mission

  1. Hi! Any chance you could look how this eclipse will affect me? I’m sitting for a HUGE exam the last week in July 2016. Also, in general will this affect me in other parts of my life? It happens to look like it’s conjunct my natal sun and makes other aspects to other personal planets. THNX! feb16 79, in SF, Calif

      • Jamie do you think my natal moon trine my natal sun is within close enough orb to have an effect. Will my exam go well if you had to guess?

            • I also have the Jupiter yod conjunct my ascendant. My rising is 24 Virgo. (Time born19:55)

            • Is this much like Alina’s horoscope below. She sounds like she has my chart. Same risings but out Suns are virtually in opposite signs. Hers Leo and mine Aquarius Neat

            • Given this is more like a full moon than an eclipse I think the orb is too wide to have a strong influence. But Jupiter on your AC will sure have an impact. How has Uranus opposite Moon transit been for you? Lucky that you have your Moon nearly exactly conjunct the most fortunate star of all, fixed star Spica. You have a number of important stars in your chart worth looking into. Use this list and add 0°18′ to your planets.

            • Hi thnx Jamie. Uranus opposite my moon has surprisingly had no effect. I expected to but nothing yet. I remember a few years ago I had an eclipse opposite my natal Uranus and whoa did I feel that. It rattled my schooling at the time. I’ll def look into the stars you mentioned. Moon conjunct spica .. Anything special ?

            • Spica is very special. This star marks the beginning of the Vedic and ancient zodiacs. It is the seed.

  2. Hi! I have recently discovered your site and I think it is excellent. More impressive is the fact that you take the time to reply to people who comment. I was born on August 18, 1973 (Virgo rising at 24 degrees) and I am wondering how strong will be the impact of this eclipse on my personal life given the fact that this eclipse falls on my birthday. I have recently got divorced and broken-hearted (after 28 years -18 years of marriage plus 10 more years relationship before getting married), having two beautiful and intelligent teenage sons for whom I worry a lot as they are broken-hearted, too. My life has been really difficult emotionally ever since the divorce and I want to know if there is still hope for a happy and successful personal life for me. I hoped that Jupiter conjunct natal Sun will do wonders, but it did not. 🙁

    • Hi Alina, a lot of people missed out on the good fortune of Jupiter because of Jupiter square Saturn. This eclipse is very strong for you with the Jupiter yod landing on your Ascendant. Personal growth and happiness through exciting changes. Lunar eclipse opposite Sun puts the spotlight on emotional need for companionship.

      The September 16 lunar eclipse at 24 Pisces falls not only on your DC but the reaction point of the August 18 yod. That signals a new beginning for you with good prospects for love, leading to the personal growth and happiness foretold in the previous eclipse. I got married following the last two eclipses on my DC. Stay tuned for my write up on the next lunar eclipse!

      • Thank you for your time and for the positive forecast. Hoping for the best! Good luck with your site!

      • I have read your post about the Yod and I think I have two in my natal chart… is it possible?? Mars-Neptune-Pluto and Saturn-Neptune-Jupiter. Is it bad? Hope not.

        • Oh, I have discovered Yod no. 3! Saturn-Neptune-Mars!? I think they are too many to be actually there, but according maths…

        • The Saturn yod is weak because of wide orbs but the Mars yod is strong. Not so bad because Neptune sextile Pluto is a communal type of energy I mention in the yod post., plus you have Mars sextile Saturn to make any aggressive Mars energy safe and stable.

          • Hi, I’m back with news after the eclipses. Unfortunately only bad things happened. Our godfather (wedding godfather) died and we buried him on August 30th, which 19 years ago was precisely the date my ex-husband and I got married (and the godfather walked me down the aisle). No coincidence according to astrology since every 19 years the eclipses fall on the same degrees. So September 1steclipse hit us alright. The September 16th eclipse did not bring something to the surface right away, but following Mercury’s direct movement on the 23rd, I found out that my ex-husband is getting married. Even if this development was expected, I am devastated all the same.
            I am still waiting for the positive energy to come my way some day. 🙁 whenever would that be, if ever.

  3. Jamie, the moon of this eclipse is in my 11th house in opposition to my natal moon (23 degrees) in leo 5th house. Is bad having a lunar eclipse opposite to natal moon?

    • Not as bad as you would think because it means you have Sun conjunct Moon transit. It really just puts your emotional relationships in the spotlight and the polarities in life such as home versus family. Maternal issues, women being very important for next 2 weeks, more emotional than usual. Will vary depending on any other aspects in your chart to your Moon. Habits and addictions may be more obvious.

  4. That is going to be EPIC. The Sun is conjunct natal Mars 25 degrees Leo, and smack on North node 26 degrees .Jupiter and Mercury are conjunct natal Saturn. Uranus trine natal Mars and Moon in Sag. Moon conj south node and sun-moon midpoint. Fireworks. Also, Sun trine natal moon and Neptune.

  5. Sun and Uranus are forming grand fire trine to Moon in Sag. Relocation maybe ? Anyway, exciting stuff it seems, don t you think ?

  6. Hi Jamie, Thank you for your time and forecast, my twelve daughter is also interested in the planets…
    I was born on 18 August 1963. How is the Eclipse this year going to affect me? My life has been really difficult financially.

    • Being a birthday eclipse it will be extra strong and last for a whole year because it stays active in your solar return chart. You should expect pleasant surprises with your finances and then stability.

      Next year you have Uranus trine Sun transit and Saturn trine Sun transit.

      But this year, Saturn trine Uranus is making the same transits to your Venus (ruler of money) which is just before the Sun in your chart. It aactivates Venus trine Jupiter in your chart which is good for makingmoney.

      • Thank you very much Jamie. Should I be worried about A Yod? 18 August… Do I have a special karmic mission?
        Appreciate your reply.

        • Is the Yod Mercury sextile North Node, quincunxes to Saturn? You don’t need to worry about yods, just have awareness. If this is the yod then Jupiter sextile Saturn makes it easier to develop and work with.

  7. Hi Jamie, MY DOB is 11th June 1977, 4:55 AM, Pune India
    My Midheaven is at 21°57′ Aquarius.. How will this eclipse affect my career?

    • A helpful but not too strong effect. Over 3 degree orb is still noticeable but weak. It does activate your grand trine: MC, Sun, North Node (Rahu). So events ahead that nudge you back on the correct path for your true calling. The lunar eclipse is more exactly trine your Vertex Point which suggest helpful destiny encounters.

  8. Hi Jamie, I come on your website quite often & enjoy reading your articles. My DOB is October 23, 1974, born in Zaporozhye, Ukriane at 2:04pm. My natal moon is at 3 degrees 49′ 45″ Aquarius. Just wondering how it might affect me (if at all).

    Thank you

    • Nice to hear from you Aleita. Yes this lunar eclipse is going to affect you but not because of your Moon. It makes the harmonious trine aspect to an amazing part of your birth chart.

      Between 26 to 29 Libra you have a stellium of Sun, Venus, Mars and Uranus. With at least Venus on the most fortunate fixed star Arcturus. I would also read for Mars on that star and maybe Uranus and Sun due to the intensifying nature of a stellium.

      First you need to research all those conjunctions in your chart, eg Sun conjunct Venus, Sun conjunct Mars …. etc. The lunar eclipse will show you how well this part of your chart works in your life.

      However, the July 19 full moon is conjunct your Ascendant, square your Stellium. This full moon will show your the more challenging influence of your stellium, especially on close relationships.

  9. Hi Jamie, I just found your site and its amazing. I love all the information, so I signed up for your free subscription????

    My Boyfriend and I are launching a learn to speech program and August 18, 2016 is set to be our launch day. I was just wondering what your thoughts are? Would this be a good or bad day/time because our launch for people to sign up will last one week? August 18 – 25.

    I appreciate your insight so much. We have a lot of self development people interested in signing up for our program and I know they too would love to know this answer – but please be truthful because if it is a bad time then we may adjust our launch day.

    Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this comment and answer my questions.
    Annabel Rose

    • Mercury conjunct Jupiter is perfect for learn to speech, that is the special mission. A really good day to start your venture. You will have certain constraints as to what time you can launch. I would prefer to stick to routine rather than alter the time according to astrology. You are starting to meddle with fate too much then. It is wonderful enough that there happens to be this lunar eclipse on your launch day.

  10. Hello Jamie, my ex-boyfriend ended the relationship we had around at the 28th of May but I also provoked it sort of now I regret it but also am relieved..I woudlnt wnat it to go on as it was, but on the other hand I woudl wnat it to go on just in a better way, he is born 2nd of Feb 1962, my birthday is 19of Jan 1969…is there a chance he gets in tocuh with me again and the is a possibitlity of a new start between us…or is it simply over? Thank you very much in advance if you can give any hint….! Much Love, Kathrin

  11. Hi Jamie, thanks for this detailed and awesome website, I have learned a lot. My name is Gaby and I was born july 29th 1988 (Leo) with 14° Aquarius moon. I was wondering if this eclipse will bring new love prospects into my life, this year I have only been on 1 date and it was the worst.

    • Better than my record this year! But lucky for both of us Gaby. We have Venus opposite Saturn which is not a good omen for a happy love life. But this eclipse bridges the opposition, being trine your Venus and sextile your Saturn. This means you can get closer to others and share yourself more, love yourself more.

      You also have Venus opposite Uranus which will be helped too.

      • Thank you so much Jamie, hope we get at least one possitive thing out of this lol. In fact just like you said, Im going through a sudden financial windfall since the last days of July. I dont know if it’s correlated with the Eclipse and my Venus opposite Uranus. Im actually feeling enthusiastic, energized and anticipating something but I cant tell exactly what. I will return after the eclipse to let you know.

  12. Hi Jamie, It appears this eclipse is conjunct my natal moon at 24″44 degrees Aquarius, 10th house. (25 April 1984). What themes could I expect to see come from this one? Thank you 🙂

  13. Jamie… August 18 1970 (USA) here ! 🙂 …just saying that I want to Thank you for all your hard work! I always read your monthly forecasts! Thank you for all you do…and your patience.. :0 WOW!

    • Happy lunar eclipse birthday Colleen. Thanks for the compliment but I love my work, it’s like getting paid for my hobby.

    • Significant yes but rather hard to describe. I had an eclipse trine my North Node once and I was really looking forward to it. The day after I was sacked from my job then a week later went through a dramatic separation. But it did put me on the path that has led me here, to much better things, where I should be. I was actually very unhappy before that eclipse and my soul must have been desperate to get back on path.

      • Oh okay that’s interesting. It has good aspects so maybe it will be more positive at the beginning too lol hopefully? It’s also my bday on Aug 15th :/ I’m nervous prob some sort of big changes ahead ! 🙂 Thanks!

      • Bad things happen for good things to happen. I really believe that and have experienced it many times myself. Negative paves the way for good. Your situation reminds me of the tower card and 10 of swords card in the tarot, but the the 3 of wands card (man looking out into the horizon – future). New beginnings often come after some sort of crisis. That’s a very significant transit you went through though – or shall I say “transition.”

  14. Hi Jamie
    My DoB is 18aug, 1970, 4.43am , India….am having terrible financial uncertainty…..pls help….am not working since last 19 yrs…. husband only earning member, out of job now since last 4mnths, first time this happened….can I start any business now…pls help

    • This lunar eclipse on your birthday means Sun opposite Sun transit but only for two weeks I expect. The big breakthrough in your situation starts early next year thanks to Saturn trine Uranus forming a grand trine to your Sun. It last all 2017. See:
      Saturn trine Sun transit
      Uranus trine Sun transit

  15. wow, just did the chart for event and realized that the ascendant at the time of eclipse 16 degree Leo is trine my natal sun
    Plus Sun is conjunct natal Mars and north node, Moon is sextile natal Moon 26 degree Sag. A lot going on

    • Sounds very positive. When doing these charts, I also add Part of Fortune and Vertex Point, can prove interesting.

  16. Hello Jamie,

    You are good and most importantly you give me a hope for future.
    I am a very happy person usually who has loads of appreciation for people and things but this year has sucked big time in relationships especially since March 24.

    You are making me feel positive for future.
    Will you tell me how things will be post 18 August ?
    My DOB is 4 July 1973, 13.15 pm, Allahabad, India.

    I have no words to tell you how much I am craving for normalcy in life.

  17. Prepared for many sudden left field possibilities myself, Natal Uranus at 22Leo already experiencing the trine from transit Uranus and natal Mars at 26Leo…in my 10th house, including no longer being homeless the opposite house, will be something I have yearned for, for what seems like an age. Pluto’s opposition to my Sun and Merc, now square my Moon in Libra has demolished so much and put much stress on my psychological and physical health, kidneys having a bashing in the square from Pluto, due to libra and due to fear (Metaphysically kidneys=fear)… so doing my best to rest, restore, resolve, rejuvenate, recover, re re re….my natal Merc, Saturn, Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune always a do over, yet it is doable…or so I believe, even at my age, recompense is a possibility also, thus focus is beginning to return also, about time!!!!! hahaha

  18. Full moon this month at 25 degrees. I have Mars in my 5th, mercury in my 1st and Uranus in my 11th…all between 25&26 degrees. What can I expect?

      • That helps! It triggers the most challenging aspect in your chart: Mars opposite Uranus. See Sun square Mars transit and Sun square Uranus transit. But then you can talk your way out of trouble and come up with bright solutions because of the eclipse sextile your Mercury. (See Sun trine Mercury transit)

  19. Jamie, I have been studying astrology for 15 years no pro just as my own little hobby and i have a question about my up coming 2017 solar return. I am an Aquarius born 2-11-64 chicago, il. I am moving to temecula ca next month. I have a lunar eclipse on my birthday with a grand trine kite. It looks like a very good year ahead , hoping I am not experiencing wishful thinking, The last couple of years have been a roller coaster of a ride hope this brings balance. Please tell me what you think.

    • First off, I believe solar return charts should only be used as a secondary predictive tool behind transits from planets and moon phases. Are you February 11 or November 2?

  20. My progressed mars is at 26″ 25′ Aquarius. What effects i should expect from this lunar eclipse?

  21. hi jamie.what change my life in this eclips. JOB&my bday 8-27-1963 .also LOVE life.

  22. I really can’t wait for this! And the Saturn Trine Uranus at the end of the year! Bring on the good energy and transitions!

  23. Dear Jamie

    My DOB is 13-Feb-1977 Mumbai, 1:20 am. As per my horoscope my Moon is not good. I am planning to move from my job to my own consulting business. I am trying this since past 2 years. Currently managing both i.e. Job as well as Business.

    By when will I be able to completely move into my business? Will I be successful.



    • I cannot see why your Moon is not good. You will have better conditions for what you want after the September 1 solar eclipse on your Midheaven, ruler of your career.

  24. I can’t figure out what my ex is going through. This eclipse’s sun is opposite his Saturn Mind looking at his chart, any guesses how it will play out? Marc 16 ’78 5:07PM CAlif

  25. Hi Jamie this full moon is conjunct natal saturn which is my chart ruler and venus is conjunct my natal pluto. What on earth could that me too me. Your views would be much appreciated.

    • It must have something to do with your responsibilities at home, for children or parents. But then also how emotional burdens affect your stronger than normal need for intimacy.

  26. Hello, How will this effect me you think.. it’s conjunct natal saturn Mar 16 ’78 5:07PM calif. Appreciate it

  27. Hey Jamie. I’m an Aries born April 9th, 1995 and this has been an especially difficult year cycle as I lost my job around this time last year and I’ve had major issues with relationships all my life with Venus in my 12th house conjuncting Saturn. Been doing a lot of clearing of limiting beliefs since Mars entered Scorpio at the end of May. Do you see any shifts with this eclipse?

    • The only of the upcoming eclipse really affecting you Blake is the September 16 lunar eclipse sextile your Neptune. See Moon sextile Neptune transit. I would research Venus quincunx Mars about your relationship issues. Even Venus square Jupiter is a much tighter aspect than the 4 degree orb for Venus conjunct Saturn.

  28. Hi Jamie,

    2/13/61.. El Monte, CA 7:45pm. The eclipse is hitting my natal sun directly at 26 degrees. Having financial issues for quite awhile now along with caring for my elderly folks. Hope things can look brighter? Feeling Relatively bogged down with seemingly little hope for any major changes. Crossing fingers on this eclipse. Do you see any hopeful changes or news coming imy way? Thank you

  29. Hello Jamie, this eclipse will be on my cusp of 8 house….:( Is this very bad? It will square my moon and mars in taurus. Rulers of 12 and 10 houses. Tell me please!

    • A lunar eclipse square Moon and Mars would be a sign of anger and frustration in your intimate relationships. What degrees are your Moon and Mars. I don’t use houses because they are imaginary. Just realize they are purely symbolic, like tarot cards.

  30. Thanks for the hopeful forecast! I also just noticed the September lunar eclipse is within 3 degrees of my part of fortune. Crossing fingers for good luck (finally) and for more positive energies to emerge in my life. It seems to have been a long haul.. So far. Lol!

  31. Hi Jamie, this eclipse is conjunct my midheaven in 9th house. BD 5/10/72, I also have Uranus conjunct sun and both opposite Chiron in 11th. Is this an important time?


    • Yes Phoebe, lunar eclipse on MC puts an emphasis on the polarities in your life over the next six month. Mainly work versus home but also friends versus family, you versus your partner. See also Uranus conjunct Sun transit. All our generation has Uranus opposite Chiron.

  32. Hello Jamie, I have Moon sextile Uranus at 1’37” on natal but no Sun trine Pluto or Venus trine Uranus. Do you think i will be entitled to any of the good results of this eclipse but only to the heightened anxiety and tension because of Moon sextile Uranus on my natal chart? Thank you in advance for your inputs.

    • This is a very old method of prediction you use, comparing current aspects to those in your chart. While still valid, and meaning good things from this eclipse for you, I still place more value on seeing how the eclipse aspects your chart.

      For example, you have lunar eclipse trine Uranus. Research Moon trine Uranus transit, also Sun sextile Uranus transit.

    • perhaps freeing you from a routine that does not serve your soul’s purpose at this time, seeing your true nature eclipsed by unneeded conscious focus that leaves ‘true’ joy out. Great fortune is calling you to look at your priorities.

  33. Jamie, what size orb would you consider for aspects to a lunation? I have 7 planets at between 23 -28 degrees of leo,cancer,libra and gemini.

    • About 2 degree for a single planet bit when you have a stellium of planets like you have, the orb widens considerably. I would say the eclipse is conjunct your stellium in general, i.e. all seven.

  34. Dylan, Libra, birthday October 16th, 1995. Friday evening I acted completely out of the ordinary for myself, by driving up to the beach while looking for a pool, only to swim, I absolutely hate the beach mind you, on top of that I did this alone, without letting anybody know. After I swam in the ocean for a while I started running, and didn’t stop or slow down for a single break and ended up running seven miles, barefoot, I gave myself blisters. I’m not saying I’ve never ran that distance before, but just never like that. Any theory’s ?

  35. Hi, my lunar return is at the time of the eclipse (in the 7th house), does this mean that aspect is heightened? It feels significant, and i was curious as to whether there’s anything i should be aware of at this time

    • Yes it would be Caitlin. Especially if it “feels” so, an in your intuition. It is arguably the most important of all transit, an eclipse conjunct Moon, the other being conjunct Sun. Apparently life would not be possible without our Moon. She is part of us and responsible for us being here at all. See Giant-impact hypothesis.

  36. Thank you Jamie! and hurrah for the good news of this lunation!

    The year so far has been an emotional roller coaster of revelations and Hollywood class jump-scares of the first order. I just looked up the symbols, Sabian and Kozminsky respectively:

    26º Aquarius: A garage man testing a car’s battery with a hydrometer.
    Capacity of self to take up and deliver spiritual power. Controlled release of power through the emotions. Measurement.

    26º Aquarius: Three fires blazing above three triangular hills, a cross sword floating in air above.
    Denotes one of mystic and reformative leanings who may be impressed by invisible forces for certain work on earth, but who may not be conscious of the part he is called upon to play. He has intelligence, force, and bravery, with a strong will, and what he is willed to do he will do. He should never permit himself to be hypnotized nor entranced, nor yield his will to the power of another, in the body or out of it. It is a symbol of Service.

    Kozminsky in particular sounds so much like one of the new Windows 10 Solitaire games it’s uncanny.

    Mercury/Jupiter are conjunct my natal Uranus/Pluto conjunction and opposite my natal Saturn Rx/Chiron Rx. Venus is sitting pretty conjunct with natal Uranus/Pluto and my natal Venus in stellium is opposite Pluto Rx.

    What any of that means I don’t know but the pattern that it makes has a feel to it that is pleasant even if there is more red on there than I like seeing.

    An interesting two weeks coming up.

    • Those symbols well match the theme of a Yod aspect pattern, thanks Purplelight. Your Uranus Pluto opposite Saturn Chiron makes you about my age I believe. It seems to gives a very unique wisdom at this age, after the Uranus opposition. Practical healing methods or teaching methods.

      • Haha wisdom? Perhaps. But finding that I’m biting just about everyone’s head off lately, dreams are lucid beyond what I would have expected and my patience levels are in need of a refill. Meditation is the only remedy that I can think of at the moment to enable healing.

  37. Thank Jamie.

    It makes a lot of sense for me.
    So a great thank you for the Yod definition.

    Jupiter transiting my 7th house and I have been struggling in relationship area since the March eclipses.
    I think I have a work to do with my Moon (12h) and Uranus (1h) in order to liberate my Jupiter.

    Thank you

  38. Hello Jamie and everybody, my natal Mercury 26 Aquarius 11th opposing Moon conj. Uranus in Leo 5th, friends and close relationships just waiting to see if is possible getting worster than it is…. Thank you folks! Best wishes to you all!

    • Hi Lucia. Yes that would be a hard configuration for friendships. I know mu daughter struggles in this area with Moon conjunct Uranus on its own. On the positive side of things, the opposition from Mercury will force you to understand relationships dynamics better, to watch, listen and learn. With m ore experience will will master this and be able to share your feelings much easier.

  39. My good man, since you have the self proclaimed title of “Astrology King”, then surely you must know that eclipses are never auspicious. In fact they are inauspicious, and should not be looked at. The ancients knew,… you?

    • I have to disagree with you. Eclipses are wild cards and bring drama and changes that people perceive both as good or bad. They are not only bad, that is certain! Maybe because they are powerful and the changes are so significat, one can feel overwhealmed at the time of the eclipse.

      • Well said. There is a lot of fear surrounding astrology going way back, eclipses, retrogrades, Saturn etc. If it were all so bad we wouldn’t be here by now.

    • Is this an advertisement for you John? Not looked at with your eyes but we can look at them otherwise.

  40. I was born with Sun 0 Taurus Conjunct Saturn 28 Aries, quincunx Pluto/ Jupiter/South node stellium running 22-29 degrees Virgo- Right next door is my 0 Libra Uranus and the Virgo stellium is sextile my Neptune at 28 Scorpio. A yod. I am at the culmination of many lifetimes of letting go. I think this full moon yod is the yod for me!

    • I have a similar chart to you Griselda. This eclipse is well aspecting our Yods. Good to hear your take on it, very helpful for me.

  41. I agree with Alina.
    Using such strong comments on a website of a qualified professional is crass and looks sad.

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