New Moon May 11, 2021 – A Dream Come True

New Moon May 2021 AstrologyThe Taurus new moon on Tuesday, May 11, 2021, is sextile Neptune. So the spiritual meaning of the new moon May 2021 astrology relates to trusting your intuition and dreaming up a new reality.

The May 2021 new moon theme of making your dreams come true is supported by two other planetary aspects. Mercury trine Saturn helps turn your dreams into reality. While Mars sextile Uranus helps you make an exciting change in your life.

New Moon May 2021 Astrology

The new moon on May 11, 2021, at 21°17′ Taurus makes a harmonious sextile aspect to Neptune. There are also two other positive aspects in the chart below, Mercury trine Staurn and Mars sextile Uranus. All these aspects have a significant influence on the new moon because they are under a two-degree orb. There are no major fixed stars conjunct this new moon so the interpretation is fairly straightforward and very positive!

New Moon May 2021 Astrology

New Moon May 2021

New Moon Meaning

Sun conjunct Moon represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of another new 28-day cycle. It gives an invigorating burst of energy and initiative. But it also brings emotional balance, not irrationally emotional, and not too cold and calculating.

So this is an excellent time for making a fresh start, turning over a new leaf, or starting a new project. You can also question old habits, behaviors, and beliefs as you search for new and inventive ways to make progress.

New Moon Aspects

New Moon sextile Neptune heightens your sensitivity, intuition, imagination, and creativity. Increased psychic awareness may give you valuable insights about yourself, the people around you, and even about the future. So this is an excellent time to visualize or dream up your ideal future. Make new goals now to turn your dreams into reality.

This is also an ideal time to express your more caring and charitable and idealistic side by serving others. You could join an environmental or human rights group. By doing so you will feel a boost to your self-esteem and personal satisfaction.

Greater empathy and receptivity by both you and others means that all of your relationships will benefit from a shared understanding that may be non-verbal. Vivid dreaming, occult and mystical work, astrology, and religion can all be used to increase your level of self-understanding. You can enjoy a greater feeling of connectedness with other people and the entire universe.

Other Aspects

Mercury trine Saturn brings serious fame of mind with good concentration and attention to detail. You will get things done neatly, without mistakes, and on time. So this is a good new moon for study, making important decisions, and for serious discussions, negotiations, and business dealings.

With common sense and an eye toward practical results, new moon May 2021 is also good for making long-term plans and signing contracts. You can also be confident about making commitments to others. New friendships and partnerships should be lasting and dependable.

Mars sextile Uranus is perfect for making changes in your life because they will happen quickly and fairly smoothly. The extra initiative, inspiration, and motivation are ideal for making a start on difficult tasks or things you have put off.

You will also have the daring and sex appeal to make the first move with someone special. Trust your instincts and don’t be afraid to take a risk. Fortune favors the brave.

New Moon May 2021 Summary

The May 11 new moon sextile Neptune is ideal for making your dreams come true. Sun conjunct Moon is good for setting new goals and getting them started. New moon sextile to Neptune helps you dream up your ideal future.

The other planetary aspects associated with the new moon May 2021 astrology also fit into this picture. Mercury trine Saturn helps you make long-term plans and turn them into reality. While Mars sextile Uranus gives the inspiration and courage to make a change and take a risk. Finally, all of the factors combined mean you can trust your instincts and be confident about taking a leap of faith.

New moons normally last for four weeks up to the next new moon. However, the May 11 new moon is the final moon phase in an eclipse phase that ends with the May 26 lunar eclipse. This means it is best to put your new moon plans into action in the coming two weeks. It also means you should look back to the beginning of this eclipse phase to see how this new moon fits into your long-term goals:

  • The November 2020 lunar eclipse created tension, anxiety, uncertainty, and insecurity. But with flexibility, you can adapt to changing conditions and take advantage of opportunities to improve your love life and your finances.
  • The December 2020 solar eclipse gave the energy and initiative to set new goals and act on your plans with confidence. However, you must protect against confusion and deception, and the risk of infection from the pandemic.

If The new moon May 2021 astrology directly affects your Sign you can read about it in your free Monthly Horoscope. Finally, for more details about how it affects your natal chart see Sun Transits.

New Moon May 2021 Times and Dates
  • Los Angeles, May 11, 11:59 am
  • New York, May 11, 2:59 pm
  • London, May 11, 7:59 pm
  • Delhi, May 12, 0:29 am
  • Sydney, May 12, 4:59 am

15 thoughts on “New Moon May 11, 2021 – A Dream Come True

  1. If this new moon is exactly squaring my Mars (Mars square Uranus is my tightest natal aspect) what could that mean. Specifically what does the square from the NM to my Mars mean- change? Something bad? Thanks!

    • Also…on the USA chart..this full moon is near ALGOL..(where it was at in 1776)

      And the combined orbs..if the sun and moon increase the range at which fixed stars are activated…
      Zaurek..22Tau is not such a cheerful situation for Black Moon Lilith to be conj the Sun and Moon and trine Pluto.

      Trines…are not always good news..they mean that the planetary energies involved …flow at higher speed…with less effort….
      So…just saying

  2. What does it mean?

    NM 21Tau17, 10th
    exact trine
    Natal Sun 21Cap17, 6th

    Thy hallowed global censure, demographer and crypto miner astrologer, forever in alms need; over-flowith 5 Trillion artwork, a suckling lamb, stimulant coffee and mint mouthwash?

    Or does this mean mundane astrology
    cinco de mayo 7am EST
    North Node conjunct Ascendant?

  3. Uranus Opposite Jupiter

    This personal aspect shows up by transit at Jamie’s “A Dream Come True” new Moon May 11/20.

    transit Jupiter 29Aqr45
    natal Uranus 29Leo57r

    Natal Uranus at 29Leo means New Gold Standard. ref. Exter’s pyramid.

    May 11/20 progressed:
    Jupiter 26Aqr57 opposite Uranus 27Leo45

    notable transits in the personal Progressed chart: short, medium and long…
    – Mercury/NN, transit Moon
    – Jupiter transit Mars
    – Neptune transit DSC

  4. I know what it means to have this new moon trine my Pluto, what I do not know is to have Gerald’s sun trine my Pluto.
    Jupiter opposite PoF 28Leo inconjunct my Uranus at 29 Virgo. Jupiter you have to bring my abundance. I get Uranus.

  5. @Asa
    Hard aspects by transit are bad for those who barricade their minds and resist change. They offer clarity, direction and act as catalysts for change for those who embrace it, and those who feel it’s time for change but don’t know what or how to change. Areas where changes are needed are determined by the house placements. Mars or Uranus (in your case) in the 10th point to career related changes, in the 4th those are home and family related issues, in the 1st those relate to you, yourself, ascendant issues…putting or not putting yourself first, AND/OR self-indulgence, self-importance, self-neglect, being hard on yourself, not taking yourself seriously, or taking yourself too seriously, working yourself to the bone, not forgiving yourself, allowing others to put yourself down. You didn’t give the exact natal placement by sign and house of your Mars or Uranus to allow readers to give an informed reply. For this NM to square your Mars and oppose your Uranus, your Mars has to be in Leo or Aquarius, and your Uranus has to be in Scorpio. We don’t know what houses those are, by sun and ascendant. Why are you worried about NM to Mars and not Uranus, when it points to issues with both? The NM could be a catalyst for change. Change is good although it might look bad on the surface, yours is supported by no minor transits, these are luminaries and their transits are a big deal. NM completes a T-square with your Uranus-Mars square, it could be pointing to issues with recklessness, erratic, aloof, raging, egoistic behaviour that’s causing a blockage in the areas of life (houses) that Mars and Uranus are in. If I were you I’d take this as an early warning because in 2022 Saturn will reach 21 Aquarius and apply an opposition to your Leo-Mars or conjunction to your Aquarius-Mars, and a square to your Uranus. If your Mars is in Aquarius consider that a Saturn conjunction could easily be a hard aspect until it is proven otherwise. If you can crack the issue around your Uranus-Mars square, the reward will be great because Mars works well with Uranus otherwise Uranus becomes a higher mind with no physical action to back up his flashes of genius and independence. In fact, Mars works well with any planet, all that he needs when afflicted by the sun or Uranus, or is placed in fire sign…is good management. All afflicted planets need management, the problem with Mars is that this is a planet of action and his affliction can get him out there to act and rub others the wrong way. Your Mars is afflicted by Uranus. Mars cannot afflict Uranus, Uranus will overpower Mars in one stroke of lightening bolt. From the personal planets only the sun can afflict an outer planet.
    At about the same time that Saturn reaches 21 Aquarius, Uranus is edging closer to 21 Taurus to complete a Fixed Grand Cross with your Mars and Uranus if Mars is in Leo, complete a heavy T-square that involves Saturn-Mars conjunction if Mars is in Aquarius. If you don’t make the required changes now, believe it or not you will when Uranus gets there to pull the rug from under your feet and break down everything that no longer serves you. At this point it is erratic and you will feel like you are losing your mind, double potion of Uranus influence and Mars in the mix…you will rage and possibly self destruct, anybody/sign can but Leo and Scorpio take the honours on self-destruction when raging, (if Mars is in Leo). Transiting Mars will join the fracas via a retrograde in Gemini, sextiling Leo and trining Mars in Aquarius either way this transit will support your transforming Mars (re: transformative Pluto effect follows). MarsRx in Gemini will trine Saturn in Aquarius, Mars supporting Saturn while Saturn squares your Uranus, that’s very good. Saturn will be there to guide you in building new structures to replace those that Uranus had broken down. North Node ingresses Taurus in January 2022, if you are worried about this NM you have something bigger to worry about, its coming in 2022 and it’s called the ECLIPSES. If your Mars is in Leo, you not only have the NM pointing to much needed changes, in 2020 you had a YOD, Pluto in 3rd decan Capricorn and Neptune in late 2nd decan Pisces both inconjunct Leo 3rd decan. Neptune is currently at 22 Pisces, applies a tight inconjunct to Leo 3 to dissolve that which no longer serves it’s purpose. The great Pluto-Saturn conjunction of 2020 was at 22 Capricorn, in a/less than 1 degree inconjunction to your LeoMars (again, if this Mars is in Leo), good to your Scorpio-Uranus in a 1degree/less sextile.

  6. Hmmm. I’d have said Moon conjunct Lilith is a pretty important ingredient to this NM. The more I work with Lilith the more powerful I reckon she is as an energy. So there will potentially be a lot of feeling outraged and betrayed around. No doubt on a collective level it’ll be directed at the covid measures.

  7. Finally a new moon chart with some good aspects and to my natal chart but…oh no, I spoke too soon…Mercury exactly squares my natal Mars and there’s still Pluto exactly squaring my natal mercury til end of June. I’ve got some challenging communication issues going on already; what might this new moon mean for me with these aspects to my natal chart and for communications in general? How can I still utilize the “positive” energy of this new moon cycle? BTW: Born 10/11/68 at 15:50 in New York city.

  8. Lilith is a calculation. Planets are energy. The New Moon is infused with Lilith showering her bod and the Cosmogenesis Trillions on the new economy, just ask Joe:

    “My fellow Americans, trickle-down economics has never worked. It’s time to grow the economy from the bottom up and middle out,” April 28 congress speech

  9. Yes..this is very important..She will definitely have a large effect!

  10. UFO incidents, New Moon Phase, Nov 12, 2004, San Diego, USA


    UFO reveal, New Moon Phase, May 11, 2021, Dan Siego, USA

    -Mars/Jupiter Ptolemy aspect

    • Planetary Declinations, Out of Bounds, for May 24, 2021, noon, EST

      Mercury 24°39′
      Venus 23°36′
      Mars 23°28′

  11. What can you say about this incident? looking at the charts, back Then a crack appears in the underworld and a few friendly ghosts get out…. and Now whatup? yo call the anti-crypter?

    Nov 26, 2004 Full Moon, with October 31, 2004 transits

    Mars/Venus midpoint at All Hallows Eve
    Golden Yod, outer planets, Saturn apex, Juno fulcrum
    Mercury Galactic Centre

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