New Moon 20 September 2017 Love Hurts

New Moon September 2017 AstrologyThe new moon on Wednesday September 20, 2017 is at 27 degrees Virgo. The astrology of new moon September 2017 continues the theme of change that began with the total solar eclipse on August 21. The changes this time will be more like minor adjustments to your long-term goals or how you get there.

The September 2017 new moon will remind you of the most painful wounds you have suffered. In order to move forward you must begin focus on the healing process. This will involve adapting to unexpected changes or making adjustments to your longer term hopes and dreams.

New Moon Meaning

A new moon represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of another new 28 day cycle. Sun conjunct Moon gives an invigorating burst of energy and initiative. This is an excellent time for making a fresh start, turning over a new leaf or starting any new project.

All possibilities are on the table as you put yourself at the center of plans for your future. Old habits, behaviors and beliefs are questioned as you search for new and inventive ways to make progress.

The influence of the September 20 new moon influence lasts four weeks up to the October 19 new moon. The best time for making a fresh start and for beginning new projects is during the first two weeks of this new moon cycle. This waxing phase of the Moon lasts from September 20 to the October 5 full moon.

New Moon September 2017 Astrology

The new moon on September 20 is the first new moon since the total solar eclipse on August 21. Eclipses mark the beginning of a six-month phase with certain goals or aims.  Each new moon within the eclipse cycle represents a new stage of development of your long-term goals.

The aim of the August 21 solar eclipse was to make bold, confident changes that lead to long-term success. Determined and sustained effort will bring the growth and happiness you want. Positive change was predicted because the solar eclipse was trine Uranus.

The September 20 new moon quincunx Uranus means this new stage of development involves adapting to changing circumstances. Alterations to your original goal may be needed to make it more attainable. The new moon opposite Chiron means you must adjust your methods or expectations in response to your deepest and most painful wound.

New Moon September 2017 Astrology

New Moon September 2017 Astrology Chart

September 2017 New Moon Aspects

Jupiter opposite Uranus often brings sudden events that release built up tension that in turn brings a major change in your circumstances. The more restricted you have felt, the more upsetting the change is likely to be.

You may feel like making a completely new start. But extreme change is harder for you and your loved ones to adjust to. This is especially so when partners or close friends and family are involved. You may also have to consider the financial ramifications of any big change.

You can find adventure and personal growth through travel, education and new relationships while still maintaining certain core responsibilities in your life. You can find creative and ingenious ways to relieve the boredom without causing total chaos and disruption.

Sun quincunx Uranus can make you nervous, tense and anxious. You will find it hard to relax as your intuition senses change or some drama on the way. Pressure to change might come from someone with power over you. An unexpected event, accident or change at work may force you to change your routine, behavior or plans.

It is important to be flexible and adapt to changing conditions. Try to go with the flow and fit in. If you resist change and become arrogant or disruptive you will suffer losses or miss out on good opportunities. You don’t need to totally change direction but to make careful adjustments.

Sun opposite Chiron makes you consciously aware of a karmic wound that can be so damaging and painful, it affects your will to live. The following quotes come from Wounding and the Will to Live by Liz Greene:

We may cry out that we want life; but somewhere inside, we want to go home, and this longing for oblivion may be more powerful than any conscious declaration of intent to “get better”… loss of the will to live may not always result in self-destruction. It may be expressed as the urge to destroy others…

…the polarity of hope versus despair, the will to live versus hopelessness, may be illuminated – at least in part – through the symbolism of the polarity of the Sun and Chiron. Those with the Sun in direct aspect to Chiron may know on a profound level how the unfairness of life can damage the spirit.

Liz Greene goes on to list the following keywords or themes for the Sun working against Chiron:

  • Depression
  • Loss of confidence
  • Sense of permanent damage
  • Cynicism
  • Expectation of failure
  • Sense of victimization or scapegoating
  • Desire to victimize or scapegoat others
  • Projection of inferiority on others
  • Loss of the will to live

New moon September 2017 may bring unexpected change to your life that makes you more aware of your deepest wound. In order to reach your long-term goals you will need to face the source of your pain. If the September 20 new moon makes your karmic wound more painful and debilitating, you will need to make some changes to your long-term goals.

New Moon September 2017 Stars

Fixed star Zavijava at 27°24′ Virgo gives the force of character and strength to want to make changes and get better. This stars help when consoling people in distress or bereavement.

Fixed star Alkaid at 27°10′ Virgo is bound up with the realm of the dead and so is associated with death and mourning. Alkaid claims human lives in calamities such as mine accidents, collapse of houses and bridges, mountain slides, earth tremors and weather catastrophes.

Fixed star Labrum at 26°55′ Virgo gives psychic power, intelligence, honor and riches in disgrace and purifies to salvation.

Fixed star Markeb at 29°07′ Virgo turns this moon phase into a spiritual quest involving devoted service to others.

One last point to consider is the importance of Venus in the September 20 new moon horoscope. At 00°12′ Virgo, Venus is directly linked to the August 21 solar eclipse.

Fixed star Regulus at 00°04′ Virgo is already activated by the solar eclipse and now by Venus. Vivian Robson said that Venus conjunct Regulus gives:

Many disappointments, unexpected happenings, violent attachments, trouble through love affairs.

Is a broken heart your deep wound that needs healing?

If New Moon September 2017 directly impacts your horoscope decan you can read about its effect in your Monthly Horoscope. For more detail about how it affects your natal chart see Sun Transits.
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New Moon September 2017 Times and Dates

Los Angeles
New York
September 19 – 10:29 am
September 20 – 1:29 am
September 20 – 6:29 am
September 20 – 10:59 am
September 20 – 3:29 pm

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