Sagittarius 2014 Horoscope

Sagittarius 2014 HoroscopeSagittarius horoscope 2014 with decans for a more accurate forecast. If you are on a cusp, use the free horoscope to find your decan.

   Sagittarius Decan 1 – born Nov 22 to Dec 1.
   Sagittarius Decan 2 – born Dec 2 to 11.
   Sagittarius Decan 3 – born Dec 12 to 21.

Decan 1 Sagittarius 2014 Horoscope

The most important influence for you this year is a confusing square from Neptune. Happily, you can look forward to one of the most fortunate transits later in the year which will combat the lack of direction from Neptune. But first to this nebulous Neptune transit. This one sort of creeps up you, which is why it is often considered sneaky or hard to define. You will begin to notice that your energy levels may be dropping, and you just find it harder to get motivated. What is happening here, is that personal boundaries and the structures in your life start to dissolve, so you end up feeling lost.

Neptune does this so that you pay more attention to those things in your life which really matter the most, that money cannot buy, or that don’t boost your ego. The worst of this transit can bring deception, deceit and treachery. It will be most important for you this year, to be totally upfront and honest in all your dealings. This will reduce the chance of being misled yourself.

Now the best time of the year is a six-week period from mid July to the end of August 2014. The extremely fortunate Jupiter trine is considered the best of all transits. Given the weakening Neptune influence, you will have to put in some extra effort to bring about the best that Jupiter has to offer. You can make your own luck by maintaining high ethics and morals. Studying metaphysical subjects would be of great benefit now. Another good thing to do during this period would be to treat yourself to a dream holiday, this would help greatly to recharge your batteries.

For Sagittarius born November 29 to December 1 only, you have Uranus Trine Sun Transit till the end of February 2014. This gives you a great start to the year and more than compensates for the lazy Neptune influence, by energizing and exciting your life. Just like the fortunate Jupiter transit, Uranus will present many opportunities, though they will be more unexpected and quicker to manifest.

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Decan 2 Sagittarius 2014 Horoscope

2014 looks like shaping up as better year than last. From February 2014 into next year, you can look forward to positive changes with Uranus trine your decan. You may already be feeling the anticipation and excitement building, intuiting better things on the horizon. On the relationship front, new and exciting is the theme, and there will be greater opportunities to meet more people from more varied backgrounds. Even relationships with long-term partners can benefit from your experimental and more open-minded desires.

Later in the year, the excitement and opportunities from Uranus are bolstered by one of the most fortunate of all transits, plus a very sexy looking eclipse. From late August to the end of October 2014, Lady Luck comes knocking at your door with Jupiter trine your decan. Jupiter boosts your ego and confidence levels. This is the perfect time to make the effort to get ahead, while there is less likelihood of facing opposition or challenges. For over two months here, Jupiter trine Uranus ensures many surprising and wonderful opportunities, to grow your wealth, travel, and generally increase your level of happiness.

The October 8 lunar eclipse is trine your decan, and will remain in effect into April 2015. This will really liven up your life because the eclipse falls on Uranus. It will fire you up too, increasing your desires and magnetic attractiveness because it is trine sexy Mars.

So for the rest of the year, relationships are going to be the source of much positive change and steamy action. The absolute most exciting time will be the last three weeks of October 2014, with all the things I have mentioned for you acting at once. If you are looking to attract a mating partner, you won’t get a better opportunity than now.

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Decan 3 Sagittarius 2014 Horoscope

Everything for the year ahead looks great for you. You should already be feeling the harmonious effects of the October 2013 lunar eclipse, especially in your home and family life, and with your intimate relationships. This is just the first of three excellent eclipse cycles which keep you in good spirits well into 2015.

The April 15 lunar eclipse is sextile your decan, keeping the friendly relations with loved ones humming along. This eclipse will have an even more beneficial influence on your mood and relationships, as it is on the extremely fortunate star Arcturus. So up until late October 2014, the peace and support you experience at home and through close friends, will make you feel secure and centered. This sets you up for what follows, which is the really something to look forward to take full advantage of.

The October 23 solar eclipse is sextile your decan, and will energize you through into April 2015. While the previous lunar eclipses were more beneficial to your inner emotional life, this solar eclipse is all about success in the outer world, work, career and self promotion.

This solar eclipse triggers Mars in your decan, which will give you limitless energy and desire to get ahead. It also makes you very attractive and lusty. The best time ahead is from the October 23 eclipse to mid January 2015, with a bountiful Jupiter trine. A solar eclipse, Mars and Jupiter all working together for you now means strength, successful actions and sex appeal. You will be extremely confident and successful with achieving your desires. It does not get better than this. Apply your fortune to both personal and professional goals. It’s all good, you win.

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  1. Well, i am from 3rd decan, birth 12/12/1988. Whatever written on my decan is pleasing, n great looking forward to it, coz, i hv a lot to do starting this December. So could you give me some more tips…. … Regarding career, coz i hv an interview. Thanks.

  2. I hv a little confusion, in other blogs i found my no. in 2nd dacan, well in yours i fall on 3rd, i was born on 12 December, n now am bit confused which one should i fallow… It would be great if u guide me through this, n tell me which dacan should i go for. Waiting for your reply.. Thanks.

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