Full Moon August 3, 2020 – Difficult Changes

Full Moon August 2020 AstrologyThe Aquarius full moon on Monday, August 3, 2020, is square Uranus. So full moon August 2020 brings unexpected change and peculiar events. This is a moon phase for flexibility and adaptability, not for taking risks or making erratic changes.

The August 2020 full moon falls on the same day as Mercury opposite Saturn and aligns with a Saturn-Mercury natured fixed star. Plus, the previous new moon on July 20 was opposite Saturn. This means positive thinking, hard work, patience, and kind words will make the difficult changes ahead much easier to handle.

Full Moon Meaning

Sun opposite Moon brings your home, family, and intimate relationships into sharper focus for the following two weeks of this moon phase. Opposing forces such as work versus home, or what you need versus what you want, create inner tension and external pressures. This can lead to conflict and crises that drain your energy.

The lunar qualities of emotions and instincts reach their peak at a full moon. So use your increased emotional strength and intuition to overcome any relationship challenges. Subconscious awareness allows for an impartial and balanced look at your personal relationships. You will clearly see any relationship dynamics or negative feelings causing disharmony.

Full Moon August 2020 Astrology

The August 3 full moon at 11°45′ Aquarius is square Uranus as shown in the chart below. This is a very strong influence as the aspect orb is just over one degree. The unpredictable changes are made more difficult because the other major aspect in the chart is Mercury opposite Saturn, associated with negative thinking and bad news.

Full Moon August 2020 Astrology

Full Moon August 2020 [Solar Fire]

Full Moon Square Uranus

Full Moon square Uranus brings unexpected change and peculiar events that can make you feel emotionally unsettled and jumpy. Unpredictable and unusual events are more likely to affect women, your family, and the general public.

Because of upsetting change, or due to an uneasy sense of impending change, you may have trouble relaxing, become easily distracted, or experience rapid mood swings, impulsive reactions, and eccentric behavior.

Moon square Uranus can also give a compulsive need for stimulation, a strong need for independence, rebelliousness, and recklessness. But this is not a good moon phase for risk-taking or making sudden changes. Making adjustments in response to changing conditions is fine, but making big changes on the spur of the moment could have unintended consequences that could lead to more chaos in your life.

The best way to handle this erratic energy is to be open-minded and flexible. This will help you use your heightened instincts and faster reflexes to your advantage. You can then quickly adapt to unexpected changes and take advantage of exciting new opportunities.

New relationships are possible and they may be with unusual people, or with people from different cultural or ethnic groups than your own. However, such new relationships may be brief or cause a backlash from close friends or family, especially your mother.

Mercury Opposite Saturn

Mercury opposite Saturn only five hours after the full moon means serious thinking, serious business, and serious discussions. Delays, lack of concentration, and difficulties in communication can cause frustration and disagreements. Pessimism, fear, bad news, the wrong handling of matters, or difficult decisions could lead to loneliness, sadness, or even depression.

Mean and harsh words, abruptness, criticism, mistakes, slander, lies, and nagging are possible. But negative thinking can make things seem worse than they really are.

Keep your messages simple and to the point to avoid misunderstandings. Extra care should be taken with important decisions and business deals. Seek professional or trusted advice if you must sign a contract.

However, critical thinking and the ability for deep research make this is a good moon phase for studying serious or occult subjects. Positive thinking, attention to detail, patience, and understanding are the keys to dealing with this challenging aspect.

Full Moon Star

The star map below shows that although full moon August 2020 is in the Sign of Aquarius, it is in the Constellation of Capricornus. But the Moon is actually closest to the first star of Constellation Aquarius, Albali, in the left hand of the Water Bearer.

So as well as being out of alignment with the Sun Signs due to the precession of the equinoxes, the Constellations also overlap. This is why I use only the planetary aspects and the fixed stars in my interpretations.

Full Moon August 2020 Astrology

Full Moon August 2020 [Stellarium]

Fixed star Albali 12 ♒ 00 is of the nature of Saturn and Mercury. It is indicative of danger and can cause persecution and even death, but is also said to give good fortune. [1]

Full Moon August 2020 Summary

The August 3 full moon square Uranus brings unexpected changes that can be emotionally upsetting. Open-mindedness and flexibility will help you adapt to changing conditions and take advantage of exciting new opportunities.

Mercury opposition Saturn, plus the full moon on a Saturn-Mercury natured star makes the Uranus changes more challenging and difficult to deal with. Patience and a positive attitude are needed. This is even more important because the August 3 full moon combines with the July 20 new moon for form a moon phase that lasts for the next two weeks up to the August 18 new moon.

The July 20 new moon was opposite Saturn so is causing restrictions, tests, and hardship. A serious attitude and hard work are needed as you struggle against the odds. Stay focused on your goals with determination and persistence.If the full moon directly impacts your horoscope decan you can read about it in your monthly horoscope. For more detail about how it affects your natal chart see full moon transits.

Full Moon August 2020 Times and Dates
  • Los Angeles – August 3, 8:58 am
  • New York – August 3, 11:58 am
  • London – August 3, 4:58 pm
  • Delhi – August 3, 9:28 pm
  • Sydney – August 4, 2:58 am
  1. Fixed Stars and Judicial Astrology, George Noonan, 1990, p.51.

8 thoughts on “Full Moon August 3, 2020 – Difficult Changes

  1. Hi Jamie. My moon is there. This explains so much. Even when i was pre teen my dad pulled the skids overtop of a stream of our bunk house in Jervis Inlet.
    In the spring the water would rage beneath my bed room window. Like me my dad a taurus. At 18 I lived 25 ft from Southgate River Bute Inlet. with my baby.
    Before nine I stuck my toe into the Frazer River and a whirl grabbed it. I lost my voice so even tho my great grandpa fishing on the beach I could have drowned. I was on the shacks out on the water. I have forever been obsessed with who stole some missing thing. Just this week my Goddesses Geo. D.bk is missing. My wise yoga teacher said I had a persecution complex. My saturn in Aquarius daughter has saturn 10 there and shes here from Yukon for a visit and we went to a place with a flowing salmon stream. Had to wade in it as ended up on wrong side. I m so much the wiser now. And death yet. Wow

  2. At Southgate River my hubby and I went hunting. We had a inner tube from big truck wound with rope holding planks for our feet inside. We had two rifles and two makeshift paddles. Off we went , aiming for the only clear sand on the far side. The current was more than he thought and we smashed into a thin log jutting out into the river. Feeling we were in danger I reached out and wrapped my arms around it. Hung on for dear life. The raft had its own idea and away it went with my husband. Struggling onto the log , boots full of water , fearing the worst I yelled out – throw me the rope. He was lying flat out on his back. One arm gripping a branch out in mid stream. Somehow he threw it and i caught it.
    Then it snapped being old and I fell back into the river on the inside of the log.
    By the time I got to solid ground somehow he was there. I lost the 22 rifle.
    We walked wet thro scruffy bush to the ocean and around to camp. Every bone in my body hurt in a hot tub. Hubby told me to watch out for quick sand as I trailed along following. In the last two years I convinced myself rivers were harmless enuf and swam out too far. Turning around suddenly i realized my strength had been used and the distance multiplied the current suddenly stronger than i. I started back not giving myself time to think . There were several men and women on the banks aware and ready to respond. Even a boat. But yes. I ll heed these moon Aqarius and that fixed star.

  3. People my age have our Neptunes’ in mid Scorpio (sex, drugs and rock n roll).

    Neptune 13Sco11
    Ascendant 08Le08
    North Node 18Leo18

    So we have a Grand Fixed Cross to hangover during the course of the next Lunar Cycle.

    I’d have these amazing parties this time of year, as the Sun crossed my Ascendant. The gathering was topped by the clam bake, if we managed to get the rocks hot enough, if not, the lobster was cooked in the BBQ.

    Uranus opposite Neptune (transit) from Jamies:

    “Neptune opposite Uranus transit will add a sense of confusion to your life and bring extreme changes to your reality. This could lead to an extreme philosophical or spiritual transformation that involves astrology, tarot, cults, drugs, meditation or conscious dreaming.

    “New insights and revelations can actually impact strongly on your daily life. This can be upsetting to your life if your earlier version of reality was vastly different than your new one. Of course, they are directly related but it takes time to merge new insights into everyday life.

    “Such rapid changes in psychological insight will bring instability during Neptune opposite Uranus transit. You should try to stay as flexible as possible and avoid building permanent structures and systems in your life. However, you will probably have to accept a certain amount of confusion, doubt, and uncertainty. It will be difficult to make long-term commitments so try and defer them if possible. Don’t get too self-conscious if others think you are acting differently than usual.”

  4. No reason to say this cause I know how busy the great astrologers are. my grandmother was a professional astrologer who wrote an article for American astrology called fate versus free will. At 74 I am still a student but I have really been feeling this Leo thing because I have a fixed T-square, born on the Taurus/Scorpio full moon Like Buddha was,With Mars and Pluto conjunct 9/10° Leo. One astrologer called it the atomic stock pile. Maybe I’ll just go into a coma until September gets here… By the way I loved your article on Neowise, nothing compares! We do need ur positive outlook…grateful. By the way I was told long ago I had Capricorn ascendant 28 1/2° near the cusp of Aquarius, intercepted by Aquarius, but I have never seen a lot of research about interception. I did see the book , I think by martin Schulman, but not much else so I am not completely educated on what this means since I do believe the ascendant is sometimes overlooked as not as important as it is. Many thanks

    • Thank you Trina. I do not pay much attention to interception but I do agree that the Ascendant is sometimes overlooked. It represents your soul and the physical expression of your soul, your body. I believe we have the same Ascendant every incarnation. 74 years ago:

      27 ♑ 52 – Gamma Pavonis
      27 ♑ 56 – Eta Indi
      28 ♑ 24 – Alpha Indi
      28 ♑ 46 – Alpha Vulpeculae
      29 ♑ 19 – Eta Lyrae, Aladfar
      29 ♑ 21 – Theta Octantis

      Constellation Indus the Indian is said to give a quick penetrating mind, deep insight, and interest in orientalism, mysticism and sport.

      Constellation Vulpecula et Anser the Fox and the Goose gives a cunning, voracious and fierce nature, together with a keen mind.

      Constellation Pavo the Peacock is said to give vanity and love of display, together with a long life and sometimes fame.

      Constellation Lyra the Harp is said to give an harmonious, poetical and developed nature, fond of music and apt in science and art, but inclined to theft. According to Ptolemy Lyra is like Venus and Mercury (idealistic, psychic, handsome, neat, lovable, refined, genteel, intelligent.)

      Constellation Octans the Octant is said to give a scientific mind marred by ill-regulated passions, psychic disturbances and discord.

  5. “Ascendant is sometimes overlooked. It represents your soul and the physical expression of your soul, your body. ”

    Would it not be the perfect time, when the Sun transits Ascendant, to test soul/body theories? Just tweak a few programs when the Sun hits the persons ASC, computer observe behaviour, generate report. No one even notice the Grecian formula, man’s hair return to original colour.

  6. I notice a lot of aggression lately (in the media) and we can expect a lot more of that. Because: Mars will be square the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto group for a long time, since Mars will go retrograde September 10th. What happened in Beirut fits this perfectly. So the Uranus square is one thing, the Mars squares are possibly even worse.

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