Full Moon March 2015

The full moon on 5 March 2015 is the final moon phase in the current eclipse cycle which began five months ago. Therefore this full moon is very important in the larger scheme of things.Full Moon March 2015The March 2015 full moon will show how the themes of the previous eclipse can finally be resolved. The themes of the October 2014 lunar eclipse were emotional drama, rapid change and the rise of militants.

The March 5 full moon also shows how the themes of the previous new moon can be resolved. Like the February 18 new moon, our March 2015 full moon links directly to the final Uranus Pluto square. The previous new moon warned of shocks. It was a sign to be sensible, conservative and avoid risk-taking.

Before we get to the full moon horoscope, we can see the next two weeks will involved dramatic emotional reactions to some unexpected and shocking changes. It remains important to react to changing conditions in a sensible manner, so as not to complicate or make matters worse.

March 2015 Full Moon Astrology

At 14♍50, this full moon is bang in the middle of Virgo decan 2. As with all full moons, the major astrological influence comes from the Sun opposite Moon. I will start there and then look to the conjunctions. This full moon aligns tightly with two heavenly bodies, one being a star and the other an asteroid. There is one more major aspect to Pluto, then a complicating minor aspect to the Venus Uranus conjunction. Finally, I will sum up with a very powerful Yod aspect pattern focused on Jupiter retrograde.

Sun opposite Moon at a full moon manifests itself mainly through the Moon. This involves subconscious things such as emotions, instincts, intuition and reactions. The Moon governs our feminine side, women in general and the public. At the full moon we feel more sensitive and vulnerable to threats and competition, perceived or real.

The aim of a full moon is to reconcile polarities in life, often involving intimate relationships. This battle between partners, or the ego and subconscious, can result in stress and drama. It is through this competition that greater self-awareness and understanding is found. A full moon offers a chance to discover detrimental blind spots in our behavior.

Full Moon March 2015

Full Moon Conjunctions

Fixed Star Mizar at 15♍55 aligns with the full moon. Mizar is a star in the Tail of the Big Bear (Ursa Major). This fixed star has a detrimental effect, especially on love relationships with its Saturn/Venus nature. According to Dr. Eric Morse (p.145), it is a star of authority, giving a tendency to exert power and control in relationships.

Asteroid Iris at 15♍51 retrograde is also conjunct the Moon. According to Leah Whitehorse, Iris “shows where you must retain hope, where you need to be truthful and where you search for unity and healing. She also warns where you are inclined to fool yourself…Iris reminds us that we cannot truly exist without hope, nor without truth. It is a fine line we walk between the two – between illusion and reality, between truth and lies.”

Other Full Moon March 2015 Aspects

Moon opposite Neptune is a little wide in orb at over 7 degrees, but is still important in the chart. I say this because it will have a similar influence, and therefore emphasize, the self-deception and hope that Lea mentioned regarding asteroid Iris. Over-sensitivity and confusion are more likely to affect all themes shown in the full moon chart.

So far we have an emphasis on intimate relationships where power and control issues have been causing problems. Emotional drama comes to a head with shocks and revelations involving deception, lies, slander or scandal. Victims can have hope that the truth will be revealed, leading to a re-balancing of power and self-esteem. Perpetrators may come to a realize their negative behavior, leading to guilt or humiliation, but then redemption and healing.

Moon trine Pluto increases the intensity of the full moon emotions, reactions and instinctive behaviors. It makes the interpersonal relationships more serious, leading to even more dramatic reactions and displays of emotion. Although the trine is a positive aspect, the vulnerability and receptivity of the Moon is subject to the powerful controlling nature of Pluto. This can lead one to get carried away or obsessed, and lead to emotional outbursts.

On the positive side, the emotional depth is ideal for probing the dark recesses of the mind through psychological self-analysis. Lies and deception, abuse of power and their effects on intimate relationships will be revealed though this analysis and in-depth research of other subject matter.

Moon Quincunx Venus Uranus involves a few aspects. Firstly, Venus conjunct Uranus points to lashing out or acting rebelliously due to a need for independence. Unexpected changes or shocks in this area will lead to dramatic change, even a complete and sudden separation. New romance entered into now will be thrilling but not necessarily long-lasting.

Venus love manifests the dramatic upheaval of Uranus square Pluto. This makes the subject of love more serious, intense and related to finances. The level of affection shown between partners may go through rapid swings, or affections may change from on person to another. The relationships involved will be peculiar in some way, such as involving air travel or the internet. There could be some kinky behavior especially involving domination, probing or electric thingies, or perversion according to religious types.

Now consider how this impacts on the emotions and reactions of the Moon via the quincunx aspect. Tension is the keyword here. This stress and tension in the troubled relationship will gradually rise. When it peaks there will be a dramatic event or emotional reactions which is forced, not consciously planned. This will act as trigger for the full moon re-balancing involving power and ego’s through revelation of truths and self-analysis.

Full Moon Jupiter Yod

The Yod Aspect Pattern, or finger of God, is formed by the quincunx aspects from Jupiter to the Sun and Pluto. A Yod is a powerful and complex configuration. It points to something special to be done, a task or destined mission. It reveals the bigger picture in this full moon story. Moon semi-sextile Jupiter links the Yod directly to the full moon. I will look at each of the three aspects before summarizing.

Sun Sextile Pluto suggest prevailing issues around command and control in relationships. This is similar in effect to the influence of the fixed star Mizar on the Moon. It creates a demanding nature but not a bullying. A strong work ethic, determination and persistence lead to professional success, but also a belief that a position of power and influence is deserved. A strong will, large ego, pride, and an unwillingness to back down can lead to negative consequences personally, and a destructive influence on relationships.

Sun quincunx Jupiter involves a strong urge to succeed at the professional level. In relation to the Jupiter Yod, this can lead to exaggeration, excess and an inflated ego. A lack or research or scrutiny of subjects will amplify any mistakes, leading to embarrassment and guilt. The lesson of this aspect is to learn self-control and not be so boastful.

Jupiter quincunx Pluto means that creativity can become so strong that it can become difficult to control. A tendency toward selfishness can result in the abuse of these gifts, harm to others, or problems with authority figures.

In relation to the Jupiter Yod, the creative talents could include the ability to dominate in relationships, demanding more than a fair share of attention and affection, money and assets. Getting carried away with this power and influence would lead to excessive pride and resistance from other. Cults, or extreme belief systems and opinions would add to the destructive influence on relationships.

Fixed star Acubens at 13♌51 is conjunct Jupiter at 14♌21 retrograde. Acubens is associated with bitterness, lying, and acting in a combative manner under the in influence of another. This Yod is incredibly powerful with the orbs of aspect all being under one degree.

Full Moon Summary

The mission with the Jupiter Yod is to acknowledge where we have influence over others. Motivated by this power and influence, Jupiter retrograde could lead to a lack or morals, or poor discretion and judgement on how the influence is applied. Self mastery will come through sublimation of the ego and a totally rejecting the use of these gifts to dominate or do harm to others. In the end such negative behavior would prove futile and damaging to the self.

If emotional drama in relationships has been an issue in recent months, there may have been a shocking revelation or dramatic change since the February 17 new moon. Abuse of creative talents as a tool to exert power and influence would then result in deception or scandal. The full moon of March 2015 will result in a re-balancing that gives hope to all involved, that wounded feelings and pride can be healed.

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  1. Thank you, Jamie. This is very good information, timely and very well described. Yod(s) are not easy to describe and you have made this particular Full Moon and indeed, extrapolated to natal and transits, a level of understanding and comprehension brought fully into the Light. Happy Full Moon 🙂

  2. Nice work and presentation … and timely re-balancing for many of my endeavors .. as above – so below.

  3. This FM is conjunct My Pr ASC conjunct Pr Mercury- 14 Virgo….Pr merc will cross into Pr H1 in three weeks…N venus 10 virgo- orb too wide ?


  4. Jamie,

    This full moon hits right on my natal 14 degree Saturn in 10th house Virgo. Any thoughts? I had a very testy day at work on the 5th and I sat down and started preperations to find a new one. I haven’t felt this good in years.

    • Transiting Pluto trine your Saturn is giving you the endurance, discipline and patience to make some major reforms, especially in your career. This is a longer term process and you can count on a good response from future employers.

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