Lunar Eclipse 10 February 2017 Practical Magic

Lunar Eclipse February 2017 AstrologyThe lunar eclipse on Friday 10 February 2017 is at 22 degrees Leo. The lunar eclipse February 2017 astrology is awesome, wonderful and magical! There are so many positive aspects packed into the lunar eclipse horoscope that you can only be optimistic about the months ahead.

The Full Moon February 2017 lunar eclipse has many talents contained in a mystical aspect pattern. Truly beautiful symmetry with Saturn will turn talent to magic and bring practical results and lasting achievements.

Lunar Eclipse Meaning

Full Moon February 2017 is a lunar eclipse which focuses your attention on relationships of all kinds. The Sun opposite Moon qualities of emotions and instincts reach their peak at a lunar eclipse. This lets you take an objective and balanced look at your close personal relationships. Being in touch with your own needs and intentions, and those of others, you can clearly see any relationship imbalances causing disharmony.

With a lunar eclipse in particular, the blotting out of the Moon represents a resetting of emotions, clearing away the emotional baggage of the previous six months. The horoscope for a lunar eclipse is like a snapshot in time, but like old style photography, it takes time to develop.

The February 16 lunar eclipse marks the end of an eclipse phase which began with the challenging September 2016 solar and lunar eclipse. Together with the February 26 solar eclipse, this February 10 lunar eclipse will remain active until the August 2017 lunar eclipse.

Lunar Eclipse February 2017 Astrology

Lunar eclipse February 2017 is located at 22°28′ Leo Sign as well as in Leo Constellation. At 21°40′ Leo in the Head of the Lion, fixed star Ras Elased Borealis will have some typically brash Leo influence but is not a major player among the stars. The full moon/lunar eclipse aspect itself, Sun opposite Moon, is much more powerful and highlights relationship dynamics and the polarities between partners, home and work, friends and family etc.

Jupiter opposite Uranus complicates those personal issues by exaggerating your need for personal freedom and excitement. You will feel a strong urge to react, or rebel against anything that is stopping you from having fun and doing what you want. There may be a sudden event that releases your built up tension and leads to a major change in circumstances. The more restricted you have felt, the more upsetting this change is likely to be.

Looking at the red lines in the lunar eclipse February 2017 astrology chart below you would think these two oppositions double the trouble. However, each planet of one opposition assists the planets in the other opposition. Do opposites attract through all the harmonious blue aspects?

Full Moon February 2017 Astrology

Lunar Eclipse Full Moon February 2017 Astrology

Lunar Eclipse February 2017 Mystic Rectangle

The tense red cross enclosed by calm blue aspects is called a mystic rectangle aspect pattern. The high energy oppositions produce a lot of tension and activity. The harmonious aspects bring resolution to any conflict but can also mask an unsettled inner nature. This cool exterior may fool others into thinking you have it all together but don’t fool yourself. Recognize or admit the source of your red inner tension and use your blue talents to resolve them.

Moon sextile Jupiter and Sun trine Jupiter shower your personal issues with happiness and good fortune. Old relationships grow and new relationships blossom. The sociable nature of these aspects extends to group activities and helping out others. You will feel more generous and can expect favors and good fortune yourself. Financial gains can increase your net worth, plus your level of satisfaction and contentment. Personal and spiritual growth come through studies and travel, anything aimed at broadening your outlook on life.

Moon trine Uranus and Sun sextile Uranus revitalize tired old relationships and brings surprising new ones. Look forward to exciting changes, pleasant surprises and stimulating encounters. You should enjoy greater personal freedom to try something new and exciting. Socializing, group activities and chance meeting are favored. You are more likely to meet unorthodox types or people from different cultural or ethnic backgrounds than your own.

All New Pyramid Aspect Pattern

With Saturn placed above of the mystic rectangle as shown above in the chart, a three dimensional pyramid structure can be seen. Lets call it a pyramid aspect pattern, a rare beauty that requires five planets on similar degrees in five Signs. And lets say it turns the talents of the mystic rectangle into magic.

Each corner of the mystic rectangle gains wisdom and patience, stability and security from fatherly Saturn. The mystic rectangle is already considered a positive configuration and now Saturn really nails the point home. Respect Saturn and he makes your good works strong and lasting. Saturn uses the talents in the mystic rectangle to make practical magic.

Moon trine Saturn and Sun sextile Saturn gives the patience and emotional strength to handle any relationship issue. Others may come to you for advice on a personal matter or just for a shoulder to cry on. Traditional values and old habits can bring solutions to new problems. You can rely on strong instincts and common sense to make important decisions about your home, family and relationships. You are determined to achieve practical results and make no mistakes.

Jupiter sextile Saturn means cautious expansion. Sound judgement helps you chose the opportunities that are right for you. These opportunities may be in your career, through investment or business deals, or in your personal life such as major material possessions or relationship choices. Patience, perseverance and a strong work ethic mean you are most likely to succeed now. Common sense and sustained effort are required because this is a serious and long-term projects you are working on.

Saturn trine Uranus is a transition phase. This is the ideal time to make positive changes in your life because they should run smoothly. Change will not be upsetting or erratic as it sometimes can. You will remain calm and patient, planning every step methodically. You can find new days of doing old things without rocking the boat. Group activity is favored where you can bring people together from very different backgrounds and keep them interested in a common long-term goal.

Lunar Eclipse February 2017 Visibility

Being a penumbral lunar eclipse, only the fuzzy outer shadow of the earth falls on the face of the Moon. No blackening occurs but there should be some dark shading over one edge of the moon.

Lunar Eclipse February 2017 VisibilityIf lunar eclipse full moon February 2017 directly impacts your horoscope decan you can read about its effect in your monthly horoscope. For more detail about how it affects your natal chart see Moon Transits.

Previous Moon Phase: New Moon 27 January 2017
Next Moon Phase: Solar Eclipse 26 February 2017

Lunar Eclipse February 2017 Times and Dates

Los Angeles
New York
February 10 – 4:32 pm
February 10 – 7:32 pm
February 11 – 0:32 am
February 11 – 6:02 am
February 11 – 10:32 am

95 thoughts on “Lunar Eclipse 10 February 2017 Practical Magic

  1. Piramid- what a beauty! My Family and friends ( 3 decan Leos and Sags ) will benefit, I am happy for them, thank you for Such a detailed analysis, i read everything you publish.????

    • Sextile your Moon and opposite your Mars. Also sextile your Midheaven. So it activates a grand trine aspect pattern in your chart.

      Moon trine Mars trine MC.

      Research each aspect and try to put it together. The strongest influence from the eclipse will be Moon opposite Mars transit.

      • Any idea if this is a relationship like aspect? I googled moon opposition Mars and can’t figure out what part of my life it’ll affect 🙁 thank you

        • The Moon trine Mars in your chart sure is a relationship aspect. The transit of full moon opposite your Mars is there a relationships transit. In relationships, Moon is your feeling about someone and Mars is your sexual desires and passion.

          • And so with transit Jupiter conjunct my natal moon and tr Uranus opposing it, does it add to more to the direction of my relationship ? I’m currently in a long distance relationship and am hoping for a move toward my partner ..

            • Join the club 🙂 The fact that a conjunction is stronger and you have Jupiter on your Moon the outcome should be good. It is only natural that you have to battle against Uranus detachment, airplanes, internet etc.

  2. Yes! 22 Leo is the exact degree of my Venus ☺️☺️☺️ Sounds like good news for me!

  3. Hello dear Jamie …

    i have 6 house cusp 22:36 degree LEO so ill feel this LUNER ECLIPSE ENERGY in 6 house matters ???

    SUN in CANCER = CANCER DECAN 2 (10 July 1982 born (18 degree)
    ASC in = ARIES DECAN 1(Aries 4:08 degree )
    MOON in = PISCES DECAN 1 (PICESS 7:40 Degree)

    Dear House Cusp matters or attention to Ac and DC, MC and IC only for eclipse predictions ????

    at that time ill ALSO have stressful transit Feb/06/2017 Pluto Opposite Sun ..going thorough painful tranformations now a which makes me so lonely and give bad effects on my health too i stop talking or socilizing ..This year is worst year of my life …which effects my RELATIONSHIPS MONEY MATTERS and HEALTH 🙁

    FIRSTLY uranus hit me than naptune than eclipses and now pluto tranits which i have whole next year tooo 🙁

    Jan/26/2016 Pluto Square Saturn
    Apr/08/2016 Pluto Square Mars
    Apr/28/2016 Pluto Square Mars
    Jul/20/2016 Pluto Square Saturn
    Nov/29/2016 Pluto Square Saturn
    Jan/16/2017 Pluto Square Mars
    Feb/06/2017 Pluto Opposite Sun
    Jul/09/2017 Pluto Opposite Sun
    Aug/07/2017 Pluto Square Mars
    Nov/17/2017 Pluto Square Mars
    Dec/13/2017 Pluto Opposite Sun

      • thanks sir for replying me … 10 july 1982 time 23:30 karachi pakistan is my birth details sir …

        im facing different traumic isues afer 2013 …NEPTUNE cunj my moon moon than URANnUS square my sun and now PLUTO opposite my sun and squares my satrun mars in my 7 house …

        this eclipse is on my 6 house cusp 22:36 degree LEO so thats y im i feel scare because in 2015 ill feel september 2015 eclipse becuse im aries asc 4 degree … so ill feel this LUNER ECLIPSE ENERGY in 6 house matters ???

        kindly plzzz take a look sir please ….and help me … im facing really painful TRANFORMATIVE time 🙁 which makes me lonely and hopeless im 34 unmarried now broke up with me in feb 2016 ..because of this NO SOCIAL LIFE ..feeling so lonely which effects my health too 🙁 …is there any hope in near future for good relationship or choice marriage is there anything good sir which gives me hope that this time will pass and everything become fine soon ???sorry i take your so much time but no one is near who can listen or understand me …

        SUN in CANCER = CANCER DECAN 2 (10 July 1982 born (18 degree)
        ASC in = ARIES DECAN 1(Aries 4:08 degree )
        MOON in = PISCES DECAN 1 (PICESS 7:40 Degree)

        Thanks Sir …

        • Woaa so shocked to see what you write my name is hassan im from karachi too my dob is 09 july 1988 you wrote about the incidents that you are suffering till now i have this experience too and trust me its like a hell for me i hate my life i hate my social life my talking power is almost dead 🙁 but im so shocked to see im not the only one

        • My best advice is to read your transits and also the comments on those pages. Yes it is going to feel worse because of your natal aspects so read my interpretation but also googl;e search for as many other views. In this order:

          Mars conjunct Saturn
          Sun square Mars
          Sun square Saturn

  4. So excited I don’t know where to begin. Moon is conjunct natal Mars and North node.Moon is also trine natal Moon and Neptune in Sag.Saturn conjunct natal Moon.Jupiter conjunct natal Pluto, Sun conjunct south node and Sun Moon midpoint.The transits are crazy

  5. wow, where to begin? I have mars and pluto partile conjunct at 23 leo, saturn and neptune at 22 and 24 libra, jupiter 23 gemini and uranus at 22 cancer…,north node at 3 aquarius and ascendant 3 virgo…. I’m going to have to sit down to sort this one out, how do I determine what aspects are strongest?

    • Good question. I use a mix of how personal the planet or point is, the type of aspect, and how tight the orb is. For example,

      conjunctions stronger than square stronger than trine

      Sun, Moon, AC stronger than Mercury, stronger than Mars, stronger than Neptune.

      So eclipse sextile Moon 3 degrees orb is stronger than eclipse sextile uranus 3 degrees orb.

      But eclipse sextile Uranus 0.5 degree orb stronger than eclipse sextile Moon 3 degrees orb.

  6. Hi Jamie, Hope all is well with you. Leo Lunar eclipse is conjunct my venus 21degree 45′. I’m a sun libra, Taurus asc 21 degree. What can I expect. Thank you

    • Hi Daisy, this has to be a good eclipse for you, even with it square your Ascendant. Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus all making positive aspects to your Venus is a good sign for your love life and finances.

  7. Hi Jamie. I’m really enjoying reading these articles. I’ve seen this pattern before and never thought to see a pyramid like that. For me it’s a grand trine with two sides bisected into sextiles, so that the outline makes this a ‘grand house’ pattern. I think the apex is the most important point, with its trines equating to the ‘house foundations’ and the sextiles at the ‘eaves’ slightly secondary. I agree with you that it’s a really magical pattern. But is there any significance to the missing corner of the hexagon at 22 Gemini?

    • Hi Kristian. I like your analogy too. I think 22 Gemini would be significant if you had something there in your chart. That degree is jam packed full of strong fixed stars too, the busiest part of the sky. These people will have a head start for this eclipse.

  8. Hi Jamie,
    This lunar eclipse is opposing my husbands MC at 21°57′ Aquarius. Can we expect bad news with regards to his career?
    DOB – June 11 1977,
    Time – 4:55 am
    Place – Pune

    Thanks !

    • Natasha, with all axis’ like IC MC, qa conjunction to one side does not means something bad. With full moon’s and lunar eclipses especially you get the Sun at one end and moon at the other. You could just as easily have asked will there be good news about his family and house. Your husband has MC trine Sun trine North Node to make a very fortunate grand trine so he has nothing to worry about.

  9. Love your website Jamie, so much great insight, My info is Born 12/19/1961, 11:04AM, Boston, MA. Sag/Pisces Rising. My North Node is in Leo @ 19 Degrees. Life has been so crazy in the last year on so many levels. Looking forward to a lot of awesome travel, and a new lease in my relationships. Based on my chart, what are your observations, leaving a donation for you because I think your take on Astrology is so good. Thank you, Kris.

    • Well compared to the solar eclipse bang on your Ascendant I don’t think a conjunct to your N.Node by 3 degree is all that significant. I will talk in m ore detail on that article I see you have left a comment there too. Sorry if I do not reach there in this lot of comment catching up but I can tell you it looks extremely good.

  10. Hi Jamie

    What can I aspect? I’m doing the work.
    August 16, 1986 Toronto, On 10:35am

    • Being six months from your birthday this lunar eclipse falls on your Sun. Your need in close relationships will have to be balanced versus other considerations. You have Sun trine North Node so this eclipse helps you on your karmic path, gently nudges you back on track if you have been wandering off course. See also natal Sun quincunx Jupiter which will be activated.

  11. Hi Jamie,

    My birthdate is 2/11/1943 and my solar return falls less than an hour following the 7:33 EST exact time of the lunar eclipse…at 8:22:59 pm 2/10/2016. In addition to this amazing configuration, which aside from the very tight mystic rectangle and one 22° Gem gap short of a Grand Sextile (and that’s my wife’s ascendant exactly), a grand trine with two separate kite points…AND a Yod (t.moon sextile t.Jupiter with a t.Chiron apex/conj. t.POF (and with my birth place reference the ascendant at the receptive Virgo point)…t.Neptune conjuncts by n.Venus (which is in mutual reception with my n.Neptune); t.Uranus sextile t.sun & my n.sun; t. mercury forming a grand trine with my n.saturn and n.Asc (&n.neptune), with my n. Pluto at the kite point. And a number of other synchronicities.

    I’m really blown away and would really like to hear your take on all this. I often view your website but have never before commented. Any comments would be very much appreciated.

    • Hi Zoron, this seems to fit in with your amazing transits in 2017 from Saturn trine Uranus to your Sun. I would say that your success is closely linked to your family. When they are happy you are happy. Their happiness will be a measure of your success.

  12. This is interesting, if you use the Placidus house system and you add in the MC (16Gem37) to
    the configuration you’ll have a quite remarkable hexagon of sextiles with a six pointed
    ‘Star of David’ of trines in the center. Also the fixed benefic star Rigel adorns the MC and
    Spica adorns Jupiter. Also the ‘Part of Fortune’ is exactly conjunct the DC (18Pis28) within

    • Oh my bad! Of course the ‘Part of Fortune’ is on the DC, because this is the chart of a Lunar eclipse! BTW to see this configuration you need Sirius 1.3 (or better) with the ‘Medieval Wheel 1″ style enabled when viewing the chart.

  13. Hi Jamie, this eclipse is on my progressed Mars 22 Leo. I just don’t know how this could affect me, if at all.
    August 10 1966 Los Angeles 5:52am.

    Thank you for any thoughts

  14. Wow this is a doozy lol 22dgs Leo is my H2 Venus/Lilith conj.6Jul1970 6.16am Taumarunui,NewZealand.What should I be doing now to prepare for this?Forewarned is forearmed.For the record, Im single and want to stay that way due to having very dramatic relationships that end very badly.Also Im on a waiting list for elective surgery for a gastric sleeve procedure (my prog Moon is in Aries H10 right now) to aid my weight loss journey (H2 Venus/Lilith) do I steer clear of these dates for th surgery?Also tr Jupiter will be almost exact on my H4 Jupiter Return..Iv seen this in death charts!Omg!Anyway, without getting carried away here Im also looking to buy a house in my hometown.Is this a good time to purchase on this Solar Eclipse?We started the process of obtaining finance during th Sept 2016 eclipses.I do appreciate yr input/insights yr articles for clarity.Thanking you in advance.

  15. Jamie,
    Welcome back. How do you think this eclipse can effect me? Because Pluto can square my natal sun and Saturn, opposite my moon. I worry about that. October 14,1968 5:30p.m /maymyo, Burma

  16. Hello! Glad you are doing well and congratulations on the recent development in your personal life. You say so many nice things about this Lunar Eclipse that you made me curious about how it would affect me since it is within 2 degrees of my Sun, transiting Jupiter is over Natal Uranus, transiting Mercury over my Natal Jupiter, etc.There are so many positive aspects that if nothing good happens, I will lose confidence in astrology. Can you take a quick look? 18.08.1973, Timisoara, Romania, time of birth 08.15. Always grateful, Alina

  17. hello sir,
    this luner eclipse is on my 6 house cusp 22:36 degree LEO so thats y i feel scare because i already have other stressful tranist also at that time which is
    Feb/06/2017 Pluto Opposite Sun

    so together they makes things really bad ????how this eclipse will be for me ????

    10 july 1982
    time 23:30
    karachi pakistan is my birth details sir

    SUN in CANCER = CANCER DECAN 2 (10 July 1982 born (18 degree)
    ASC in = ARIES DECAN 1(Aries 4:08 degree )
    MOON in = PISCES DECAN 1 (PICESS 7:40 Degree)

    Thanks Sir

  18. This full moon is in my 5th house conjunct my moon! Jupiter is transiting my 7th house and saturn is transiting my 9th house stellium. What do you think? My birthday is 26/11/1983 13:45 Rio de Janeiro. Should I be afraid?

  19. Did anyone notice that the “Pyramid” – and the “Mystic Triangle” – also has a star inside it? In fact, it looks like a star inside a house!

  20. Hello Jamie!

    My natal sun is Leo 23′ 18, Saturn in Leo 24’22, and AC 2: 24 Leo 25.
    I feel good! I feel optimistic,
    Any other thoughts for me?
    Thank you!!
    D.O.B Aug.13 1976, Baku, Azb. 04:22am

  21. My Ascendant is at 24 Leo 44 and my Sun is at 23 Libra 45. Uranus is currently opposed my sun and Jupiter conjunct. So the eclipse falls on my AC/DC axis and aspects tightly my sun. I NEED some positivity in my life!

  22. Hi Jamie, with my moon in Leo at 22’25(so close to the eclipse degree) would you be able to comment on the area of impact(personal/professional) can I expect from this lunar eclipse? To add to that i am also a Cancer ascendant at 28’35”. Would the experience be more positive or negative? Thank you in advance.

  23. This falls on my birthday exact My sun is 22* AQU mars 23* AQU & saturn 25* AQU – all 5th house – I have Jupiter in ARI @ 16* in the 7th house, I am a Libra rising……I am feeling very optimistic about this up coming year. My solar return has 2 kite formations…….life is changing quickly for the better, life has been a huge roller coaster ride with massive bumps. I am picking up and moving 2100 miles from Indiana to California. So change is definitely in the air. So for anyone who has been in very low points as i have been, It can’t stay like that forever, cycles change and i do believe this one is mine. I need so badly!! So Cheers to a good sky formation!

    • Catherine if you want to have an idea of what’s happening, I’m a late Aquarius decan and life is awesome. I just moved across country myself

      • Funny you should say that, I m moving Feb, 1st, right after the new moon which happens to conjunct my natal moon.I was scared to move but I think this is a good move for me.

  24. October 17, 1965 2:09 am 23Libra44 with 24Leo38 Rising. This eclipse will be conjunct my Ascendant by 2 degrees although in the 12th house. It will also sextile my sun where transiting Jupiter is almost conjunct but will not be exact until Sept. Obviously my sun and Ascendant are receiving some excellent aspects from this eclipse but my moon is being opposed by Pluto with the exact opposition happening on Jan 27. Finally Neptune is separating from a square to my Venus/Mars conjunction but is going to exactly conjunct my Saturn in the 7th house on Feb. 15th. I’ve got a lot of planetary action happening. I am in a pretty good place emotionally at the moment but things are not perfect. I am concerned about my health because it isn’t uncommon for a lunar eclipse falling on Asc to bring health issues. I am healthy. Do crossfit 6 days a week but with that comes joint issues at my age. 🙂 Hoping the good aspects will alleviate any real issues. I am also ready to date again after many many years IF I leave the house.. Obviously from my chart you can see the challenges I have in that arena. UGH but I am mature and have dealt with many of my own issues so I am hopeful there is a chance for me in this lifetime.

    Love your site! Wish I would have found you sooner. Look forward to your articles.

  25. I have a leo moon 28 degrees opposite my sun 22 degrees aquarius and 5 planets in aquarius ooooh how powerful wonder what this will mean and uranus opposite 28 degrees in leo

  26. Hi Jamie!
    This eclipse sounds great…I need to see something awesome, wonderful and magical as you said….would the fact that the eclipse conjunct north node (20 degrees leo) help?….as far as I can see the paterns that you describe will activate the natal trine north node-MC-vertex. …What I should expect? MC-IC will be also activated by uranus opposition jupiter…..and Pluto transit opposition Venus….it sounds to me like something big is cowing….I am just hoping and wondering if Iit will finally be a good thing for me. I would appreciate to hear your thoughts! Thanks

    • Hi Jamie,

      Out of curiosity, what’s the relation between this moon and the one on 7 August 2017? The one in February activated my natal trine north node-MC-vertex and uranus in opposition to jupiter my IC- MC and the one in August activated my pre natal solar eclipse and made a wide opposition to my north node at 20.00 Leo … Any thoughts? Thanks!

  27. Magic indeed! My Saturn return is exact on this day, along with Jupiter return within degrees. The last few years have been really hard, it’s as if I can feel the pressure leaving. I am planning a Saturn return celebration, any ideas.?.? Saturn will hit this point 3 times this year, the last with Jupiter near same degrees. I’m sure it will be interesting!

  28. Tell me please Jamie…this lunar eclipse falls in my 1st house. What can it brings to me?

  29. I am a libra , Leo rising, Venus- Leo 22*26′ moon-Leo 1*42′ Uranus-Leo 6* 08′. Pluto- Leo 29*29′ ascendant Leo 21*16′ how will I be affected by this Luna eclipse!

  30. What if this is conjunct my natal sun ?? Will it bring a relationship or end one if Im a female.

  31. Hi Jamie, I have 21 degree Natal Venus in Aquarius in the 6th house opposing Natal 23 Degree Pluto in Leo, in the twelfth house. Just wondering how this could possibly play out for me. I do not have a relationship with sisters. I use to a very have jealous relationships.

  32. Full moon Conjunct natal Uranus in 10th house, what ever may occur it will be big yet hidden from public knowledge…hmm I may need to scape some pennies together for a lotto ticket just in case I have.the good fortune to be Santa for a while hahaha! I would love to do that, deliver gifts to others to brighten their life and not knowing who it was, really appeals to me 🙂

  33. Hi there…….omg……..seems like a powerful times are ahead!
    My situ………4th feb 67 turning 50…….eek! In constant turmoil with my LEO (24.07.67) also turning 50 ! We will be half a world apart on this day……..what can I expect from the full moon eclipse……..I love this my with all my heart but we just don’t seem to work on a personnel level… me please.

  34. Lovely! Thanks Jamie. I especially appreciate you pointing out Saturn trine Uranus as a transition – Saturn will be conjunct my IC for this eclipse, so transition, indeed. And so much of what you have written – long term projects, work with groups – fits what is going on in my life.

  35. hello Jamie just a quick question, i was wondering what would be the benefit on this Eclipse for Aquarius Dec2!

  36. Hello Jamie, Thanks for all the great information you share here. My natal north node (Rahu) is located at 20 Leo. I am Leo Sun and Aquarius moon (with my moon located at 24 Aquarius) Is it going to affect me significantly? Thanks

  37. Thank you so much Jamie.This one wil affect my life thoroughly. Because te moons node returns to my mon / Node conjunct and all planets touch the cluster in Leo i have. (19-6-1961 2:40 Germany).
    I have exprienced the power of this cluster and look forward to be tought more about life .

    • Myself also Ria 22/6/61 England, so Cancer rather than Gemini, my nth node 29Leo, it is proving to be more powrful than previously suggested. For me that is 10th house, so very aware this area is no longer in the privacy of my 4th house sth node, inclined more towards more of a public & responsible one, except mine is encouraging of being more loving yet feeling safer to be more vulnerable than the use/abuse of the past had me feel unable to trust, so far so good, I hope all goes well for you also. Happy to know Im in good company even if our new resolves differ, it is indeed our differences that matter more than sameness, it does require self trust and leaps of faith here n there, daeing to be “wrong” based on the sth node origins at time, nit a fan of roller coasters myself hahaha!

      • This shouldn’t affect u if you’re node is at 29 degrees. The eclipse falls on 22 degrees (plus or minus 4 degrees, so only if u have planets in Leo or Aquarius from 18-26 degrees)

  38. Sorry, not intending to hog your post Jamie, so the eclipse is the day before the full moon? My moon phases from Perth observatory have the full moon here as the evening of the 12th, so just checking

    • @Debbbe – A Lunar Eclipse IS a full moon! Here in the U.S it appears on the evening of the 10th, but there is a significant time difference between here and Australia, so perhaps it is on the 12th there.

      • Thanks for making the time to respond Liana & yes thats why I asked, it is always later here yet not usually more than a day, so its a little different this time and given Jamie is down this way, he usually gives that too, yet he has given the 11th, so I wonderedd if the observatory’s info may be out, will look further as it intrigues me, western australia is off the beaten track but not that far off hahahaha! Thanks again, very much appreciated 😉

  39. Hi Jamie, just a quickie question. My asc is 22 Libra and most of my cusps are 21/22. This lunar eclipse will fall just over my 22 deg Leo house into 11th house of Leo/Virgo. I have a stellium of north node, jupiter and pluto in Leo in the 10th natally. This eclipse at 23 is 3 degrees shy of my progressed Jupiter in Leo at 26. Is that too wide an orb and is it positive in the 11th?

  40. Hi there

    Im still learning all this…Can someone help me figure out how will this Lunar eclipse affect me? I have Leo in 2nd(5°20’07) and 3rd (26°06’06)?

    Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Sag, Asc in Cancer, North Node in Libra…

    DOB: 13/11/1977 at 8:06pm…

  41. Thanks this is a fascinating and hope-boosting article! I’m particularly interested because the Uranus, Jupiter and Saturn positions are conjunct my Moon (21 Aries), Pluto (23 Libra) and Sun (25 Sag) and Neptune (22 Sag)… so it looks intense! It certainly feels intense in my life at the moment… mask vs rebellion, peace vs truth, fear vs risk… all tied to just wanting to be realistic about being myself in a sustainable, self-sufficient way.

    September’s eclipses hit me horribly – got the ‘not sure I want a relationship’ speech on the first one, at the same time as secretly realising I had just conceived, and miscarried then got dumped on the second one. My boyfriend at the time said he got the fear. The first one squared his Venus exactly… so if I can enjoy a less challenging patch in relationships I would welcome that immensely.

    Anyway – I’m glad I found this page!

  42. Hi Jamie, great article. It’s good to have some understanding why I feel magic, like electricity throughout, as if I’ve swallowed a sun. It’s been growing for many weeks.

    Natally, i have Uranus at 21deg libra, opposite tr Uranus. Jupiter has been great recently, close to conjuncting&opposing Uranus again

    Would this affect my sun at 22deg Virgo? Make a yod with transit Uranus Aries and sun in Aquarius? Chiron in Pisces maybe makes a boomerang yod, being opposite my sun as the apex ?

    Definitely feel lit regardless of the specific cause 🙂

  43. I feel that the saros series energy is more relevant than aspect pattern. just my personal opinion

  44. This makes no sense at all whatsoever. I think you must have barfed on your keyboard. What a waste of time reading this bullshit.

    • As someone who professes to be the authority you do in the way you do, affecting the minds of others, I would suggest a good long honest look at yourself while this full moon is in full force Kesley, for your own sake as well as others. But then I dont profess to be an authority on anything, I just care about others and dont find any love or joy through those determined to spread and grow judgement & negativity, or invade the space of others. I have only a little awareness of your service and I dont personally agree with the little I have read, but that doesnt mean you are wrong nor would I be rude and invade your space that way, I dont know you, I am not you, I hope you manage to practice what you preach for a successful outcome in serving your purpose, the affect on the minds thus life of others is in your hands, so I hope & respect you are doing your best, regardless of what I think, that is all that others ask of you as well, besides, no one is obliged to make sense to all others, indeed making sense relates to who one resonates with at ones depths and ones personal elemental make up, we are all different, we all matter, not right or wrong, just is or isnt, but then I guess you know that already or you wouldnt be serving as you do. Still, I just felt compelled to offer, and you are free to choose to ignore and write me off as stupid too, it really is of no consequence to me, that is your choice not mine, your choice your responsibility your consequence, hoping you choose wisely.

    • Also, I am not so sure that Caroline Greenleaf will appreciate your personal comments being supported by a ping back to her service space either, not that I am inspred to follow her either, it is only that your offerings/choice/way appear as anti her christian interpretted astrological guidance which may damage her reputation, character assassination, deserving or not, those she is intended to be inspiring may become lost to that opportunity as a consequence also. But then I dont know her, may be she is ok with that representation.

  45. Thank you Jaime for all your insight I learn a lot about astrology reading your blog… my birthday is today February 10th; I was born in 1978 (Sag rising) but I was wondering how with this lunar eclipse affect somebody born on this day? I’m hoping for a better year I had a lot of ups and downs last year but my birthday season is never a really good time for me. Bad luck and stressful, just so confused?

  46. In others opinion we have a hexagram with asteroid Chaos at 20 degree gemini…the “King’s Star”.

  47. So I found out the morning of February 12th that my SO was having an affair. He ended it the day before on February 11th. This has been one of the most difficult weeks of my life, but it has not been without hope. It’s felt like a wakeup call to us that we either make the marriage we want or part ways. We have had poor communication for a long time and have two young children that have gotten the most of our attentions. Interestingly, the eclipse falls just one degree away from his ascendant and our marriage chart has an ascendant of Capricorn 21 and Moon Capricorn 23. In my chart, the eclipse happens towards the end of my 8th house, sextile venus in Libra. Does anyone have any thoughts about this?

    • I’m curious. What degrees/signs is your sun in. And what’s his moon. My guess is that the eclipse either squared your sun or squared his moon

  48. As someone who professes to be the authority you do in the way you do, affecting the minds of others, I would suggest a good long honest look at yourself while this full moon is in full force Kesley, for your own sake as well as others. But then I dont profess to be an authority on anything, I just care about others and dont find any love or joy through those determined to spread and grow judgement & negativity, or invade the space of others. I have only a little awareness of your service and I dont personally agree with the little I have read, but that doesnt mean you are wrong nor would I be rude and invade your space that way, I dont know you, I am not you, I hope you manage to practice what you preach for a successful outcome in serving your purpose, the affect on the minds thus life of others is in your hands, so I hope & respect you are doing your best, regardless of what I think, that is all that others ask of you as well, besides, no one is obliged to make sense to all others, indeed making sense relates to who one resonates with at ones depths and ones personal elemental make up, we are all different, we all matter, not right or wrong, just is or isnt, but then I guess you know that already or you wouldnt be serving as you do. Still, I just felt compelled to offer, and you are free to choose to ignore and write me off as stupid too, it really is of no consequence to me, that is your choice not mine, your choice your responsibility your consequence, hoping you choose wisely.

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