New Moon 27 January 2017 That Nagging Feeling

New Moon January 2017 AstrologyThe New Moon on Friday 27 January, 2017 is at 8 degrees Aquarius. The New Moon January 2017 astrology is dominated by Venus square Saturn. This puts the focus on any difficulties you are having in your love life or with your financial situation.

New Moon January 27 will increase the nagging or irritating feeling surrounding your particular difficulties. This is final moon phase in the current eclipse cycle which began in September 2016. So that nagging feeling will continue increasing until you take decisive action to fix the problem. Patience and determination are needed with this long running issue into the next eclipse cycle starting with the February 10 Lunar Eclipse.

New Moon Meaning

A New Moon represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of another new 28 day cycle. Sun conjunct Moon means all possibilities are on the table. You can rightly put yourself in the forefront of new plans for the future. Old habits, behaviors and beliefs can be questioned as you search for new and inventive ways to make progress. This is the ideal time to make a fresh start and write down a to-do list.

The influence of a New Moon usually lasts for four weeks up to the next New Moon, in this case the February 26 Solar Eclipse. However, it is possible that the influence of this New Moon will end with the February 10 Lunar Eclipse.

Regardless of how long it lasts, the best time for making a fresh start and for beginning new projects is during the first two weeks of a New Moon cycle. This waxing phase of the Moon lasts from December 29 to the February 10 Lunar Eclipse.

New Moon January 2017 Astrology

The January 27 New Moon falls at 8°15′ Aquarius. However, at 8°11′ Aquarius Sign is a minor fixed star in Constellation Capricornus. Omega Capricornus has the traditional name Baten Algiedi which means Belly of the Goat. Ptolemy said the stars in the Goat’s Belly act like Mars and Mercury. This gives the January 2017 New Moon a combative, irritating and argumentative feel but also an adventurous, decisive and enterprising nature.

Venus square Saturn is the strongest influence in the New Moon January 2017 astrology chart shown below. This most challenging of planetary aspects connects to the New Moon via two semisquare aspects (45°). These minor aspects indicate irritation that generates action. The semisquare may be a minor aspect but two of them together is very significant. This is because the New Moon sits at the midpoint of Venus square Saturn.

New Moon January 2017 Astrology

New Moon January 2017 Astrology

Venus square Saturn can add stress to intimate relationships because of negative feelings, distance or other relationships problems. Most of these hindrances will stem from your own fears or criticisms, but you may face the same from others.

It is common under this influence to feel lonely and depressed. Money may be tight so avoid a tendency toward wasting money and other resources. Although motivation may be lacking and you would prefer to be lazy, hard work is needed maintain your present relationship, career or other valued part of life.

This is no time to be ignoring your responsibilities, especially for loved ones. Although you will be feeling low and in need of love, someone close to you may lean on your for support and would be greatly disappointed if you let them down.

The semisquares to New Moon January 2017 mean the challenge you face in you love life or finances have got to the stage where you need to take action. This problem has been eating away at you for too long now. If left unresolved, it may cause a relationship breakup or serious financial trouble. There is a nagging feel to this New Moon. It comes from the fixed star in the Belly of the Goat, from Venus square Saturn and also the semisquare aspects.

My New Moon January 2017 Expectations

In my case I can see the Venus square Saturn problem being associated with my long distance romance. My fiance lives in the Philippines and by the time of this New Moon I will need to take some action to resolve this distance issue. I expect I will start the long and expensive process of applying for a spouse visa to Australia.

This is a very good example of this New Moon energy because the Venus square Saturn problem is sad and restrictive, involving both love and money. The nagging, irritating feeling has been building since the relationship started. Beginning the visa process will at least relieve some of that irritation.

However, this is no quick fix. The Capricornus Constellation, Venus square Saturn and the semisquares all require patience, determination and endurance. After saving for the visa the process takes about one year.

Interestingly, my new romance began just after the September 2016 eclipses. New Moon January 2017 is the final Moon Phase in the Eclipse Cycle which began with the Solar Eclipse on September 1, 2016. The major theme of the solar eclipse was addressing the challenges, fears and paranoia associated with Saturn square Neptune.

There are two weeks left in the current eclipse phase, from the January 27 New Moon until the February 10 Lunar Eclipse. The major challenging issues you have been dealing with for the last six months need to be dealt with in this fortnight.

That nagging, irritating feeling will keep getting stronger as the lunar eclipse nears. The very nature of the New Moon January 2017 astrology chart indicates that your challenges are very difficult and even depressing.

Finding a solution is not easy but you probably already have a good idea about the difficult choices that need to be made. Once you take the decisive, bold action that is needed, much of the tension and irritation will be relieved. However, this is likely to be an ongoing issue so patience and perseverance are still needed even beyond this moon phase.

Jupiter sextile Saturn offers the required patience and determination. It also turns much of the Venus Saturn negativity into optimism and good fortune. It signals a time of cautious expansion. Opportunities for growth are on offer and you can rely on sound judgement skills to make the right choices.If New Moon January 2017 directly impacts your Sun Sign you can read about its effect in your monthly horoscope. For more detail about how it influences your natal chart see Sun and New Moon Transits.

Previous Moon Phase: Full Moon 12 January 2017
Next Moon Phase: Lunar Eclipse 10 February 2017

New Moon December 2016 Times and Dates
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27 January – 4:07 pm
27 January – 7:07 pm
28 January – 12:07 am
28 January – 5:37 am
28 January – 11:07 am

19 thoughts on “New Moon 27 January 2017 That Nagging Feeling

  1. Hi Jamie,

    I think this an excellent summary. I had already picked up on the separation aspect myself, but never noticed that the New Moon is an octile to Venus-Saturn square. That puts a whole new dimension on things.

    Many thanks,

  2. Jamie so it’s not even 6 mos and u already want to file fiancee visa? why ..why not enjoy and get to know each other first esp long distance relationship..there is a saying when u marry someone fr phil u not only marry the girl but u marry into the family too, so more expenses and supporting them will be expected.

      • What does it mean that new moon will conjunct at 0.19 with my natal pars fortunate?

        DOB 6 February 1978 at 06.18 AM, targu mures, Romania

      • Jamie – don’t get cranky with Tess – my Virgo sun thought the same thing, wouldn’t matter which country she was in, although I have lived in Manila. Funnily enough I heard from a bloke I had a fling with 40 years ago around the time of the eclipse. This new moon in Aquarius at 8 degrees will oppose my natal Pluto in Leo exactly – is it important? I’m looking forward to Leo/Aquarius eclipses as my north node and jupiter are also in Leo. Why aren’t I as rich as the Donald – but nicer???

  3. hi thank you for the above …. i think my relationship will end after 7 years my fella now thinkjs he should return to his wife so he can have his family back ( who are all grown up wuith their own families) .. anyway I am really struggling with this an am an emotional wreck at moment but am terying to take some direction form all this ..x

    • Hi Chris i think he is being selfish, and can understand the emotional strain, everyone would deal with this differently, i just have a belief on free will and if that’s what he wants i would just break it and let him see what it would be like without you, and look for a new start for yourself, as its not a act of love his wish to be with another, hope it all works out for the best for you Chris

  4. This is very interesting, after some illnesses, I will have some further check on the 27th, I just want to know what is wrong with me, I know that I need to change my life style, but this will be it.

  5. Hi Jamie

    It’s me again. Since my last comment to you I have been trying to learn more about astrology and how to help myself avoid the deep potholes I keep falling into emotionally these days.

    I regularly follow my Pisces Decan 1 Horoscope on your website, but I find that sometimes what is predicted is the opposite of what I am experiencing. Is this because I have a unqiue birth chart like everyone and am more influenced by the transits to my own chart? And is the Pisces Decan 1 outlook (or even say, phases of the moon or eclipses) only to be referenced using current transits? Or is it natal aspects? Or both?

    I had expected this month to be a peaceful one for me. But immense emotional stress and buried rage bubbling up made me check out my current transits. As you had told me last year, Uranus will be transiting my Mars Saturn conjunction till March 2017. I just realised (I think I’m right not sure) that Pluto transit is squaring my Mars soon right to the end of December 2018!

    Does this mean I am going to continue to grapple with unbearable feelings of imprisonment till 2019? I am really worried. My otherwise successful meditation practice I had been building up is not working since early Jan and I am feeling too crazy to ever be able to handle my Life. I really need to figure out what is coming my way! (If you can look at it, my birth time is 8:40 am New Delhi feb 23 1982). I cannot figure out if my stellium figures into my current state as well, squaring Mars pluto and saturn. It looks scary to a novice like me!

    Thanks for your time. Best of luck with your fiance’s visa.

    • Sorry meant to say : my North Node is squaring each of the planets of my Stellium of Mars Pluto Saturn retrograde. I am feeling like a total mess and I can’t figure out if both Uranus and Pluto and making my stellium act up. I am confused and stressed to say the least!

  6. Looks like we’re facing the same situation, Saturn in my 5th, Venus in my 9th, and the new moon in my 7th houses 🙂 I wish you the most and best of luck and of course to myself, too 🙂

  7. I am undertaking a move to US to be with my Fiancee on the 1st Feb, it has been hard and a strain getting everything sorted, yet Love is never easy, especially with long distance relationships yet i felt this was the best time when arranging this life changing event yet Aquarius is a good time to begin a new age in our lives , especially with Valentines around the corner 🙂 wish you all the best jamie

  8. “That Nagging Feeling” is so very true for me.I am investigating a case of a Professor who Died back in 2012.The person behind his tragic death was Born: May 11th 1974,Time: 11:30 AM Birthplace: mexico city,Mexico.If anyone can help me with more information to this individuals birthchart I would greatly thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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