Scorpio 2016 Horoscope

Scorpio 2016 HoroscopeScorpio horoscope 2016 with decans for a more accurate forecast. If you are on a cusp, use the free horoscope to find your decan.

   Scorpio Decan 1 – born Oct 23 to Nov 1.
   Scorpio Decan 2 – born Nov 2 to 11.
   Scorpio Decan 3 – born Nov 12 to 21.

Decan 1 Scorpio 2016

2016 is another good year but without the very good fortune of late last year. With few new major influences in the year ahead, you should float along with few cares in the world. There are certainly no negative transits to be concerned with, and the biggest influence continues to be the dreamy Neptune transit carrying over from 2015

Neptune is trine your decan until January 2017. Those of you born in the final four days of Scorpio decan 1 will feel this influence directly this year. Those of you born earlier in the decan felt the direct impact over the last three years, but will still pick up the subtle vibrations. You have had your spiritual growth phase and are now implementing this higher awareness and sensitivity into everyday life.

Unlike some other Neptune transits, you don’t have to give up on material things in life which bring comfort and security. This means you can follow a more spiritual and caring path while still growing you wealth and doing the best for yourself and your family. You may experience a greater passion to get involved in religion, spiritual groups or an occult field like astrology in order to gain more fulfillment in life. You are aiming to feel more in touch with the wider community and with other dimensions.

Solar eclipse September 2016 sextile your decan is the first eclipse to effect you for two years. While you may have been coasting along so far this year, the coming months should see you energized and eager to make progress. Harmony in your relationships will benefit all areas of life, but this eclipse will be especially good for you career. Your drive, confidence and initiative will impress superiors, and you can expect a friendly hand from them with your goals. Greater recognition or promotion are possible in the months ahead, or you may be called on for a leadership role.

Setting new goals is an important task following this eclipse. It clears your path pf any obstacles and you will find it much easier than previously to make real progress. This eclipse will have its own theme so check back later or subscribe at the bottom of the page for an update. This eclipse phase will last until March 2017.

Mercury retrograde sextile your decan from December 27 to the 8th of January 2017 will promote more interaction and socializing. You need to worry about any negative consequences of Mercury retrograde because of the helpful aspect. Your charisma will be more alluring and good social skills will make you more popular and magnetic than usual.

New friends are likely to come into your world with a special message or some good news. They may go just as quickly as they came or you may form a lasting relationships. Any new relationship now will have a feel of familiarity and have a strong karmic bond.

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Decan 2 Scorpio 2016

It’s all good ahead with the positive conditions of last year gaining steam. 2016 is a very dynamic year for you as you power and influence increase. You may have experienced some good fortune in the final months of 2015. If not, you will surely notice luck on your side this year.

Pluto sextile your decan lasts until the end of 2018. This powerful influence will be felt directly by those of you born in the middle of Scorpio decan 2 this year. Those of you born in the first four days of the decan will probably still feel the repercussions of your exact transit over the last three years. Those born on the final two days of your decan will feel the power and intensity building this year.

No matter what day you were born in this decan, Pluto is giving you increased power and influence. A steely determination to succeed combines with an excellent series of solar eclipses and other progressive influences this year. This will lead to marked achievements, transforming your identity in whatever way you desire. Use your power wisely because you will most likely get what you wish for this year.

The September 2015 Solar Eclipse sextile your decan boosts your self-confidence and clears your path of obstacles. It will only increase your power and intense desire to achieve your goals. Each eclipse cycle lasts until the next eclipse in about six months time. The entire year is covered by a series of positive solar eclipses, but each will have a different theme and therefore require the setting of new goals. The theme of this eclipse is the healing of broken hearts. While the major focus of this year will be professional advancement, your love life will also be a focus for this eclipse phase.

Jupiter is sextile your decan from February 20 to July 20. You experienced the good fortune of this transit late last year. It comes back and lasts much longer because of Jupiter retrograde from January 8 to May 9. This is so extremely fortunate, not only because it is an extended lucky streak, but because it is backed up by excellent solar eclipses and links up with your transforming Pluto transit, twice! There will be many opportunities to increase you wealth and happiness, through travel, study and new relationships.

Jupiter trine Pluto for all of March 2016 climaxes on March 16. This first major transition could include promotion in your career, leading to increased wealth and power. Journeys made now will also greatly transform your outlook on life, and be remembered as once in a lifetime experiences. The next installment will involve a different solar eclipse background influence but still have a similar impact.

Neptune trine your decan lasts from late March 2016 until March 2021. Those of you born in the first few days of Scorpio decan 2 will feel this influence directly this year. The remainder of you may start to sense it coming on but won’t feel the direct impact yet. Neptune will increase your sensitivity to all around you, people and the general environment. Intuition and psychic skills can be developed, and you may feel the urge to learn more about astrology or similar subjects.

The March 8 Solar Eclipse trine your decan will have a similar influence to the previous eclipse though be slightly more relaxing. Confidence and energy will be maintained but there will be a focus on a different area of life. Check back closer to this eclipse or subscribe at the bottom of the page for an update.

Jupiter trine Pluto again from June 11 to July 3, peaks on June 26. Extremely good fortune is to be expected as before. You have such immense power that maintaining good morals is essential. Do not wish harm to others because thoughts are real things and yours are so influential now. You can do so much to improve the lives of others you care about.

Solar eclipse September 2016 sextile your decan will continue the productive conditions at least until March 2017. As before, there will be a different theme and new goals to set. Your generosity this year will be repaid many times over.

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Decan 3 Scorpio 2016

Any delays and restrictions you faced last year are now a thing of the past. 2016 is a year of growth and good fortune, with plenty of Jupiter luck and a series of friendly eclipses to last the whole year.

The September 2015 Solar Eclipse sextile your decan starts the pleasant conditions. Increased confidence, power and general well-being set the scene for the year ahead. This eclipse lasts until the next one in March 2017, and has a theme of healing broken hearts. Much of the growth you experience in the first months of 2016 will be related to your love life. Solar eclipses in general, do promote advancements in career and other personal goals.

From mid November 2015 to the end of February 2016, Jupiter sextile your decan provides good cheer, good luck and good relationships. Jupiter retrograde from January 8 to May 9 means you will have this transit once more this year starting in September. So not only do you get two bites of the cherry, each bite lasts a very long time due to the retrograde motion of Jupiter.

The March 8 Solar Eclipse trine your decan will have a similarly positive influence to the previous eclipse. It will have its own theme thus you will need to set new goals for the coming six months. While more relaxing than the previous eclipse phase, there will still be a focus on professional advancement. Check back closer to this eclipse or subscribe at the bottom of the page for an update.

Mercury retrograde opposite your decan from April 28 to May 9 is the most difficult challenge of the year. This retrograde period will increase your levels of stress and confusion. Arguments are more likely so take a step back and think twice before making bold statements or agreeing to any deals. With so much good fortune this year, there are plenty of times other than this to attend to important matters.

Mars retrograde in your decan from May 26 to June 29 will give a tremendous boost to your passionate desires. New love is possible now and any new relationships will have an intense sexual attraction and karmic pull. Just remember your primal urges are probably much stronger than other people’s, so avoid coming on too strong or being overly assertive. Any aggressive responses will be a sign to tone things down and be more considerate of the feelings and needs of others.

Jupiter sextile your decan again from July 17 to September 11 is your second bite of this most fortunate cherry. There will be many opportunities to increase you wealth and happiness, through travel, study and new relationships. You should be feeling sociable and can expect good relations with loved ones as well as people at work and in group activities.

The September 16 Lunar Eclipse trine your decan will place more of an emphasis on your home and family life than previously. This harmonious influence will continue until March 2017, with your love life being of particular importance. You will feel more emotionally sensitive an in need of companionship in the months ahead. I will write in detail about this eclipse about a month beforehand.

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