Bernie Sanders Horoscope

Bernie Sanders HoroscopeBernie Sanders was born in New York on September 8, 1941. The time of 12:27 pm for the Bernie Sanders horoscope is rated X at Astro Databank, meaning time unknown. It comes from an unnamed, second-hand source. [1] Therefore, the position of the Moon, Ascendant and Midheaven cannot be taken seriously. As with the Donald Trump horoscope and Hillary Clinton horoscope I take a politically unbiased approach to natal chart interpretation which is based only on fixed stars and aspects.

Sun conjunct fixed star Mizar at 14°51′ Virgo gives Bernie Sanders power and authority in service to others.

Sun square Jupiter gives lucky breaks and popularity but he can over-estimate his own abilities or resources. Ideologies and belief systems can become extreme which is shown by his far left politics.

Mercury conjunct fixed star Zaniah at 03°42′ Libra gives refinement, honor, congeniality and a lovable nature with a talent for negotiating peace. Mercury conjunct Zaniah accounts for Bernie’s popularity, social success and many friends, especially among women.

Mercury trine Uranus gives a brilliant and creative mind with a talent for solving problems. Bernie’s unorthodox and stimulating communication style is especially suited to the Internet. His originality and future oriented thinking suits socialist politics and explains why he attracts other slightly off beat or progressive people.

Mercury conjunct Neptune can create problems deciphering what is real and what is not, what is important and what is just background noise. However, this aspect allows Bernie to sense the thoughts of those around him, perhaps even the wider population in general. He can not only perceive a great amount, but can also project much verbal and nonverbal information plus psychic energy. His ideas can touch and inspire others.

Mercury sextile Pluto makes Bernie a deep thinker on serious subjects. His mind has a probing nature which allows his powerful intuition to uncover the truth. His style of communication is persuasive and intense yet mysteriously attractiveness. Having strong opinions comes naturally with this aspect. These opinions can be extreme or controversial, but Bernie is just the right person to shine a light on hidden or socially unacceptable ideas and beliefs.

Bernie Sanders Astrology Chart

Bernie Sanders Horoscope

Venus conjunct fixed star Spica at 23°01′ Libra gives success, renown, riches, a sweet disposition and androgynous qualities. Venus conjunct Spica brings benefits from friends and social success but false friends of own sex.

Venus opposite Mars creates an intense emotional life resulting in equally intense relationships. Bernie can express his strong feelings through deeply passionate and sometimes dramatic displays of affection. The direct way in which he shows his affections can turn into an asset. The dynamic physicality of this aspect can even manifest as distinctive or exaggerated facial features, or pronounced musculature of the body.

Venus trine Jupiter will lessen any hardships and bring love and joy to Bernie’s life. Honesty, loyalty and fine morals earn popularity and a good name. Yet he is not simply a soft and cuddly individual. There is a genuine depth to his charismatic appeal. An adventurous and creative nature makes Bernie stimulating as well as fun to be around. He is sincere about helping others and is very effective in driving the overall success of common goals.

Mars sextile Jupiter gives strength, courage, honesty and generosity. Bernie Sanders is the person who gets things done. While others procrastinate and make excuses, he uses his initiative to tackle any task with energy, enthusiasm and optimism. This is an aspect of successful actions. He loves to compete and is a good team player. Can be assertive while maintaining harmony which makes him a good leader. A desire to help others and be useful gives Bernie a good reputation. He has noble traits and should be popular. There is nothing fake at all about his generous nature or bravado.

Jupiter conjunct fixed star Bellatrix at 20°07′ Gemini gives great civil or military honor but danger of sudden dishonor, renown, wealth, eminent friends and quick decision-making. His thoughts and plans are realized with energy, courage and fighting spirit. He has strategic talents and the ability to organize but can also display reckless aggressiveness. His success means Bernie is surrounded with envy and hatred. Jupiter conjunct Bellatrix gives a philosophical and religious mind, hypocrisy and possibly fanaticism. There will be legal prominence and great honor but danger of slander.

Saturn and Uranus conjunct fixed Star Alcyone at 29°10′ Taurus causes love, eminence, peace and optimism but can also makes Bernie wanton and turbulent. Many travels and success through active intelligence. His ambition and endeavor results in preferment, honor and glory.

Saturn conjunct Uranus creates conflict between the past and the future, between tradition and change. Bernie has successfully transformed this inner conflict by revolting against the status quo. This is Bernie’s “political revolution”.

Saturn trine Neptune gives a talent for turning dreams into reality. Bernie is prepared for hard work and will show determination to see his vision carried out. He may feel destined to carry out a special task and leave his mark. He will practice what he preaches and be a good teacher, sacrificing personal pleasures in order to achieve his goals.

Bernie Sanders Horoscope Summary

The key to the political success of Bernie Sanders is the positive links between Mercury and all of the outer planets. This puts Bernie in direct psychic contact with the masses so he lives and feels their social problems. As a manifestation of the masses, he acts like a lightning rod and attracts those wanting to be a part of social change.

If by chance, the birth time used is correct then the September 1, 2016 solar eclipse at 09°21′ Virgo conjunct his Midheaven would signal a high point in his political career.

[1] Bernie Sanders, Astro Databank.

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  1. I too am unbiased in my intuitive view of individuals, it has required m7ch hard 2ork 5o mive my conscio7sness out of the way and heal emotional subconscious infection from ky own life experiences in 9urder to not affect the flow of it and I sense although obviously am not able to 0rove, that his purpose, atvleast in part at this period of huge change, to be offering his difference to offer harmony and balance to that which uas been unbalanced, it may well be a mirrored/balanced timing or 12.21? Perhaps see if as an astrologer, which I personally am not professing to be, adds any clarity to the reading of his chart and placements? I suspect it actually makes no diffetence win or lose just like all the other “voting” under the old establishment ways, he just needed to offer, as nature makes its course to establish new order of alignment in accords with the new balance of nature? Just a suggestion from what I have learned to understand of my fragment of ky little piece of the area I serve,vin case it helps, if not all good, ai respect that 🙂

  2. Sorry bout the typos, much going on to work in with and my fingers too big for this tiny keyboard lol!

  3. Thank you, Jamie. A very good and succinct analysis of one of my favorite Americans. He probably will be denied the nomination for president, because the Democratic Party and all of the MSM news media have thwarted his campaign. Hang on, World, it’s either Billary or Donald Drumpf in the White House January 20th. “Sad,” to quote the Trumpster.

    • Thank you Greg. I was just looking at the chart for the Democratic Convention and Bernie has much better transits than Hillary, including Pluto trine Sun transit just beginning.

  4. Ah! Thank you! No big surprises, just validation. The DNC is July 25 – 28 in Philly. Can you give us a summary of what this will mean for both HC and Bernie?

    • It actually looks better for Bernie but remember neither has an accurate birth time. The main points:

      New Moon square Neptune
      Sun square Sun
      Mercury conjunct Saturn square Mercury
      Venus conjunct Mars/Pluto square Venus

      Full Moon trine Neptune
      Pluto trine Sun
      Uranus conjunct Mars opposite Venus
      Jupiter square Jupiter
      Mars sextile Neptune
      Sun sextile Uranus

  5. Lovely! He seems to have been born under very straight-forward stars, doesn’t he? Wishing that the world was more straight-forward. Thanks, Jamie

  6. I enjoyed this analysis Jamie, thanks – those stars seem to perfectly augment his planetary aspects – the Bern has kept to his guns with that strong natal Mars domicile energy and I also feel this fits the Scorpio Asc; however, he’s coming up to Saturn opp early next year, and with prog Sun already opp natal Saturn+Uranus and Venus square Mars in the progressed chart, opposing the US Sun, can’t see the attempt to keep the White House doors shut to him easing off – its been an uphill battle and I am sure the power games are going to continue, even if it means forming a breakaway movement, which would see that Ur+Sat potential activated – to that effect, on election day, trans Mars will form a grand trine with his natal Uranus and Mercury giving extra power to that high point – he may not get elected (then, by quirk of fate, he may!?) but that may be the ticket he needs to be truly revolutionary in effect

    • Hi stranger. Will be interesting to see what Uranus on his Mars shows for the Democratic connection in the next couple if weeks. Thanks you old revolutionary!

  7. Saturn Square along with Neptune Opposite – This is only reason Sep 8th Virgo Bernie lost against with Clinton. Jupiter helped him to be famous and got supporters that are about 80~85% of Clinton’s – but Bernie still lost cuz of Saturn Square. Do not need to think about other fixed stars and rising bs. JUST KNOW SATURN SQUARE

    • LOL he lost the nomination because HE GOT FEWER VOTES than his opponent. Not because of Saturn, a gas giant millions of miles from Earth.

      I am a fan of Bernie Sanders – I voted for him in the primary election – but I can admit that Hilary Clinton won because she got more votes and that is how it works in a democracy. Even if you take away all of the “super delegates”, she still has more delegates overall, and therefore will earn the Democratic nomination. I find it embarrassing when fellow Sanders supporters suddenly forget basic math because they’re blinded by anger at Clinton.

      • Most states do not have open primaries allowing independent voters to cast ballots. About 35% of all voters are registered as independent. Most independent voters are liberal and likely to be Bernie supporters. I find it embarrassing that each state is allowed to have their own rules and regulations, which favor the two-party system. It’s time for the USA to have one federal election by popular vote.

      • shhh dumb one. i am not bothering to read whole bs u wrote. just for first sentence ur dumb. dont write political bs here. thanks.

      • I find it even sadder when someone obviously not open minded to possibilities of astrology feels the need to waste their precious energy showing their ignorance on an astrology site, sometimes it 8s good to speak out and risk being thought a fool, other times its best to remain silent not only in proving one to be ignorant also due to the repercussions that a troll always needs avoid lest they turn to stone, not put themselves in the spotlight yet if you are determined, let me help you.

  8. Dear Jamie, thank you for the very interesting report on Bernie. When reading it, I was slightly irritated by your notion in the beginning that he has “far left” positions. (“Ideologies and belief systems can become extreme which is shown by his far left politics.”) In regard to your aim of an unbiased description and interpretation, please consider that his agenda is by far not very left. If you look at Germany eg. which nobody would call a leftist country, and most other European countries, he just represents an overdue agenda that even the conservatives over there in Germany represent, as well as the Social Democrats. Bernie probably is a Social Democrat, if you look objectively at his agenda, and as he himself said often, this used to be normal and very successful and popular policy in the USA for many decades (the Roosevelt’s, Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Jimmy Carter etc.). Therefore, I would think that calling his political agenda “center-left” or something like that would fit better. Of course, the mainstream media want it to be far left, but that’s just not the correct assessment. Similarly, you write: “His originality and future oriented thinking suits socialist politics and explains why he attracts other slightly off beat or progressive people.” In my view, this sounds a bit too exculsive or even a bit derogatory even though my impression is not that you mean it that way. Why not just add: “among people 45 years of age and younger”, as this is a very clear result of the polls. Regarding his astrology, I would be interested in the aspects of the lunar node and moon as well. Thank you.

    • Oh well, I hope you found the astrology unbiased. I did not include Moon aspects because there is no accurate time of birth.

  9. Hello my friends, I got here by way of reading Hillary’s analysis and also read Trump’s. I liked Steffen’s post but have to say (from a completely biased point of view of course!) that Bernie is not just far left but a freakin’ commie to boot! Germany is not far left? OK… We will agree to dis-agree on our perception of ideologies!. That being said I feel Jamie’s analysis fit my perception of the man to a “T” (same with the others!). Not only do I respect and like Mr. Sanders immensely I have seen ALOT of young people in my life get actively involved in political activity and dialogue that have never done so in the least before! Much kudos to him! I believe these young people that were “engaged” by Bernie will be a force in the coming years. As an avowed right wing nut job I am falling short of supporting ANY expansion of the Fed Govt but I also know as a country it requires both sides to balance the other–the extremes of control by either side would be disastrous. Great job as usual Jamie–always thought provoking!

  10. I was a supporter for Bernie but I doubted he would be allowed to challenge the republican candidate. Hillary had the support of Banks and Corporations as well as Obama and all their connections while Bernie was airing serious problems in America. He is and was for the average American but he didn’t have a chance as media would slander his :socialist program because they knew the average voter was ignorant of the term. In debate he would have scored better than ignoramus as Trump wouldn’t have been able to bully him as he did Hillary. However, since this is an astrology site it’s to be noted that his birthday 2016 was within orb of a solar eclipse. You might check his chart with the election chart of Nov. 8 as he didn’t score there any better. It was the delegates who decided the election, not the populous. And the delegates are all in with the dictates of the Corporations and BAnks. Thus, the Democratic Election was nothing more than a dog and pony show.

  11. Bernie’s horoscope indicates he’d have made an amazing secretary of labour. Might have united the States (& caused uproar in anti-labour globalist media) had DJT chosen him instead of labour-bashing nonentity he did choose.

  12. Mercury is in detriment in Pisces.Neptune does not work well with rational mercury and can manifest as confusion.I have found that it works similarity with the conjunction between these 2 planets.They need to guard against gullibility.I can see the .’ socialist ‘ theme here ; because ‘ Neptune is all about going back into the .’ ether ‘ ( everybody’s the same and the same is everybody. ) Thiis is a placement ; again that works better in theory , but not necessarily in practice.The arts , fantasy , music, spiritual endeavors …. ♍

    • R U saying this based on the tropical regencies? cuz personally i always consider that the sideral regencies do better results, at least in natal charts. although i do like tropical analysis of the timez

      • If this is addressed to me Dobbie most of the charts I have seen would be geo tropical I would guess , this would affect the house position more , but I take most of that for granted.I’m not an astronomer.The tech.produces the chart and the houses.
        I just look at the angular geometry of the planets and how they would relate to each other.My approach is fairly simple.I look for things that stand out without going into to much detail.Most of my conclusions are based on observing how the planet ( or planets … ) by making comparisons against other people or how it seems to work in my chart. I don’t think it matters very much if a planet is within orb what chart system you use.The relationship would be the same basically. ( of course I would add the sign the planets are in , this will add to its own unique color ) , but u can be off on the house positions if you don’t have the right birth time anyway.If you have an accurate house system it is a big plus though , because it tells you what area of life the planets are working.♍

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