Donald Trump Horoscope

Donald Trump HoroscopeDonald Trump was born in New York on June 14, 1946. The time of 10:54 am for the Donald Trump horoscope is rated AA as it comes from his birth certificate. [1]

Mars conjunct Ascendant represents the physical expression of Donald Trump’s soul. It makes him very strong, courageous and independent, and he feels that he needs to show off this strength. His ego can be easily ruffled, leading to arguments and hostility. Others can react aggressively to this hostility, often resulting in strong enemies.

People always know where Donald stands. Personal integrity and honor are his strong points and win him support. He has a strong sex drive and can ooze sexual magnetism in a raw, militant way. Competitive careers like big business and politics are excellent outlets for his assertive energy.

Donald has a tremendously strong work ethic and strong desire to succeed. However, he needs to develop greater understanding and respect for those not strong like himself. His personal relationships would enjoy more harmony if he showed more sympathy and tenderness to weaker individuals.

Fixed star Regulus at 29 ♌ 04 is conjunct his Mars and Ascendant. The Heart of the Lion, symbolically the Crushing Foot, is a Mars-Jupiter type star reinforcing Donald Trump’s assertive and aggressive nature. It makes him generous, ambitious, fond of power, desirous of command, high-spirited and independent. Regulus is the Great and Mighty King, giving royal properties, a noble mind, frankness and courage.

Ascendant conjunct Regulus gives great honor and wealth, favor of the great and victory over enemies. But it can also bring scandal, violence and trouble, with benefits seldom lasting.

Mars conjunct Regulus brings honor, fame, a strong character, public prominence and high military command. He takes command and gives orders.

Sun sextile Mars gives a playful and youthful appearance. It increases the strength and competitiveness of Mars and Regulus rising. It’s the reason he is very direct in his self-expression. A fighting spirit can make him provocative, and this aspect supports the business, military and political potential shown by Mars and Regulus rising.

Lack of pretension and a willingness to stand up for just causes wins Donald respect and support. Sun sextile Mars suggests harmonious relationships on the whole because of his sincerity, warmth and charming personality. Of course, the Mars rising aggression will hamper this at times.

Donald Trump’s Sun at 22 ♊ 55 lies amid five fixed stars in Constellations Taurus and Orion, that together make for a combative nature with the tongue. The strongest of these is:

Fixed star Alnilam at 22 ♊ 42 is the middle star of the Belt of Orion. In general it gives public honor. Good aspects (sextile Mars-Ascendant) indicate being able to do really great things and to be well rewarded as a result. Challenging aspects (opposite Moon) give a tendency towards useless bravado. Sun conjunct Alnilam reinforces his rash, headstrong and bad-tempered nature.

Donald Trump Horoscope

Donald Trump Horoscope

Sun opposite Moon expresses all the turmoil and chaos from when Theia collided with Earth to create the Moon. This is the strongest feature in his chart by far, and like all we have already seen, it creates a very competitive and confrontational nature.

He comes to terms with the polarities and extremes in his life by bravely charging headlong in combat against his adversaries. In this way, he gains greater understanding of his inner self and that of the outer world. This sometimes blinkered nature provokes strong reactions, which in time, help him become a master of compromise and negotiation.

Sun conjunct Uranus exacerbates Donald’s ability to shock with his confronting behavior. However, it also makes him very self-aware of this nature and how other people see him. His progressive need to change the system is often seen as juvenile rebellion, but his higher awareness and vision can bring new ways of doing things which eventually become acceptable, having great benefits for humanity.

Jupiter trine Uranus gives a fundamental dislike of tradition and an ingenious, progressive spirit. He believes everyone deserves the chance to succeed without restraint from rules and regulations. He would see big government as inhibiting a persons freedom to grow and succeed in life. Along with the Sun-Uranus conjunction, this aspect makes Donald uninhibited and free to share his values, with no thought of societal or political standards.

Behind the strong-man image, there are actually well intended liberal, tolerant and progressive beliefs and values. He has an optimistic view of the future and will discard any belief or system that no longer works. He is comfortable being eccentric and misunderstood. This aspects also gives an open-minded approach to religion.

Venus conjunct Saturn makes it difficult to show love and affection, but it does signal a caring and loyal person. Breakups and divorce are common and this aspect is noted for bringing sadness, disappointment in love, and even poverty. Patience and many lessons can lead to loving relationships and financial security.

Fixed star Procyon at 25 ♋ 02 is a very fortunate influence on the Venus-Saturn conjunction. Being associated with wealth and renown, it has definitely improved Donald’s financial position. However, like so much in his chart, is makes people hasty, jealous and pig-headed.

Venus conjunct Procyon brings many benefits from influential friends, association with the Church, and is favorable for gain.

Saturn conjunct Procyon gives him good judgment and a high position of trust often in connection with land.

Venus-Saturn sextile Midheaven is another reason why the bad reputation of Venus conjunct Saturn has been negated. The Venus influence gives a love of career and talent in the fashion or beauty industries. This is a good indicator of wealth and softens his aggressive nature. The Saturn influence suggests a position of authority, respect and honor. This is ideal for a career in real estate or the government.

Fixed star Algol at 25 ♉ 24 conjunct Midheaven would seem a terrible omen for his career. Medusa’s Head is associated with extreme misfortune and violence. With the Midheaven in particular it can indicate murder, a sudden death and beheading. Donald Trump is at risk of being assassinated by a shot to the head or neck.

The unlucky Venus-Saturn conjunction has turned good through the positive fixed star and trine to Midheaven. It also seems that unlucky Algol has come good through the trine to Venus-Saturn. Plus, Algol does have a very positive side. Medusa’s ugly head was removed by the sword and then used for good. Seeing past the ugliness reveals hidden beauty. It would appear that through his career, or calling, Donald Trump can unlock the beauty and riches of Venus that was bound by Saturn.

How Algol signifies on horoscopes depends entirely on how the person concerned does or does not live life with an honest sense of purpose to it, a desire at least to try to live up to some kind of philosophy, religion or ideal. [2]


  1. Exclusive to Newsmax: Trump’s Hospital Birth Docs.
  2. The Living Stars, Dr. Eric Morse, 1988, p.130.

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  1. This is perhaps the fairest interpretation of Donald Trump’s chart I’ve seen in written form. Very well done. Gives credit where it’s due (in spades) and outlines some of his weaknesses. Totally unlike the heavily biased astrologers you see running rampant all over YouTube with their heads cut off. Those people seriously need to be put out of their misery asap!

    • YES! He is always straight forward with his astrology! When an astrologer puts their own bias in astrological aspects it discredits the art! I was shocked at Mountain Astrologer during the whole thing, always stating he is never going to be president! I saw your site and omg you put a whole new spin on the comedic side of astrology. I laughed so hard and just kept reading, I couldn’t get enough! For President Trump a SA Sun was passing his ascendant. This can never be ignored! The Sun has to shine. The beams will come out no matter how much he is stifled. Again, SA Node is passing his Ascendant, bringing forth what he has been groomed to do all his life! These SA’s can never be ignored but they are being replaced with fixed stars. Then when all seems to calm down after his second term, SA Uranus is going to be passing his Ascendant bringing in a rather new,chaotic and unconventional outlook. So much to look forward to. So much to learn. So many surprises on the good side will come through and it is a truly exciting time to be living.

    • I agree GlanPaolo. I don’t even read other astrology blog sites any longer because I feel that I’m not getting the true meaning of transits or planetary movements in relation to all charts; if an astrologer reads with a bias towards Donald Trump than whats to say the same astrologer doesn’t read with bias towards other charts.
      This site, Astrolgyking, is the BEST & truest astrological education I’ve read online. I’m not an astrologer by any stretch of the imagination but it’s one of my favorite hobby past times 🙂
      Thank you Jaime…you’re phenomenal. I enjoy all of your posts!

  2. Adding the fixed stars give his chart the detail and fills in the blanks I agree !

    • He also has the asteroids Juno and Chiron conjunct Jupiter in his 2nd house and Pholus conjunct his vertex ; Blk.lilith in saggitarius.

  3. Wow! This is hands-down the best Donald Trump natal chart analysis that I have seen. Other ones often seem clouded by the personal politics of the astrologer.

  4. Dons taking on Windmills now.

    Asteroid Don Quixote 3552, 22Leo52, 12th
    “Knight errant, taking on the system, Romantic idealism, swimming against the tide”

    (I have a great story about swimming against the tide and romantic idealism.. literally, perhaps share it when the Sun is inGemini)

    • Have you ever seen Jude Cowell’s Political Astrology blog? It is called Stars Over Washington and it is the most in depth analysis of our political situation in the US.

      She has an article on her site about problems in the upcoming election in 2020. There are links to Mercury Direct and the election itself. The blog covers many current events and happenings in Washington.

      I don’t recall seeing anything specifically about windmills or going back to the moon though. However, it is an informative site.

      Personally, haven’t being doing much astrology lately, due to ongoing health concerns. Kind of tuned out all the ‘noise’, including the daily bombardment of tweet storms and media bias. Sometimes it pays to turn the TV off and seek clarity within oneself.

      • Thanks for the tip, Lynn. Windmill Don is reminding us of Spanish knights in literature, as the calendar counts down to the 500 year anniversary of HERNAN CORTEZ amazing feat.

        • Ha! It’s interesting to see Don Quixote asteroid coming up in both the South and North borders, altho the time phase needs your imagination. Trump personifies the revolutionary, enterprising and spirited leadership emblazoned on the Sibly, and certainly he’s well coached in historical context.

  5. Donald J. Trump.
    8-Apr-2019 012°,53’36 Leo Moon * ACUBENS (SAT – MERC )
    8-Apr-2019 001°,44’00 Taurus Ura 90 C-12 transit

    Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.
    8-Apr-2019 +22°,09’40 Mars // C-11 transit
    8-Apr-2019 001°,43’50 Taurus Ura 90 Mars transit

    8-Apr-2019 005°,08’00 Gemini Mars 45 Chiron
    8-Apr-2019 020°,08’00 Taurus Moon 30 Chiron
    8-Apr-2019 020°,08’00 Capricorn Sat 90 Chiron

    Washington 8 April 2019 (CNN) President Donald Trump announced Monday the US will formally designate Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a Foreign Terrorist Organization, a move some in the administration had opposed over concerns about potential risks to US troops in the Middle East.
    The step “recognizes the reality that Iran is not only a State Sponsor of Terrorism, but that the IRGC actively participates in, finances, and promotes terrorism as a tool of statecraft,” Trump said in a statement that described the IRGC as “the Iranian government’s primary means of directing and implementing its global terrorist campaign.”

    (CNN) 8 April 2019, United States Secret Service director Randolph “Tex” Alles is being removed from his position, multiple administration officials tell CNN.
    President Donald Trump instructed his acting chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, to fire Alles. Alles remains in his position as of now but has been asked to leave.
    The USSS director was told two weeks ago there would be a transition in leadership and he was asked to stay on until there was a replacement, according to a source close to the director.
    Secret Service officials have been caught by surprise with the news and are only finding out through CNN, according to the source.
    White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said later Monday that Trump has picked James M. Murray, a career USSS official, to replace Alles.

    • Not sure you should be citing The Clinton News Network for “news”. They clearly provided false and misleading stories to cover up the coup.

  6. Rectification.

    8-Apr-2019 005°,08’00 Gemini Mars 45 Chiron transit
    8-Apr-2019 020°,08’00 Taurus Moon 30 Chiron transit
    8-Apr-2019 020°,08’00 Capricorn Sat 90 Chiron transit

  7. Kim Jong Un.

    27-Apr-2019 017°,56’09 Pisces Nep 45 Ven transit
    27-Apr-2019 017°,56’09 Gemini Mars 135 Ven transit
    27-Apr-2019 023°,54’32 Sagittarius Jup 0 AR02 transit
    27-Apr-2019 -22°,39’53 Jup // C-11 transit

    Donald J. Trump.

    27-Apr-2019 023°,52’18 Scorpio C–2 135 Merc

    27-Apr-2019 017°,54’00 Tweeling Mars 0 Ura transit

  8. Donald J. Trump.

    16-May-2019 014°,19’51 Leo Merc 45 C-11
    16-May-2019 014°,19’51 Leo Moon 45 C-11
    16-May-2019 014°,19’52 Leo Moon 0 mutual Merc
    16-May-2019 029°,56’58 Gemini Mars 60 Asc transit
    16-May-2019 020°,17’35 Capricorn Sat 45 Black Moon transit

  9. 16 May 2019 there can be a confrontation between Trump and Iran.

    Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

    Progressive aspects.

    3-May-2019 015°,10’31 Libra Merc 120 Black Moon
    7-May-2019 016°,56’59 Taurus Moon 135 mutual C-11
    9-May-2019 017°,02’02 Taurus Moon 120 Asc
    16-May-2019 003°,11’36 Aquarius Mars 60 mutual Jup
    24-May-2019 003°,12’07 Aquarius Mars * DABIH (SAT – VENUS )

    15-Jun-2019 018°,18’33 Taurus Moon 90 Merc
    17-Jun-2019 000°,00’00 Virgo MC Nw
    22-Jun-2019 018°,33’32 Taurus Moon 60 C-11
    24-Jun-2019 018°,37’14 Taurus Moon 60 AR09

    6-Jul-2019 +15°,40’46 Moon # C–3
    9-Jul-2019 015°,10’31 Libra Ven 120 Black Moon
    18-Jul-2019 019°,26’30 Taurus Moon 90 C-12
    21-Jul-2019 015°,32’14 Libra Merc 120 MC

  10. Donald J. Trump.

    4-Oct-2019 026°,17’10 Libra Asc 60 mutual C–3
    7-Oct-2019 001°,01’13 Aquarius IC * ALTAIR (MARS – JUP )
    9-Oct-2019 019°,57’23 Leo Moon * ALGENUBI (SAT – MARS )
    10-Oct-2019 019°,36’44 Sagittarius Jup 60 Chiron transit
    11-Oct-2019 014°,54’45 Leo Merc 60 Chiron
    11-Oct-2019 -00°,57’08 Mars // Nep transit
    17-Oct-2019 +18°,51’35 Moon // MC
    22-Oct-2019 024°,16’20 Libra Jup 30 mutual C–2
    26-Oct-2019 020°,36’55 Leo Moon 60 AR10
    30-Oct-2019 020°,45’24 Leo Moon 60 Drac


    4-Oct-2019 000°,55’54 Capricorn Moon 180 AR02
    4-Oct-2019 000°,56’57 Capricorn Moon 135 MC
    4-Oct-2019 018°,45’09 Sagittarius Jup 90 C-11 transit
    5-Oct-2019 000°,56’57 Libra Mars 45 MC transit
    5-Oct-2019 005°,29’46 Taurus Ura 180 AR12 transit
    5-Oct-2019 012°,17’22 Libra Sun 45 Black Moon transit
    10-Oct-2019 001°,08’16 Capricorn Moon 60 AR08
    10-Oct-2019 -06°,20’56 Sun // C-12
    10-Oct-2019 016°,56’16 Libra Sun 135 AR11 transit
    11-Oct-2019 -22°,48’38 Jup # Sun transit
    15-Oct-2019 001°,18’29 Capricorn Moon 180 mutual C-12

  11. Washington (CNN) 11 October 2019 Friday. Five federal courts dealt blows to President Donald Trump on Friday just as the limits of his legal strategy to block an impeachment inquiry became clear.
    It amounted to a challenging end of a challenging week for Trump, who remains consumed by an impeachment crisis that is clouding his presidency.
    Within moments of each other, a career diplomat began painting a damning portrait of the President’s foreign policy to lawmakers just as Trump lost his appeal in a federal appeals court to stop a House subpoena of his tax documents, which he’s guarded fiercely since refusing to make them public as a candidate.
    Then, in rapid succession, judges in New York, Texas, Washington state and California sided against Trump administration initiatives meant to limit immigrants from entering the country — both through a physical barrier and by raising the requirements on migrants seeking legal status.
    Friday night, the man in charge of executing much of Trump’s immigration agenda, acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan, submitted his resignation to the President as the legal setbacks mounted. Long in the works, and by all accounts unrelated to the court decisions or the impeachment crisis, the move nonetheless fueled a sense of an administration in flux. McAleenan was the fourth person to serve in that post since the Trump presidency began.
    All of the court cases will be appealed. But the rulings added to the sense of Trump’s worsening legal fortunes, and Democratic investigations into his finances and foreign activity seemed to gain steam.

    Donald J. Trump.

    Progressive aspect.

    11-Oct-2019 014°,54’45 Leo Merc 60 Chiron


    11-Oct-2019 005°,17’35 Taurus Ura 150 Black Moon
    11-Oct-2019 -00°,57’08 Mars // Nep

  12. Donald J. Trump.


    23-Okt-2019 014°,54’45 Steenbok Sat 90 Chei
    24-Okt-2019 014°,56’42 Steenbok Sat 135 Asc
    24-Okt-2019 013°,12’53 Weegsch. Mars 135 Pars
    25-Okt-2019 020°,45’24 Steenbok Plu 150 Drac
    27-Okt-2019 014°,54’45 Weegsch. Mars 0 Chei
    27-Okt-2019 014°,56’42 Weegsch. Mars 45 Asc
    29-Okt-2019 -05°,35’07 Mars // Jup
    29-Okt-2019 022°,56’02 Boogsch. Jup 180 Zon
    30-Okt-2019 022°,59’20 Boogsch. Jup 90 C–2
    31-Okt-2019 017°,27’07 Weegsch. Mars 0 Jup

  13. The new moon on 10/27/19 doesn’t appear to be good for Trump if “shock treatment” is the correct description. He is heavily involved with Uranus in his natal.

    • Big changes across the North border, Trump’s natal has a lot of flow with:

      Sun 22Gem56
      Don Quixote 22Leo52
      Sedna 22Ari33
      Moon 21Sag12

      The known/unknown axis is activated with the NewMoon.

      Passion and Discipline: Don Quixote’s Lessons for Leadership

      Stanford Graduate School

      • This is a good example of the manifestation of the shift in the Progressed Sibly; Washington switching (its) his A team and B team.

        If you’re an international astrologer, this is your moment of crystallization.

  14. Donald Trump Age harmonic chart for June 14, 2020, Age 74

    The gravity (MC/IC) and electro-magnetic (AC/DC) axis align, and are trine aspect. Mars is conjunct the MC/IC

    There is sextile from Mars/MC/IC to Uranus, which forms a yod to Apex Jupiter.

    There is a Neptune/Vertex conjunction, sextile Eris, which forms a yod to apex Venus.

    There is a Quintile between Jupiter and Venus, which connects the two apexes.

    The new Don slowly forms as Jupiter/Venus align; we catch a glimpse of this at the recent Art Awards.

    He manages the Surprising New (Uranus) in his outer and inner world, with Energy.

    Feminist Eris, he works with, as Neptune dissolves discord through New fated additions to his administration.

  15. So, how might the 45th President Trump fare on the looming Impeachment hearing that should be starting of soon as of current date?

    Will he be exonerated and excused or..? Indications (although nothing can be put down as set in stone) ?

  16. Donald J. Trump.

    20-Jan-2020 016°,43’43 Piscers Nep 135 C-12 transit

    Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

    20-Jan-2020 016°,43’50 Pisces Nep 45 Mars transit
    20-Jan-2020 023°,44’55 Capricorn Sat 60 AR10 transit


    20-Jan-2020 009°,37’12 Scorpio Moon 135 AR03
    20-Jan-2020 -10°,45’37 Maan // Ven

    20-Jan-2020 011°,06’37 Capricorn Jup 90 Sun transit

  17. 20 January 2020.

    Iran is threatening to withdraw from the non-proliferation treaty (NPV) to restrict the possession of nuclear weapons.

  18. Donald Rump is a big jerk. Liar. Despot. Destroyer. Back to the drawing board on this one.

  19. In political astrology, it’s not who has the “best” aspects who wins and, it’s not always whom YOU want ? Rather, it’s he who has the LEAST of the crappiest or worst transitory aspects ! Clearly, comparing Donald Trump’s natal chart with Joe Biden’s (the likely Democratic contender Trump will face) on the day of the election, Nov 3 20, Biden’s chart is more problematic than Trump’s. Biden’s chart shows he cannot win the majority of voters. (Moon square Jupiter). Furthermore, transiting Neptune in Pisces conjoins his natal ic. Whenever t. Neptune = the angle of the chart, it’s not a happy day for you ? It is a time of confusion and or lost opportunity ? In some ways, Biden’s natal chart resembles the failed leadership candidate, Hillary Clinton. Both have a proliferation of Scorpion planets, both are set in their ways. both are in their 70’s, but then, so is Trump ? The main difference is Trump’s followers are loyal to him, while Biden has all those important natal planets in his natal 12th house. He can be deceived or the people can turn against him, unexpectedly. On Nov 3rd, Trump has transiting Jupiter conjunct his vertex, an aspect of celebration and victory. On another topic, I do agree that the astrology community does not like Trump and they despise him, which is unfortunate.

    • elegant xample of subtraction: “it’s not who has the better”

      That is to say: The elegance of a good idea, in 4 words, beginning with the letter S*


      Pallas Athena

      Is that right? The first two, reasonably confident, but then the last two are prime goddess asteroids.

      * A book was written on this which left a lasting impression.

    • its a good think when any community sees the cruelty and incompetence of trump as a danger to humanity

      • Speaking of “cruelty”.

        Once again using subterfuge to remove Bernie Sanders in order to nominate a 77 year old man who they know has Dementia is extremely cruel.

        Joe Biden will never make it to November, and the DNC knows that.

        So he will allegedly have some sort of physical ailment/problem that will be manufactured as an excuse for Biden to withdraw from the race and the VP nominee will take over..

        Both Party’s are dying a slow death. I look forward to dancing on their graves.

    • Hi RJ, I guess you have to admit you were wrong about Biden. How in the world did he get so many votes with all of the negatives you say he has? I cannot believe anyone can support a President who knowingly withheld information about the Pendamic which caused so much loss of life. I personally do not believe President Trump ever had the virus but we will never know. But what I will say is if he had to suffer like so many have, I bet he would not be so heartless. My final thought is when you do so much wrong, when you run full circle you run into the wrong you created. Peace.

  20. Absolutely correct, RJ. I called a second Trump victory many months ago. You are correct about Biden’s chart. Also, speaking of Neptune, Biden’s solar arc Neptune is squaring his Midheaven and subsequently, it’s also squaring his 4th house cusp. That’s ALL you need to know to officially predict a Biden loss. Even if this country bottoms out economically by the election, Trump has it in the bag. Not since Truman have we seen a President get re-elected on the verge of a recession or during a recession. Trump will be the second President in history to get that distinction. Oh, and the rest of the astrologers can go F themselves. Those are NOT real astrologers whatsoever. And that asshat, Samuel F. Reynolds, is one of the biggest losers inhabiting the cosmos today. When you mention astrologers not liking Trump, that vocal moron comes to mind.

  21. I’m not a knowledgable astrologer but I consider myself in the “astrology community” and I like President Trump. I like that he’s authentic to his beliefs, I like that he’s not a stiff controlled-by-the-party politician and I like that he’s blunt. Sharing these thoughts of mine probably won’t make me popular with many of Astrology King’s readers which is fine because we’re all entitled to our own thoughts and beliefs but I hope that I don’t get bullied or called names.
    There are few astrological sites/blogs that are unbiased….I am so very glad that I found this one years ago. Jamie does a phenominal job sharing his knowledge of transiting planets, natal chart aspects, etc. There are 2 sides to every coin and there are positive and negative sides to every planet aspect connection….and I thank Jamie for being a true astrologer showing us all of it.

  22. covid is a very interesting word. Sounds and smells like covet and covert, we know those words.

    with Covid, we get: Mars Venus, Mercury, Neptune,Mercury

    The second Mercury, direct, from its precedent with Neptune, retrograde – remember the Times we live in.

    Covid-19, my offering today; this sequence is loaded with the aforementioned, and a triple (3x) layering of Neptune.

    Y,all. welcome to have an indulgence with me aRound the fireplace, Don’t worry if the smoke gets in the eye, they are laurel branches burning.

  23. Umm… taking a leaf from the previous book of experience with POTUS#45… could anyone spare a reading of Inauguration Day, 2021 and whose chart reads better on that date..? That appears to be a better predictor than Nov 3, ’20 although we all should be aware that nothing is set in stone.

  24. Donald J. Trump.

    4-Jul-2020 +19°,46’51 MC // C-12
    6-Jul-2020 001°,43’43 Leo MC 0 C-12
    6-Jul-2020 010°,02’49 Taurus Ura 90 Plu transit
    6-Jul-2020 014°,54’45 Cancer Sun 90 Chiron transit
    6-Jul-2020 -00°,57’08 Mars // Nep transit

  25. Donald J. Trump.

    5-Aug-2020 023°,14’25 Capricorn Plu 135 AR12 (arabic part of acknowledgement) transit
    5-Aug-2020 020°,17’35 Aries Mars 135 Black Moon transit


    5-Aug-2020 002°,59’01 Scorpio Sat 90 mutual Asc

  26. August 18, Tuesday.

    Democratic convention 2020.

    9:00-11:00pm EST[71]
    Theme: “Steady Leadership”[72]
    • Presidential candidate nominating and seconding speeches[62]
    • Roll call vote for the presidential nominee[62][73]
    The traditional roll call of the states will be done remotely from each of the 57 states, territories, and other jurisdictions.[74]
    On August 18, speakers will include at least one former president and speakers from a number of swing states.[72]

    Donald J. Trump.

    18-Aug-2020 012°,04’05 Leo Plu 135 mutual C–3

  27. I’m glad Trump has Algol in his chart. That’s all I’m gonna say.

  28. Jamie, i know you’re not American and make an effort to be nonpartisan, but i have to say i’ve never seen such a generous reading of Trump’s chart. integrity and honor are his strong points?!? He has a tremendously strong work ethic?? Sure, i guess if watching TV, playing golf, and tweeting insults and lies “work.” Good judgment? One need only recite his long list of horrible hiring decisions to disprove that. Caring and loyal? The man doesn’t give a fig for anyone else and his concept of loyalty is a one-way street—everyone else owes it to him, and he owes it to no one.

    Bottom line, every placement and aspect has potential for both positive and negative expression and Trump is working his chart largely in the negative, so this often glowing description serves best as a sad statement on his enormous and tragically wasted potential. With the gifts of his natal chart he might have done so much good in the world, had he actually embraced concepts like integrity and care for others. instead he scorns them and cares only for constant soothing of his insatiable, inflatable ego.

    i know you ignore house placements, but Mars on the Asc is in the 12th house, where it acts out its unconscious impulses, rather than in the 1st where it could see itself, and that does make a difference to a planet’s mode of expression.

    i wonder if Algol on the MC could represent the power of his position to wreak great violence on the world, rather than a description of what might befall him. if not, well, once Athena had turned her into a monster, Medusa didn’t do anyone any good except posthumously.

    Part of fortune on the Descendant makes so much sense—he best shines a light on himself when he’s busy projecting on other people.

  29. Clearly, you and l are having entirely different experiences of “reality”.

    I’m all too familiar with the policies of this administration, thanks, and that makes my decision easy also.

  30. l try to keep my political observations on astrology sites astrology-related, so will not engage further on our divergent views here since it’s getting rather off topic. As to the US astrology and what it bodes for the future, on that we can agree.

  31. I felt the reading was mostly unbiased and pretty honest assesment of his character and temperament. I dont think any of us will really know about he and Epstien, but as it stands now Trump claims to be helping stop child trafficking and has signed bills to help do so.
    I am so glad i left the Democrats and yet i still lean far left on certain issues.I truly dont like this left and right stuff. I am just hoping these next years things ease up…Wakng up to the covid exaggerated nightmare each day is intense. I send prayers/energy healing each day that this goes away and the economy can somehow bounce back.

    I guess we cant pick the faces/avatars that appear on left LOL

    • Thank you, Heather. Yes, for commenting across the web, you can link an image to your email at

  32. What happen to president Donald J. Trump on September 2, 2020?

    Donald J. Trump.

    29-Aug-2020 026°,59’08 Libra Asc 90 AR11 (arabic part of sickness)

    2-Sep-2020 016°,52’47 Gemini Drac 45 mutual MC
    2-Sep-2020 002°,27’07 Virgo Moon 45 Jup
    4-Sep-2020 +19°,44’44 Sat // mutual MC

    Donald J. Trump jr.

    26-Aug-2020 +21°,22’11 C-12 # Nep

    2-Sep-2020 014°,52’23 Taurus MC 45 Jup

  33. On September 2, 2020, I think there can be an assault on Trump or he has Corona and will be succeeded by Mike Pence on September 4.

    Pence looses the November 3 election and Biden becomes US president.

    I rectified the Mike Pence horoscope fictive.

    Mike Pence birthtime is not known to me.

    Fictive rectified birthtime 16h,36m06s5.

    2-Sep-2020 014°,10’01 Libra MC 135 Black Moon
    4-Sep-2020 011°,12’22 Scorpio C-11 90 MC
    4-Sep-2020 029°,10’01 Capricorn C–2 120 Black Moon
    3-Nov-2020 011°,21’24 Leo Merc 90 mutual C-11

  34. Today Trump wiil go to Wilmington to declare Wilminton port as the first WW2 heretage city.

    2 September was also the end of WW2.

    His progressive aspects are in tune with this event.

    Very sad.

  35. Donald J. Trump.

    Can he win?

    10-Nov-2020 027°,16’36 Sagittarius C–3 45 AR05
    10-Nov-2020 026°,46’54 Capricorn Sat 150 Mars transit
    13-Nov-2020 022°,56’02 Capricorn Jup 150 Sun transit
    13-Nov-2020 026°,59’08 Capricorn Sat 180 AR11 transit
    13-Nov-2020 022°,59’20 Capricorn Jup 120 C—2 transit
    14-Nov-2020 +13°,46’22 Ura // Mars transit
    15-Nov-2020 005°,17’35 Virgo C-11 90 Black Moon
    15-Nov-2020 023°,14’25 Capricorn Jup 135 AR12 transit
    16-Nov-2020 005°,17’35 Virgo Moon 90 Black Moon
    16-Nov-2020 005°,17’46 Virgo Moon 0 mutual C-11
    16-Nov-2020 022°,56’02 Capricorn Plu 150 Sun transit

  36. Trump’s chart is much stronger than Biden’s. He is almost certain to be re-elected, and by a larger margin than in 2016. I have to laugh when I read the garbage that left-wing astrologers write. They got it wrong last time, and most of them are getting it wrong again, Trump vs. Biden is like a pit bull vs. a chihuahua.

  37. The process of the election is following a series of events centered on Heliocentric Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, the fourth chart in the quinternary of bananas.

    Individual candidate charts are profound in the case of Biden (post banana), and profane in the case of Trump (pre banana).

    No astrology is shitty astrology.

    This isn’t an election prediction.

  38. After having spent some time with Donald Trump’s chart I can see all of the potential for good that appears–as well a bad. I have had to wonder how he has managed to pervert his potential for good. You use words like “self aware” and “higher awareness” with “great benefit to humanity”. I haven’t seen it. One only needs to look at the people he surrounds himself with to see his level of awareness. You completely ignore his Neptune square to Mercury. There is a high and low octave to all astrological themes. For four years i have felt as though I am struggling to hold on to reality in a country where I see this leader twist every facet to make himself look “great”. I do believe that trump has managed to Trump himself by being so fixated on his own greatness that little else matters. There is daily and documented proof of his actions that reflect a man on a path of self undoing. Let it be.

  39. I disagree with you. Trump is a Gemini and Biden is a Scorpio. I would never trust a Gemini over a Scorpio because a Gemini will tell a lie whereas a Scorpio will not say anything. I read both charts and the strengths you refer to do not appear especially true to me.

  40. Just for fun…look up psychopathic horoscope in your internet browser. And read what it says about Gemini. I found very general information, yet interesting.

  41. I looked up horoscope of United States. 7/4/1776 5:00 Boston. Approaching Pluto Return 2021-2 with Saturn close by. Individuals don’t experience a Pluto return because we don’t live that long. USAA had a revolution and war with the Declaration of Independence. Just saying, the upcoming president may be in a very bad position. (Or will cause it.)

    And currently Pluto being helped by Jupiter. This Pluto-Jupiter combination was going on during the Spanish Flu epidemic.
    Pluto, by itself, is not so strong, but Jupiter makes it stronger. And since Pluto is in such a bad place for USAA may explain why Covid has been so hard on us.

  42. “I looked up horoscope of United States. 7/4/1776 5:00 Boston”

    pretty good, 5:10pm, Philadelphia.

    “Approaching Pluto Return 2021-2 with Saturn close by. Individuals don’t experience a Pluto return because we don’t live that long”

    This is true, we are Lucky to live to 100. We often think about our kin tho. The Sibley chart axis is Sagittarius Ac/ Gemini Dc. It is very kinship oriented.

    Antares star is scheduled to transit the Sibley star Ac in year 2185!

    in the future, are we gonna be poor looking after 3 or 4 generations of relatives in the same neighbour hood? Or are we gonna be rich? We won’t know, because we’ll be gone, but someone might read our words here one day, and learn something! like, how long are these generations gonna be?

    “Pluto-Jupiter combination was going on during the Spanish Flu epidemic”

    Hey, thx! Look at the transit on November 11, 1918. The North Node 13Sag16, conjunct USAmerica Ac. Pluto and Jupiter bunching up on Sibley Sun. Appreciate your post!

  43. What will happen to Trump.

    Is he going to concede the election loss?

    15-Nov-2020 005°,17’35 Virgo C-11 90 Black Moon

    15-Nov-2020 023°,14’25 Capricorn Jup 135 AR12 transit = arabic part of acknowledgement: Asc + Ven – Jup

    16-Nov-2020 005°,17’35 Virgo Moon 90 Black Moon

    17-Nov-2020 005°,17’52 Virgo Moon 0 mutual C-11

  44. I believe President Trump will have to be forced out of the White House because he believes the lies he is promoting. However, I also believe God does not like ugly and President Trump has been very ugly. He needs to do as Biden said which was to “pack his bags and go home.”

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