Leo 2014 Horoscope

Leo 2014 HoroscopeLeo horoscope 2014 with decans for a more accurate forecast. If you are on a cusp, use the free horoscope to find your decan.

   Leo Decan 1 – born Jul 23 to Aug 2.
   Leo Decan 2 – born Aug 3 to 12.
   Leo Decan 3 – born Aug 13 to 22.

Decan 1 Leo 2014 Horoscope

The major theme for the year ahead is one of struggling against the odds, due to a series of challenging eclipse cycles. However, in the middle of all this, you get more than a reprieve thanks to the luckiest of all transits. There are three solar eclipses covering all of 2014. In fact they last from November 2013 to March 2015. There is the November 2013 solar eclipse, which you are feeling already, the April 29 solar eclipse, and the October 23 solar eclipse.

This presents a sustained test of character, as all of these solar eclipses are square your decan. You will find that your ego is being challenged by other people, and by circumstance. The people likely to test your willpower are going to be those who have some authority over you like bosses and officials, most often they will be men who are full of themselves.

They key to dealing with this challenge is to keep your spirits up, easier said than done I’m afraid. But maintaining a healthy ego is vitally important in 2014, in order to stave off pessimism. Apart from the Jupiter transit I will mention in a moment, this is not the year to be pushing hard with your goals. You can avoid confrontation by playing it low-key and making compromises to keep the ego-trippers off your case.

Now the exception to the defensive position comes for about six weeks, from mid July to the end of August 2014. Jupiter in your decan will more than compensate for the dismal eclipse cycles. It will give you the lucky break you need and lift your optimism, self belief and self-confidence. If you are challenged by superiors during this time, then give it back to them because you should win any contest now.

You won’t be coming from a revengeful place either because this is a truly happy and positive transit. Make the most of this time to push ahead and succeed. Once you have some victories under your belt and this transit subsides, then revert to a defensive position to hold on to your gains.

For Leo born August 1 to 3 only, you have Uranus Trine Sun Transit till the end of February 2014. You have been experiencing the positive change and excitement from Uranus for about a year by now. This will help negate any disruptive influence from the challenging eclipses early on in 2014.

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Decan 2 Leo 2014 Horoscope

You all have fairly good stars for the year ahead. It does vary a bit depending on your birthday, so I will break it down as we go through. The background influence of eclipses is something you all have in common. The the majority of the year, this is a challenging influence. The November 2013 solar eclipse and the April 29 solar eclipse are both square your decan.

Solar eclipses affect your professional life, your status and ego. These solar eclipses square your decan will test your strength of character. The tests to your authority will come via superiors or men in general. It does make it more difficult for you to get your way, so compromise is in order if you want to maintain harmony in these relationships.

The defensive stance you need from those solar eclipses ends in early October 2014. Setbacks and confrontation now give way to more harmony and an easier run, thanks to the October 8 lunar eclipse. This will provide more emotional balance and enhance your intimate relationships with partners and family members. You can look forward to more peace and good feelings right through till April 2015.

For Leo born August 3 to 7 only: The pressure from the eclipses early in the year is relieved with Uranus trine your decan, from January 19 to May 19. You also get this exciting and liberating transit later in the year. The best period of 2014 by far, will be from August 26 to September 26, with lucky Jupiter in your decan. After this growth spurt, the brakes are applied from September 22 to November 12, with a restrictive Saturn square. From September 26 and on into 2015, more unexpected opportunities pop up again with the return of the Uranus transit.

For Leo born August 8 to 10 only: From April 14 to October 20, pleasant surprises await with an exciting Uranus trine. You may expect the unexpected in a very positive fashion, with opportunities for more personal freedom and new, stimulating experiences and friends. During this awakening phase of life, you get lucky with Jupiter in your decan. This Jupiter transit is considered the most fortunate of all astrological influences, bringing good cheer, optimism, and above all, success and happiness.

This amazing window of prosperity lasts from September 21 to October 13. During these three weeks, Jupiter is trine Uranus, a sign of rapid growth, sudden financial windfalls, and air travel. You will need to reign in your enthusiasm from November 5 to December 8 however. The restrictive Saturn square means you must take a more conservative stance and hold on to your gains.

For Leo born August 11 and 12 only: Jupiter in your decan from October 8 to November 7 should prove to be the luckiest month of the whole year. This is the most fortunate of all transits and it comes on top of the easy-going lunar eclipse phase. Look to make the biggest gains at home, with renovating, upgrading or property investment. Intimate relationships should be a source of joy, personal growth and emotional nourishment

From December 1, 2014 to January 8, 2015, Saturn square your decan signals a more retiring phase of life. Do not try to make inroads or gains now because there will be too much resistance. Concentrate on holding on to the gains you made during the previous Jupiter growth phase.

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Decan 3 Leo 2014 Horoscope

2014 may turn out to be a make or break year for you. One of the most challenging transits in astrology will put you to the test all year. If you work hard and act in a responsible manner, then you will pass the test with flying colors. All year there are opportunities opening up due to a series of fortunate eclipses, and later in 2014, you experience the most fortunate of all transits for an extended period.

The big test comes in the form of Saturn square your decan. Your sense of purpose and your goals are being challenged by Saturn in the form of bosses, teachers, parents or the government. You will have to face this adversity with patience and persistence and keep struggling so they don’t get the better of you. If your intentions and goals are just ones and in your best interest, then this testing period can refine those plans and strengthen your resolve once you deal with the challenges.

Ensuring that your plans are well intended is the series of positive eclipses, all three making harmonious aspects to reduce the negative impacts from Saturn. The October 2013 lunar eclipse and the April 15, 2014 lunar eclipse will bring support from family and friends, and sort out any relationships barriers. The October 23 solar eclipse will have a more positive effect on your professional life, brings favors and support from superiors.

It is during this self promoting solar eclipse phase that you experience the luckiest of all transits, with Jupiter in your decan from late October 2014 to mid January 2015. This is the real turning point of the year, where the patience and strong work ethic, if applied, will pay big dividends. Success and financial gains can be made in sensible, conservative ventures. These would include investments in real estate or blue chip stocks. Do not aim for risky, high return projects, but longer term investments.

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  1. This horoscope is very accurate for my experience of 2014 as Leo D3, looking forward to reading the 2015 forecast and hoping that next year will be calmer as this year has been N.U.T.S 🙂 Thank you Jamie

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