The First 2024 Presidential Debate

First 2024 Presidential Debate

The astrology of the first 2024 presidential debate gives clues about the tone of the discussion. But more importantly, it may help predict the outcome of the 2024 United States presidential election.

Joe Biden and Donald Trump have long-term transits that affect them now and will still be effective during the election. So, how they perform during this first debate should give us a good idea of how those transits will affect them during the election.

The First Debate Horoscope

The first 2024 presidential debate is scheduled for 9:00 pm at the CNN Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

First 2024 Presidential Debate

First 2024 Presidential Debate

This is a positive chart, technically because the Sun is semisextile Jupiter and generally because of the high proportion of harmonious blue aspects compared to challenging red aspects. The Moon trine Mercury and Mercury trine Saturn are ideal for a formal, structured debate of serious issues. They mean the public to be well-informed about the ideas and plans of each side.

This is supported by the Sun conjunct fixed star Tejat Posterior at 05♋38, which gives success in politics and government matters. It also allows one to gain wide popularity and make favorable impressions upon those they contact and the public if engaged in public affairs.

However, the Moon conjunct fixed star Markab at 23♓49 indicates injuries from enemies and striving for acceptance against seemingly impossible hurdles. Serious problems, harassment and unjust accusations are possible.

Donald Trump’s Astrology

Donald Trump Astrology

Donald Trump 1st Debate Transits

The stand-out feature of Donald Trump’s transits is Uranus conjunct Midheaven transit (0°08′). On election day, the orb is 1°21′. This transit indicates a change in career or status and can have a positive or negative influence. If his popularity rises due to this debate, it will be a good sign for his election prospects.

Joe Biden’s Astrology

Joe Biden Astrology

Joe Biden 1st Debate Transits

There is a lot more happening with Joe Biden’s debate transits. The most significant astrological influence is Pluto square Moon transit (0°41′). On election day, the orb is 1°12′. This most unhelpful transit brings emotional distress and power struggles. Importantly, given his age and questions of cognitive ability, Pluto is exposing his subconscious patterns of behavior, leaving him vulnerable and perhaps scared. Pluto is also impairing his intuition and judgment and harming his public image.

Uranus sextile Jupiter transit (0°42′) is favorable, and he will have this on election day (0°34′). It can bring sudden good fortune and unexpected lucky breaks and good fortune. It makes him more progressive and humanitarian and will help him break through barriers and overcome setbacks.

Mars opposite Mars transit (0°06′) portends a feisty contest more likely to upset Biden than Trump. It is not favorable for a contest because it gives a tendency to self-destruct from a loss of temper and rash, impulsive actions. It suggests that Joe Biden is the one who faces “injuries from enemies.”


The first 2024 presidential debate will be very informative and help people decide which way to vote. For many, Mercury trine Saturn will solidify their opinions.

Joe Biden has some favorable transits, but Pluto square his Moon is a real disadvantage. If he handles this well, it will improve his chances at election time.

Donald Trump has Uranus passing over his Midheaven, which usually has a variable and unpredictable effect. Fixed star Algol conjunct his Midheaven gives the wild hairdo but seems to have worked out well for him throughout his life, so it may not be too significant. However, his Midheaven is generally well-aspected, which gives him an edge in this debate.

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  1. Hi, Today the Moon occults ( conjunct) Saturn, not in trine…
    Also, I added some asteroids.. Pinocchio is conj. Jupiter..
    Uranus is conj. Jup/Mars MP. Pluto trines the same MP.
    Best regards,

  2. I forgot add add Mars opposite Mars transit (0°00′) for Joe Biden. That was the reason I wanted to write about the debate when I saw the charts. It portends a fiesty contest that is more likely to upset Biden than Trump. Not at all favorable for a contest because it gives a tendency to self-destruction from a loss of temper and rash, impulsive actions. It suggests Joe Biden is the one to face “injuries from enemies.”

  3. You outdid yourself on this one, Jaime. You said,
    “Fixed star Algol conjunct his Midheaven gives the wild hairdo but seems to have worked out well for him throughout his life, so it may not be too significant.” Worked out well for him? Not paying attention I see. Algol is not doing anything for him but destroying him. His 10th is a disaster. You are the only astrologer I know of that gives Algol a good word. Let’s look at what is going on right now. Lawsuits (over 4000 in his career), felony counts, possible jail. Nice hair though. Why didn’t you mention Saturn transit, in Pisces square by a couple of degrees to his Gemini planets? There is no escaping for him. His house of enemies is strong and his fate was sealed long ago. Jupiter in Gemini may give him some reprieve but President or not, he will go down in infamy. If you were around him during his presidency you are now in jail.

      • It’s more than the hair I think. I choked on my oatmeal when I heard a woman at a rally say she would leave her husband if the don would have her. It could be the celebrity. The playboy that is the allure. I don’t get it but it’s there. If he goes to prison though, will he still get his hair done everyday? One of his stylists said that it is past his shoulders before it is swept into his updo. So I have been gardening and thinking about the hair. How very strange.

    • Hi Dennis. I was looking how Algol conjunct Midheaven has impacted his career and staus. It If it was that bad, how did he become president?

      • You assume becoming president is good. Look at what happened to his presidency. Two impeachments for starters. He divided the nation. He hates Nato but he loves russia and north korea. He oversaw a coup attempt. After he left office (barely) he stole documents and basically flipped the bird to the nation’s security. Tenth house is career and he had multiple business failures. Casinos bankruptcies, ‘university’ which he settled for 25m for fraud, steaks, water, airlines. Do I need to go on? His 10th is negative. But he’s rich and famous you say. So is El Chapo. He’s in jail for life. Bottom line: Algol brings disaster and suffering. Go back and study his chart more. Once Pluto started the opposition to his Saturn Venus conjunction, he became toast. The toast is now burning. But he rides the wave. Now he is telling Black voters that he’s like them because he’s a felon. This guy is bad news. And did I mention he is a sexual predator?

    • Also, from what I see, his Midheaven is NOT well aspected. Mars in the deep 12th at a most critical degree squares his midheaven. Uranus will be squaring that Mars in 2025. Also, I want to point out that at his most “crazy” (when he was declaring the election was stolen) he had Neptune squaring his Gemini planets, with Pluto opposing his Cancer planets. I’m not saying he’s going to lose the election because after the debate, where Biden either had sundowners or was truly suffering from a cold. The next day he was pumped up and assertive and did great at the rally. However, Trump lied his way through the debate… you can see that he cares nothing about truth whatsoever. Undoubtedly, those who still consider him great because “he says what he thinks” don’t care whether there’s verbal diarrhea coming out of his mouth– a very dark side of Gemini. I hate that networks are saying there was a “winner and a loser” because in my mind, it was “good vs. evil”.

    • Over half a million Americans died from covid with Trump as President with Algol at the top of his chart. If Trump is re elected there will again be more genocide and mass death of Americans either from his incompetence or his malice against humanity.

  4. The debate is actually at 9 PM EST or 8 PM CST. Atlanta is on Central Time.

  5. I wonder if part of the issues with both of them is upset by Kennedy. Kennedy won’t probably get far this time, but may help next election. Kennedy may be a surprise knock for both candidates.

  6. Markab must be the pain around the Posterior I am feeling around this event and the lead up.

  7. Astrology does not actually make anything happen. It reflects possibilities and energies that may or may not affect outcomes depending on the soul development of the individual. Even if trump had the best lineup possible for the debate and presidential race he is on a path of self destruction. A very low moral character will not be supported by the best planets, stars or configurations. He did not know how to use all of the “good” in his natal chart. His ASC is at the last degree of Leo, a fated point–the last gasp of his kingdom and Pluto continues to quincunx this point ushering his end as it also ushers in the age of Aquarius. Selfish motives and underhanded behavior will end him. There are other non astrological predictions out there that strongly suggest that he will demise in one way to the other even before the election. Let it be.

    • I agree about the demise. I don’t think he will be “allowed” to become president again.

    • “A very low moral character will not be supported by the best planets, stars or configurations” – i have to disagree… i.e. jupiter does also good for the bad…and also coming dictators can first be uranian revolutionairs and think they free people from something….planets don’t decide whom they support or not up to the point of total catastrophy…if Trump i.e. can do much more for WW3 than Bidens and Obama you have to think for yrself…maybe you have to believe in nice god to think as you wrote…history disagrees…

  8. I am so hoping former President Donald Trump gets re-elected again! The border and economy are so appallingly bad!!! The God above and the planets already know the answer. Now we must wait until November.

    • Your joking right. What ever happened to the Statue of Liberty-give me your tired your poor.

      The job market is strong, womens’s rights are continually being diminished; the deep south mostly wants to go back to the 1890’s, I am gratefull I live in NY as opposed to Louisana because my daughter in law had a disasterous miscarriage and would have died if she lived there, Trump is a rapist, adultrous plus , has already had 34 convictions and there are more to come, Also his picks for the Supreme Court are bipartisan and at least 3 are seriously corrupt. And flying the confederate flag and american flaf upside down -how disrepectfull is that……..

    • I too hope Trump makes it, warts & all. He is quite a character… Hoping he picks Nikki Haley for VP or Sec. of State. She is bright , strong & rational. Biden is in cognitive decline & has been for a while. It was painful to watch the debate but finally people see the emperor has no clothes on…

  9. If you lok at all aspects of Trumps chart, June and much of July will be a disaster. So will the Republican convention.

    Not to mention his 34 convictions or his appeals for Presidential immumity to the Supreme Court.-Neither of which wil be overturned. Plus much of his 2024 and 2025 charts are a disaster. He may get some lucky breaks here and there as well as from Aileen Cannon but her chart indicates she may be removed or given little power in 2025.

    In general it will be the women who will help defeat Trump. Plus he has at least 4 big lawsuits (much of them after the election) most of which he will lose. Astrology is a very helpful tool but it is suggestive and been proven wrong a few times as well.. Plus the Polls are a joke.

    I have been a professional astrologer for over 20 years and sorry but you missed a lot of factors in both Trump and Biden’s chart. It will be a tough dirty debate and one I will skip for the 1st time in 12 years.

    Iin general it is also ironic that Trump will be 79 during the election-not far off age wise from Biden’s 81.

    • Wow, based on these inaccurate predictions, being a professional astrologer doesn’t make you God! That’s the trouble these days people mistake opinions in their heads for facts in real life.

  10. I just paged through a news feed. His hair looks scruffier, shorter, and less orange. So if the height of his hair is an indicator, he is losing.

  11. Trump defintely had the edge! “This was a game-changing debate, in the sense that right now, as we speak, there is a deep, a wide, and a very aggressive panic in the Democratic Party,” John King. CNN.

    • The Pluto square Moon! “ This most unhelpful transit brings emotional distress and power struggles.” You said it.

    • Yeah, the game. Cannot believe the dems fell into the win/lose game. The choices are clear. What do I stand for? I think it says more about some of the democrats than Biden. I wonder what the party chart says?

    • Trump had the edge in terms of energy level. However, Jamie, he did nothing but lie and deflect. He was being his usual dishonest self. He refused to answer simple questions. And then he lied more. Isn’t his Neptune square his emotional Mercury in Cancer? If you believe anything this guy says you are vibrating to the lowest morality. Sorting through the hype of political stagecraft can be challenging but let the history of his character be your guide. Here’s one tidbit of his history: He had a charity which people would donate to in his name. He stole from it and was closed down by the government. What a guy.

    • Jamie… I would remind all the Trump haters to read Biden’s chart and how evil and nasty the guy really is… like WH staffers say they can’t tell him the truth or he flies off the handle, etc… and the part about Jill, the pity people have being married to a perv…. tsk tsk to the haters, but Brandon is the larger mess and he has no brainwave left… karma is a bitch !

    • I just checked the betting odds. Trump has shortened to 1.57, Biden has blown out to 4.50, and Gavin Newsom has shortened to 7.00

  12. Well, the locals interviewed here are still standing strong behind each of them. The couple of individuals who want replacement, I don’t know. It’s early and hasty. It happens all the time, jumping too quick. And memories are short. I gotta look at the job they each do. Not much talk about future plans. Where are you Uranus? I really want to know what the plans are to prevent/handle another pandemic. And how to handle an economy with all the dollars in the hands of the few.

    • yeah vic establishment will stay and the old one merges with the “new age” one…money rulez anyway…

    • So Uranus role in all this seems to be scrambling brains. Really gotta wonder about the media since the event. Nutso. Why do they call it? Rabble rousing. So apparent, it is boring.

  13. They’ll leave Biden there and after he ‘wins ‘the election Kamala will be brought in. Think it’s too close to election time to remove him, if they do, it’ll be Kamala.

  14. Oh, and when is somebody gonna bust CBS news on the Afghanistan leak. The day before dumb ass Norah O Donnell announced the Special ops mission at the Afghan airport for the next day on the morning news. I could not believe it. She did it again on the evening news. Why would you announce a secret mission. Dumb ass! Probably came from that Clarissa woman on the ground there. Sooooo stupid.

  15. The debate highlight appears to be the golf exchange. Two candidates, six and eight handicap.

    In the Age of Aquarius chart, equal houses, Cancer sign serves the sixth where we see important debate transits, similar to Biden’s natal 12th, Mercury, Venus, Sun.

    Virgo sign – vital eighth analysis; Scorpio sign commands the tenth, Blaze Star for reference.

    Artwork evidentiary proofs appeal to the golfer, precession and accuracy.

  16. One last thing before I put this to bed. Somebody at The Hill did an article on how the transcript of the debate tells a different story. So the performance sucked, but the transcript is clear. What does this mean? Is that a shallow audience? It’s all about focus? Or news making craziness? Not sure.

  17. Trump was so so true to his natal Neptune square Mercury lying almost nonstop. Biden appeared unfortunately weak allowing much of the lies to slide. trump even refused to answer questions and continued to ramble much as he does in his rallies. Anyone really interested should look at the many fact checks available. The truly disturbing thing is that the media did not focus on the lies and misinformation but on “performance” and spotlighted Biden’s apparent weaknesses. And it was reported that Biden was getting over a cold. Too bad all around.

  18. In addition to what’s been said previously here, Joe Biden’s chart has Saturn (hindrances, change) opposite MC (career) for this event (and this year as well). Supposedly he had cold during debate. Also long transit Neptune opposite Neptune (dreams/expectations of people oppose his own). With the other aspects, overall a very unfortunate configuration for Mr. Biden with respect to the timing of this debate and election year.

  19. Federal Liberals in Canada, Democrats in USA, it’s like Moby Dick all over again.

    You could look at the astrology of the sinking of the Essex, for instance, November 20, 1820 and the astrology of Mark Carney, March 16, 1965, for an indication to where we may be going.

  20. Agree T Saturn at President Biden’s Pisces IC reflects potential for a turning point connected to personal/professional weakness, limitation, struggle that has national implications (IC, 4th House can reference country, homeland).

    Timing support for such a display at the debate: The debate Moon in Pisces, potentially an uncomfortable or debilitating influence. T Saturn so close to stationing retrograde at IC, possibly triggering an outlet for difficulty, challenge, or failure. These plus SA Saturn=Uranus in orb in Biden’s chart, generally indicating stressful or ‘out of control’ situations, make me think Biden’s handlers (or astrologers!) picked a bad day for the debate.

  21. Thanks again Jamie! Trump has had Algol there all his life as you said. He was known for generosity. Despite his shortcomings he did rise to the occasion, Isis put down, dialogue with N Korea, prosperity till Covid, it is doubtful any of the recent political theatre convictions will hold up, (typical Gemini superficiality?) Leo rising does give him power to use what is really on the public mind, the border, war escalation in Europe, chaos and brazen crime at home. He kept his head for the first half of the debate. I doubt Algol is a key detriment.

    • Opinions are like….
      Generous? Yes, he did have a charity funded by others which he then stole from. It was shut down by the government for fraud. Algol promises bad things and it delivers. As an astrologer (?) you should stick to the rules that have been in place since long ago. You can’t change the nature of Saturn or Jupiter or Algol to suit your bias.

      • Nor can you escape these influences to suit your own bias! Just what did he steal? Do you have proof?

        • He stole money. Research it for yourself. It was big news. His “university” was also shut down and he was fined 25m for fraud. Fox news won’t tell you these things. Google it.

      • A few acts of generosity: Stopping the presidential motorcade promptly to thank firefighters. Helping a Harlem hospital repair its elevator systems. Loaning his private airline to the family of a three-year-old boy suffering from a life-threatening medical condition so he could get treatment in New York.
        Sending a bus driver a $10,000 check for stopping a woman from jumping off a bridge.
        Letting Jennifer Hudson and some of her family members stay in Trump International Hotel & Tower in Chicago for free after her relatives were killed. He stepped in and paid off a family farm of a man who committed suicide and insurance wouldn’t pay.
        Have you ever done anything similar?
        Also Snopes fact checks your allegation as false.

        • Also, donating his entire presidential salary for the first term.

          • Have to be careful with those acts of charities. Some of the biggest crooks I’ve dealt with have all kinds of charity plaques on their walls.

        • Well ok. But then he stole from the government and insurance companies through fraudulent tax filings. He’s a real wonderful man. So generous.

  22. “Gray is more frequent in American English, whereas grey is more common in British English. ”

    change chart title “GreyCuprium” to “GrayCuprium”, change location from Hamilton, ON to Scranton, PA

    Heliocentric chart, 20 Nov 2023 utc innerwheel, 20 Nov 1942 utc outerwheel

    Intergenerational (or multigenerational) Neptune and Pluto oppositions. Anyone over 80 is going to feel the heat or cold of practically everyone younger. It’s wise to have a succession plan. But it ‘s difficult to implement if what ‘s below you is unsettled….


    • … and the band played on.

      (my guess, someone sees something in arc or progressed draconic)

  23. I will have to look at Algol. It is opp natal Saturn and square natal Pluto my by 2 degrees. Oh my poor ic?

      • Yup! I have a younger family clan member m, with Saturn Pluto square too, I am thinking of. She’s really been through it too. Her present thing is like mine. After going thru the present ordeal, the rest doesn’t seem so hard anymore. I would laugh but it ain’t funny when going through it. She has always said, no one gets me like you do.

        All I can say about Algol at this point, with limited knowledge, is that Algol is not lenient.

  24. Jamie, I’ve got to thank you for getting me in there…really fascinating…and Trump is a good example for that…we will see how “fateful” and “disastrous “a new presidency will be…he has interests but the Bidens have too. If he would stop WW3 i would thank him only for that even if people think he is an a**hole. Even if i know he sold a lot of weapons to Saudi Arabia which killed people in Jemen. Yes i think he is authocratic and ruthless like Putin too…both think they are on a mission, standing besides law and no one has to criticise them…but what about NWO “open-society”, “one world (government)” and “democracy providers” like bush, clinton, biden, obama, soros etc. ? Ruthlessness, violence and lies are not only Algol’s business…they all want to be “knights for the good” on the surface, saving their nations or the whole world but you can find the flies in the ointment of them all…even the Kennedys were no saints too…

  25. WW3? Watch the transit of Uranus when it enters Gemini. The Revolutionary War, the Civil War and WW2 all happened when Uranus was early Gemini. Side note: Whenever someone mentions Soros, think Fox news.

    • Hi Dennis that’s not the whole story. WW2 begann with Saturn square Pluto in 1939 and Holocaust was decided in 1941/42 when Uranus was on algol. The Ingress in Gemini brought a turning point with stalingrad and the victory of the allies in 1945. But the reason for all that was Hitler coming to power in 1933 with uranus square pluto. So then we had maidan overthrow in Ukraine with uranus square Pluto which then was main reason for start of WW3 under saturn-pluto from 2020. So 2020 was not only Important with Corona but also laid ground for 2022 Ukraine war. So If you doubt If WW3 has already begun look back and you U understand. Also look after Zbigniew Brzezinsky doctrine Uncle Sam wants to have no other power besides ruling in “Eurasia”. Thats the TRUE reason For Ukraine war. It IS geostrategic chess-playing like Hitler did. The Term “geostrategic” was coined by Karl Haushofer who was later on an advisor for Hitlers “Lebensraum” plans for settling Germans in eastern Europe and russia. So believe what you want WW3 has already startend. And we can think god If Uranus in algol doesn’t start a new nuclear Holocaust ..

    • Sry Dennis I dont get my daily brainwash from US media like fox. And If you mention Soros he did betray his own jewish people to the Nazis in hungary. He got away with that and emigrated to US and then got very rich. Now he wants to be a co-ruler in many countries with all his money and his “Open society foundation”. He should clean before his own door rather than teaching other nations. Interestingly he has pluto-uranus from 1933. So “freedom” ist just a word for his own Power and US interests.

  26. Trump – algol / medusa on midheaven – he often reads The Snake lyrics to put fear of immigrants into his followers. In the song, a snake bites a helpful stranger who dies. I think becs it’s on his MC, the snake his adoring followers trust is really him.

  27. Trump natal with asteroid Tungusta, Blaze Star, Unukalhai, Algol, Sirius

    Transits 20 April 2024, Jupiter-Uranus conjunction. This was a long conjunction, 2 hours, imagine holding a writhing serpent for two hours? Ophiuchus rising EST.

    One thing about this chart is it brings Trumps Moon into focus. He’s responding to a threat, an unknown Tungusta, a known Blaze star, all the while holding the snake Unukalhai.

    • Yeah Paul but even more he has natal full moon with uranus- lilith and orcus. What about that ? So surely he operates with dark emotions from people. But i ask: ist he only selfish liar or dies he really wants to be president for a “higher purpose” ? What is his REAL political agenda IF he has one ???

      • His North node splits between Sun and Uranus. Thats like one side apple, the other side elm. He’s a president of transformation, and you’ve seen the appleSun, and see more Elm if hes elected, because we did a very good adequate job of Moon,Venus,Uranus feminism astrology, over the Biden years.

        im not 100% sure but i think Don was in here when we were looking at Mark Zuckerberg, to remind us to look at North node for purpose or meaning

        • higher purpose? more specifically, what comes to mind is Zero Point,

          One place you can find it is in a composite of Nikolas Tesla and myself
          Part of Fortune 00°Ari24’30”

          During WW2 Tesla conducted the physics with other notable people. With Zero Point artwork, it’s the logical evolution to solve a practical problem. ie.population growth trajectory management, natural law

  28. I am in an alternate universe I think. All the hoopla going on. I didn’t watch the debate and see no problem with the way the guy is doing his job. It’s kinda crazy. There’s MAGA crazy. But no name for the Dem crazies. Ageists?

    • Yep i saw Biden calling Selensky Mr. Putin today. Black humor anyway..what a show…i laught… what a cool joke Mr. Biden…Cabaret Voltaire Deluxe…

  29. Yes there is a dem crazy name: trump derangement syndrome, or TDS. We will all be watching with popcorn next week when Mars conjunct Uranus on Algol shines its light on Trump’s mid heaven, and at the same time opposes Biden’s sun in 12th house of hidden enemies and self-delusion. Jamie, thinking you are correct that the fireworks are about to begin. Isn’t Biden’s sun conjunct another planet as well?
    A whistleblower about Biden’s condition confirming what is being whispered everywhere? We will see.

    • Uhhhh Mars conjunct Uranus in algol “Nuke them Up” -ah ja US decides bringing tomahawks to germany in 2026 – reminds me of the 80s cold war escalation.

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