Full Moon 9 June 2017 Transform and Heal

Full Moon June 2017 AstrologyThe Full Moon on Friday June 9, 2017 is at 18° Sagittarius. The Full Moon June 2017 astrology indicates a turning point or mini crisis involving your relationships or finances.

The June 2017 full moon continues a process of transformation you started in the last two weeks. This is a full moon to transform and heal the devastating pain from illness, broken hearts, broken homes and runaway financial debt.

Full Moon Meaning

A full moon is Sun opposite Moon which highlights opposing forces or polarities in your life. These can include your ego versus emotions, your work versus home, or what you need versus what you want. Inner tension and external pressures can lead to personal conflict and crises that drain your energy.

The lunar qualities of emotions and instincts reach their peak at a full moon. Use you increased emotional strength and intuition to overcome any challenges. Subconscious awareness allows for an impartial and balanced look at your personal relationships. You will clearly see any relationship dynamics or negative feelings causing disharmony.

A full moon has a relationship to the previous new moon. Your May 25 new moon goals can now be fine-tuned or completed, it is harvest time. You can make emotional adjustments in response to those new goals. The full moon effect lasts for two weeks up to the next new moon, in this case the June 23 new moon.

Full Moon June 2017 Astrology

The June 9 full moon at 18°53′ Sagittarius Sign is in Ophiuchus Constellation. Sometimes called the 13th Sign of the Zodiac, Ophiuchus the Snake Holder gives passion and a blindly good heart. But also waste, seduction, hostility, unseen dangers and slander. As Asclepius the doctor he rules disease, medicine and poisoning.

Fixed star Sabik at 18°12′ Sagittarius brings anxiety, lost energy, perversion and malice. With the Moon, this star also brings secrecy, jealousy and trouble through relatives. Full moon June 2017 should trigger a rise in infectious disease, epidemics or a possible pandemic.

Neptune stations retrograde within this moon phase on June 16. For different reasons than above,

I expect that during Neptune retrograde 2017 there will be an increase in infectious diseases as a result of epidemics or possibly a pandemic affecting millions of people.

Full Moon June 2017 Astrology

Full Moon June 2017 Astrology

Full Moon June 2017 Aspects

Sun quincunx Pluto represents a turning point in life. With a powerful orb of only 0°02′, this aspect should make full moon June 2017 feel more like a crisis or threat than a turning point. An intense buildup of pressure could bring neurotic, obsessive or destructive behaviors.

An event or person may trigger this tipping point by taking away your personal power. In relationships you could react by trying to control and manipulate, resulting in conflict and bruised egos. This is turn could lead to drugs abuse, further manipulation or even violence.

This evolutionary process has karmic causes and implications. You may need to compromise to escape the dark sides of Pluto and Ophiuchus. A positive response would be the sublimation your ego and letting go, trusting in a higher power. You can heal with Ophiuchus and transform your life with Pluto.

Moon sesquisquare Venus is minor aspect but significant because of the 0°41′ orb. Like Moon square Venus it will increase your need for pleasure through love and affection. However, the secrecy and jealousy from the fixed star and manipulation from Pluto will  bring moodiness, self-indulgence and maybe some conflict.

A healthy relationship may undergo some uncomfortable moments but continue evolving ever higher. Unsatisfying relationships may suffer from disloyalty or other forms of disrespect. Trying to satisfy your need for intimacy with a stranger would only cause problems because of carelessness and low standards.

Moon conjunct Saturn is a major aspect but not strong because the orb is over six degrees. It is still worth mentioning because it fits the overall theme of struggling against the odds and battling negative influences.

Hindrances and restrictions could impact on your home and family life. Some drama involving your home, parents, children or your partner would be very trying on your emotions and could lead to feelings of rejection and depression.

Self-discipline and emotional maturity will help you through. Try to overcome feelings of guilt about the past. Exposing emotional vulnerabilities and opening up to loved ones will enable the nurturing and closer bonding you might need to overcome a crisis.

Jupiter quincunx Neptune supports the tipping point theme. It suggests an imbalance involving health and spiritual belief. It will test your faith in someone or something. In order to grow and expand you have to dream and take risks. Now you will find the limits of what is possible in the current conditions.

Full Moon June 2017 Summary

Venus retrograde square Saturn retrograde for most of May 2017 already placed a lot of strain on love relationships and on personal finances. The previous new moon on May 25 brought more tears or sudden events related to your love life or finances.

There has been so much terrible suffering from illness, broken hearts, broken homes and runaway financial debt. The remedies have involved a process of transformation that started before the June 9 full moon.

Aspects in the full moon June 2017 astrology chart show a turning point or mini crisis involving a relationship or finances. Ophiuchus can signal drug or alcohol poisoning, a health crisis or very nasty influence in your love life.

Transforming your relationships or finances now will become more emotional and begin to impact more strongly on your home and family life. This is a full moon for transformation and healing.

The major transformation caused by Saturn trine Uranus 2017 is still going strong. The North Node grand trine is still there from the May 25 new moon. Positive karma and soul evolution will come from the transformation and healing you complete in the next two weeks.If full moon June 2017 directly impacts your horoscope decan you can read about it in your monthly horoscope. For more detail about how it affects your natal chart see Full Moon Transits.

Previous Moon Phase: New Moon 25 May 2017
Next Moon Phase: New Moon 23 June 2017

Full Moon June 2017 Times and Dates
Los Angeles
New York
June 9 – 6:09 am
June 9 – 9:09 am
June 9 – 2:09 pm
June 9 – 6:39 pm
June 9– 11:09 pm

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45 thoughts on “Full Moon 9 June 2017 Transform and Heal

  1. Hi Jamie,
    This new moon will touch my natal Neptune and vertex (within some degrees) and it is in the range of a trine with my natal north node and MC would you understand it as an indicator of a greater impact? What nuances i should expect if my neptune is involved? Thanks!

  2. Dear Jamie, the moon and saturn are 6 degrees apart but if the moon is applying over saturn, ie approaching it at the full moon time, will that make it a bit stronger?

    Your approach to using those smaller planets gives you an edge and a uniqueness amongst the other astrologers.

    BTW, I wonder if anyone has taken a look at Julian Assange’s prospects? WikiLEAKS. Born in Australia 3rd July 1971 around 3pm in Townsville Queensland but holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London for years.



  3. uh oh. Conjunction exactly on my Chiron 18’57” It sounds…bad? It appears this is something big. Comment?

  4. Yeah, and Jupiter is turning direct June 10…. where is that aspect in the overall scheme of things?

    The Great Benefactor will bring in sweet vibes to the coming period as well, I find it really hard to connect with what is written here. I think it sounds more paranoid than it is and let’s be honest – this article is ALSO an expression of only one individual’s view on things. Not the universal truth of all astrologers. People fall in love, people will get married, divorced – regardless of what moon transit it is. Try not to be freightened by these “doom and gloom” vibes.

    Astrology is not a death sentence – it’s a belief system.

    • It does make one paranoid reading this. Thank you for the bit of comfort in response to what is written here. I will be focusing on self care, awareness and healthy habits trying to avoid any crisis of the June full moon. Breathing in the good, Exhaling the bad. Peace and love to all.

    • Let me also thank you for your comment and bringing some perspective here. I am also quite depressed by these “karma-sufferring” stuff that keeps on poping up form Jamies posts quite often recently. Jamie is so gifted and knowlegable person I have admired his work for lomg time, but it seems to me that it would be helathier for some of us /more fragile or neurotic types/ to stop visiting his blog. Too much negativity does not help anybody. Especially those who were not born optimists 🙂

      • I disagree. Those of us who were not born optimists can find great comfort with great negativity. Optimism is sheer lack of perspicuity -on top of utter bad taste.
        I’m sort of worried, though, by my saturn right at 19 degrees of saggitarius -in my case, on top, conjucnt my ruler…… and all that happening in my 6th house and the desdendant. Of course I’ve made the worst of auspices -but guess what, I still do have some kind of hope: for things will get more awry than I have forecast, I’m sure. In fact, no doubt about it.
        Jamie, I’d appreciate an optimistic comment. I’m in bad need of it, actually.

    • Exactly. That’s an individual’s view on things. Some -most, I’d say- are brainless and just a tiny few are not. I mean individuals -astrologers or no astrologers.
      A belief system, you say? Well, what about knwoledge that comes through experience?
      And what exactly is not a belief system? The so called science? Those who believe in the Ego, Superego and Id?
      And meanwhile there’s a war brewing. Some -well, a tiny few- believe something…. something is at stake? Well, it could happen that what they believe in and fight for might be your death sentence. Doom and gloom, you say? Check your chart and be sure you get it right.

  5. Hi Jamie

    Will you be doing a piece on the North Node Grand trine please? With Saturn and Uranus involved how could it be read in the Solar Return chart? I guess the houses would be the key?

    Thanks for your time.

  6. guys, but why no mentioning how to overcome this? how to compromise with Ophicus and how to tansfor with Pluto? 🙂

    • “You may need to compromise to escape the dark sides of Pluto and Ophiuchus. A positive response would be the sublimation your ego and letting go, trusting in a higher power. You can heal with Ophiuchus and transform your life with Pluto.”

  7. Hi everyone. I never asked any questions here the past two years. BUT could anybody help me please?
    I am in a complex situation.
    Met a man who i used to like in my teenage years and he used to like me too. So that was on the 9th of May. Then I travelled back to my country and he came to visit me on the 29th till the 31st when he left in the morning. We had a nice time together. He is in his country now. He haven’t been writing a word to me since he left. And i only find that weird cause I told him there are no expectations from my side because of the distance and there are more complex problems present in this situation. He was the one who asked me on our last day to keep contact and asked if I want him to visit me more in the future.
    So two days after he left I wrote him a mail: “A simple ‘I arrived safely’ would have been on it’s place, but your silence is saying more.”
    I wrote this yesterday morning and still nothing. I know he arrived safely cause I saw him posting something on his facebook profile on Thursday
    Can anyone explain which aspects could be at work here please?

    • He is obviously a person who does not want a committed relationship, It is casual for him. If you want a committed relationship, then do not be available to somebody until and unless you know they are really committed. One used to wait until marriage or until an engagement ring was on their finger. Today, men treat us like a free prostitution service..if we act like one. They often help themselves without our consent when we do not act like one. Women must begin to value and to guard their chastity.

  8. This is conjunct my Neptune, can you tell me how it’ll affect me. I feel off and distrustful in my relationship 16/3/78 17:07 (5:07pm) in CA

      • The same 18 Sagittarius New Moon is in Dec- are these two connected at all? I broke up with my ex bc she was being deceptive. Is this one on the 9th a permanent affect or just one that will shake things up. I felt the effects on the 2nd (a week before the actual full moon)

        • Never mind the dec newbmoom is not at 18 degrees However are full moons permanent like eclipses ?

  9. Jamie, will it be true to say we have reason to be cosiously optimistic? That we might ‘Transform & Heal’ been deep rooted things?
    (I’m thinking of my natal Uranus Sq. AC and want it to be a bit more easier for me).

    • Oh yes definitely. If you feel confident that you are living life the best you can and not hurting anyone then expect good thing always.

    • That depends where you start from. Does a circle have a starting point? Anyway, I was trying to say that it is the 13th as compared to only 12 Signs.

      • Aries is the 1st sign of the zodiac.
        The zodiac circle starts at 0 degrees.
        Astrology basics.

        • Astrology basics for millennia BC was based on the fixed stars. Western astrology is the laughing stock of scientists and the public in general only because when the zodiac was invented the constellations were fixed to earthly seasons. The first star of Aries is now at 3°25′ Taurus Sign. There are more professional Vedic astrologers in the world than Western astrologers and they say the zodiac starts at fixed star Spica.

  10. Astrology has many different interpretations, you can either follow the textbook example of what something means which is very basic or you can follow someones interpretation, based on studies of people and relationships over the years. I find the best method is to read several, and see which matches your life. It never hurts to get a positive and negative opinion, to be prepared and know what to expect on both sides.

  11. I have not felt this level of deep disturbing irritation for a long time!
    I have a Moon sign in Scorpio.This astrological period really has a hold on me.
    I am feeling intense emotions that are unusual and after reading the text about the specific warnings and significance of this moon cycle I can see I am in sync but very uncomfortable.Good thing my sun sign is in Aquarius and my rising sign is in Taurus helping to temper my feelings by engaging in emotional intelligence and grounding in logic and reasoning.

  12. Dear Jamie, as always, I keep up-to-date with your posts which I find very revealing. I was wondering about the effect of this Full Moon tomorrow, though, so I thought you could make it more clear to me. While reading the monthly horoscope for my Sagittarius Decan 2, it says the full moon would have “an unsettling effect on my emotions”, whereas for other decans and signs it says it would have an “uplifting effect”. Why is it so? Thank you very much for your efforts.

    • Good question Majankas. How a planet of full moon affects a particular decan depends on the angle it makes. Hard angles like 90 and 180 degrees are unsettling. In this case that would be Gemini, Virgo and Pisces. Soft angles are more uplifting or relaxing, like 60 and 120 degrees.

      • Thank you very much ,Jamie. My sun is at exactly 18 degrees Sagittarius, ma Ascendant is Gemini, and I already felt some tensions at home. I’m wary about the rest of the day:/
        All the best to you!

  13. Did anyone proof read this before posting? Sentences not making sense, words in the wrong place. I got a headache just trying to read it. If the person writing this can’t string a coherent sentence together, how in the world are they able to deduce with any accuracy what the planets are doing?

  14. Hi Jamie..This full moon is opposing my natal sun in Gemini at 19 deg. and trines my natal moon in Aries at 18 deg. .. I am really going through a bad phase at work with lots of politics and powerplay..Is it a good time to apply for a new job or should I wait till the new moon on 23rd? Keep up the great work

    • Hi Nikki. This is a difficult question. A birthday full moon means this is a good time for new starts. Every solar return it is a good idea put the past behind you and make a new start. Moon trine Moon gives good intuition so go with your heart from the moment of the full moon.

      However, with such a major change I would also see how the previous and next eclipses aspect your chart. This is the final full moon of the current eclipse phase.

      • Thanks Jamie, Do you personal readings? If yes, How do we make the payment and share the birth details ?

        We would like to know about the effect of the coming transits/eclipses on my husband’s career. Things like when is it a good time to change job , will the new job provide stability etc


    • I think Jamie gave good advice but the manipulations at work are likely due to Pluto making inconjunct (150) aspect to your Sun. If you did begin something new, it might seem OK, but by Christmas, when the aspect returns again quite fully, you might be in the same place.

  15. Wow….I’ve had the most horrible stuff happening. What can I do now. I have mistreated myself do badly, feel so rotten and have always been sensitive to the moon and nature. I fund myself in the city , its horrible, I am hurting myself. How canbi get over this.

  16. Thank you very much for sharing this information. Read it completely and 100% satisfied by your given information. Thumbs up! Please provide information about online astrology concept.

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