Vladimir Putin Horoscope – Ruthless Power

Vladimir Putin HoroscopeVladimir Putin has been the leader of Russia since 1999. So he is one of the longest-serving current world leaders. He has had a long time to consolidate his power by enriching allies and silencing enemies. As seen by the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, he wields this power ruthlessly. This interpretation of the Vladimir Putin horoscope shows why he is so powerful and ruthless.

Vladimir Putin Horoscope

Vladimir Putin was born on October 7, 1952, in Saint Petersburg, Russia. His time of birth was given by the webmaster of the President Vladimir V. Putin website:

Mr. Putin was born early in the morning, at 9:30 a.m. Moscow Time, in downtown St Petersburg.

Astro Databank lists this time of birth as DD (not reliable) due to other conflicting sources. But I like this time because of the Midheaven degree (very time-dependent). As you will see below, it perfectly explains his incredible power and ruthlessness.

Vladimir Putin Horoscope

Vladimir Putin Horoscope


Vladimir Putin’s Sun is conjunct fixed star Algorab (1°08′). It gives destructiveness, malevolence, fiendishness, repulsiveness and lying, and is connected with scavenging. Delays and restraint are indicated to come about by fiascoes, losses, wrong handling of matters, and enmity in general.

Algorab is in Constellation Corvus the Crow. It gives craftiness, greediness, ingenuity, patience, vengefulness, passion, selfishness, lying, aggressiveness, and material instincts, and sometimes causes its natives to become agitators.

Midheaven and Pluto

Midheaven conjunct fixed star Ras Elased Australis (1°09′): Bad name, rise by trade followed by disgrace and ruin.

Ras Elased Australis has been called “He who rends.” It gives a bold, bombastic, cruel, heartless, brutish, and destructive nature, but artistic appreciation and power of expression. This star gives the quality of looking carefully at a situation before forging ahead into it.

Pluto conjunct Midheaven (1°31′) often leads to a position of influence and renown. There is no better aspect to explain Putin’s ruthless quest for power and ruthless use of power. It explains why he has gone to extreme lengths to reach the top and leave his mark on the world.

Pluto culminating in the Vladimir Putin horoscope makes him overbearing, bossy, and obsessive. He may have used threats, intimidation, bribery, or guilt-tripping to gain fame and riches. Putin has a strong sense of purpose in life and pursues his goals with ceaseless determination. He is extremely resourceful with a great ability to adapt or evolve in response to changing circumstances.

Mercury and Neptune

Fixed star Spica conjunct Mercury (0°00′) and Neptune (2°00′): Spica is the most fortunate star used in astrology. It gives success, renown, riches, honors, fame, a sweet disposition, love of art and science, unscrupulousness, unfruitfulness, and injustice to innocence. It also gives androgynous, spiritual, and religious qualities, with above-average psychic awareness.

Mercury conjunct Spica: Neat, tidy, clever, ingenious, favor of clergy and people in authority, gain through investment, responsible position.

Neptune conjunct Spica: Well-born, comfortable surroundings, always sufficiently well off, associated with companies, gain through legacies, favorable for domestic matters, somewhat fast and extravagant, does not live to old age.

Fixed star Arcturus conjunct Mercury (0°23′) and Neptune (2°23′): Arcturus gives riches, honors, high renown, self-determination, and prosperity by navigation and voyages.

This star has a reputation for achieving justice through power. It, therefore, makes the native belligerent and quarrelsome. An enterprising spirit is the rule here. Lasting success is promised if further good aspects are present (yes, trine Midheaven and Pluto)

With Mercury: Sober, industrious, popular, inclined to be religious, somewhat extravagant but well-off, help through friends, holds a position of trust in large company or corporation, or receives promotion under direction, favorable for health and domestic affairs.

With Neptune: Ingenious, business instincts, changeable, and loss through this means, mediumistic and rather negative, associated with societies as an official, loss, and misfortune in middle age which hastens death, favorable for friendship, partnership, marriage and success, greatly dependent upon the advice of marriage partner.

Mercury conjunct Neptune (2°00′) makes Putin extremely sensitive and probably psychic, especially as the fixed stars mentioned above give psychic ability. He probably sees, hears, or notices with other senses, things which most others do not.

The sextile to Pluto culminating has turned his intuitive abilities into valuable talents to increase his power and influence. This would have been especially useful in his work in the secret service but also in politics. It has given him the ability to stay one step ahead of the competition. He not only perceives a great amount, but can also project much verbal and nonverbal information, plus psychic energy.

Mercury sextile Pluto (0°27′) makes Putin a deep thinker on serious subjects. His mind has a probing nature that allows his powerful intuition to uncover the truth about a matter. This psychic ability combines with excellent planning and organizational abilities to make him the perfect spy, politician, and leader.

His style of communication is persuasive and intense, but with a mysterious type of attractiveness. This aspect gives strong opinions that can be extreme or controversial. It is excellent for a propagandist and a liar.

Neptune sextile Pluto (1°33′) makes Putin unafraid to challenge the accepted way of thinking and doing things. He can tap into the collective subconscious and can gauge the prevailing thoughts of those around him and society in general. This is greatly enhanced by the psychic abilities from the fixed stars and Mercury conjunct Neptune, sextile Pluto.

Mercury sextile Midheaven (1°57′) gives intelligence and curiosity as well as mental, musical, or sporting ability. This aspect brings assistance and guidance from important and influential people. It also gives excellent communication and improvisational skills, and good coordination and dexterity with his mind and his hands.

This aspect in the Vladimir Putin horoscope helps explain his talent for languages, negotiation, propaganda, and politics. It helps him present well in public, use the media to his advantage, and generate respect and a good reputation. It means he has a message to share and it helps him share it effectively and convincingly.

Neptune sextile Midheaven (0°02′) usually gives a gentle and uncombative disposition and an unambitious appearance. But not when Pluto is conjunct Midheaven. In Putin’s case, it has given him aspirations to make a difference in his career. It is helping him achieve his dreams and ideals through his career. But this aspect does subject Putin to more than the average amount of satire and scandal.

A strong intuition gives Putin an inner feeling of confidence that things will work out well. Just as he shares a special spiritual bond with his family members, he feels a spiritual connection to work colleagues, the Russian public, and perhaps even all of humanity. He also has the ability to connect to the ordinary person on the street.


Mars trine Pluto (3°48′) gives a strong will and determination to succeed. It makes Putin courageous and confident, with a powerful charisma and sexual appeal. He can be a very intense person who will fight for social causes and may have prophetic or occult talents.

Vladimir Putin has a strong ego and want’s to be noticed by leaving a mark on the world. He can easily gain the cooperation and help of others because of his leadership qualities. Sex appeal is part of his general attractiveness which makes him a good leader. Importantly, Mars trine Pluto means Vladimir Putin can sustain a prolonged attack until the enemy is totally defeated.

Mars trine Midheaven (5°18′) adds yet more enthusiasm, bravery and self-confidence. He knows who he is and where he is going, and works incredibly hard to succeed. Putin passionately defends his family and Russia with militant inspiration. This aspect focuses his aggression on his leadership of Russia. So starting wars is an ultimate manifestation of this aspect.

Mars trine Midheaven also helps explain his sense of adventure and sex symbols status among Russians. It means he promotes himself with contagious energy and expressive flair. This aspect suits a career in the military, sport, business, and politics. When Putin takes the lead, others will follow.


Jupiter square Pluto (2°58′) gives a tremendous drive to succeed through any obstacle. Putin’s determination to succeed is backed by a strong self-belief and a belief that he is destined to do something special.

Single-mindedness does lead to success, power, and influence but often at a cost. Success often comes with a troubled personal life and a string of broken relationships. Other challenges may involve extreme beliefs, overconfidence, overestimation of resources, criminality, violence, and legal troubles. The economic sanction on Russia and Putin personally is an example of this.

Jupiter square Midheaven (1°27′) gives a wide variety of interests like philosophy, social and cultural issues, religion and spirituality, morality, and ethics. It also gives great enthusiasm which has helped him succeed but it makes him hard to work with.

He can also exaggerate and become obsessive or too extreme. This can lead to arrogance, excessive pride, unpredictable and erratic behavior, addictions, and dramatic life. A lack of moral standards results in controversy and legal problems, especially in business dealings but also in personal relationships.

Putin can go through periods of great success and then suffer big setbacks. He has a highly competitive streak and can make extraordinary comebacks. However, this competitive spirit and a tendency toward taking things too far can lead to extreme rivalries, yet more controversy, and a tendency to overestimate his abilities and resources.

Vladimir Putin Horoscope 2022

The following transits to the Vladimir Putin horoscope are corrected for precession (0°59′ added to natal positions).

Jan 27, 2022 – Saturn trine Sun (1 of 1) from Jan 17 to Feb 03 brought steady progress and big achievements due to extra patience, determination, and a strong sense of duty. It made Putin balanced and focused, and not distracted from his goals and plans.

Feb 25, 2022 – Saturn trine Saturn (1 of 1) from Feb 16 to Mar 06 coincided with Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. He was focused on increasing stability and security. He had greater control over his destiny and he understand what he was doing in the big picture. He was putting to use the knowledge he had gained through years of experience. For Putin, this was a time of achievement, recognition, respect, and more responsibility.

Mar 08, 2022 – Saturn conjunct North Node (1 of 3) from Feb 26 to Mar 17 has made Putin believe he is on the right path. He believes he is taking responsibility for his country in terms of its history and its future. He probably believes he is doing the right thing to honor the memory of his ancestors, especially his relatives who died in WWII.

Mar 18, 2022 – Saturn square Jupiter (1 of 3) from Mar 08 to 28 brings adversity, criticism, restriction, and limiting circumstances. The options for getting out of trouble are diminishing. Structures or long-held beliefs may break down leaving Putin feeling uncertain and unsure about the future. Previous overestimations and overconfidence will prove costly now. Financial hardship and lack of resources are possible. Events may force him to reassess previously held strong beliefs.

Mar 27, 2022 – Uranus opposite Venus (3 of 3) from Mar 04 to Apr 15 usually signals a change or unexpected events in love relationships. But unexpected change and tension can also apply to his finances and values. This could relate to the financial sanctions being imposed. It also makes Putin more likely to take risks that he normally would be too wary of.

Apr 02, 2022 – Saturn trine Neptune (1 of 3) from Mar 22 to Apr 13 brings more optimism, self-confidence, and determination to turn his dreams into reality. But this transit coincides with Saturn opposite Midheaven. So it also gives Putin a realistic understanding of the implications of any recent setbacks.

Apr 02, 2022 – Saturn opposite Midheaven (1 of 3) from Mar 22 to Apr 14 represents changing conditions and the beginning of a significant new phase of life. This transit may hold Putin back from his ambitions. Saturn may be delaying his progress. He probably needs more preparation work and needs to make sure he has the necessary resources and skills to advance and succeed. He needs to focus more energy and take more responsibility closer to home

Apr 21, 2022 – Saturn opposite Pluto (1 of 3) from Apr 08 to May 09 is a serious and demanding time of life. Financial pressure may force Putin to economize or downsize. His ability to make his own choices may be restricted by heavy responsibilities, rules, laws, or institutions and authorities.

Years of hard work may be at stake as powerful outside forces limit his options. This is a test of personal self-mastery. Time is running out to make up for past mistakes. His karmic credit is being tallied and fate will determine the outcome. Abuse of power, controlling or manipulative behavior, violence, or cruelty over recent years would be a reason to feel guilty and also fearful. This transit may manifest enemies, defeats, and losses.

Update April 19: Vladimir Putin’s dream of an easy victory has turned into an unending nightmare. Amid reports of a purge and a potential Kremlin coup, the Russian leader desperately needs a win in the battle for Ukraine’s east. April 19, ABC Australia.

Apr 28, 2022 – Saturn trine Mercury (1 of 3) and:

July 12, 2022 – Saturn Rx trine Mercury (2 of 3) from Apr 13 to July 28 gives a serious frame of mind with good concentration and attention to detail. It is time for making important decisions, and for serious discussions, negotiations, and business dealings. Increased patience and concentration will help Putin devise the best way forward. With common sense and an eye toward practical results, he should listen to his advisors to plan and strategize.

July 20, 2022 – Saturn Rx opposite Pluto (2 of 3) from July 01 to Aug 03

Aug 11, 2022 – Saturn Rx opposite Midheaven (2 of 3) from July 27 to Aug 24

Aug 11, 2022 – Saturn Rx trine Neptune (2 of 3) from July 28 to Aug 24

Aug 30, 2022 – Saturn Rx square Jupiter (2 of 3) from Aug 16 to Sept 15

Sept 17, 2022 – Saturn Rx conjunct North Node (2 of 3) and:

Nov 26, 2022 – Saturn conjunct North Node (3 of 3) from Sep 01 to Dec 11

Dec 13, 2022 – Saturn square Jupiter (3 of 3) from Nov 28 to Dec 24

Dec 29, 2022 – Saturn trine Neptune (3 of 3) from Dec 17 t0 Jan 07

Dec 29, 2022 – Saturn opposite Midheaven (3 of 3) from Dec 18 to Jan 08

Jan 13, 2023 – Saturn opposite Pluto (3 of 3) from Jan 03 to 21

Jan 17, 2023 – Saturn trine Mercury (1 of 3) from Jan 07 to 25

Vladimir Putin Horoscope Summary

Vladimir Putin has Sun conjunct fixed star Algorab which makes him aggressive, greedy, destructive, malevolent, fiendish, repulsive, and an agitator and liar. Pluto conjunct Midheaven gives him immense power and influence. But on a cruel and destructive fixed star, it also makes him a ruthless dictator.

His Mercury Neptune conjunction makes him very intuitive and other areas of his chart point to psychic ability. But Mercury and Neptune on fixed star Arcturus also give a reputation for achieving justice through power, and it makes him belligerent and quarrelsome.

2022 started with encouraging transits to the Vladimir Putin horoscope. These climaxed with transiting Saturn trine Saturn on February 25, 2022, only one day after he invaded Ukraine. But that is now in the past.

Thankfully for the rest of us, he is in for a world of misery for the rest of the year. Starting in mid-March 2022, he has transiting Saturn square Jupiter, opposite Midheaven, and opposite Pluto. Payback time for his ruthless power play.

150 thoughts on “Vladimir Putin Horoscope – Ruthless Power

  1. Excellent analysis, thank you very much. Observing his chart and transits the question arises about that triple conjunction Uranus-Mars-North Node in square to his natal North Node. Reading Ebertin, it seems that this transit could mark an episode of much violence unleashed on innocents, and if that happens, it may be the beginning of a more energetic world intervention.

  2. Great post Jamie, but you forgot his mars is conjunct with Lesath.

    • Well spotted Gabriel. As if he didn’t already have enough nastiness already.
      Mars conjunct fixed star Lesath (3°10′):

      (4° orb): This is a far more difficult point than the fixed star Ras Alhague as Mars at this point draws both fixed stars together. This brings on the stalking trait with violence. This is a person who needs to be guarded against, as this can be the murderer. This person would not care whether their prey is strong or weak. They definitely like the hunt, and for those in areas where game hunting is available, some of their energy can be directed there. However, the majority live in urban areas where hunting for animals is not available. These persons are in a rage for the most part and like to have their animal power put to use. A woman with this position would likely take her rage out on other women. The criminal aspect is still prevalent, even befriending another female, and then ending it with torture or murder. There is a health problem also at this point. This may cause a problem with the blood flow in the groin area. This is an indicator of the criminality in this individual showing up in the system. The problem can be alleviated through a diet of cottage cheese, rice and raspberry leaf tea along with other good, natural foods; however, they would not be likely to accept this advice. If they do, it would tremendously help to modify their disposition. They must eliminate red meats and foods with added chemicals. [The Fixed Star Health and Behavior Imbalance, Ted George and Barbara Parker, 1985, p.122.]

  3. Well done. The fixed stars means nothing to me.However, Saturn opposing the mid-heaven and Pluto, Saturn will making pay for it very….dearly….I don’t think he will be in power for long, due to Saturn on the 4th house will create turmoil in his personal life at home and his native land.

  4. “….. has Sun conjunct fixed star Algorab which makes him aggressive, greedy, destructive, malevolent, fiendish, repulsive, and an agitator and liar…”
    Jamie I thought you were doing ScoMo’s reading for a sec there..

  5. https://i.postimg.cc/760GDfzD/astro-621at-jamie-partridge-paul-streppel-8334-238539.png

    Composite chart, Jamie and I. Full entertainment value, give and go. Mutable Grand Cross, Pisces stellium.

    With the Age of Aquarius Pluto at the MC, it’s too good an opportunity to not test with a War, and real time compare Vladimer Putin’s natal Pluto, same position, among other aspects?

    Now we experience the defining model in action under metamorphic heat treatment, pressure and movement.

  6. It’s far too easy to be blinded by emotion,
    and by far easier to be deceived and then hence manipulated,
    by false agendas,false ulterior motives and msm propaganda.

    The sword is mightier than the pen.

    Behold,the sword is truth.
    Not the blade,mind you,
    BUT the ‘Handle’.

    ‘Prey’ tell.

    Who is one to judge,when they don’t wield the sword?

    Isa 10:15

    “Does the ax exalt itself over the one who swings it? Or does the saw magnify itself in opposition to the one who wields it? As if a rod were to wield those who lift it, or as if a club were to brandish the one who is not wood!”

  7. Jamie’s observations regarding Putin using the fixed stars and the aspects and transits of the planets are very insightful and well-wrought.

    I did a quick sidereal squiz at Putin’s chart and made some notes. He has the Sun, its ruler (Mercury), Neptune and Saturn in a 12th house conjunction which suggest hidden strengths, weaknesses, burdens and efforts related to large organisations and working (holding power) behind the scenes.

    The conjunction of the Sun, Saturn, Neptune and Mercury in Virgo would give him an exacting personal work ethic and high standards, which he would also demand of others, along with a tough attention to detail and an overly critical nature. It also suggests the use of lies/propaganda and ‘smoke and mirrors’ methods. This combo would give him access to ‘secret information’ and make him highly intuitive. Handy for his time in the KGB and for keeping ahead of his enemies. It also suggests that his outer actions are driven by hidden and private motivations and information.

    With all that Virgo and 12th house energy, I wouldn’t be surprised if his true state of health, or previous health issues, are been hidden. Also, having Mercury in that mix with Saturn and Neptune suggests some sort of psychological problem perhaps connected to one or both the parents and tough time spent in a institution of some kind.

    Libra on the ascendant together with its ruler, Venus, in the first makes him attractive, a deal maker, a partnership seeker, and diplomatic. He uses this to get what he wants done, even if it means war (Aries on the 7th).

    War is usually related to Mars. Putin’s Mars is in the second house and in the sign of Sagittarius. Combined with Pluto in the 10th, personal values and money join with power and control as his drivers. Having Jupiter as the ruler of Sagittarius, and Jupiter square his nodes and Pluto, means he could get carried away and overreach to the point of believing too much in his own values (and B.S.) above all others and become greedy and giddy with power in the process. With the Moon in Taurus, he seeks comfort, luxury and prestige along with…money. Having the financial squeeze put on him, his cronies and Russia will make him very upset! With his Moon drawing on Venus in Libra on the first house, he may lose his outward balance, his charms and even his looks as the war drags on.

    The sidereal chart suggests that he does believe that what he is doing is in service of Russia, at least as a part of his dream for Russia. However, he underestimates his enemies, both at home and abroad. For example, the ruler of his 7th (partnerships/enemies) is in the 2nd (money/assets). The West has responded to his actions by hitting him, his cronies and his beloved Russia in the wallet through sanctions and other financial countermeasures. Let’s hope the West’s financial squeeze on Putin and Russia will work to bring an end to the awful war in the Ukraine. With Saturn soon squaring his natal moon and currently squaring his Jupiter and in opposition to his Pluto, Putin’s fall may come soon.

    • I forgot to add that his (Sidereal) Mars in Sagittarius includes Sag qualities such as foreign countries. Having it in the 2nd house combines as war with foreign countries with money being a key issue. Having his Jupiter retrograde is not helping the sag stuff mentioned above.
      Also, the north node is swinging into Aries (Sidereal) in his 7th house of enemies, also involving the above Mars in Sag in the 2nd. I reckon money will play a large role in bringing him down.

      • And the upcoming Saturn retrograde will reapply heat to his natal retrograde Jupiter and his Pluto. The square to his moon will come later after Saturn resumes forward motion. Alas, this could mean the war could be drawn out with Putin reapplying techniques used during his campaign in the Ukraine. Ultimately, he will fall and Russians will loose- but at what cost, both to the Ukraine, Russia and the world?

    • Hi Dean, thank you for that analysis. I would have liked to use sidereal charts but most of my readers, like me, have grown up with the tropical zodiac. I know sidereal is more accurate, especially for transits. I get around that by using precession correction.

      • Hi Jamie, Yes, I also appreciate the way you offer variations via three Decans for the monthly star sign predictions. That translates well for sidereal astrologers (and your predictions are insightful, too!)
        Like many, the sorrowful mess of Putin and the Ukraine is upsetting for me – hence my interest in your analysis of Putin’s chart and my own investigation into his personality and motivations.

  8. think cutting to the chase what you just expressed about the triple conjunction to the Nodes…fixed stars are interesting of course but if taken into consideration how many people are born on his birth date…..think that chart is right…for me the glaring and most important aspect is south node conjunct Pluto conjunct mid-heaven

  9. Russian invasion started on February 24 (not 28), please correct this typo.

    Your analysis seems plausible and brings optimism. Thank you!

  10. i shall be looking into having you do the same in the near future once i get some breathing room from financial setbacks. do you use paypal?

  11. Fantastic analisys Jamie 👍👍 thank you. Fanscianting read 😎
    The only thing that worries me is: V.P. Is very secretive person. I am affraid he would nevel allow to publish his true time of birth. Especially with so much Pluto in the chart, he know the power of occult and would not expose his personal details to public…

  12. It is not a “war”, it is a police action. If it was Putin’s intention to wage an all out war to conquer the Ukraine it would have been over with about a week ago.

    Like everything he does this has been well thought out to consider the immediate impact, the mid-range impact, and the long range impact.

    He’s a 3D geopolitical chess master playing against the malignant narcissist clowns in the US State department that aren’t even good at playing geopolitical checkers.

    “Escobar: Cutting Through the Fog Masking ‘A New Page In The Art Of War’


    And don’t think for a second that Vlad isn’t fully aware of all of the astrological aspects. He misses nothing.

    • This is about astrology, not politics… 😉 that said I’m certainly sharing your views about the US State Department !
      Fixed stars are not taken into account by most astrologers, maybe their influence is too light and remote, and even if they are really influent, Putin would also have positive placements in this regard, as mentioned…
      About the recent/current events, the general astrological configuration is quite positive, at least compared to the time the latest US administration was installed… enough said !

    • Hey…you are Putin sympathizer…that is all….and there is nothing wrong with that…

  13. A very valuable chart reading Jamie, for me personally as well. I was born 11 days later than Bad Vlad, and I am a total opposite from him in general, because Mercury, Venus, and Mars moved a huge amount, and the Moon even more.

    Putin’s Sun conjunct Algorab says it all. The arrogant better-than-thou personality is a regressive trait among many others I have known.

    But I was born close to New Moon, and my Sun-Moon midpoint lands on beautiful Spica. My Venus was at 25° Sco rising. I am very psychic, with my Moon sextile Pluto in the 9th.

    Still, the outer planets changed little between those 11 days, and your forecast for the Russian butcher’s coming transits is similar to mine. I am very grateful to have your advice in navigating life’s little minefields to come. Cheers!

  14. Yknow Jamie , external events and the thread has that 1520 feel to it. Spaniards and Aztecs facing off, equally horrified at the behaviour of the other. We know the Capricorn Saturn Pluto was going to reveal its shadow. Maybe we shouldn’t scare the children as much as educate them.

  15. Fantastic. You’ve done it again.I only looked up Putin because I was trying to explain to a friend about the Pluto transit to her midheaven, Then saw he had this aspect. What would Einstein say? It’s his birthday tomorrow. Chime in, Einstein. Seems with the stellium in Pisces the world wants peace. Four planets in Pisces all opposing my daughters four planets in Virgo,& Four squares to Neptune in her natal chart. Ty!

  16. Putin was born October 7 1950 per the Russian woman Vera Putina, who lives in Georgia, and has been interviewed by several journalists since he rose up the ranks to Prime Minister. There is a documentary that covers his story of origin, and there have been several journalists who have died trying to make this information public. Considering the two year difference, his south node is not Leo, but Virgo. He is not the humanitarian he tried to claim he’d be compared to “Imperialists”. He’s here to learn a much different lesson, and he thinks he knows everything in this default setting. His natal Pluto is at 19 degrees Leo. He has two important points at 28 degrees of signs; North Node Pisces and Jupiter in Aquarius.

  17. A good reasonably unbiased astrological breakdown Jamie, thanks. Yes as you have described here of his astrological blue print and current transits, he is no doubt a very intelligent & “cluey” man all that intuitive foresight was once revered by ancient army leaders prewar seeking counsel from Prophets or “judges”, yet seems possessed by his own obsessive belief in socialism and his failure to protect that political state from remaining in power, His “spirit” seems to have become ruthless to the core in pursuing his beliefs which he believes are best for Russia, and the Ukraine. His initial statement was that his intention was to free the people of Ukraine from financial control and corporate take over by the west. So what did the west do in all their glory, in response add substance to his reason for tyrrany by doing exactly that, applying financial warfare and corporate sanctions on Russia.

  18. Yknow Jamie, we are all wet here. Without the WHO announce pandemic March 11, 2020, would there even be a Horseman post or Vlad post?


    There’s no secret WHO waited until March 11, 2020 because they wanted to use a date stamp skippered from astrologyking January 23, 2020, the day the Moon aligned with the Mass Formation.

    Astrologyking board game for Christmas.

  19. If ever there was a transit that will settle karmic debt it’s Pluto square Saturn. Keeping in mind that Saturn can have a delay before the real effects become visible. It could be like watching a tsunami: you know it’s coming but there’s nothing you can do to stop it, the damage is too severe.

  20. With all the aspects to Pluto, which rules Scorpio, which rules poisons, it would seem the threat of use of chemical weapons is quite real. Not sure if that was mentioned somewhere in here, but I do not see it. This may also become the method of his demise.

  21. Saturn opposite Midheaven etc . Saturn(a lot of planets are in Aqua) is his own sign, representing the masses,community,technology( internet),the rights of the individuals… Can we hope the masses will take their responsability (Saturn)? The power of group movements is likely to rise with Saturn in aqua.

  22. Current Life,
    is a rolling commentary on reality?
    Or are we awake,
    when we are asleep.

    A dream-

    I motion towards a small boy,
    draped in clothes from a post war era.

    I replace his toys with trucks.
    Dark colored,unbadged.

    I am now behind the boy,
    with back turned.

    The boy points and says to another,
    he is an ex boxer/wrestler.

    I see an ex in my garden with a wheelbarrow,
    and not wanting to join us.

    I give her some slack/s,
    they will not fold!

    Mark Connor(aka ‘Mark’ con her)

    Gives her a tape measure,
    made in Europe.

    She mentions her dad likes Europe.

    I then feel jealousy and abandonment.

    From an old wound on my left hand,
    my second finger from my thumb goes black.

    It fades,then comes back.
    Up and down like an equalizer.

    The blackness then goes as far as my elbow.
    I see tattoos,they are ‘German’.

    Along with the ex,my mother and sister were also in this dream.

    Age of Aquarius.

  23. As Saturn will be transiting his 4th house, he will experience deaths that hit close to home/especially important to him, and fated, as this is conjunct his natal North Node, which could even be his own life, especially with Chiron transiting Aries, the sign of self-wounds he cannot heal from.

  24. To clarify my comments, I went by calculation in Astrodienst from the D.O.B. and time as you specified above-I found your chart hard to read, and I need Chiron in my calculations. I find it essential, especially as to death. A combination of Chiron, Saturn, and Pluto, are essential for me to see possible demise of a person, and 4th house indicates end of life affairs. Saturn can mean end of government, in that house, if this were the government’s chart, but as this is Putin’s chart, Saturn transit the 4th house could bring end of life to him, or at the least major restrictions upon him. At this same juncture, Pluto approaches the anaretic degree of Capricorn, indicating the end of the old order if we were looking at the government, but, as this is Putin’s chart, it could be the end of his present role in government, one way or another, most likely through death because of the afore mentioned Saturn and Chiron placements.

  25. Does there exist a rectification source which delineates the Julian [Russian Orthodox Old-Rite (ROOR)] and Gregorian calendar dates of Putin’s birth?

  26. Sorry for saying, He wasn`t born in 1952, maybe 1-2 years before. I was investigated many years before from journalists inside of country. He needed to cover up his childhood data for the secret services.In astro.com you can see that his date is not clear.

  27. Putin ‘has already declared May 9 as the “END” of the war in Ukraine – matching the SAME date as Russia defeated the Nazis in WW2’, Kyiv official claims.

    Vladimir Putin has already declared the ‘end’ of the war in Ukraine, officials in Kyiv have claimed, matching the same date Russia celebrates defeating the Nazis in World War Two.
    The general staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said Russian propaganda ‘imposes the idea that the war must be completed before the 9th of May 2022’.
    Russia holds an extravagant victory day parade in Moscow’s Red Square on that date every year to mark Nazi Germany’s surrender and the end of the Second World War.
    In a Facebook post, the general staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said: ‘According to the available information, among the personnel of the armed forces of the Russian Federation, propaganda work is constantly being carried out, which imposes the idea that the war must be completed before the 9th of May 2022.’
    They also claimed Russia’s medical institutions, set up in territory close to the border with Ukraine, are ‘occupied by wounded servicemen of the Russian Federation who took part in the war against Ukraine and encountered units of the defence forces in combat’.
    The Ukrainian armed forces post added: ‘As a matter of urgency, the enemy is taking measures to renew the combat capability of the air units of the airborne troops, which had suffered critical losses both in manpower and military equipment.’
    The Ukrainian armed forces said Russian occupants are facing ‘enormous difficulties’ in Ukrainian towns and cities and ‘do not have the support from the local population’.
    They claimed that, in Crimea, a Russian brigade held a ceremony for 100 deceased members of the unit. They said similar scenes have been seen in the city of Sevastopol where they claimed marines in the Black Sea fleet have been killed.
    The Ukrainian Armed Forces update said Russian troops had set up a ‘filtration camp’ in Dokuchaivsk, in the Donetsk region, for civilians who attempt to flee the besieged city of Mariupol.
    They claimed people have been forced to evacuate Kreminna and Rubizhne before being deported to the Voronezh region and that tractors are being seized from farmers in the Chernihiv region, while Ukrainian troops carried out artillery fire on a Russian tank regiment in the Kharviv region.

    Vladimir Putin.

    9-May-2022 024°,08’16 Scorpio Moon 90 AR11
    AR11 = arabic point of illness.


    7-May-2022 -06°,45’41 Mars // Nep
    7-May-2022 -06°,44’19 Mars // C-12
    9-May-2022 018°,11’55 Pisces Mars 135 Asc
    9-May-2022 018°,23’56 Pisces Mars 120 Ura
    9-May-2022 029°,43’05 Pisces Jup 120 C—2
    C-2 = 30 degrees Scorpio = Sabian symbol Halloween.

    Russia 1991.

    Transit Mars 45 degrees MC.

    As you see the aspect and transits of Putin, Russia 1991 on May 9 next are very sad.

    The Russia liars, fascists, murderers and so on, will be defeated.

    Putin’s Second House cusp is on 30 degrees Scorpio, which is the Sabian Holloween degree.
    When Putin spoke on 6 am, February 24 last, start of the invasion, the MC stood on Holloween degree 30 degrees Scorpio.
    Pars Frt 22 degrees Libra conjunct his natal Neptune 22 degrees Libra in Twelve House.
    Eight House cusp stood on 25 degrees Virgo, which is Putin’s Eleven House cusp 25 degrees Virgo.

    When Putin has his anniversary on October 7 next, he has progressive aspect Moon conjunct Second House cusp on 30 degrees Scorpio, the Holloween degree.

    Putin is nuts and dangerous.

    • Putin is so good as dead by his next solar return. If he does not die he will suffer the hell on earth as his 12 house will be crowded with malefics as well as his ASC on 12 natal. Bad karma always strikes back. I’m quite sure that his time of birth as of Astro database is accurate with his Pluto on the MC. Also: Malefic and Master of Karma planet Saturn will opposite his Pluto on MC during the Mars-Saturn conjunction on 5 April 2022 on his DC. Nobody escapes the severity of such an opposition: he’s on his last legs.

  28. Jamie is making no predictions, folks. He is describing the character of this person. Putin likens a spider in a web. He weaves. He waits. He lets the others get tangled up. He strikes.

    • Jamie, like many/most of your followers you’ve been taken in by the lying media who are doing a hatchet job on Putin like they did on the covid hoax.

      Try reading Scott Ritter (who really does know what he’s talking about from direct personal experience) but..wait! he’s been banned by twitter for telling the truth! Another in a long line.. but he was still on UTube a few days ago -a video well worth a look

      Putin is a devout Orthodox Christian. He loves his country and doesn’t want enemies on his door step. He’s after the extreme right wing Asov brigade as well as bio labs near the borders with Russia. He has 83% support from the Russian public and that doesn’t sound like someone on the skids.

      Respectfully, check the charts again. Putin will be around for a long time.


      Ian in Sydney

      • You have to wonder about this war, but it makes sense if the global principals are implementing the Artwork, and as such, ending the Resource Carry Trade.

        The Resource Carry Trade is modeled after the ¥ Carry trade. And we know from looking at War Actor chart and Virgin Guadalupe chart, mimicking, 3rd House, has a resonance.

      • How do you know, that he has 83% support from his country men….I think you are part of the lying media, I think….

  29. my (polite) response to Gerzan, with evidence that Putin has 83% support was blocked. Fair enough Jamie, it’s your site to do with as you see fit and I’ll cease & desist. But when you start quoting the Marxist ABC as your source – all tax payer funded of course – then you’ve left astrology and entered politics and should expect a response.
    Maybe stick to the stars etc?

    • Do you really think I am going to cite fringe youtube channels instead of mainstream news? I do stick to the stars that is why I have to keep deleting political rants that have no astrology to back them up.

  30. Jamie, you’re a dinky-di Aussie, always prepared to listen to a differing pov without deleting. ‘On yer! You’re also, I believe, a very gifted Astrologer. You understand the Unity of the Universe, its “Oneness’ and have the unusual (it’s actually innate) ability to interpret it. That’s why you have a dedicated following.

    Astrology is not something I’ve followed particularly. However, having had 2 out-of-the-body experiences and a near death experience, I do know this, without doubt: I (we) are not this body. We are Spiritual Beings having a human experience. There is only One. When you know that, everything changes.

    (and btw, many years ago I ran a very successful graphology business advising corporate clients on hiring’s . I am not a materialist. unbeliever; there are some similarities with graphology & astrology, at least esoterically)

    So our differences, Jamie, on this or that are, for the main part, unimportant. What will be will be.

    Ukraine will be a blip in the eternity of the Universal scheme of things. Who cares?
    Regards Ian In Sydney

    PS “Who cares? ” Of course, what goes around comes around. Action/non action now will have its effect sooner or later. No escaping cause & effect. Sorry about that . We should care.

  31. Deutschland über alles.
    Putin über……..
    Mad boys Hitler, Putin, Trump.
    Great lyers and deceivers.

    Every body has a horoscope so Putin.

    Putin has his Second House cusp on the Halloween degree 30 degrees Scorpio.
    On February 24, 2022, 6 hours local time when Putin made his invasion speech, the MC stood on the Halloween degree 30 degrees Scorpio.
    On October 7, 2022 Putin’s progressive Moon is on his Second House cusp Halloween 30 degrees Scorpio on his birthday.
    Pars Frt stood on 22 degrees Libra which is Putin’s natal Neptune.
    Do you know what halloween is?
    Do you know?
    It is Halloween time in Ukraine.
    Putin with his halloween mask on his face …….

    Vladimir Putin.

    Progressive aspects rectified horosope G.M.T. : 06h,29m50s.

    6-Jan-2022 001°,21’34 Aries C–3 135 AR03
    10-Jan-2022 019°,44’50 Scorpio Moon 180 Jup
    15-Jan-2022 -22°,29’49 Moon # Plu
    20-Jan-2022 004°,30’19 Aquarius Ven * BOS (SAT – VENUS )
    22-Jan-2022 003°,11’55 Scorpio MC 0 Asc
    22-Jan-2022 -12°,34’59 MC // Asc
    25-Jan-2022 -22°,34’52 Moon # Ura
    29-Jan-2022 017°,27’51 Cancer Ura 90 Sat

    7-Feb-2022 -22°,42’09 Moon // mutual Asc
    14-Feb-2022 017°,27’45 Aquarius Mars 150 mutual Ura
    14-Feb-2022 017°,27’51 Aquarius Mars 120 Sat
    17-Feb-2022 021°,10’12 Scorpio Moon 30 Nep
    20-Feb-2022 021°,16’45 Scorpio Moon 90 MC
    24-Feb-2022 021°,24’40 Scorpio Moon * UNUKALHAI (SAT – MARS )

    3-March-2022 003°,18’35 Taurus IC * SHARATAN (MARS – SAT )
    10-March-2022 021°,56’26 Scorpio Moon 0 mutual C-11
    13-March-2022 022°,03’05 Scorpio Moon 45 C–3
    14-March-2022 004°,03’15 Aquarius C–2 * OCULUS (SAT – VENUS )
    14-March-2022 001°,54’40 Sagittarius Merc * ISIDIS (MARS – SAT )
    14-March-2022 022°,05’36 Scorpio Moon 45 Chiron
    16-March-2022 022°,10’20 Scorpio Moon 150 Pars
    31-March-2022 022°,43’16 Sagittarius Sun 30 mutual Maan
    31-March-2022 022°,43’20 Scorpio Moon 90 Plu

    1-Apr-2022 022°,43’20 Sagittarius Sun 120 Plu
    5-Apr-2022 -23°,12’51 Moon # Pars
    8-Apr-2022 -23°,14’44 Sun // mutual Moon
    9-Apr-2022 -23°,15’27 Moon // C–3
    12-Apr-2022 023°,08’06 Scorpio Moon * AGENA (VENUS – JUP )
    13-Apr-2022 023°,10’16 Scorpio Moon 90 mutual Plu
    13-Apr-2022 005°,08’37 Gemini C–6 * PRIMA HYADUM (SAT – MERC )
    13-Apr-2022 023°,11’15 Scorpio Moon 30 Merc
    19-Apr-2022 023°,24’57 Scorpio Moon 30 mutual Nep
    21-Apr-2022 023°,28’41 Scorpio Moon 120 AR06
    29-Apr-2022 022°,03’05 Scorpio C-11 45 C–3

    5-May-2022 -21°,10’13 Ven // mutual C-12
    9-May-2022 024°,08’16 Scorpio Moon 90 AR11 arabic point illness
    16-May-2022 024°,23’32 Scorpio Moon 180 AR02
    18-May-2022 024°,28’33 Scorpio Moon 60 C-11
    18-May-2022 022°,05’36 Scorpio C-11 45 Chiron

    1-Jun-2022 025°,00’52 Scorpio Moon 30 mutual Sat
    5-Jun-2022 016°,10’08 Gemini Desc * RIGEL (JUP – MARS )
    23-Jun-2022 022°,10’20 Scorpio C-11 150 Pars
    27-Jun-2022 -23°,15’27 Sun // C–3
    30-Jun-2022 004°,30’19 Aquarius C–2 * BOS (SAT – VENUS )

    10-Jul-2022 026°,25’15 Scorpio Moon 120 AR10
    12-Jul-2022 026°,31’30 Scorpio Moon 30 Mars
    26-Jul-2022 002°,09’09 Sagittarius Merc 45 C-12
    29-Jul-2022 027°,07’31 Scorpio Moon 135 ZwZn
    29-Jul-2022 002°,09’28 Sagittarius Merc 120 mutual C–3

    8-Aug-2022 027°,30’37 Scorpio Moon 90 Black Moon

    7-Sep-2022 023°,10’02 Sagittarius Sun 120 mutual Plu
    14-Sep-2022 028°,53’08 Scorpio Moon * BUNGULA (VENUS – JUP )
    15-Sep-2022 023°,11’15 Sagittarius Sun 60 Merc
    16-Sep-2022 028°,56’04 Scorpio Moon 45 Sun

    2-Oct-2022 005°,28’54 Sagittarius C-12 180 AR04
    6-Oct-2022 029°,40’18 Scorpio Moon 45 AR07
    7-Oct-2022 029°,43’05 Scorpio Moon 0 C–2
    14-Oct-2022 000°,00’00 Sagittarius Moon Nw

    12-Nov-2022 023°,21’04 Sagittarius Sun * LESATH (MERC – MARS )
    17-Nov-2022 005°,28’54 Aquarius Ven 120 AR04
    26-Nov-2022 001°,38’30 Sagittarius Moon * YED PRIOR (SAT – VENUS )

    4-Dec-2022 001°,54’40 Sagittarius Moon * ISIDIS (MARS – SAT )
    10-Dec-2022 002°,09’09 Sagittarius Moon 45 C-12
    11-Dec-2022 023°,25’48 Sagittarius Sun 60 mutual Nep
    17-Dec-2022 002°,25’50 Sagittarius Merc 135 mutual Ura
    17-Dec-2022 002°,25’50 Sagittarius Moon 135 mutual Ura
    17-Dec-2022 002°,25’55 Sagittarius Moon 0 mutual Merc
    18-Dec-2022 002°,27’51 Sagittarius Moon 45 Sat
    20-Dec-2022 002°,31’46 Sagittarius Moon * GRAFFIAS (MARS – SAT )
    28-Dec-2022 023°,28’41 Sagittarius Sun 90 AR06
    29-Dec-2022 -25°,19’59 Moon // Mars
    30-Dec-2022 002°,54’29 Sagittarius Moon 180 Moon

    2-Jan-2023 002°,27’51 Sagittarius Merc 45 Sat
    7-Jan-2023 003°,11’55 Sagittarius Moon 30 Asc
    12-Jan-2023 003°,23’56 Sagittarius Moon 135 Ura
    14-Jan-2023 011°,42’52 Taurus Jup 180 Ven
    26-Jan-2023 005°,42’36 Aquarius Ven 60 mutual C-12

    2-Feb-2023 002°,31’46 Sagittarius Merc * GRAFFIAS (MARS – SAT )
    3-Feb-2023 004°,15’16 Sagittarius Moon 30 mutual MC
    6-Feb-2023 002°,54’29 Aries C–3 60 Moon
    16-Feb-2023 005°,28’54 Aquarius C–2 120 AR04
    23-Feb-2023 -25°,37’45 Moon # Moon
    26-Feb-2023 022°,43’20 Scorpio C-11 90 Plu

  32. Ian a little Putin has to be out of his body agaiin.
    He is ruthless fot Ukraine people.
    He is a neo nazi as he speaks.
    Putin is a neo nazi.
    Zelensky has jewish roots.
    Hitler also.
    Putin also?
    So little Vladimir Ian go back to infinity and do not come again to earth.
    I do not like people like Hitler, Trump, Putin.
    They are not human.
    They like big armies they can use.
    I hope that Ukraine will be a fiasco for Putin.
    As Hitler and Trump they are loosers at the end.
    They like history and as Trump said make America great.again.
    So thinks Putin: make Russia great again.

  33. The Rodden Rating for Putin’s birth date is DD or Dirty Data. Dirty Data = unreliable and not to be trusted.

  34. Rodden Ratings.
    I do not take them serious.
    I read the source notes and take my conclusions.
    The Putin time 9:30 am. is practical acceptable and produces great results.
    I work with progressive aspects on date according the dutch Gieles min 1 systeem and transits.
    With this progressive system I can rectify horoscopes very easily.
    I rectified the Hitler and Third German Reich 1933 horoscopes, John F. Kennedy, etc., etc.

    Hitler rectified local birthtime: 17h,58m10s8.

    Ascendant 21 degrees Libra.

    MC 27 degrees Cancer.

    Third German Reich 1933 rectified local birthtime: 11h,22m01s5.

    Ascendant 29 degrees Taurus.

    MC 27 degrees Capricorn.

    Progressive aspects, transits :

    31-Aug-1939 022°,28’27 Virgod Nep 0 Jup transit

    1-Sep-1939 013°,35’19 Aquarius Merc 180 AR02

    1-Sep-1939 +01°,19’32 Jup # C-12 transit

    1-Sep-1939 022°,30’04 Virgo Nep 135 Sat transit

    1-Sep-1939 008°,29’29 Virgo Sun 45 Pars transit

    2-Sep-1939 006°,51’01 Aries Jup 60 Black Moon transit

    Poland attack September 1, 1939. .

    .31-Aug-1939 016°,03’27 Libra C-11 90 Drac

    31-Aug-1939 016°,03’27 Virgo MC 60 Drac

    1939, August 31- Hitler once again decided to invade Poland. German troops moved
    to the Polish border, and at 10:00 p.m. the German radio station at Gliewitz was
    “attacked” by Poles. This was of course staged by the Germans to appease the
    home front that they were fighting in self defense.

    1939, September 1- At 4:45 a.m. Germany invades Poland without declaration of
    war. 53 divisions, including 6 armored divisions, attack, leaving only 10
    divisions fit for combat on the Western front. The Poles have 23 regular
    infantry divisions, one weak armored division, and limited artillery. The Polish
    reserves were called up the day before and were not mobilized yet, though they
    would eventually add an additional 7 infantry divisions.

    1-Sep-1939 008°,14’41 Virgo Sun 120 Jup transit

    1939, September 2- Britain and France send ultimatums to Germany.

    3-Sep-1939 016°,03’55 Virgo MC 30 mutual C-11

    3-Sep-1939 016°,22’26 Libra Moon 150 Mars

    1939, September 3- Britain and France declare war on German

  35. The presently transiting asteroid Narcissus (which, along with Nemesis, is conjunct Putin’s Venus in Scorpio in the first house in his natal chart), was station on Putin’s natal Mercury (conjunct Spica) in early Feb 2022. It has since been retrograde and when it next stations, on June 15th 2022 it will be on Putin’s natal Sun. And at that time it will form a grand cross, being opposed by Mars and Chiron in Aries, square the Moon in Capricorn and square Ceres in Cancer. Narcissus concerns lack of empathy and vanity that leads to self destruction.

  36. 18 May 2022 Putin day.

    Progressive aspects:

    18-May-2022 024°,28’33 Scorpio Moon 60 C-11

    18-May-2022 022°,05’36 Scorpio C-11 45 Chiron


    18-May-2022 001°,21’34 Aries Jup 135 AR03

    18-May-2022 027°,30’37 Taurus Sun 90 Black Moon

  37. Hi Larry, I concur with your analysis of the geopolitical situation…plus most people of the west fail regularly to see the other side of the story with world politics. If Putin was half the bad guy the west think he is, we would have had nuclear war immediately and all this would be a moot point. Putin has been very patient, and given every respect to the west while getting insults and jabs in return. America has done more damage to the world then Russia ever has or could. I have seen astrology where Putin is coming into a remarkable good place…he gold backed the ruble, not about to have a fiat implosion like America is coming to ..there might need to be some readjusting of the views on what is really going on, then demonizing a media created image of a world leader based on him defending Russia from the 8 year civil war never talked about, bleeding into his country. I saw for YEARS Putin asking for help about Ukraine, and he was ignored. He does something proactive and the lies spew forth. Is Putin an angel? No. I have, however, quit listening to a singular media, and watch them all… including astrology. Skewed astrology as as news…Putin is what the world created poking the bear. Rethink what jerks the West has been, and see why your assessment is probably not as accurate as you think. Putin is very much into occult, and not an amateur. He is very tricky…

    • Hi Connie,

      I always ask fellow Americans these 2 questions:

      1) Name one thing that Russia has done to the US since the fall of the USSR?

      2) What would the US do if Russia had engineered a color revolution/coup in Mexico and installed a Russia friendly government that was hostile to the US?

      In the USA our true enemy is within, and we have nobody but ourselves to blame by constantly voting for what each voter perceives as the lessor of two evils, while failing to recognize that the lessor of 2 evils is still choosing evil.

      Washington DC is populated by malignant self-serving narcissistic clowns who (like all malignant narcissists) care nothing about anything other than using their office to enrich themselves at the cost of We the People who they are supposed to represent.

      As to Putin. His entire Ukraine action is working exactly as he planned. He is fighting a hybrid war against the West that includes military actions combined with financial actions which are enabled by Russia’s vast oil resources. As a result he already has the EU by the balls.

      It matters not whether Putin is a “bad guy” or a “good guy”. What he is, is a guy who is doing his sworn job to protect Russian sovereignty.

      All we currently have is a demented old puppet who has no idea what day it is from one hour to the next, and is under the complete control of the WEF globalists.

      • I understand those questions, and those that do not are woefully ignoring global agendas done by our rogue government and others. Astrology wise, I saw an unbiased read that Putin will be coming into a golden period before he leaves office. Western Media tells people things that are not true. The Bush gaff about mistaking Iraq for Ukraine was classic. No large country ‘s leaders are innocent. Since people insist on placing political alliances as their only stance…I am Independent. I dislike the extremism of both parties. Astrology wise, America in her Pluto Return…her Karma is here. America has bullied, and destroyed several countries, and lied to the world about them. It’s coming to roost, the flaming bag of poo, on America’s doorstep. We have much to answer for. I think Putin will be the one to do it. I am going to pay a ln unbiased astrologer to look into his chart..which is tricky, because his birth time is not clearly evident. It will be some work to find the chart and time that correlates to his life closest…and gauge from there. Putin isn’t my hero, he isn’t my enemy. Biden and Trump are equally ridiculous. Ignorant are those that are so grossly limited in perception and knowledge to think that America is perfect and everyone else are bad. Time to get over that high horse, and accept our failures and rectify them, like mature grown ups. Otherwise, that poo bag will splatter all over our lives and country.

  38. “All we currently have is a demented old puppet who has no idea what day it is from one hour to the next, and is under the complete control of the WEF globalists.”

    Sorry Connie and Larry. You are stuck with Trump and Putin’s collection of P tapes. Some leader HE was.

    • Sorry Greg you have Alzhiemer Joe who literally gets confused in the middle of his own speeches. I don’t like any of these ancient leaders. But I refuse to only listen to an echo chamber as you appear to enjoy. I have an open mind and see others’ views. Try it, you might be surprised at how fast you change your opinion…if you are even capable anymore of listening and not parroting what the media spews.

  39. This column is for those who appreciate Jamie’s great insight into astrology, not for Russian trolls and far right trouble makers. None of your lies about Biden or Putin apologies belong here. Move on to another platform.

    • No one lied about Biden, it was all over the news his gaffs he is famous for since Obama, nor apologies for Putin, nothing to apologize about. I was left leaning, but always Independent, not that Greg F, your clear extreme left views hold. Don’t judge me by your lack of knowledge, like you do politics. Thank you for getting the message completely wrong!

    • Greg, neither myself or Connie are “Russian trolls”. Your binary us versus them simplistic partisanship has no place in astrology. Astrology is a science. The scientific method cares not about which political party you belong to.

      Your inability to address these 2 questions:

      “1) Name one thing that Russia has done to the US since the fall of the USSR?

      2) What would the US do if Russia had engineered a color revolution/coup in Mexico and installed a Russia friendly government that was hostile to the US?”

      outs you for the self-serving simplistic partisan that you are.

      As to Joe Biden. For someone who went through 6 years of watching my late mother deal with Dementia, I can assure you without question that Biden is suffering from Dementia. The DNC is keenly aware of that fact. Which is why they will make sure that he doesn’t run for reelection in 2024. He is nothing more than a puppet.

      • No Biden is just old and slow but still is mentally OK, which is more than can be said for Trump or indeed the whole GOP that support no restriction on gun ownership.

  40. A hallmark of Putin’s power is his ability/tendency to deceive, to create a false narrative, to obfuscate, to deflect attention etc, all done with words and propaganda. The Russian people have been deceived that there is no war going on and that Ukraine is being liberated. Putin lied to the world, his own people and even his own army that there was no intention to invade Ukraine. But then he went in and is destroying Ukraine and its people, including those ethnic Russians that he used as an excuse for the invasion. Those of his own army that he lied to were of ethnic minorities, so he his using the war to ethnically cleanse Russia as well as murdering Ukrainians. Part of the propaganda is to point a finger at the West, the US or Nato, but of course that does not justify the brutality of this invasion. Even if the West has acted in its own self interest, a murderer cannot justify murder by saying others have committed murder. Astrologically you can see Putin’s power for deception lies in his Mercury being conjunct the lucky star of talent Spica, but also conjunct Neptune (deception and fantasy) and Saturn (control and oppression). The rest of his chart speaks of his desire for power and his narcissism. In particular Venus rising in Scorpio in the first house (the self) speaks of charm but selfishness. That Venus is also conjunct Narcissus and Nemesis. so there can be no doubt (astrologically) that he is the enemy of himself, and anyone else who he has charmed (eg the whole of Russia and any supporters he has), Those who echo his propaganda the sad Echos to his Narcissus.

  41. One may note that the natal chart for Russia has a Sun in conjunction with Saturn, exact, in Libra. Putin also has this configuration, which may explain why he has come to power and to seemingly represent Russia for so long. His character chimes with Russia. But the Sun falls in Libra, while Saturn is exalted there. This means that the power of Saturn can eclipse that of the Sun (especially where the conjunction is exact). That could be why we see, in Russia, a strong sense of discipline, restriction, oppression, control, all for the ideals of equality and fairness (libra). But that urge for equality means Russia covetously wants to be equal to the power of the USA or any other. The ideal of equality comes at the expense of the freedom (of expression) of the individual (the Sun). That is why the ‘West’ or ‘freer’ regimes have feared the influence of Russia, especially where the ideology of Russia looks to expand or dominate. Where Saturn rules over the the Sun, one can see extreme cruelty against the individual, for the sake of the ideal (Libra). Episodes of this inhuman cruelty have happened in Russia’s past, particularly during the times of the Revolution and Civil War in the early 20th century. The brutality of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine harks back to that cruel past, thanks to the way his chart chimes with old Russia.

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