Full Moon October 2015 Dreams Come True

Full Moon October 2015 AstrologyThe Full Moon on Tuesday October 27, 2015 is at 3 degrees Taurus, in Taurus decan 1. The full moon astrology is enhanced by Neptune, adding emotional sensitivity to relationships and spiritual protection. The purity and high ideals of the full moon can be put to good use on the striking feature currently in the sky. A triple conjunction of Venus, Mars and Jupiter promises happiness and success in love and other passionate desires.

Full Moon Meaning

Like all full moons, the major planetary aspect is Sun opposite Moon. Along with the conjunction, this is the most important of all aspects in astrology. A full moon focuses our attention on relationships of all kind. A full moon itself has a relationship to the previous new moon. Projects you started during the previous moon phase two weeks ago can now be fine-tuned or completed, it is harvest time.

As the lunar qualities of emotions and instincts reach their peak at a full moon, you can take an objective and balanced look at your personal relationships. Being in touch with your own needs and intentions, and those of others, you can clearly see any relationships imbalances causing disharmony.  The influence of a full moon last for two weeks up to the next new moon, in this case the new moon on Wednesday 11 November 2015.

Full Moon October 2015 Astrology

The theme of the October 12 new moon was excited anticipation of coming success and happiness. A well placed Neptune in the October 2015 full moon astrology chart represents fulfillment of our dreams over the past two weeks. A triple conjunction of Venus, Mars and Jupiter continues the focus on flourishing love relationships. This sexy conjunction trine Pluto surely suggests that big time success can be achieved in the coming two weeks of this moon phase.

The full moon is within orb two stars in the Horns of the Ram, constellation Aries. At 04°11′ Taurus, Sheratan has a very aggressive and confrontation influence. Fortunately, the closer star at 03°24′ Taurus is the fixed star Mesarthim. This star hows up more of the protective-administrative quality, less of the impulsive aggressive of Sheratan.

For us, this means that although our emotional desires and needs will be very strong, and we will pursue then with vigor,  we will have a level of self-control over these primal instincts, being more considerate of the feelings of others.

The full moon sextile Neptune will further soften our direct approach to having our desires fulfilled. This aspect is known for making people very compassionate and sensitive. It adds empathy and spiritual bonding to relationships, making us feel silky smooth and alluring. There is a feel of purity and innocence about this full moon.

All spiritual pursuits are favored because we are more in touch with other dimensions. This aspect promotes strong and accurate intuition, psychic abilities and lucid, or vivid dreaming. Imagination will also promote any creative endeavors like music, art, poetry or drama.

Of course we also have Sun trine Neptune to balance out the polarity and bring harmony to relationships. This has a similar effect to the above, but also brings a quite confidence in achieving our goals. This full moon offers spiritual protection, and gives us the chance to make our dreams come true.

If we view the Sun and Moon as two sides of our brain, then Neptune hopes, dreams and spirituality bring them together to help us achieve our goals. Seeing the Sun and Moon as a Man and Woman, shared hopes and dreams together with a spiritual connection make for a harmonious and enlightening relationship.

Full Moon October 2015 Astrology

Mercury opposite Uranus presents a small challenge in the October 2015 full moon astrology chart shown above. This aspect does not bode well for critical thinking and there may be some surprising or upsetting news to deal with. Thankfully, the full moon sextile Neptune favors going with our intuition anyway. If anything, keeping an open mind will lead to more discoveries in the spiritual world. Ingenuity and inventiveness can be applied to all creative projects.

Of much stronger influence is the triple conjunction, which includes Venus conjunct MarsVenus conjunct Jupiter and Mars conjunct Jupiter. This is an omen of happiness and success in achieving our hearts desires. It brings good luck in love, money, in fact anything we care about. This is an ideal alignment for the birth of something truly wonderful.

Venus Mars Jupiter Alignment October 2015

Venus Mars Jupiter Alignment October 2015 [astronomynow.com]

You will notice that Mars is on the September 2015 solar eclipse degree, this activating the theme of that eclipse: the Healing of broken hearts. The effects of the solar eclipse will last until March 2016.

Venus trine Pluto, Mars trine Pluto and Jupiter trine Pluto give a tremendous increase in passion and desire. We will be driven to succeed and get exactly what we want. Being soundly based on good intentions, this configuration increases good fortune and the odds of our dreams becoming reality. It is possible to find true love which will be seen as a major life changing event. Whatever we make of our dreams, of love, or of success, it will have a deep and lasting impact.

Saturn square Neptune on the horizon represents our fears that this is all too good to be true, that we don’t deserve such good fortune and success. This is the major aspect into next year and occurs three times because of Saturn retrograde. The first exact square is not until November 26, 2015, well past this moon phase.

The high ideals and spiritual strength given to us by the October 2015 full moon should be harnessed. Such good vibrations can be used to weaken the influence of the negative energies gathering in the shadows. Soak up the good energies on offer, the love and honesty and charity and more we cannot see but feel.

Previous Moon Phase: New Moon October 2015
Next Moon Phase: New Moon November 2015

Full Moon October 2015 Times and Dates

Los Angeles
New York
October 27 – 5:05 am
October 27 – 8:05 am
October 27 – 12:05 pm
October 27 – 5:35 pm
October 27 – 10:05 pm

44 thoughts on “Full Moon October 2015 Dreams Come True

  1. Thank you for so detailed and provocative posts. It’s really a pleasure to read them 🙂
    My natal Pallas is at 5.34 in Taurus on 10th house …. Could this full moon increase pattern recognition and solving problems related to my natal Venus or career? Could it be that I will see somehow recognition for my past contributions? I’m lost in translation when I try to see how my natal Pallas can be activated by this full moon and I can’t see the connection with the new moon as that one activated the square between my natal Pluto (3rd house) and Venus (12 house)
    By the way would my moon at 2.32 Aries and my sun at 4.58 in Virgo get also some hit at the full moon?

    • Yes Meli, this full moon is close enough to your Pallas to do all that. The square to your Pluto from the previous new moon means you are in a struggle to take the next step on your evolutionary journey. Somehow, this will relate to the full moon theme. Full Moon semisextile natal Moon won’t do much. But the trine to your Sun should be felt.

      • Many thanks Jamie for giving me some hints as to how I can feel it.
        The person who has my attention in love has Juno (4.52) conjunction my sun 4.58 in Virgo and mercury so I guess the full moon could also activate this aspect …could it be that this person will start a long term and serious
        relationship with me? could it be this the next step of the activation of my Juno and Jupiter by the September eclipse and then the square to my Pluto from previous new moon?

          • Right now it did not work out on this way (at least the relationship was not with me although the person apparently had started before the full moon a relationship … not sure if long term though) in any case I am curious to know whether the effect of the full moon can be felt at a later stage?


            • Firstly, it last for the two weeks up to the next new moon. Apart from that, it could be possible that a planet passing the full moon degree could activate the same themes. Even in your entire life, this degree may represent a particular theme whether a planet or moon phase activates it.

  2. My natal part of Fortune is 1’31 degrees Taurus in the 12th house what kind of effect will this have?
    Thank you for your Monthly horoscope post I enjoy reading them! Have a good day.

    • Hi Firo, that is close enough to activate your POF, which is supposed to represent material wealth but also happiness of the soul. It will depend on any aspects to your POF. Fixed star Mira should also have an influence for you.

  3. Wow, it’s all happening in my 7th house, and in my partner’s 7th house, and all those planets are within a few degrees of both his and my natal Plutos (yes both have pluto in 7th eek). We’ve had some challenges the past month and so I’m dearly hoping it will all settle down with this upcoming full moon!

  4. Ah Jamie this explains a lot. Sheratan is conjunct my natal Venus in the 10th. Destruction of the I will say politely, the romantic life, and it took everything else with it. This must be the ruler of my scope. A lifelong unintended celibate. The entire scope rotates around this planet, Mercury and the Sun are also in the 10th, luckily out of Sheratan’s orb. You realize, of course an astrologer is like a doctor who must tell the patient he is dying, sad but a duty. A horoscope is not a fatal disease, but some are very bad, only to be endured (I am 65). With this knowledge you gave me perhaps I can confront my own destruction in this full moon, and, perhaps, digest it, and reconcile in some way. Ha Ha hope springs eternal in the human heart. I must add, from experience, Sheratan conjunct Venus means one feels pleasure in their own suffering and ruin, a particularly perverse arrangement.

    • Well not What I had intended but I’m at least glad you have an accepting frame of mind, and thank’s for your considered feedback.

  5. Hi 🙂 I have my MC in Taurus 0′ … Will this full moon positively transform my career? Scorpio rules descendent which has no planets. How about love relationships? Thanks so much 🙂

    • Hi Rachel, a full moon on your MC is good for public recognition in your career. As for relationships, it will mean a higher public profile if that helps. All the best!

      • Hi Jamie, thanks for your reply. I was just laid-off this week at my old job which I did not enjoy whilst in late stages of interview for new jobs. Why is this full moon so negative for me? I am at a loss. Will things get better? Also, dreams did not seem to come true for me as I will leave my workplace without my crush having a clue. Please help!!

          • Hi Jamie, I’m the same Rachel from Aquarius Decan 3 horoscope page~ btw I don’t know why my AC is in the 12th house Cancer 29’… Anyway things are still not looking up at all career or love-wise, please help 🙁

            • That all depends on what house system is used. What is important is the degree of the AC itself, the houses are not that important.

  6. graditude for yr little diagram of the planets..i have been watching them closely but only guessing which was which…blessings for yr labor of love and sharing…C

    • Thanks so much. I loved it when I first saw it, still like checking it out. I am keeping an eye on that website and will add anything similar in the future.

  7. Most astrologists warn people about full moon negativity, that is so depressed and unmotivated. Thank you for this motivated full moon comment. One need to feel this energy for rituels..

    • Thank you Raisa. I just interpret these as i see them. The full moon next month may not leave you feeling so optimistic I’m afraid.

  8. Jamie is this full moon in Taurus going to affect Taurus rising people especially Decan 2?

    • Good question Donnie, Taurus decan 1 will feel is stronger. But yes, even Taurus decan 2 will feel the effects, earlier in the decan more so.

  9. Hi Jamie , i am Leo , sun is on 19 , and my 10 house is Taurus , in my birth chat Jupiter in Taurus at 24 for me this full moon ??

    • The full moon itself is not having a major impact, but Uranus and Mercury are affecting you in a good way. I will have mentioned that in your monthly horoscope.

  10. Hi Jamie,

    I would like to consult with you regarding a peculiar aspect in my chart during the full moon. This is something I have just noticed. Part of my 5th house is Gemini and a part of it Taurus (I am not sure whether this is possible, but whenever I click on the online chart part of Taurus is shown as 5th house). 3-4 degrees of Taurus is shown to be 5th house in my chart and moon opposite my natal moon in my 11th house. What could this aspect mean? I am sagittarius 3rd decan. Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Mika, it’s common for a house to have 2 signs but it has very little meaning. The only importance I give is on the 4 cardinal points, not even their houses. A few degrees of of AC, IC, DC and MC.

  11. Hi Jamie,

    As a Libra am I being specifically affected by the conjunctions with Venus? And with the Full Moon being near my rising sign Aries is this a good time to work on my relationship with the outer world?

    • Hi Sophia, the Libra sign is not that important to me because I don’t use rulerships such as Venus rules Libra. You will gain much more detail by looking at the fixed stars. Again, your rising degree, Ascendant is more specific than rising sign. CHeck your monthly horoscope to see if I mentioned a full moon influence. You can also read your horoscopes for your rising decan.

  12. Hi Jamie,

    I am scorpio ascedent and my birthday was on 27 oct, on blue moon 31 just I lost my job. will this full moon help me to find job????


    • Yes, this is a good full moon for you as you will read in your monthly horoscope. Look to apply during Mercury in your decan from November 1 to 8.

  13. Hi Jamie!
    I’m cancer, I was born in June 23rd and I broke up with my boyfriend this past Tuesday night
    Did the full moon affected me and my relationship?

  14. hI JAMIE
    I am taurus i was born in may 19 th 1970 what will be my career and financial prospectus for rhi nov and dec and 2016

  15. 4/20 taurus,cusp w aries, w Scorpio rising. … feels pretty stormy and difficult. …. just saying

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