Virgo 2015 Horoscope

Virgo 2015 HoroscopeVirgo horoscope 2015 with decans for a more accurate forecast. If you are on a cusp, use the free horoscope to find your decan.

   Virgo Decan 1 – born Aug 23 to Sep 2.
   Virgo Decan 2 – born Sep 3 to 12.
   Virgo Decan 3 – born Sep 13 to 22.

Decan 1 Virgo 2015 Horoscope

This year is looking more active and more fortunate than 2014. Although a restrictive Saturn transit may cause some setbacks for a month or two, you can look forward to an extremely lucky Jupiter transit to make some big gains. You enter the new year with excellent stars because of the October 2014 solar eclipse. This strong and sexy eclipse will maintain its harmonious influence until the next eclipse on March 20, 2015.

A solar eclipse sextile your decan increases your power and influence. So the first months of 2015 are ideal for making real progress with the things in life that mean a lot to you, from work, to relationships and longer term goals. Because that eclipse joined Venus, your love life and finances should be in good shape for January and February. Increasing your odds for enjoyable relationships was the solar eclipse sextile Mars. This makes for increased sex appeal, energy and initiative, to break the ice or reach your goals in general.

For those born August 23 to 27 only, it will be more difficult to enjoy the benefits of the eclipse cycle. You will most likely feel held back and pessimistic because of Saturn square your decan, from mid December 2014 to late June 2015. I will go into more detail about this depressive influence later on when it applies to all of you.

From May 25 until June 12, Mercury retrograde makes this as a two-week period of increased stress and confusion. Mercury square your decan is difficult enough let alone heading backwards. Poor judgement and rushed thinking means the risk of arguments and mental errors is very high now. If there are important issues to be discussed, business deals to negotiate, or contracts to sign this year, then try to avoid this period. The best time for these activities comes up next.

Now to the most fortunate time of the whole year for all of you. During August and September 2015, Jupiter is in your decan. This is one of the very best transits in astrology. Good things are attracted to you. This presents an excellent opportunity to expand your horizons and increase your wealth. Others will pick up on your happy vibe, making this is a good time to enjoy life and get out and about. Being more cheerful and generous, you will likewise attract the same in other people, and gain favors and possibly even some treasure.

Jupiter opposite Neptune from September 5 to 29 has the potential to make the final half of this lucky Jupiter transit not as favorable as the first. For those of you born August 23 to 27 only, the effect is not that bad at all. You may feel an urge to explore your beliefs and morals, gaining great satisfaction through from spiritual or religious groups.

For those born August 28 to September 2 only, Jupiter activates Neptune opposite your decan. You have probably already felt this weakening influence in 2014, and will have to cope with possible deceptions and scandal for the greater part of 2015.

All of Virgo decan 1 must endure some hardship from early September til the end of December 2015. The testing Saturn square is one of the most challenging of all transits, the polar opposite of the previous Jupiter transit. Basically, your sense of purpose and your goals are being challenged by Saturn. The pain in your life now will most likely be in the form of bosses, teachers, parents or the government. You will have to face this adversity with patience and persistence. Keep soldiering on so they don’t get the better of you.

Saturn square Neptune from November 10 to December 14 will increase any fears and concerns brought up by the Saturn transit. This is no time to be undertaking and structural reform in your life. Anything built now would have shaky foundations. Better to delay real estate totally, whether renovating or buying a new home. This will be most critical for those born August 28 to September 2 only, with this pessimistic influence made stronger by your Neptune transit.

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Decan 2 Virgo 2015 Horoscope

Your 2015 horoscope is even more fortunate than last years, though you have to wait until September 2015 for most of the action and good luck from Jupiter. The major influence this year does last all year, with Pluto trine your decan. You can expect to make some big and lasting changes in your life. Business, career, and finances should all go well and you may be handsomely rewarded for seemingly little effort. In love relations, your magnetism and strong self-assurance will attract the goodies.

From May 18 to 30, Mercury retrograde makes the testing square aspect to Virgo decan 2. During this two-week period, you are likely to feel under pressure and stressed out by the hectic pace. Poor judgement at this time from Mercury square your decan, means you should really avoid major business transactions and big decisions. It will feel at times that you are being interrogated by others, but it will be important to bite your tongue as you could dig a bigger hole for yourself. Delays are possible with transport, and losing personal items would be a sign of a frazzled mind.

The September 13 solar eclipse falling around the time of your birthday is an excellent omen. A solar eclipse in your decan means it is time for your personal new years resolutions. You can expect an energy boost and increased vitality. Individuality and self-expression of that come easier because it is you that are in focus. The extra energy is put to best use by expressing what you want, what your goals are, and getting the ball rolling. This productive phase of life will last at least until the March 2016 solar eclipse, possibly longer as it remains active in your solar return chart.

From September 20 until the end of November 2015, good luck comes your way with Jupiter in your decan. This will give you a buoyant and enthusiastic energy. Feeling larger than life and very optimistic, you will be keen to experience all you can. Jupiter rules faith and beliefs, so your self-belief and optimism will be high. You now have the enthusiasm to take advantage of the many opportunities for growth that come your way. Increasing your wealth and level of happiness come more easily now.

From October 1 to 23, the benefits of Jupiter are powered up to the extreme by Jupiter trine Pluto. This marks a major transformation in your life, greatly increasing your power and influence. The transitions on the way could include promotion in your career, leading to increased wealth and power. Journeys made now will also greatly deepen and broaden your outlook on life, and be remembered as once in a lifetime experiences. Overall, a very satisfying and evolving phase of life.

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Decan 3 Virgo 2015 Horoscope

You had a taste of some good fortune mid 2014, and later this year, the luck returns bigger and better. However, the longest lasting influence this year will be a test of your character. You are greatly affected by solar eclipses this year. Both will be felt very strongly, but with polar opposite effects. The first one is the more challenging of the two. The March 20 solar eclipse will present some testing times up until the friendlier September 13 solar eclipse.

This solar eclipse opposite your decan will take some work to navigate. Your ego and your will may get in the way of achieving what you want. You could feel like you are banging your head against a brick wall because other people just don’t make things easy for you. The risk of confrontation is higher now than normal.

Most of the oppositional energy will come in the career, through power trippers like superiors and authority figures. Your strong urge to get ahead will be seen as a threat to their position. It is better now to bide your time, do what you have to keep the peace, and wait for better times ahead. Slowly work in the background, setting yourself up for advancement when the timing is right.

The right time for asserting yourself and taking positive action will come once the September 13 solar eclipse kicks in. The marks the beginning of a powerful phase of life lasting until the March 2016 solar eclipse. A solar eclipse in your decan makes for a memorable birthday. As this confidence boosting eclipse comes around the time of your birthday, its positive influence will last well into 2016.

You can actually count on more enthusiasm and vigor until your 2016 birthday, due to this eclipse powering up your 2015 solar return chart. Your positive attitude and increased power make this an excellent time for self promotion and making good impressions. Long term goals will be more easily achieved, and you can expect the assistance from those with the power to make a difference.

During this productive eclipse cycle, you could not do better than to have Jupiter in your decan. This extremely fortunate influence will last from mid November 2015 until the end of February 2016. Last year you experienced the good fortune of a sextile from Jupiter. The conjunction is more powerful, and in combination with the solar eclipse, makes the chances of increases wealth and happiness very high.

Extreme confidence will attract genuine people, pleasant experiences, and good luck to you. Jupiter brings much happiness, gain and success. This comes through your career, business, work, family and friends. It is also an ideal time to broaden your outlook on life through spirituality, higher education, and long distance travel.

For those born September 20 to 22 only, you have the stable and foundation building Saturn sextile your decan. From the beginning of June til the end of September 2015, you can make gains and receive promotion by taking on more responsibility. You already had a brief taste of this transit in the middle of December 2014.

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43 thoughts on “Virgo 2015 Horoscope

      • Me 21 September 1969, though earned enough still don’t feel stable. Changed careers throughout. Engineer, Airforce, computer science, currency dealings and agriculture etc etc 🙂

  1. The Sept. 13th eclipse is hitting me on my birthday. With pluto on my sun, a little worried actually… The last few years have been hand to mouth.

    • Same here! Last few years were hard and it seems never ending story.

  2. It could have been better if you added Mars and Venus conjunction with Jupitor conjunction.

    • Jamie, Venus and Mars will conjunct on Virgo decan 2 during late October when Jupitor trines Pluto. Something big seems to happen..

  3. I’m sept 7 83, I’m wondering about love/relationship for next year? I see a lot of theme related to career that i”m looking forward to! So happy it will get better 😀

    • I’m sept 7 too.! We have Mars/Venus/Jupiter Conjunction and Pluto Trine on Late October. Something big should happen we will get cocky

  4. Hi Jamie. Thank you for the horoscopes. I am an early decan 1 Virgo … Will the March 20th solar eclipse be having any impact on early decan virgos. I noticed you mentioned it will be opposite Capricorn decan 1. Good thing it’s 8 degree away from my sign so prob not as bad. But my Virgo is 5 degree away. Wondering if there will be any impact? Thank you.

    Wishing you happy holidays and a wonderful 2015.

  5. Jamie, I just want to say your doing a great job and I look foward to reading your horoscopes every month, rob 9/21

  6. Thank you, Jamie! I’m Virgo Decan 2 and YES I experienced the taste of Jupiter sextile my Sun and trine my Pisces Moon in summer 2014 – got scholarship to attend Asian Young Leadership course in Japan ^^ Learnt a lot during those wonderful 2 months and even attended World Grand Prix !! My dream literally came true!! Looking forward to the end of 2015!! Wish you a wonderful 2015!!

  7. wah last time i was in relation with leo man,everday fighting,omg….few month ago a guy propose me ,,he was a virgo man..!!!MAKE MY HEART MELT!,,as soon i wil accept his love..virgo great man ever

  8. Those of you born in the second decade will finally experience affection and this will change their vision of things.

    Are you falling in love with a Virgo? You have made the right choice! He or she will make you happy without forcing you to change your life and passions: appreciate this behaviour!

  9. Jamie – Your horoscopes are spot on! great stuff!
    I wanted to ask – my birthdate is Sept 19` 1981 and I’ve been single for seven years…any chance of finding lasting love anytime in the near future? Thanks` M

      • I’m September 21 and am in the same situation. I think the September 17 solar eclipse will help us out, especially in liberating us of any relationship baggage so we can find new love.

        • Oh god i hope so. I’ve tried everything – online, offiline, blind dates, everything. Its soul-wrenching especially when people come to me and say “i cannot believe you’re single!”.
          Fingers Crossed. I’ve certainly learned a lot during this period, and i think i’ve made some very positive changes and weeded out a lot of baggage, so looking forward to a new, hopefully loving chapter.

          And fingers crossed for you too!

          • Mandy, same for me, but way longer than 7 years already, unfortunately. And no one would believe I was single all the time, me neither when looking back.
            But Jamie’s forcast for 2014, when I look back, was precise, regarding good fortune in July. So I hope that later 2015 the luck returns, bigger, and better, just as he said 🙂 Thanks Jamie!

  10. I suffer with anxiety since Spring 2015. It got worst in the Fall 2015 and I am now learning to control it with the help of a Naturopath and vitamins. I am feeling etter, but hoping it will just keep on getting better with positive energy. Will the second part of 2015 and 2016 be good.

  11. Hi Jamie,

    I have had a rough times for several years now. It is either one thing or another. Started feeling depressed and sickly. I am September 22 Virgo, Sagittarius rising(early degrees).

    I love you comments and hope some of the luck and prosperity ends up in my corner of the world. Is there any coming ?

    Thank you.


    • Hi Jasmine, I’m September 21 and we have had a tough time, especially the last six months. I’m very optimistic about the future starting with the September 13 solar eclipse, then Jupiter moving through our decan.

  12. Virgo decan 1 being quite fortunate during August/September I can very much vouch for. After considering an extreme contingency plan due to my money/roommate/work situation where I would have wound up jobless AND homeless, something came through 3 days before the fated hour. Started working as a vendor at a major Fortune 500 company just this past Tuesday (got the call that I got the job on August 28th. Roomie was going to evict me on the 31st if I didn’t get A JOB, and he was my consulting boss too). Ran 10km for the first time that same day too without killing myself. That Saturn square my decan was a major pain especially considering it hit my Ascendant right as it stationed retrograde.

    I will absolutely be “checking my six” in October/November, especially considering my progressed Midheaven crosses into Scorpio on October 29th. I just need to keep my car functional until I can replace it and seek new residence as I didn’t appreciate the whole roommate matter the last few months. That and the 405 sucks around Seattle so I need to shorten this commute! (Still I’ve heard the LA 405 is even more legendary, AND they’re going to be switching up how HOV lanes work on the Seattle 405 by mixing it with tolled “express lanes” and changing the occupancy rules during rush hour (was 2+, I’ll be 3+ soon during those times and 2+ all other times). Which they will switch over DURING Mercury Retrograde. I can’t wait to see how this turns out!)

  13. hi JAMIE.its verry hard to undertant the date. becouse i was born in philipine part MANILA.Bday8ー27.

  14. hi.i hope jupiter&sun Is blessing me in a whole year they say.but its not.i feel hopefull.8ー27

  15. Hi Jamie! My birthdate is sept 16 , 1980… It looks like it will get better for me financially…lately I’ve been thinking a lot about my carreer…am I finally gonna get my loan from the bank in January ? I will need this for my career thanks ! Please let me know .

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