Virgo 2016 Horoscope

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Virgo 2016 HoroscopeVirgo horoscope 2016 with decans for a more accurate forecast. If you are on a cusp, use the free horoscope to find your decan.

   Virgo Decan 1 – born Aug 23 to Sep 2.
   Virgo Decan 2 – born Sep 3 to 12.
   Virgo Decan 3 – born Sep 13 to 22.

Decan 1 Virgo 2016

2016 offers less in the way of astrological activity compared to last year. This is good news considering you had to battle a depressing Saturn transit up until December 2015. Although there is not as much to report this year, you can look forward to a strong and productive end to the year with a solar eclipse falling around your birthday.

Neptune is opposite your decan until January 2017. Those of you born in the final four days of Virgo decan 1 will feel this influence directly during 2016. Those of you born earlier in the decan felt the direct impact over the last three years but may still pick up the subtle vibrations.

You will learn a lot about yourself this year that was previously hidden from your conscience. Being confronted by some unpleasant truths during this transit, it is normal to feel insecure and exposed. Your ego can take a bit of a battering, making you feel deflated or weak, even defeated. It will be important to keep your self-esteem and confidence up, especially up until your birthday.

Mars retrograde square your decan from April 17 to May 30 presents the major challenge of the year. A buildup of hot energy creates tension and frustration, which can lead to outburst of temper if you don’t get your own way. And you won’t get your own way a lot of the time. The retrograde motion further internalized the aggression, which can involve issues about abuse in previous relationships or even past lives. Working this destructive energy out of your body is critical. This can be done through sports and sex, but risk taking should be avoided.

Solar eclipse September 2016 in your decan is the highlight of 2016. This will give a real boost to your self-confidence which may be lacking this year. You will feel more energetic and optimistic, ready to move up the ladder and achieve success. This is a great time to set optimistic new goals for the year ahead.

Your goals, especially in your career, will be easier to achieve and you can expect the favor of superiors and men in general. A solar eclipse around the time of your birthday is especially fortunate because it puts your concerns in the spotlight for an entire year. This is because it stays active in your 2016 solar return chart. Check back closer to this eclipse for more detail, or subscribe at the bottom of the page.

From December 27 to the 8th of January 2017, Mercury retrograde trine your decan is the best time of the year for making new friends. Your social skills and charisma are enhanced, and you should already be feeling confident from the solar eclipse. That eclipse is also a good omen for relationships of all kinds, promoting harmony and open communications. The people you meet now may be past life contacts. Any love relationships formed now would have a strong karmic feel to them, as if you had known them before.

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Decan 2 Virgo 2016

The positive conditions of last year continue in 2016. However, there are some new, more challenging influence influences to deal with which may hamper your progress. This is going to be a busy year of ups and downs, with challenging times alternating with some of the most fortunate of all influences in astrology.

Pluto trine your decan lasts until the end of 2018. This powerful influence will be felt directly by those of you born in the middle of Virgo decan 2 this year. Those of you born in the first four days of the decan will still feel the positive repercussions of your exact transit over the last three years. Those born on the final two days of your decan will feel the power and intensity building this year. Intensity, endurance and passion become a part of everyday life, giving you awesome personal power and influence.

Saturn square your decan from mid December 2015 until mid December 2016 is the major stumbling block to progress this year. This is one of the most challenging transits to deal with. It can represent a forced turning point where you feel pressured and burdened. It may feel like everything and everyone is against you during this tough time, which can lead to feelings of isolation and discouragement.

The September 2015 Solar Eclipse around the time of your birthday is an excellent omen. The ease and confidence it brings will help reduce much or the restrictive and depressive influence of Saturn. The eclipse theme of healing broken hearts will obviously benefit your love life. This eclipse, which last until early March, also promotes career advancement with help from superiors and men in general.

Jupiter in your decan from February 20 to July 20 represents the most fortunate period of the year. This is a longer than usual influence because of Jupiter retrograde from January 8 to May 9. Jupiter adds even more confidence and good feelings, with opportunities to increase your wealth. There is the possibility for long distance travel, further education or new relationships to expand your horizons. As you also have some more challenging influence during this lucky streak, much will depend on timing as shown below.

The March 8 Solar Eclipse opposite your decan will take away from some of the harmony you have been enjoying in relationships. It can create a more confrontational environment as you face increased opposition to your goals. This will assist during your lucky Jupiter streak as it provides the motivation to get off your butt. It will however, increase the risk of fears and anxieties from Saturn and other challenging influences.

Jupiter trine Pluto for all of March 2016 climaxes on March 16. This is the best time of the year. Because of the retrograde motion, you do have this same transit again in June. Your luck will be hampered then by other influences, so you must take full advantage of the opportunities for growth in March. You will notice a tremendous increase in your power and influence during this month. Massive gains are possible including with money.

Neptune opposite your decan lasts from late March 2016 until March 2021. Those of you born in the first few days of Virgo decan 2 will feel this influence directly this year. The remainder of you may start to sense it coming on but won’t feel the direct impact yet. Strange feelings and events are likely to make you feel insecure or confused, especially about yourself and your direction. This is a subtle effect though, and the stronger positive influences from Pluto and the solar eclipse will help alleviate any possible dissolution or weakness.

Jupiter square Saturn from March 9 to June 9 is a testing time as your urge to get ahead comes up against delays and restrictions. You will also have to battle fears and self-doubt. You could experience financial hardship in which case you need to limit spending on luxury items or entertainment. A relationship on rocky grounds may lead to a separation or major shakeup. On the positive side of things, Jupiter is making the conjunction to your decan which is stronger than the square aspect of Saturn. Optimism can prevail over pessimism.

Saturn square Neptune from May 23 to September 30 presents another challenge, similar to the above. The two overlap somewhat, so the most challenging time of the year could be late May and early June. After that period, lucky Jupiter gets stronger and a new eclipse phase increases your fortunes. But you should not underestimate Saturn square Neptune. It can bring some scary experiences with the darker side of life. Disappointments or setbacks now are more likely to extend or deepen periods of grief or depression.

Jupiter trine Pluto again from June 11 to July 3 peaks on June 26. Although you may not experience the highs and good fortune of the same transit back in March, it will ease much of the tension from the previous difficult transit. You will feel more in control of situations, and may find yourself in positions of power or authority within groups.

Solar eclipse September 2016 lands close to your birthday so will have a similarly good effect as the September 2015 solar eclipse. It is again time for setting new goals in new areas of life. A lot will have changed in the last year and the theme of this new eclipse will give you direction. Check back closer to this eclipse for more detail, or subscribe at the bottom of the page.

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Decan 3 Virgo 2016

Any good fortune you experienced last year will improve in 2016. There are two very fortunate time periods this year when generous Jupiter passes through Virgo decan 3. The influence of eclipses means that the beginning of the year will be more prosperous than the end.

The September 2015 Solar Eclipse around birthday time is an excellent omen for the future. Because it is highlighted in your 2015 solar return chart, its positive influence will continue until your 2016 birthday. The solar eclipse theme of healing broken hearts is obviously going to benefit your love life. The confidence and ease of this eclipse also favors advancement in your career and in other personal goals.

Jupiter in your decan from mid November 2015 to the end of February 2016 is your first and probably best lucky streak this year. Others will pick up on your happy vibes making this is a good time to enjoy life and get out and about. Being more cheerful and generous, you will likewise attract the same in other people, and gain favors and possibly even some treasure.

Jupiter retrograde from January 8 to May 9 means you will have this transit once more in 2016.

The March 8 Solar Eclipse opposite your decan will take some of the gloss off the previous eclipse phase. Remember, however, that the previous birthday eclipse has influence over this period. This means that there will be less confrontation and agitation than you would normally expect from such an eclipse. Still, you will have to work harder to make the most of the Jupiter opportunities ahead for growth and prosperity.

Jupiter in your decan again from July 17 to September 11 brings new opportunities for growth and happiness. I could be that it represents a continuation of the good fortune you enjoyed earlier in the year. There is a tendency with this easy and fortunate energy to sit back to enjoy, without taking full advantage of the good fortune and opportunities. This is where the more challenging March solar eclipse will help out. It will force you out of your comfort zone and make you put in the extra effort required.

Mercury retrograde in your decan from August 30 to September 14 translates to a hectic two weeks that may leave you feeling scattered and confused. Generally, this can be a time of delays and breakdowns, but you are still enjoying Jupiter good fortune. It is likely that you will bump into people who come with an important message. They may be past life contacts and could even lead to new relationships. Such a relationship started in this period would have a strong karmic bond. I will update the Mercury retrograde post closer to the event.

The September 16 Lunar Eclipse opposite your decan heralds the start of a more challenging phase of life. The ease and good fortune of Jupiter and last years birthday eclipse have now ended. Professional and personal progress must now give way to a more defensive approach to life. There will be a greater focus on home and family, and your intimate relationships will take up more of your time. As with the Mercury retrograde article, check back or subscribe at the bottom of the page. This eclipse will come with its own particular emphasis.

Saturn square your decan from mid December 2016 to mid December 2017 reinforces the defensive theme of the lunar eclipse. Instead of forging ahead you should now concentrate on holding onto the gains you have made this year, whether they be material or spiritual. It may feel like everything and everyone is against you during this tough time which can lead to feelings of isolation and discouragement. This is one of the most challenging of all transit and there are over 150 comments in that article to help you out.

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