Venus Retrograde

Venus Retrograde 2020Venus Retrograde Transit

Transiting Venus retrograde occurs once every 19 months for a total of six weeks (42 days). This means Venus is retrograde only 7% of the time, the least amount of any planet. The next closest is Mars retrograde at 9% then Mercury retrograde at 19%. Therefore, Venus retrograde is the most strongly felt of all retrograde planets.

During Venus in retrograde motion, your love life enters a fated period. Giving and receiving love and affection becomes more difficult. Old friends or lovers may reappear or you may relive past life experiences in order to sort out karmic issues. As Venus also rules money, it’s traditionally thought that Venus retrograde is not an ideal time for investing or buying luxury items.

Venus retrograde in transit is a time of introspection and reassessment. You will likely become interested in someone or something of value that would bring you pleasure. Destiny encounters are possible and you may actually come into contact with your soul mate. If so, you should experience a feeling of inevitability or familiarity. However, it is better to wait until Venus turns direct to make your move.

Use Venus retrogrades to improve how you feel about yourself, to love yourself more. Think about what really brings you pleasure. Find the reasons for problems in earlier or current relationships. This is where old lovers reappearing can help you clear away the past to make room for new relationships. Even reminiscing about old partners will help to remove your karmic baggage and lighten the load.

Venus Retrograde Dates

  • 2018, October 5 to November 16 — 25° Libra to 11° Scorpio
  • 2020, May 13 to June 25 — 21° Gemini to 5° Gemini
  • 2021, December 19 to January 29, 2022 — 26° to 11° Capricorn

Natal Venus Retrograde

Natal Venus retrograde suggests you have some difficulty in giving and receiving love and affection. You may experience sadness in love or have to endure hardship or delay. Lack of self-love, social anxiety, shyness, and even financial hardship are also possible.

Often these challenges are a result of past life relationship issues. Due to the laws of karma, if you caused suffering or hardship to a lover in an earlier life, you shall experience something similar yourself during this life. Venus retrograde acts like Mars so perhaps you hurt someone you loved. Maybe you had an affair, walked out when they needed you most, or physically injured them.

Whatever happened in past romances, you come into this life with those bad memories etched in your soul. You probably don’t recognize them as memories but as déjà vu or unexplained guilt. Especially when young, there can be a repeating theme of challenging events related to your past.

Sadness and disappointment may come from unrequited love, forced marriage, sexual abuse, mental illness, or physical disability. Learning to love yourself is critical in working through your Venus in retrograde issues. Other signs of natal Venus retrograde are poor personal hygiene and not caring about how you look.

Self-love can start with beautifying your physical appearance. Using fashion, cosmetics, and beauty treatments can greatly improve your self-love, therefore making you more lovable. However, natal Venus in retrograde can also show as excessive use of makeup and jewelry or even disfigurement from cosmetic surgery.

The aim of Venus retrograde in your natal chart is to perfect those areas of your love life which once let you down. As your relationship skills improve with experience, your karmic debt will be repaid and you start to enjoy more loving relationships.

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  1. Jamie, On November 8th, Venus will be conjunct Spica. How long will conjunction last? Thanks!

    • Hi Margaret. Venus is currently retrograde at 29° Libra and stations direct November 16 at 25°14′ Libra.

      Spica is at 24°05′ Libra so Venus does not come back quite far enough to pass over this star. But Venus is within Spica’s suggested orb of 2°40′ from November 7 to 25

  2. I was told not to make any drastic appearance changes during Venus retrograde. I am hoping to cut my hair 11/16… during the shadow phase. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Mike. That really depends on your own chart. If Mercury is making a difficult aspect to something important in your chart then yes, it would be better to wait.

  3. I strongly suggest that you may benefit by going to your general practitioner and asking for a referral to a mental health practitioner. This suggestion is not said with malice and cones from a place of concern. Take care

  4. Hi Jamie,

    I was foolish enough to start a relationship during a venus retrograde on November 8, 2018. it ended shortly after venus went direct. It felt inevitable and really familiar. I felt like coming home. The nodes changed signs on 6th November 2018, into Cancer and Capricorn. He is Capricorn and I am Cancer. We are no longer in a relationship but we are in contact. I know we have karma to sort. Did that brief period sort out our karma or is there still more to come? He felt like a soulmate. Do relationships that end after venus turn direct ever resurrect or they die to never rekindle again? Is there no hope of restarting at any point again?

  5. The dates are all wrong just fyi

    ”February 16 to March 9 – The retrograde phase lasts from Venus stationary retrograde until the Venus direction station (21° to 5° Gemini).
    March 9 to 29 – The second shadow phase lasts from Venus stationary direct until Venus leaves the retrograde zone (5° to 21° Gemini).”

  6. The Sun is in the Mercury stronghold Gemini, Venus retrograde takes place in Gemini; Mercury will be in caring and nurturing Cancer, I see this as beneficial to our crisis. Squaring Neptune, so much the better. A square in a bad scope can be good. Venus in Gemini, square drunken, deceiving, miasma and diseased Neptune, definite beneficial possibilities. Mercury now holds the whip hand. The good side of Mercury vs Neptune is revealing how superficial and incompetent our “leaders” and “experts” really are, how unworthy of trust or being given power. The crisis story revolves around the virus entering the lungs. Mercury ruled Virgo also rules the pancreas, the source of diabetic problems. The biggest mortality risk factor for the virus is diabetes. Mercury affliction is the big story here. Sun/Leo and Aquarius/Uranus rule the vascular system and it becoming apparent this is the site SARS2 is attacking. Carefully regard any affliction to Uranus or the Sun. Of course the ultimate problem source is the Saturn/Pluto conjunction earlier this year. I see this as more growing pains than anything else.
    It looks like decisions made while Mercury was directly in conflict with Neptune are now being revealed as poor. Crime and crisis are a growth opportunity for government. Government eyed this situation gleefully, greedily. It has one solution to every problem, more gain power. Now they are getting pushback. Keep this in mind when angrily looking at the news “never attribute to malice what is mere incompetence.” Napoleon Bonaparte.” We are at a low point, collapse ahead? I doubt it, even the political circus of politicians and media have only one move, get the economy going before we begin starving and rioting.

    • Saturn in Aquarius, the social distancing and isolation, laughable bad Aquarian traits almost a parody. Wait till Pluto hits Aquarius. Whew.

        • Hi Jen. Pluto enters Aquarius on March 23, 2023. Neither good or bad really. I don’t believe the astrological influence of planets is affected by Sign changes. Aspects and fixed stars have influence.

            • Born with that square as are many so thanks.! What you don’t say is that Uranus in Taurus is in the middle, that’s what you should be looking at. The mighty Uranus ripping apart earthly money and deceptions of evil Capricorn governments. Venus/Neptune square with Mars. Delusion that you have a better more normal life again. Covid is swimming in the delusion of millions. Money taken away by Uranus. These are pointers, not absolutes though. Delusion is the best description. Hard times, Saturn in the sign of governments conjunct Jupiter on December 21st UK at 0 degree. Yikes. I believe the last time these 2 stood at 0 degree Aquarius was 3,800 years ago!!!!!!!! Australia and now UK new horoscope sun sign, square Uranus in Taurus.!!! Pluto trying to bring down the banking money sectors. If astrology does anything it warns you in advance to not be gung ho. Prepare, prepare. Pre pare look at that word. Aboriginals Australia is your country, 3,800 years ago got to be linked.

  7. Interesting that “Giving and receiving love and affection becomes more difficult.” yet, “Old friends or lovers may reappear.” It’s a fascinating concept, and as Venus is retrograding in my Sun sign, I have noted it to see how it plays out. Thank you for all your hard work.

  8. I really hope I meet my soul mate..!!! From 2 meters distance… on a street corner…. or …??

  9. As always, you give superb content! Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I am now wondering if that mysterious number calling me might be a curious ex lover trying to passively get in touch again. haha! 🙂

  10. Hi Jamie, as always very though-provoking posts.
    Venus entered the retrograde period 2 days after a full moon on 7 April which was eventful for me and one day after Pluto conjunction Jupiter which indeed brought to the table a generous amount of money which did not materialised (I guess Venus entering the retrograde period may explain that) and Venus entering retrograde on 13 May at 21.50 is making an opposition to Vertex and natal Neptune at 19.54 and will make a trine to rising sign at 5.48 Leo when it will become direct on 25 June and within 4 days of the 21June eclipse so my guess is that something eventful will happen. Would you say that it will be more financial orientated than relationship orientated? Or could it be both due to the quality of Geminis? Thanks!

    • The full moon on 7 April was ruled by Venus and made a conjunction to natal Pluto at 19.56 Libra which natally square natal Venus 19.12 Cancer and the new moon on 22 April was also ruled by Venus and is just one month before the
      “Venus square Neptune climaxes May 20 but stays within 2° orb from April 28 to May 25. So it a very strong influence on this whole retrograde cycle. It increases your need for tenderness and affection but can also cause disillusionment in love, confusion, and deception.” So I am really curious about this !

  11. Car lease due May 19 2020 during Venus retrograding would this be a safe time astrologically to lease new car?

  12. Venus is about MONEY. No money and Love dies, she wants money. Venus is ruled by Taurus. Uranus blowing apart earthly money. Uranus in Taurus 1934 to 1942, rationing food….. It’s all happened before. Uranus also reigns fire from the sky and rocks the earth. Love the fact that I am writing this on my Uranus ruler of technology phone and do banking on my phone, the Mighty Uranus is indeed great, plus I am married to one!!!!! He was a telephone engineer. 3 planets in Aquarius. Why did I not know astrology in 1998??? laugh out loud indeed, or not as the case may be……….

  13. Disillusioned

    “having lost faith or trust in something formerly regarded as good or valuable”

    “disappointed and unhappy because of discovering the truth about something or someone that you liked or respected”

    add to the debilitating Neptune-Venus square at the beginning of the Venus Rx, Venus appears weakly aspected as it comes out of the RX, June 25, even Peregrine. Which means it’s all over the place, like the plague.

    In Gemini, we see the mimicking quality exert itself positively, as you reinforce your achievements, out loud, to yourself. Go on, do it!. Negatively it manifests as fatigue as reading or hearing the same words, or even plagiarism. Try not to be disheartened, for that is how humans learn. Spend time listening to 4 or 5 year old children in the playground.

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