Donald Trump Horoscope

Donald Trump HoroscopeDonald Trump was born in New York on June 14, 1946. The time of 10:54 am for the Donald Trump horoscope is rated AA as it comes from his birth certificate. [1]

Mars conjunct Ascendant represents the physical expression of Donald Trump’s soul. It makes him very strong, courageous and independent, and he feels that he needs to show off this strength. His ego can be easily ruffled, leading to arguments and hostility. Others can react aggressively to this hostility, often resulting in strong enemies.

People always know where Donald stands. Personal integrity and honor are his strong points and win him support. He has a strong sex drive and can ooze sexual magnetism in a raw, militant way. Competitive careers like big business and politics are excellent outlets for his assertive energy.

Donald has a tremendously strong work ethic and strong desire to succeed. However, he needs to develop greater understanding and respect for those not strong like himself. His personal relationships would enjoy more harmony if he showed more sympathy and tenderness to weaker individuals.

Fixed star Regulus at 29 ♌ 04 is conjunct his Mars and Ascendant. The Heart of the Lion, symbolically the Crushing Foot, is a Mars-Jupiter type star reinforcing Donald Trump’s assertive and aggressive nature. It makes him generous, ambitious, fond of power, desirous of command, high-spirited and independent. Regulus is the Great and Mighty King, giving royal properties, a noble mind, frankness and courage.

Ascendant conjunct Regulus gives great honor and wealth, favor of the great and victory over enemies. But it can also bring scandal, violence and trouble, with benefits seldom lasting.

Mars conjunct Regulus brings honor, fame, a strong character, public prominence and high military command. He takes command and gives orders.

Sun sextile Mars gives a playful and youthful appearance. It increases the strength and competitiveness of Mars and Regulus rising. It’s the reason he is very direct in his self-expression. A fighting spirit can make him provocative, and this aspect supports the business, military and political potential shown by Mars and Regulus rising.

Lack of pretension and a willingness to stand up for just causes wins Donald respect and support. Sun sextile Mars suggests harmonious relationships on the whole because of his sincerity, warmth and charming personality. Of course, the Mars rising aggression will hamper this at times.

Donald Trump’s Sun at 22 ♊ 55 lies amid five fixed stars in Constellations Taurus and Orion, that together make for a combative nature with the tongue. The strongest of these is:

Fixed star Alnilam at 22 ♊ 42 is the middle star of the Belt of Orion. In general it gives public honor. Good aspects (sextile Mars-Ascendant) indicate being able to do really great things and to be well rewarded as a result. Challenging aspects (opposite Moon) give a tendency towards useless bravado. Sun conjunct Alnilam reinforces his rash, headstrong and bad-tempered nature.

Donald Trump Horoscope

Donald Trump Horoscope

Sun opposite Moon expresses all the turmoil and chaos from when Theia collided with Earth to create the Moon. This is the strongest feature in his chart by far, and like all we have already seen, it creates a very competitive and confrontational nature.

He comes to terms with the polarities and extremes in his life by bravely charging headlong in combat against his adversaries. In this way, he gains greater understanding of his inner self and that of the outer world. This sometimes blinkered nature provokes strong reactions, which in time, help him become a master of compromise and negotiation.

Sun conjunct Uranus exacerbates Donald’s ability to shock with his confronting behavior. However, it also makes him very self-aware of this nature and how other people see him. His progressive need to change the system is often seen as juvenile rebellion, but his higher awareness and vision can bring new ways of doing things which eventually become acceptable, having great benefits for humanity.

Jupiter trine Uranus gives a fundamental dislike of tradition and an ingenious, progressive spirit. He believes everyone deserves the chance to succeed without restraint from rules and regulations. He would see big government as inhibiting a persons freedom to grow and succeed in life. Along with the Sun-Uranus conjunction, this aspect makes Donald uninhibited and free to share his values, with no thought of societal or political standards.

Behind the strong-man image, there are actually well intended liberal, tolerant and progressive beliefs and values. He has an optimistic view of the future and will discard any belief or system that no longer works. He is comfortable being eccentric and misunderstood. This aspects also gives an open-minded approach to religion.

Venus conjunct Saturn makes it difficult to show love and affection, but it does signal a caring and loyal person. Breakups and divorce are common and this aspect is noted for bringing sadness, disappointment in love, and even poverty. Patience and many lessons can lead to loving relationships and financial security.

Fixed star Procyon at 25 ♋ 02 is a very fortunate influence on the Venus-Saturn conjunction. Being associated with wealth and renown, it has definitely improved Donald’s financial position. However, like so much in his chart, is makes people hasty, jealous and pig-headed.

Venus conjunct Procyon brings many benefits from influential friends, association with the Church, and is favorable for gain.

Saturn conjunct Procyon gives him good judgment and a high position of trust often in connection with land.

Venus-Saturn sextile Midheaven is another reason why the bad reputation of Venus conjunct Saturn has been negated. The Venus influence gives a love of career and talent in the fashion or beauty industries. This is a good indicator of wealth and softens his aggressive nature. The Saturn influence suggests a position of authority, respect and honor. This is ideal for a career in real estate or the government.

Fixed star Algol at 25 ♉ 24 conjunct Midheaven would seem a terrible omen for his career. Medusa’s Head is associated with extreme misfortune and violence. With the Midheaven in particular it can indicate murder, a sudden death and beheading. Donald Trump is at risk of being assassinated by a shot to the head or neck.

The unlucky Venus-Saturn conjunction has turned good through the positive fixed star and trine to Midheaven. It also seems that unlucky Algol has come good through the trine to Venus-Saturn. Plus, Algol does have a very positive side. Medusa’s ugly head was removed by the sword and then used for good. Seeing past the ugliness reveals hidden beauty. It would appear that through his career, or calling, Donald Trump can unlock the beauty and riches of Venus that was bound by Saturn.

How Algol signifies on horoscopes depends entirely on how the person concerned does or does not live life with an honest sense of purpose to it, a desire at least to try to live up to some kind of philosophy, religion or ideal. [2]


  1. Exclusive to Newsmax: Trump’s Hospital Birth Docs.
  2. The Living Stars, Dr. Eric Morse, 1988, p.130.

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  1. There’s another eclipse this coming year: a total lunar eclipse in Leo January 31, 2018 at 11 degrees Leo. This eclipse will fall in Trumps 12th house. A 12th house indicates one’s self undoing as well as hidden enemies. The moon will conjunct Trumps Pluto which is in opposition to the Sun in Aquarius. Along with the total solar eclipse in August, there is no way this man will escape the fortunes of eclipses and I foresee his downfall either in late Autumn or early winter. He has made a lot of enemies while President by firing anyone who can’t make his administration work because he doesn’t know how to govern. Then we will have to deal with Pense but he has had experience governing.

    • Oh my!! That lunar eclipse falls exactly on my 11 degree Leo ascendant which is in a Grand Fire Trine with my Sag moon and Aries mars…Also conjunct my natal Leo Pluto. Will I also experience terrible effects from this eclipse? Life has been rather decent lately, not without worries but nice.
      Should I be concerned? What should I be focused on and/or concerned about during these transits?
      All transits have a positive influence as well as a negative influence….What would the positive influence be for President Trump’s transits?
      I hope and pray for the good of our country, the USA, whatever that might be. I wish no harm to anyone, including me and my family, so I hope that the upcoming lunar eclipse at 11 degrees on my ascendant won’t be mean to me.

  2. The total lunar eclipse in Leo this coming January will fall in Trumps 12th house conjunct his Pluto. So I looked into Bob Muellers date of birth. Bob is a Leo, his Sun conjunct Pluto so he too will experience the lunar eclipse but his fate should be more favorable than Trumps as Bob/s Sun conjunct Pluto joins Trumps Pluto. What I see here for Trump is a “House of Cards”: as all his associates and possibly family will be ousted from the White House. However, what or who will be left? This total eclipse might infect his vice president, AG and cabinet etc as the 12th house also refers to associates. Everyone watching the news should get some inkling that Trump is losing favor all over the US and World. There are good things and difficult things in an eclipse but the outcome depends on a persons overall chart, not just the placement of the eclipse.

  3. Donald J. Trump said he made today a decission for himself in Iran atomic deal question.

    20-Sep-2017 024°,27’47 Sagittarius C–3 0 AR08

    AR08 = Asc + Jup – Sun arabic part.

    20-Sep-2017 025°,44’49 Libra Jup 90 Ven transit

  4. October: This is a good time to watch the unraveling of Trumps presidency as the total solar eclipse isn’t done working and causing catastrophe’s world wide but especially in the U.S. including Puerto Rico and Mexico. Trump is acting out the malevolence found in Algol and Regulas in his chart. While Puerto Ricons beg for help, Trump ignores them and is tweeting about the NFL protests. Trump is a spoiled brat and has caused havoc in the US policies and is being watched throughout the world. If nothing else, its a good time for astrologers to inspect his chart as it proves a good learning experience in the world of stars.

    • i agree the cruelty that is often kept in the dark ,is open and pouring into the light this is painful and destructive but i am grateful for “revelation” theres a word fraught with mystery , so america can become whole and heal ,there is a lot of energy and commitment growing towards facing shadow and integrating

  5. Donald J. Trump.


    31-Oct-2017 002°,27’07 Virgo C-11 45 Jup

    31-Oct-2017 -12°,05’53 Jup // Pars transit

    Kim Jong Un.

    31-Okt-2017 -22°,19’57 Sat // Sun transit

  6. Apparently many in the Congress and Senate are feeling confused and baffled by the behavior of Trump as he is very angry and quarrels with his staff. Check out his Sun and Uranus conjunct Capella in Gemini. This star brings wealth and a position of trust, but his Uranus is also conjunct Capella which indicates an eccentric, mentally unbalanced or insane person. Psychiatrists strive to define Trumps behavior with new definitions, but insanity alone doesn’t fit nicely in any definition. What is also apparent is his ignorance: like why don’t we use our nuclear weapons he asks? Too bad astrology can’t measure IQ.

    • One way to measure intelligence in astrology is the distance between the Sun and Mercury. Supposedly the further apart, the more intelligent the person is. I think the most they can be apart is 28 degrees.

      • Glad you replied. Well I will check out this info against the charts of persons like Einstein, etc. Have you found any stars that show extreme intelligence. I found one that reveals a slow wit and others that show abilities above the norm. this astrology on IQ requires more research. I have also found some stars that reveal possible mental instability and the Sun square or opposition Neptune is often indicative of some mental derangement.

    • Baby, it looks that you don’t have the brains to understand a Gemini. Judith, Judith….and it is you who’s asking about IQ…go figga.

  7. Trumps chart shows Pluto in his 12th house which is sextile Uranus conjunct his Sun. Pluto is very destructive, especially in Leo and the 12th house indicates actions that are taken often secretly or behind closed doors, Pluto just has to destroy anything for no good reason. Trump has repealed a wildlife law that banned lead bullets. Someone should show this fool just how sad it is to see Eagles and hawks and other wildlife being poisoned from lead bullets. But Trump has no empathy but is bent on destruction while expressing Leo’s need to be admired, loved and praised. Pluto in Leo will destroy anyone or anything that steals one’s limelight. He will end up being not loved, but hated.

  8. Hmmmm….Judith, I have Pluto in Leo in my first house! I most definitely take offense to the second half of your reply post! You obviously hold hatred for the president of the United States, which is your prerogative, but why link astrology to your feelings and beliefs of Donald Trump?
    I don’t do anything to steal the limelight from anyone….and I’m not hated by others either! You say that Pluto is very destructive, especially in Leo???? My Pluto has given me lots and lots of strength and tenacity through the tough times in my life. I’m loving and empathetic; I’m the person that family and friends come to when they need a shoulder to cry on or if they need help to focus on their troubling situations…I also can see through “smoke and mirrors”
    Maybe it’s possible that Trump’s 12th house Pluto secrets and actions behind closed doors is referring to all of the political corruption deeply seated in Washington DC…..Maybe THAT’S what Pluto’s destroying!

    • Pluto rising is a sure sign of strength and keen insight. But you might want to look at the degree and star that is afflicting your rising sign if any. yes, I do feel Trump is the worst President I have ever seen but I use his chart to denote his behavior and personality by using planetary afflictions and planetary signs. His behavior undoubtedly reveals his personality and behavior which is noted daily on most news programs. An afflicted Mars and Pluto in Leo usually reveals a very destructive person but Pluto rising alone doesn’t necessarily reveal a cold hearted person. Just a person who thinks they have all the answers.

      • How do I find out what star, if any, is afflicting my rising Pluto? I know that my Mars, Sun &Mercury are trine with Pluto and with my Sag moon in a Grand Fire Trine.
        It would be terrific to learn more about the stars.

  9. Donald J. Trump plans a visit to South Korea on 7 and 8 November 2017.

    8-Nov-2017 012°,16’36 Leo Merc 180 AR05
    8-Nov-2017 006°,12’12 Scorpio Jup 45 Moon transit
    8-Nov-2017 015°,50’00 Scorpio Sun 45 AR01 transit
    8-Nov-2017 025°,44’49 Aries Ura 90 Ven transit

  10. SC Nonni, thank you for the help in understanding how this Pluto set up has worked out for you. Judith look at what house Pluto and Mars rules. Those are the area’s he will be the hardest and the area’s where felt were the most important in his life. If you notice, Pluto rules 4th house, he is a fierce fighter for his family, look at his children as the examples of what his Pluto/mars has done. He will keep his secrets away from them until he can better understand what is behind the scenes, the card game has started and he is holding his hand close to his chest, not revealing much. Now through the Mars, rules 9th house you notice international business professional and can deal with all kinds of cultures and people. His Mars has worked out well for him indeed. Moon Trines Mars. Mars intercepted in 11th house. You find Saturn, Mercury, Venus in Cancer snuggled up in the 11th house interception. His Saturn is holding back his thoughts and the way he receives and gives love. This once again has shown through his family and friends because he would never put them in danger at the expense of his ego. His glib manner comes from that Gemini Sun 10th and how he wants to shine in his own right for his own thoughts. This man has been hounded Solar Arc Moon Oppose Ascendant since he announced. His business acumen is above all others and his fierce loyalty to others is beyond the very basic of humanity.

    Thank God for his placements as they are because without that extra power, he would be mush. His heart hurts but he will still get up each day and push forward, not because he has to, because he sees a need. This man did not have to do this for our country. Each day he works at trying to help others.

    A person chooses destruction, destruction does not choose the person:) We will ultimately decide what we want in our lives and what we will not tolerate.

  11. Vladimir Putin.

    19-Oct-2017 018°,11’53 Sagittarius Sun 45 Asc
    19-Oct-2017 026°,31’30 Aries Ura 120 Mars transit

    Russia’s Putin Reveals His Biggest Mistake: Trusting the West.
    Russian President Vladimir Putin revealed Thursday what he says is his country’s gravest error in the past 15 years — placing Moscow’s trust in the West.
    During a policy talk at the Valdai Discussion Club, October 19, 2017 the Russian leader spoke on a number of issues, especially criticizing U.S. foreign policy moves across the globe and lauding Russia’s increasingly relevant role as a world power. When asked by a Germany-based academic where Russia had most seriously gone wrong in the past decade and a half, Putin said he had too readily laid his trust in the West, which he then accused of having abused its relationship with Moscow to further its own interests.
    “Our biggest mistake was that we trusted you too much. You interpreted our trust as weakness, and you exploited that,” Putin said, according to Reuters.
    “Unfortunately, our Western partners, having divided the USSR’s geopolitical legacy, were certain of their own incontestable righteousness having declared themselves the victors of the ‘Cold War,'” he added, later comparing the West’s need to export democracy to the Soviet Union’s desire to spread communism.
    U.S.-Russia ties have fluctuated greatly over the years. Russia was initially an ally of the U.S. throughout the tumultuous political years that followed the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s and was an early ally of the U.S.’s war on terror after the 9/11 attacks in 2001. However, Putin, who has led the country as president or prime minister since 2000, has long been a critic of U.S. attempts to expand its influence around the world and now faces what his U.S. counterpart and former political ally, Donald Trump, described in August as “an all-time and very dangerous low” for relations between the two powers.
    “We have to turn this page and move forward and our relations should be based on mutual respect and we should treat each other as equal partners,” Putin said, according to the state-run Tass Russian News Agency.
    Lingering grievances that surfaced under the administration of President Barack Obama have left the two nations deeply suspicious of another’s intentions. Persistent U.S. accusations that the Kremlin interfered in the 2016 U.S. presidential race has led to multiple sanctions and tit-for-tat diplomatic attacks between the countries, while dueling military buildups between Western military alliance NATO and Russia have played out across Europe.
    Putin said Thursday that, despite Moscow planning to respond to NATO’s deployments near Russia’s borders, “everything was under control.” In the Middle East, though, he accused the U.S. and its allies of intentionally making an already unstable environment worse.
    “Instead of controlling the situation together and dealing a real blow on terrorism, and not imitating the struggle with it, some of our counterparts have been doing their utmost to make the chaos in the region permanent,” Putin said, according to Tass.
    The U.S. and Russia have cautiously begun cooperating in Syria, where they back separate forces battling the Islamic State militant group (ISIS), but Russia has joined Syria and Iran, in accusing the U.S. and its allies of starting the conflict by supporting Syrian rebels and even of secretly helping ISIS and other jihadis, something Western powers deny.
    Through its military success in Syria, business deals and arms sales, Russia has taken an increasingly important role in the Middle East and has also attempted to act as a mediator in a nuclear standoff between the U.S. and North Korea. Western powers have repeatedly condemned what they perceive to be aggressive Russian policies that destabilize the existing world order.
    Putin did, however, take an opportunity Thursday to defend his U.S. counterpart from his detractors, calling on U.S. citizens to stop disrespecting Trump and his supporters.

  12. @ SCNonni I, I , I, I, I, and I. Six times in one paragraph. Reread your post. Leo in the first house!

    • True….lol ????
      Curious…..are you a Virgo or have strong Virgo placements? My Virgo husband and sister are both Virgos and also feel the responsibility of critiquing others. I love them to death for it ???????? (There’s that “I “ again….lol)

  13. Donald J. Trump.

    Progressive aspects:

    31-Dec-2017 024°,55’21 Cancer Moon 90 mutual Asc

    3-Jan-2018 025°,02’47 Cancer Moon * PROCYON (MERC – MARS )
    12-Jan-2018 025°,24’05 Cancer Moon 180 AR02
    21-Jan-2018 025°,44’49 Cancer Moon 0 Ven

    5-Feb-2018 009°,20’00 Libra Mars 135 MC
    7-Feb-2018 002°,42’20 Leo Sat 30 mutual C-11
    11-Feb-2018 +23°,51’12 Moon // Plu
    16-Feb-2018 026°,46’54 Cancer Moon 30 Mars
    22-Feb-2018 026°,59’08 Cancer Moon 0 AR11

  14. Donald J.Trump transits.

    3-Jan-2018 001°,43’43 Capricorn Sat 150 C-12
    4-Jan-2018 017°,27’07 Scorpio Jup 30 Jup
    4-Jan-2018 011°,59’08 Pisces Nep 135 AR11 (arabic part of sickness)
    4-Jan-2018 017°,33’50 Scorpio Jup 135 AR09 (arabic part of heredity)
    5-Jan-2018 017°,36’48 Scorpio Jup 120 AR06 (arabic part of knowledge)
    5-Jan-2018 014°,54’45 Capricorn Sun 90 Chiron
    5-Jan-2018 029°,54’45 Leo Moon 45 Chiron
    5-Jan-2018 005°,17’35 Virgo Moon 90 Black Moon
    5-Jan-2018 012°,01’00 Pisces Nep 120 Black Sun

  15. Transits the USA.

    3-Jan-2018 015°,56’57 Scorpio Mars 90 MC

    4-Jan-2018 016°,07’19 Scorpio Mars 30 C-12

    5-Jan-2018 -16°,04’30 Jup # MC
    5-Jan-2018 -16°,04’30 Mars # MC
    5-Jan-2018 001°,56’16 Capricorn Sat 60 AR11 (arabic part of sickness)
    5-Jan-2018 005°,08’00 Virgo Moon 135 Chiron

  16. Donald J. Trump:

    16-Feb-2018 020°,17’35 Capricorn Plu 45 Black Moon transit

    Vladimir Putin:

    16-Feb-2018 006°,16’42 Capricorn Sat 135 MC transit

    Mueller indicts 13 Russian nationals over 2016 election interference.

    Updated 2047 GMT (0447 HKT) February 16, 2018

    (CNN) Special counsel Robert Mueller has indicted 13 Russian nationals and three Russian entities for allegedly meddling in the 2016 presidential election, charging them with conspiracy to defraud the United States, the Department of Justice announced Friday.
    In addition, three defendants were charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud and bank fraud, and five defendants with aggravated identity theft.
    “The defendants allegedly conducted what they called information warfare against the United States, with the stated goal of spreading distrust towards the candidates and the political system in general,” Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said.
    Mueller had convened the grand jury as part of his investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election as well as any possible connections between Russia and Trump campaign associates.
    The sweeping indictment describes in detail an unprecedented campaign by Russia to influence the 2016 presidential election, affirming the longstanding conclusions of the US intelligence community. It is at odds with President Donald Trump’s repeated questioning of those conclusions, which has continued throughout his first year in office. CNN reported this week that Trump is still not convinced that Russia meddled in the election.
    Trump emphasized the lack of allegations of any impact on the presidential election.
    “Russia started their anti-US campaign in 2014, long before I announced that I would run for President,” he tweeted. “The results of the election were not impacted. The Trump campaign did nothing wrong – no collusion!”
    In a statement, the White House said Trump was fully briefed on the indictments and “is glad to see the Special Counsel’s investigation further indicates— that there was NO COLLUSION between the Trump campaign and Russia and that the outcome of the election was not changed or affected.”
    “(I)t is more important than ever before to come together as Americans,” Trump said in the statement. “We cannot allow those seeking to sow confusion, discord, and rancor to be successful. It’s time we stop the outlandish partisan attacks, wild and false allegations, and far-fetched theories, which only serve to further the agendas of bad actors, like Russia, and do nothing to protect the principles of our institutions. We must unite as Americans to protect the integrity of our democracy and our elections.”
    FBI Director Chris Wray and Rosenstein briefed the President on the indictments at the White House on Friday morning, a White House official said.
    Beginning as early as 2014, the Russian organization Internet Research Agency began operations to interfere with the US political system, including the 2016 elections, according to the indictment.
    The defendants allegedly posed as US persons, created false US personas and operated social media pages and groups designed to attract US audiences, the indictment reads.
    The Internet Research Agency had a “strategic goal to sow discord in the US political system” including the election, according to the indictment.
    Russians posted “derogatory information about a number of candidates,” and by mid-2016 they supported Trump and disparaged Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. They bought ads and communicated with “unwitting” people tied to Trump campaign and others to coordinate political activities.
    Rosenstein said Friday that the indictment does not contain any allegations that any Americans knowingly participated in the activity.
    “There is no allegation in this indictment that any American was a knowing participant in this illegal activity,” he said. “There is no allegation in the indictment that the charge conduct altered the outcome of the 2016 election.”
    Rosenstein added that the special counsel’s investigation is ongoing.
    Social media tactics.
    According to the indictment, the Russians created an email address,, to purport to be a US person in order to send out press releases in June 2016 for a “March for Trump” rally to New York media outlets.
    The defendants allegedly used a Facebook account belonging to a fictitious person named Matt Skiber, posing as an American to contact a real US citizen to act as a recruiter for the rally, even offering money to print posters and buy a megaphone.
    The advertisements weren’t limited to Trump. They also allegedly purchased ads on Facebook to promote “Support Hillary. Save American Muslims” rally to allege Clinton was supporting Islamic law. They also allegedly bought ads to promote a “Down with Hillary” rally.
    The defendants focused on key purple states during the election. The Skiber account allegedly sent a private message to a real Facebook account, “Florida for Trump,” to offer support. They also allegedly used a stolen identity of a real US citizen to email grassroots groups in Florida.
    The defendants allegedly attempted to cover their tracks after social media companies, including Facebook, publicly disclosed in September 2017 that they had identified Russians purchasing political and social advertisements on its platform and after media reports noted the company was cooperating with the special counsel’s investigation.

  17. “Personal integrity his strong point”….you cannot be serious. Highly biased interpretations.

      • Jamie, you dont become a proper Astrologer by blindly following cookbook interpretations of individual aspects on the Internet.
        Nor do you seperate the interpretation from the real life in front of you.
        The most essential part is the interpretation of the whole chart that is grounded in that persons life, not seperated into some kind of idealised astrological cliché.
        Astrologers have a duty to train properly before influencing others.

    • Has to be a reason that, after decades in Manhattan real estate development that no one has come up with anything legal on which to nail the man. And you know that not only is Mueller and his team of Clinton biased lawyers trying, but so is the Democrat AG in the state of NY.

      • I think you meant illegal. Trump has been involved in over 4000 lawsuits. 190 plus have been about taxes. Follow the money trail and fraudulent dealings. Sometimes it takes years to uncover, but eventually it will catch up. Now, tell me again why he is hiding his taxes?

        Mueller is a Republican and the attorneys aren’t Clinton biased lawyers. But, but….Hillary!

        I was a long time Republican that recently changed to Democrat. I am a Centrist Democrat, not a liberal. The Republican Party and Trump’s adminisitration is a cesspool of corruption.

        Mueller’s birthday is August 7,1944 in New York City. Time unknown. Without a birthtime exact planet placements in the houses, the Asc., Dsc., MC or IC i are unknown. However, looking at his chart in general and the aspects to some of the planets shows someone with a discplined approach, with integrity, unbiasedness, and determination. This backs up what has been said about him by those who know him best.

        We really don’t know what Mueller is doing, because he doesn’t talk. Trump has inflicted damage to himself and his own credibility on his own and Mueller didn’t have to tweet one time!

        Trump has lied 4700 plus times to the public and you believe him. I believe Mueller, because he hasn’t lied to the public even once.

  18. The meeting between Trump and Kim Jong Un can possibly be on 3 May 2018.

  19. Donald J. Trump had today progressive aspect:

    17-May-2018 025°,02’49 Sagittarius C–3 135 Plu

  20. U.S. senator: Trump wants to end N.K. crisis in first term.
    2018/05/21 03:07
    Article View Option
    WASHINGTON, May 20, 2018 — U.S. President Donald Trump wants to end the North Korean nuclear crisis during his current term, and will likely use military means if diplomacy fails, an American senator said Sunday.
    Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) made the remark on Fox News, citing his conversation with the president three days earlier.
    “He says he’s going to end this conflict within his first term, that every other president has been played,” Graham said. Trump’s term ends in early 2021.
    “President Trump told me three days ago (17 May 2018) that he wants to end this in a win-win way,” the senator continued. “He thinks that’s possible, but if they pull out, they play him, that we’re going to end North Korea’s threat to the American homeland in his first term and I’ll let you surmise as to what that might look like.”

    Trump and Kim are set to meet in Singapore on June 12 to discuss the dismantlement of North Korea’s nuclear weapons program. But the North threatened to pull out of the summit last week, saying the U.S. is trying to force “unilateral” denuclearization.
    The senator on the Armed Services Committee warned that Trump will not tolerate being played.
    “If they play Trump, if they try to nickel and dime Trump, and if they try to run out the clock on President Trump, then we’re going to have a conflict and it’s going to be in his first term,” he said. “I’m highly confident of that because there is no other place to kick the can.”

    The U.S. has no interest in toppling Kim’s regime, reunifying the Korean Peninsula or spreading democracy to North Korea, the senator said.
    “We are trying to get them to give up their nuclear weapons program, and the Korean War and make it a win-win,” he said. “If they don’t show up, that’s the end of diplomacy. If they do show up and try to play Trump, and that means military conflict is the only thing left. And if we have a conflict with North Korea, they will lose it, not us.”

    Graham also warned China against using its leverage over Pyongyang as a bargaining chip in trade talks with the U.S.
    “China and North Korea have a chance to end the conflict in a win-win fashion and if it doesn’t end soon, it’s going to be a real mess and if there’s a war, it will be in China’s backyard, not ours,” he said.
    Moreover, the U.S. will not withdraw its 28,500 troops in South Korea as part of a nuclear deal with the North because their presence has been “stabilizing,” he added.

  21. Kim Jong Un.

    1-Jul-2018 001°,59’50 Taurus Ura 45 Asc transit

    Donald J. Trump.

    1-Jul-2018 020°,17’35 Capricorn Plu 45 Black Moon transit

  22. ‘Personal integrity and honor are his strong points’
    You cant be serious? How can you claim to be an astrologer with such atrostious character judgement annd with all the evidence to the contrary screaming in your face. ‘ ooze sexual magnetism,- delusional.
    Also as an ‘astrologer’ [a title innapropriately claimed] you should know Trumps birth time is potentially dodgy data
    especially given Trumps obvious track record of ‘integrity and honour’…

    • I just checked my Solar Fire program and the info you gave is correct. His chart is under the Corporate Chart files. Thank you again. As soon as I looked at the chart, I could see how this chart could be accurate.

      I had been watching the Partial Solar Eclipse on Aug. 11th and how it lassoed in Trump’s Mars in the 12th (loosely) , but the eclipse would have an entirely different effect with the 17 degrees Leo Asc.

      Once again thank you for enlightening me.

  23. Thank you for that information. I have used the 29 degrees Leo Asc. chart and can now compare the two charts.

  24. Jamie, have a look at the American Scorpionic chart, Articles of Confederation, Nov 15, 1777. Apparently this is the Alternative chart to the Declaration of Independence, Sibley. It is a useful chart for understanding 911, for instance. ie. the chart of the Deep State.

    Anyway, the Scorpionic chart Ascendant, 22°Aqu02′, is Square Trumps Mid Heaven 22°Tau09′

    • There was no Federal Government in 1776 or 1777. So, it would be difficult to assess the so called Deep State in that chart. Indeed, one must have a government first, in order to have a Deep State. The Federal Government was not established until 1789. Perhaps, you should consider the astrological chart for the birth of the Federal Government, which is March 4, 1789, time 12:01 AM, New York, NY, according to KHALDEA. The information can be found online.

      Every few years, someone claims to have rectified the US chart. Unfortunately, astrologers often disagree.

  25. Lynn, the Articles of Confederation was the 1st Constituition, but it didnt work out, so the 1789 constitution was created. But there is reason to believe a hidden organization is loyal to the Nov 15, 1777 Articles.

    Another thing too: there are 500 days between July 4, 1976 and Nov 15, 1777. Approx half of which the USA is progressed (243 years).

    It is my astrological contention that the Current divide in the USA, the pronounced left/right schism, is the battle between these two ideals, which will reach its Oppositional apex in about 6 or 7 years.

    • I am aware of that. However, it is not the birth of our existing Constitution. As stated, it failed. I see your point and it has some validity. There is no doubt that some of the ideas have been kept alive concerning the rights of the states and that it has been part of the division of the left and the right. I don’t see that as the cause of the Constitutional crisis that we our now facing or the polarization that is now occurring in the US. It isn’t about the right or the left.

      The problem is the dictator loving autocrat that is sitting in the Oval office that is destroying everything that we once stood for and that this country was built on. We have our very own erratic, unstable, lying. temper tantrum throwing lunar baby with an over blown ego problem trying to control all three branches of our government. ( Supported by his astrological birth chart.) In addition, we have a problem with propaganda being used to influence the citizens in the form of State run media. (Fox News and the Alt Right News )

      Also, we have Russian interference and meddling in our elections with the full blessing of the President, Alt Right, and the Freedom Caucus in the Congress. Our churches have become politicized and White Supremacy is on the rise. With so much winning, how can we lose? We already have. The deterioration of the US has already begun. I agree that it will peak in a few years and we will be in a depression that will be more severe than the Great Depression and this country will no longer be the leader of the free world.

  26. Lynn, this is an astro site. Where is the astrology that supports your thoughts after “I am aware”

  27. Yes, Gerald, I know it is an astrology site. I have been an astrologer for 35 years or so.

    As far as your suggested chart as the birth of the Constitution, well, it is just that, a suggestion. It is an old argument. What to use as the birth time? Is it the drafting of it, the ratification or the implementation of it?

    I have not drafted a chart for the Articles of Confederation and don’t intend to do so. In addition, I don’t buy into conspiracy theories about a Deep State.

    If you want to see how I made the prediction on the depression, look it up on this site. Also, if you want to see my prediction on the many coming and goings in the Trump administration and how his presidency may end, it too is available on this site.

    I simply don’t have the time to go into great detail at this time.

    Have a lovely day. All the best to you.

    • Progressive aspect Donald J. Trump.

      28-Aug-2018 001°,01’41 Virgo Sun 120 Black Moon

      • Trump’s progressive MC enters Leo on 9 September 2018.

        The USA’s progressive Twelve House cusp is conjunct fixed star Tejat on 9 September 2018.

        • Saturn goes direct on September 6, 2018. Legal matters will move forward. Will not be at the shadow degree until Dec. 12, 2018. Trump’s third Saturn opposition to Mercury on December10, 2018.

          • Saturn rules over the tenth house issues! Hard work, corporations, things that demand timing. Following the law as dictated by hierarchies. So I am asking you according to my previous learning is Saturn making aspect to Jupiter at this time because Jupiter is the judges, courts, higher thinking, traveling, the judgement being passed down. So unless Saturn is making aspect to Jupiter in the Presidents chart and a hard aspect I wouldn’t expect anything to come of the Mueller investigation. It has been a witch hunt from the start.
            Now reverse all you said and I heard that Mueller has charges stemming from mishandling of documents that he is going to court for on September 4, 2018. Has Mueller sat in pre-judgement of President Trump and now therefore as the bible states, take the rafter out of your eye before you take the straw out of your brothers. Time shall tell!

            • As above, so below! I grew up as a bench burning Baptist, but attended an Advent church in recent years. I no longer participate in church services. However, will confirm that there is a one source. The US is not a Theocracy and never was. Our forefathers provided for religious freedom. You posted of scripture in the Bible, but there is also the Torah and the Quaran. As a matter of fact, there are over 2000 deities. Church and State are separate.

              As far as Mueller going to court for mishandling documents, I know nothing of the case you speak of.

              Furthermore, the location, time, Mueller’s birth time etc. would have to be considered. There are two parties to the case. Is Trump the plaintiff?

              Saturn rules over approximately 639 areas. Jupiter approximately rules over approximately 432, including jurors and the Republican Party.

              Nothing I posted is reversed.

          • This was an eventful week (Dec. 10) for Trump with Saturn opposing Mercury. Was it not?

      • August 21, 2018. Paul Manafort convicted of 8 of 18 counts that he was charged with. Michael Cohen pleads guilty with a plea deal and Trump is implicated as an unindicted co-conspirator of violating campaign finance law.

        August 21st Sun Return to the Great American Eclipse chart at 28 Leo 52 conjunct Trump’s Asc. Critical/Crisis 29th degree. in the same chart Saturn conjoins Trump’s Moon at 21 Sag. 11 and went into opposition to his Gemini Sun shortly after. Saturn rules judges, justice system, responsibility, bosses, restrictions etc. Oddly enough Saturn rules coal and coal mines. Hence the WV rally on the same day.

        The Great American Eclipse that divided America.

    • Hi Lynn,
      Nice to see you have been an astrologer for 35yrs, Congrats! I am nothing, I used to deliver papers to store accounts for a living so excuse me for some serious questions concerning remarks you have made throughout this posting on Donald J. Trump!
      The Declaration of Independence is what most astrologers seem to use in the drafting of any questions concerning the United States. Now that is what I gathered as snippets on this wonderful world we call the net. The Declaration was originally signed by a man called John Hancock because he knew he could be hung for treason if the British got a hold of the document and he wanted to be out there in front of all his compatriots. That is why it is usually used July 4,1776. It was late afternoon and I leave the “astrologers” to figure it out.
      With that stated, NOT ONE ASTROLOGER SAID THAT TRUMP WOULD WIN! I looked at his chart and within seconds I knew he would win but I am no astrologer, just to be clear.

      Now I take my bias out of the chart and my own interpretations and go with the flow when I am dealing with crap!

      You don’t have to buy into any theory unless it suits you! The great God of heaven said we all have free will and choice. In doing so as stated from the above, I do believe in the Deep State and it started right after the Flood of Noah. The roots go further back than anyone could imagine.

      Now as for Jamie’s site, I come here to find out which way the wind is blowing this month and what I get is far more. I have never read his comments in any of the text books I have read and believe me there are astrology books out there not worth buying but everyone thinks they are the bees knees because they do not know any different.

      Jamie brings a singing of the planets when he writes! I have never seen snippets on his site or I would have left years ago.

      Donald Trump is trying to clean out the deep state so we no longer have an issue coming in the future for our children and grandchildren. If you still don’t believe, then take a look outside the USA. LOOK AT china. Did you know that they have concentration camps now for Christians and those that don’t believe as they do? Did you know that the pope is trying to get The HOLY SEE accepted in to China because there are only 10 mil Catholics and 60 mil protestants. The holy see means, The HOLY SEAT! That was yesterdays news.

      We have concentration camps all over the US now and they are in working order. I wonder who they could be for? All of this done through the Clinton all the way up to Obama years. Now if you can’t see any of it, its all ok, most don’t want to see it. The President is doing his damndest to stop it all! He has brought the economy back and had new highs never before seen in our lifetime. He has tried to make friends with everyone but yet, serving the people of the United States with loyalty in spite of what the deep state is saying. If they are against the amazing job he has done, then they are part of the deep state.

      We have been at war as Pluto passes through the same degrees as he did back in the 1770’s. What has gone before is usually a good precursor for what is coming up but on a different scale.

      One more thing, you usually don’t fit a chart to a person, you fit the person to the chart. If this chart doesn’t work, doesn’t mean it is wrong. Their train could have gone off the track at birth or somewhere along the way.

      • Since you follow Trump, you may want to look at the Feb. 19, 2019 Full Moon phase. It conjoins Trump’s Asc. and Regulus.

        Just happened to notice this while glancing ahead at lunar phases.

      • Hi Cathy,
        You are saying that no astrologer predicted Mr. Trump to win, but you did – Could you please point out where did you publish your predictions before the elections? I am just curious 🙂

  28. Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776 in Philadelphia, PA – time controversial. Also, the date is controversial. Honestly, don’t need a history lesson.

    Now as far as Jamie, he is good at the type of astrology he does. There is no dispute here. Personally, I don’ t look at his weekly or monthly forecasts. I do enjoy his writing on lunations. He has a knack for it. However, we have different methods. I use a house system and he doesn’t. He uses planetary aspects and fixed stars only. We can call that a professional disagreement, but still have respect for each other.

    In natal astrology (that I use) there are 1700 different influences. I look at the chart as a whole. Some factors modify others. The natal chart is always the greatest influence, regardless of transists or progressions. Furthermore, I do my own research with select clients. The research is in the medical/psychological areas of astrology. Hence, so is my education and work experience. Political astrology is not my specialty. It is just a side interest. I stand by my interpretation of Trump’s chart. There is no doubt that he has some powerful aspects, but it how he uses it that matters. I hope this clarifies some of your questions and comments. Sorry, but I am not fitting anything and still don’t believe in the deep state.

    I don’t have a website, because I am for the advancement and acceptance of Astrology as a science. Hope to publish my findings at some point.

    As far as, no astrologer getting the election right, well, it isn’t an exact science. In addition, not having Clinton’s birth time was a problem. We are still learning. Just like medicine is not an exact science. Sometimes treatments work, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes diagnoses are accurate, sometimes they aren’t.

    The Pluto return is interesting as well as the Neptune return in the Republican chart. Like I said, it isn’t about politics; it is about the country.

    “Thy will (emphasize this) be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. “

    “Oh, stargazer, ye may know, but can change nothing.” This and the next one is paraphrased. Don’t have the scripture handy.

    “The Lord gave power to the Heavens.”

    Have a nice day. All the best to you.

    • Declaration of Independence July 4, 1776, Phily, the Sibley chart.. this is such a wonderfully excellent chart. Have a look at the Solar Arc, the week Elon Musk space suit mannequin went to Mars in his Space X roadster (giggle), but also a very important week Feb 5-12, as Jerome Powell was sworn in as Fed Bank Chairman, and the stock market had a very large convulsion… anyway, USA! USA! USA! Solar arc bang on 240°

  29. The Sibley chart is a generally accepted chart, but the time is still controversisl. I already have it on file. It is doubtful that I will be delving into it anytime soon.

    To be honest, I am working on a case of Autism at this time. In addition, have been having a health crisis of my own. Dealing with Neptune (nebulous, nefarious, illusionary, now you see it, now you don’t planet conjunct my Sun. Neptune is the ruler of my Sun. Was diagnosed with lung cancer in Jan. In April during preadmission testing for surgery, it was gone according to CT. In July, a small dense mass with a folding over of tissue appeared. Significance unknown at this time. Doctors and tests have become a scheduling feature for me. As well as multiple breathing treatments, tiredness, and other problems.

    I am all for unification and believe in the people, the common good and general welfare of the people, regardless of religion, political affilation, country of origin, gender or color of their skin.

    “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States.

  30. Hope your health improves Lynn.

    Take the Scorpionic chart Nov 15, 1777, 0.49pm York PA, Solar Arc for July 4, 2020: exact 240°

  31. Donald J. Trump.

    24-Sep-2018 020°,50’30 Scorpio Jup 45 Nep transit
    24-Sep-2018 001°,41’51 Taurus Ura 90 C-12 transit
    24-Sep-2018 -23°,26’40 Mars # C-11 transit
    25-Sep-2018 021°,08’51 Scorpio Jup 30 C—3 transit

  32. Donald J. Trump.

    27-Sep-2018 -23°,07’28 Mars # Drac transit
    27-Sep-2018 +11°,30’17 Ura // Asc transit


    27-Sep-2018 018°,03’02 Sagittarius Moon 45 mutual Sat
    27-Sep-2018 014°,33’00 Pisces Nep 135 AR04 transit
    27-Sep-2018 -23°,03’00 Mars // C—3 transit

  33. USA midterms elections 6 November 2018.

    Donald J. Trump.

    6-Nov-2018 024°,20’00 Aquarius Mars 90 MC transit
    7-Nov-2018 007°,01’19 Leo Moon 60 mutual Nep
    8-Nov-2018 029°,56’42 Aries Ura 120 Asc transit
    8-Nov-2018 029°,54’45 Scorpio Jup 45 Chiron transit
    8-Nov-2018 029°,56’42 Scorpio Jup 90 Asc transit
    11-Nov-2018 005°,50’30 Capricorn Sat 90 Nep transit



    6-Nov-2018 029°,33’00 Scorpio Jup 120 AR04
    7-Nov-2018 029°,42’57 Scorpio Jup 0 AR07
    7-Nov-2018 005°,29’46 Steenbok Sat 60 AR12
    7-Nov-2018 029°,48’13 Scorpio Jup 45 Sat
    8-Nov-2018 025°,27’54 Aquarius Mars 0 Moon
    8-Nov-2018 025°,31’46 Aquarius Mars 45 C–3
    9-Nov-2018 -14°,38’56 Mars // Moon
    10-Nov-2018 -14°,20’03 Mars // Asc
    12-Nov-2018 005°,54’53 Capricorn Sat 180 Jup
    12-Nov-2018 028°,12’57 Aquarius Mars 135 Sun
    13-Nov-2018 001°,07’19 Sagittarius Jup 45 C-12

  34. Donald J. Trump.

    Bolton meets Putin:

    24-Oct-2018 023°,26’49 Taurus C–8 * CAPULUS (MARS – MERC )
    24-Oct-2018 006°,28’56 Leo Moon * PRAESAEPE (MARS – MOON )
    24-Oct-2018 026°,46’54 Scorpio Jup 90 Mars transit

    Vladimir Putin.
    24-Oct-2018 017°,09’07 Aquarius Mars 120 C-12 transit

    Trump told reporters on Saturday that he intended to withdraw the country from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF), signed by the Soviet Union and United States in 1987 during the final years of the Cold War.
    The agreement has helped eliminate thousands of land-based missiles from the US and Russia, and Trump’s plans have raised concerns of a renewed arms race between the two nations.

  35. Horoscope Donald J. Trump.

    Progressive aspects:

    6-Nov-2018 023°,26’49 Taurus C–8 * CAPULUS (MARS – MERC )
    7-Nov-2018 007°,01’19 Leo Moon 60 mutual Nep


    6-Nov-2018 024°,17’51 Aquarius Mars 90 MC
    6-Nov-2018 024°,26’04 Aquarius Mars 60 AR08
    8-Nov-2018 029°,54’45 Scorpio Jup 45 Chiron
    8-Nov-2018 029°,54’59 Scorpio Jup 90 Asc
    8-Nov-2018 029°,54’59 Aries Ura 120 Asc

    Horoscope Hillary D. Clinton.


    6-Nov-2018 -15°,15’53 Mars # Sat

    • What is the likelihood that this man will become a two-term President or is he going to be removed in 2019, according to a comment I read?

  36. we who cling to our guns and Bibles support Trump believing God sent him to turn his life around and save America from the Obamas and Hillaries look back at King David he sent a soldier officer to his death on front lines to hide fact that man’s wife was pregnant with David’s child. People are often drawn to pleasures of the sex act etc that does not mean fate and God do not have a plan for them ah, yes and astrology.

    • ”we who cling to our guns”… obviously do not trust God to protect us from our paranoia.
      or we wouldn’t need guns.

      Trump is almost as crazy as his supporters.

    • Gesh! If one is going to tell a story from the Bible, then it should be correct. That is not the story of David and Bathsheba. David lusted after Uriah’s wife and sent for her. He slept with her and she became with child. Davis schemed to cover up his wrongful act and brought Uriah home from war, so he would sleep with Bathsheba. Uriah came back, but did not go home. David then gave the order for Uriah to be put in harms way. So, he was struck down by the sword.

      God punished David by taking the child’s life.

      Where in heaven’s name did you get the idea that God was protecting David?

  37. Trump visits France in connection with the 100 years armistice anniversary.

    11-Nov-2018 005°,50’30 Capricorn Sat 90 Nep transit

  38. Queen Elizabeth II.

    11-Nov-2018 005°,52’14 Capricorn Sat 45 Mars transit

  39. Jamie, your interpretation of DJT birth chart fascinating, esp fixed star details. My understanding (as very amateur astrologer) is fixed stars were astrologically impt up to mediaeval times, when Saturn was still furthest known outer planet. Fixed stars are referred to less now of course.
    Re DJT’s strong Ascendant Mars. Helps explain the man’s abundant energy, especially for a septuagenarian. Whatever one thinks of his fondness for burgers (as a vegetarian I disapprove) his non-substance using lifestyle wld also promote good health rare in a man his age.
    President Trump’s excellent Mars placement and aspects convinces me he’s a XYY or even XYYY man. XYY is a genetic variation. It’s not a disability. From memory, about 1 of 550 baby boys are XYY. XYY men are taller than average: 6’2″ as against average 5’9″. They have abundant energy and considerable strength. President Trump is a womaniser, as you might expect of a XYY addicted to junk food; but that aside, his actions suggest he’s basically moral and outstandingly intelligent. A deal-maker with a chess player mind. He often seems moves ahead of opponents. But given his Sun conjuncts my Uranus and trines my Venus, suppose have an astrological inclination to respect him more than some people do.
    Look fw to returning to your website and reading comments on Hillary Clinton.

    • I also respect and admire DJT for his mental strength and his deal-making intuition. He is brash, blunt and seems rude at times but anytime that anyone speaks the truth as they see it there appears to be rudeness because nobody likes facing the hard truths in life.

      • Hello Barbara, yes DJT seems rough as guts but he’s also the right man for his time. Americans are lucky to have him for president. Had I been a US voter wld have preferred Bernie Sanders, to whom Jamie gives a great chart. But Bernie was inevitably soft on illegal migrants. Reforms he might have carried out would have been undermined by Democrats not blocking the parasitic flood looking to leach off US taxpayers, esp low and middle income US taxpayers.
        What are armed forces for but to stop invasions of their own country? DJT sees this clearly if few others in Washington do.
        Jamie’s chart for Hillary Clinton is forthright. He’s therefore copped flak. Worth a look.
        Also interesting is pro-globalist astrologer Patrick Watson’s website with article ’10 Capricorns To Watch Get Wrecked By Mars, Saturn & Pluto in 2018′ . Watson’s view of DJT is as you’d expect of a pro-globalist who sees even President Trump’s children as game. But his style is lively and as an astrologer, he seems to know his stuff.

        • The richest people in America could pay off most of the national debt.
          I say let them keep and invest their money as long as they are living , but when theyre gone it should go to paying off the debt or to a charity or to help revive the economy of a community that is hurting.
          ‘ They ‘ of course would choose what trust fund they could donate it to.
          Thoughtful regulation is ok , but it shouldn’t be so much that it ‘ bogs ‘ down the economy and chases enteprueners away , or taxes so high that it hampers investment or makes them look for loopholes and tax shelters.
          For myself I don’t trust burocrats that never made a dime of their own money deciding which one of their pockets they want to put it into ; however.
          Great chart analysis Jamie !♍
          Natal Jupiter / Chiron opposition transit mars in 8th 2020.

        • Your comment is puzzling. What do you mean by 156 IQ? Normally, this could refer to Intelligence Quotient. However, it seems unclear what this refers to.

          • I appreciate your sense of humor !
            I’m just quoting from a site that came up while I was googling something titled ‘The top 6 presidents with the highest IQ ‘( intelligence quotient. ) Bill Clinton. ,Thomas Jefferson , John Quincy Adams , Woodrow Wilson ., and one other I can’t recall offhand.With Wilson the highest at 173 ; I think.John Quincy Adams in 2nd place.Oh the other one was John F. Kennedy. He , Bill , Tom and Don were about even. ( high 150s
            I m just supplying what I read , you can draw your own conclusion or look it up yourself.
            My IQ ( Intelligence quotient) isn’t high enough to make the judgement on whether the tests are accurate. ♍

            • And Woodrow gave the Power of our Treasury to Private International Bankers – thus the Federal Reserve – Private company. The same primary stockholder (family – Rothschild) still has controlling share – and he and Murdoch own 98% of MS News Media, he owns 100% of the AP.
              Neither a Citizen nor Resident of the USA.

              He/his companies bailed Trump out of bankruptcy all 4 times.

              I read an astrological review of Trump, and about 5-6 of his staff, including his daughter and her husband – was in Vaniety Fair in 2017 –
              (The lady was so accurate about 2018/19 that she truly should receive high accolades from her Peers.)
              I don’t recall her name, she’s British and you can Google by subject and look for Vanity Fair to read her forecast – and she has quite a quick witt –
              I would say – she is precise and has no personal bias – just calls the planets and aspects as they are –

              Absolutely accurately – she definitely gets an A+ – this reading missed a few points (Harvard and Yale both define their diagnosis – Narcissist Personality Disorder – Letters to Congress, 2016, 2017 – and I further support their findings – as it is also a subject my degree and research is weighed in on.

              I look forward to a more Benevolent time for the office and our Public – for our Country.

              Best Regards – ❤💫

            • Ditto Beth ; if we can’t do it in the good old ‘ U.S.A. you can’t do it anywhere !
              In his natal chart he has mars conjunct regulus rising.that’s ‘ self centeredness ‘ right there big-time ! His Sun conjunct Uranus conjunct his n.node indicates the life path.Uranus is eccentric , and is also associated with fame.Its cyclic with most people , but when it’s on your n.node it kind of sticks around with you your whole life , especially with the Sun involved.I’m just going by memory here .Uranus on mercury can denote genius and can digress into mental instability or some type of mental illness if there is too much mental stress , he does not have this conjunct ; (probably his saving grace with all the stress he deals with.)
              There is alot of mental activity with these 2 ‘mental ‘ planets with his Sun in the communicative sign of gemini.It squares his 1st house which is mostly Virgo another mercurial sign that likes to talk ., and can be somewhat ‘ grouchy ‘ ( which he often is.) Virgo also is the critic. his moon is on his S.node which.I call ‘the bucket’ in Saggitarius
              I’ve noticed he seems to have some trouble with sagges ‘ ( James Comey , Ann Coulter , Chuck Schumer , Steve Bannon come to mind. )
              Back to Uranus for a moment .It can be fickle and flighty and can turn on a dime.Its easily distracted and gets bored easily.I don’t know if I would call him a complete narcissist ; however.He does seem to seek council at times , but it’s sort of like ” ill consider your advice , but ill take my own. ” kinda paradoxical ‘.I would say he has ADD for sure though.The Sun / Uranus natal also says he’s not always aware of himself and how he affects others. Its not that he necessarily is a bad person , but he’s unaffected and androgynous to outside stimuli , the mars / regulus rising gives the appearance of arrogance and a strong willed personality.
              With a person like this his heart really has to be in the right place Nice talking to you , and thanks for the info ; it was enlightening !
              Doug Chiron ♍

            • It is doubtful that any of those are correct. Genius level or highly superior is 140 and above.

            • Yes. I am entitled to my opinion, as we all are.

              I prefer facts and actual test scores, not estimates based upon questionable methods. However, there are no test scores available.

              Without a doubt Jefferson, Adams and Wilson were very intelligent. Jefferson was well known for reading and his love of books. Wilson was well educated and higher education does raise IQs.

              Language skills and vocabulary, both in writing and speaking, are one of the indicators used to establish a person’s IQ. Adams and Jefferson were quite adept in this area.

            • Don’t know what their parameters were. I’m not that interested in I Q’ s . It came up on the internet
              I do know 156 is high .I don’t know how they obtain their results.It sounds reasonable that people that are very successful probably have a little more going on up there in their favor .I did a little fact checking on the article that Beth mentioned , but only found a. partial article that didn’t include some of the topics in her comment.What I read was pretty general , astrology.She didn’t mention Regulus. , the nodes , other fixed stars , or asteroids.
              I was of the impression that she didn’t utilize these.There are many branches of astrology.I focus on natal mostly , some important event transits mainly.That’s enough for me as it is.
              I’m not dissing the astrologer in the Vanity fair article I just didn’t have complete article to make an impartial assessment.I can’t recall her name either.I think her initials are M.C.Have a good day Lynn ! ♍

  40. Horoscope Donald J. Trump.

    Progressive aspects.

    9-Jan-2019 009°,26’04 Leo Moon 135 AR08
    9-Jan-2019 +19°,47’16 Sat // C-12
    12-Jan-2019 +21°,29’53 Moon // Sat
    22-Jan-2019 009°,57’05 Leo Moon 60 mutual Mars
    25-Jan-2019 010°,02’49 Leo Moon 0 Plu

    6-Feb-2019 025°,44’49 Libra Asc 90 Ven
    10-Feb-2019 010°,40’21 Leo Moon 135 mutual C—3


    9-Jan-2019 005°,50’30 Ram Mars 180 Nep
    11-Jan-2019 +02°,47’47 Mars // C–2
    16-Jan-2019 013°,11’05 Capricorn Sat 45 Pars
    17-Jan-2019 021°,08’51 Capricorn Plu 90 C–3
    18-Jan-2019 021°,12’08 Capricorn Plu 30 Moon
    20-Jan-2019 013°,11’05 Aries Mars 45 Pars
    21-Jan-2019 +05°,35’07 Mars # Jup
    23-Jan-2019 014°,54’59 Aries Mars 135 Asc
    25-Jan-2019 016°,41’51 Sagittarius Jup 135 C-12
    27-Jan-2019 017°,54’00 Aries Mars 60 Ura

    1-Feb-2019 017°,54’00 Sagittarius Jup 180 Ura
    5-Feb-2019 023°,49’20 Aries Mars 90 Sat
    6-Feb-2019 024°,17’51 Aries Mars 30 MC

  41. Horoscope Donald J. Trump.

    Progressive aspect:

    23-Jan-2019 025°,44’49 Libra Asc 90 Ven

    23-Jan-2019 014°,56’42 Aries Mars 135 Asc transit

    I expect the second meeting Donald J. Trump and Kim Jong Un on 26 February 2019.

    Progressive aspect Trump:

    26-Feb-2019 025°,44’49 Sagittarius C–3 150 Ven

    26-Feb-2019 007°,56’02 Taurus Mars 45 Zon transit

    26-Feb-2019 007°,59’20 Taurus Mars 135 C—2 transit

    Kim Jong Un.

    25-Feb-2019 017°,23’48 Capricorn Sat 120 AR12 transit

    25-Feb-2019 015°,48’57 Pisces Nep 45 C—2 transit

    26-Feb-2019 007°,51’02 Taurus Mars 135 MC transit

    26-Feb-2019 017°,32’11 Capricorn Sat 45 Jup transit

    My aspects and transits of 10 January last are not right; they are coming from a Trump rectification by another person, which I also screen.

  42. Trump KJU Summit 27 and 28 February 2019.


    Kim Jong Un.

    27-Feb-2019 +15°,01’52 Mars # Mars transit
    28-Feb-2019 009°,37’53 Taurus Mars 120 Pars transit
    28-Feb-2019 009°,42’15 Taurus Mars 90 C-12 transit

    North Korea.

    28-Feb-2019 015°,54’19 Pisces Nep 135 Ven transit
    28-Feb-2019 021°,51’09 Sagittarius Jup 60 AR06 transit

    South Korea.

    27-Feb-2019 008°,46’03 Taurus Mars 0 Drac transit
    28-Feb-2019 028°,41’59 Capricorn Ven 135 AR03 transit
    28-Feb-2019 003°,55’41 Capricorn Moon 45 Black Moon transit
    28-Feb-2019 004°,04’45 Capricorn Moon 45 Chiron transit

    Donald J. Trump.

    27-Feb-2019 017°,36’48 Capricorn Sat 60 AR06 transit
    27-Feb-2019 008°,52’18 Taurus Mars 60 Merc transit
    28-Feb-2019 009°,27’47 Taurus Mars 135 AR08 transit


    27-Feb-2019 008°,55’16 Taurus Mars 30 Ura transit
    28-Feb-2019 022°,25’13 Capricorn Plu 120 Nep transit

  43. No deal KJU and Trump.

    See my post of 6 February 2019 and the aspects, transits of 28 February..

  44. Donald J. Trump.

    22-March-2019 000°,30’30 Aquarius IC * ALBIREO (VENUS – MERC )
    23-March-2019 012°,16’52 Leo Moon 180 AR05

    22-March-2019 023°,52’18 Taurus Mars 45 Merc transit
    22-March-2019 016°,44’00 Pisces Nep 135 C-12 transit
    22-March-2019 024°,20’20 Taurus Mars 0 MC transit

    After a 22-month investigation, charges against 37 defendants, seven guilty pleas and one conviction at trial, the Justice Department announced Friday 22 March 2019 that the special counsel’s office has wrapped up its probe into Russian election interference, possible Trump campaign collusion with Moscow and obstruction of justice.

  45. Oh great! Trump has Midas touch for sure he will go down in history of saving America and we will be rid of the Cortez and Batos and Betos etc. I would like to know if anyone has a chart on Jim Nabors what a talent what a shame he is gone..

    • His father said he had the ‘Midas’ touch.
      I’m sure the regulus rising has something to do with it.Whatever you think about him. , he’s one of the hardest working people I’ve ever seen.
      His ‘ little ‘ finger has lived more life than most people’s plus 10 incarnations.He’s very pragmatic and looks for solutions ( whether you like his methods or have a personal bias .) , that’s an objective fact !
      Edgar Cayce said ” it’s better to do something than be someone who does nothing at all , but do SOMETHING ! That he is ; a DOER ! ♍

  46. he is the reincarnation of nero or one of those roman emporers.
    “loved” at first and then they wind up on the hook in the tiber. he cant stop: his false promises!

  47. In my opinion DJT is one of the few in political office who actually upholds and delivers his promises.
    I’m thankful for his strong Mars placement because he sure needs it with all of the disrespectful antics targeting him

    • I agree , he’s trying real hard , but an adversarial Congress has something to say about that.
      Maybe sometimes it’s better if you get what u need , than get what you want.
      ” You can dislike someone , disagree with them , you can outright hate them , but if you demonize someone , and lie about them that makes you worse than the devil ! ” don’t ya think ? : ) ♍

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