Neptune Transits

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  1. Hi Jamie,
    What r the effects of transits of outer planets in synastry between partners? I have googled a bit for Neptune trine Uranus transit to synastry chart but there r no interpretations. Are the effects of such transits negligible to be felt in a relationship?

    • I think you would feel that. Best ot read about Uranus trine Neptune aspect, transit and Neptune trine Uranus transit then try to apply it to your relationship

      • Yup right jamie. Will wait for the transit to begin from April 2018. Maybe as per the nature of both this planets it will give a refreshing perspective in the relationship which is always welcome…best wishes to you for the new year jamie

  2. I strongly responded with your text about Neptune square Sun transit. But actually I got Neptune square natal MOON the last years. So how about transitting Neptune (square) natal moon? I tried to figure out what it could mean regarding to my moon decan in ~14°Gemini the last years neptune transitted. And if its so different from a neptune sun transit meaning.
    Any thoughts? 🙂


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