Gemini 2016 Horoscope

Gemini 2016 HoroscopeGemini horoscope 2016 with decans for a more accurate forecast. If you are on a cusp, use the free horoscope to find your decan.

   Gemini Decan 1 – born May 21 to 31.
   Gemini Decan 2 – born Jun 1 to 10.
   Gemini Decan 3 – born Jun 11 to 20.

Decan 1 Gemini 2016

The restrictive influence of Saturn is behind you by the start of 2016. Although you may encounter some minor challenges this year, it will be better than the least. In fact, later in the year you can look forward to one of the most fortunate of all influences in astrology .

Neptune is square your decan until January 2017. Those of you born in the final four days of Gemini decan 1 will feel this influence directly this year. Those of you born earlier in the decan felt the direct impact over the last three years but may still pick up the subtle vibrations. Neptune tends to creep up on you, so this is a gradual process. At some stage you will realize that you may not have a much drive or energy as you did a year or so ago.

The September 2015 lunar eclipse trine your decan gives a very positive start to the year. The boost to self-confidence will make up for any self-defeatism due to Neptune. Apart from your lucky streak later in the year, the first three months of 2016 are the best for making progress, especially in personal life. The eclipse theme of healing broken hearts will obviously benefit your love life. All relationships should be more harmonious in this eclipse phase.

The March 23 Lunar Eclipse trine your decan is even better for your more intimate relationships. This emotionally nourishing eclipse phase will last until the beginning of September 2016. During these months you should feel more drawn to your home and family life. Here you will receive more emotional support which gives you a solid base to move forward in other areas of life.

Mars retrograde opposite your decan from April 17 to May 30 may cause friction in your love life. The positive influence of the lunar eclipse on your close relationships will alleviate some of the tension, but you can expect to deal with increased irritation and anger in this period. Internalizing your anger is something to beware of now. Getting things off your chest before you lose your temper is important to remember.

Solar eclipse September 2016 square your decan brings to an end the run of helpful eclipses this year. This more confrontational eclipse phase will last until March 2017. Achieving success is still possible, but you will have to work harder for it. Likewise, achieving harmony in your relationships requires extra effort on your part. You will tend to feel more emotionally sensitive in this part of the year.

Jupiter trine your decan from September 7 to October 27 is your lucky streak. Your confidence and optimism will be high, and you generosity and good cheer will improve all relationships. There will be a range of wonderful opportunities to increase your wealth, to travel and to study.

Sometimes with this fortunate transit there is a tendency to sit back and enjoy the good times. This is where the challenging lunar eclipse comes in very handy because it forces you out of your comfort zone. You will be more motivated to get ahead now and take full advantage of the many opportunities ahead for growth in all areas of life.

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Decan 2 Gemini 2016

2016 is a big year for you with more transits to deal with than last year. Some challenging conditions await you but also some opportunities for happiness and success, especially in the final months of 2016.

Uranus was sextile your decan all last year and finishes in mid April 2016. This has been the motivating force for positive change in your life, and makes the first few month of 2016 easier to handle than would otherwise be.

Saturn opposite your decan from Mid December 2015 until mid December 2016 has virtually the opposite effect of the exciting Uranus transit. It may result in a draining year ahead because you are more likely to feel weighed down and pessimistic about the challenges and blockages to your progress.

The September 2015 Solar Eclipse was square your decan so it compounds the restricting nature of Saturn. It is followed to two more testing squares from solar eclipses this year so 2016 is definitely a year of struggle for you. Apart from a lucky streak towards the end of the year, you are going to need a more defensive approach to life. Anything of great importance you want to achieve should be held back until the final two months of 2016.

Jupiter square your decan from February 20 to July 20 will increase your urge to break free of the limiting conditions you face. This is a longer than usual influence because of Jupiter retrograde from January 8 to May 9. You can achieve some minor successes during this time but must remain conservative. Limit your projects to just one or two, and do not overestimate your resources or capabilities.

Neptune square your decan lasts from late March 2016 until March 2021. Those of you born in the first few days of Gemini decan 2 will feel this influence directly this year. The remainder of you may start to sense it coming on but won’t feel the direct impact yet. This weakening effect will creep up on you slowly. There may be no major or memorable events to mark this nebulous transit, but you will notice at some stage that you have lost direction. On top of the other challenges you face this year, it will be most important to remain as positive as you can.

The March 8 Solar Eclipse square your decan will come with its own set of challenges. There will be a focus on a different area of life compared to the earlier solar eclipse. The September 2015 eclipse had an emphasis on healing broken hearts. Check back in the weeks before this new solar eclipse for an update.

Jupiter square Saturn from March 9 to June 9 will be a time of increased frustration as it combines the limiting Saturn influence and the exaggerating Jupiter influence. You could experience financial hardship in which case you need to limit spending on luxury items or entertainment. A relationship on rocky grounds may lead to a separation or major shakeup. Events may force you to reassess previously held strong beliefs.

Saturn square Neptune from May 23 to September 30 represents this biggest challenge of the year with the combining of dark Saturn and deceptive Neptune influences. Disappointments or setbacks now are more likely to extend or deepen periods of grief or depression that we all experience from hardships. Even without hardship being placed upon you, it is likely that psychological fears or paranoia may overwhelm you leading to increased uncertainty.

Solar eclipse September 2016 square your decan marks an end to previous concerns but brings in a new challenging theme. Check back for an update or subscribe at the bottom of the page.

Jupiter trine your decan from October 23 to December 25 is your well-earned lucky streak. You can finally look forward to happiness and success after a very difficult year. Importantly, Jupiter will raise your spirits bringing self-confidence and optimism. This is the perfect time to make the effort to get ahead while there is less likelihood of facing opposition or challenges.

There will be many opportunities to increase your wealth and expand your horizons through travel or study. This most fortunate of transit will bring back the harmony to your relationships which have been under strain from the various challenging influences of the year.

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Decan 3 Gemini 2016

Some new influences enter your life this year with a mixture of good and bad, exciting and boring. The overall feel is more toward the good and exciting, with the major challenging transit not beginning until the end of 2016.

The September 2015 Solar Eclipse square your decan sets the scene for a difficult first few months of the year. This eclipse phase lasts until the March 8 solar eclipse. Although the March eclipse does not directly effect you, it will bring to an end the confrontational start the year.

Jupiter square your decan from mid November 2015 to the end of February 2016 will tend to compound the difficulties you face early this year.

Jupiter retrograde from January 8 to May 9 means you will have this transit once more later in 2016. It is important to show some restraint and moderation as there is a tendency to take on too much, or spend too much.

Uranus sextile your decan lasts from March 20 this year until March of 2019. You are entering a very exciting phase of life with positive change coming in all areas of life. Uranus will let you express yourself more fully, more in tune with who you really are. This will be liberating and you may be pleasantly surprised by how your ego gets a lift from a new and unique personality.

Jupiter square your decan again from July 17 to September 11 brings back the need to limit your range of activities. It will be easier to make progress though, with no testing eclipse phase at the moment. You can make your own luck with this transit but must maintain high morals and not become greedy.

The September 16 Lunar Eclipse square your decan presents a new set of challenges which will remain until March 2017. You should notice the tension applies more to your home and family life as compared to the eclipse phase at the beginning of the year. Your intimate relationships may be the source of emotional sensitivity. Check back in the weeks before this eclipse for an update.

Jupiter trine your decan from December 18 to the end of March 2017 is the lucky streak I mentioned earlier. December will be the best month this year and also the busiest. Jupiter brings hope and good fortune. There will be opportunities for increased wealth and happiness, long distance travel and further studies.

Jupiter opposite Uranus from December 9 to mid January 2017 peaks on December 25. Although it may present challenges for most others, you will benefit from an increase in exciting opportunities. Both planets are helping you out and their interaction should result in surprising but positive events, from financial windfalls to short notice air travel.

Saturn opposite your decan from mid December 2016 to mid December 2017 will have a restrictive and depressing influence for most of next year. It does represent the most difficult influence of the year but not so initially.

Saturn trine Uranus from December 9 to the 12th of January 2017 also  peaks on December 25. Christmas day 2016 is surely going to be a memorable one for you. The more positive Saturn influences like stability and security will show for you. With this Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus configuration exact on December 25, the possibilities seem endless. But have no fear, it will work out wonderfully for you.

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