Donald Trump in Hospital

Donald Trump Hospitalization

Donald Trump speaks from his hospital room, October 3, 2020 [The White House handout via Reuters]

I have already written about Donald Trump’s astrology. This article will highlight the features of his horoscope relating to his health. Current transits are also analyzed to determine how they may affect his health and also his reelection campaign.

At 12:54 A.M. on Friday, October 2, 2020, President Donald Trump announced via Twitter that he and First Lady Melania Trump had both tested positive. Donald Trump was hospitalized later that day.

Donald Trump Horoscope

Donald Trump Astrology Chart

Donald Trump Horoscope

Ascendant conjunct fixed star Regulus (0°53′): Sickness, fevers, acute disease, violent death.

Mars conjunct Ascendant (3°11′) gives the physical strength, courage, and fighting ability to overcome illness. But it does give a tendency toward fevers and acute illness.

Sun conjunct fixed star Ensis (0°42′): Sickness and violent death.

Sun conjunct fixed star Al Hecka (1°05′): Unfavorable for health and especially for the lungs.

Sun conjunct fixed star Phact (1°31′): This star rules the bronchial air sacs.

Sun opposite Moon (1°43′) creates much stress and tension. It gives many battles in life but also indicated toughness and hardiness.

Sun sextile Mars (3°50′) makes Donald Trump strong and fit and indicates good health and good recuperative properties. Like Mars rising, it also gives the courage and strong fighting spirit to battle the infection.

Moon conjunct fixed star Rasalhague (0°29′): Very prone to infections in general and to epidemic infections.

Mercury square Neptune (3°01′) gives susceptibility to infection, sensitivity to drugs, and the wrong use of medicines. It also means Donald Trump has difficulty seeing and understand the real, factual world. This leads to misunderstanding, misrepresentation of the truth, and belief in conspiracy theories relating to the coronavirus pandemic.

Mars conjunct fixed star Alphard (0°14′): Blood poisoning, danger to life by the wrong use of drugs, sudden death by drowning, poison or asphyxiation.

Saturn conjunct fixed star Procyon (1°13′): Good health.

Midheaven conjunct fixed star Algol (1°03′): Sudden death.

Donald Trump Transits

Donald Trump Transits

Donald Trump Transits

September 17, 7:00 am New Moon sextile Saturn (0°10′) lasts until the October 16 new moon. It gives patience, determination, and perseverance to fight the illness. And it gives the and a strong work ethic, responsibility, and leadership to continue his presidential duties. It also suggests achievement, recognition, and respect for hard work and dedication.

September 29, 7:39 pm – Uranus sextile Mercury (June 7 to October 26) brings exciting and unexpected changes. His daily routines may take detours in new and unexpected directions. New discoveries may also come from dreams or flashes of insight. His senses are heightened allowing him to perceive things in greater detail. Future-oriented thinking and open-mindedness will also lead to original and ingenious discoveries.

October 01, 12:59 pm – Mars Rx square Saturn (September 27 to October 5) brought frustration and restrictions. This was the strongest influence when he tested positive to COVID-19 and was forced into hospital. This transit can be debilitating, causing low energy and even exhaustion.

He faced resistance to his goals and found it harder to get his own way. Circumstance and other people in positions of authority restricted his ambition. So he had to take a defensive approach and hold onto what he had instead of trying to start new projects.

October 01, 5:05 pm – Full Moon square Mercury (0°45′) lasts until the October 16 new moon. It brings disagreement because of parochialism or moodiness. He will feel very opinionated and care little what others think.

Trump’s emotional biases can influence his thoughts and his intellectual reasoning can influence how he feels. It means he can take a critical look at both sides as he perfects his ideas.

October 04, 6:51 pm – Neptune square Uranus (September 2020 to February 2021) brings confusing and extreme changes to his reality that tests his faith. This could lead to an extreme philosophical or spiritual transformation. New insights and revelations may impact strongly on his daily life.

These rapid changes are likely to be very challenging and upsetting as they bring instability, self-doubt, and uncertainty. His behavior may become more erratic, strange, and unpredictable. It will be difficult to make long-term commitments.

Trump may also become more suspicious or paranoid, and he is more susceptible to fraud, scandal, and deception. However, hypochondria or believing in conspiracy theories would increase the delusional and confusing effects of this transit. It has made him more vulnerable to infection especially. He is more vulnerable to turning to strange or unproven ideas or belief systems to make sense of what is happening to him.

October 04, 2:52 pm – Mars Rx sextile Sun (October 1 to 7) gives the strength, courage, and energy to fight the illness. He will appear strong and will win admiration. This is a good omen for success.

October 05, 8:53 pm – Chiron opposite Neptune (September 13 to October 30) indicates a battle to overcome the pain and suffering caused by the infection. He may have strange symptoms that are difficult to diagnose or treat. He may be inclined to seek alternative or untested treatment. This transit may have a similar influence to transiting Neptune square Uranus, reinforcing weird beliefs, and conspiracy theories.

October 07, 3:48 am – Saturn trine Midheaven (August 23 to November 3) brings stability and security to his career. Trump should be feeling self-assured and confident about his position and direction. It helps him clearly see where he is going and know how to get there.

Trump and his advisors will be using the illness to his advantage and laying down a solid framework for the remainder of the reelection campaign. He will show great determination, perseverance, and leadership. It also suggests his public image will improve.

October 08, 3:55 am – Mercury trine Mercury (October 6 to 10) brings good news and excellent communication skills. He will do very well in meetings, interviews, debates, speeches, and campaign rallies.

October 09, 0:26 am – Jupiter square Jupiter (October 4 to 14) gives a tendency toward excess that can make it extremely hard to keep up with things and stop them from getting out of control. He may overestimate his abilities or over-commit. Overconfidence and arrogance may lead to ego conflicts, embarrassment, and losses.

October 10, 4:05 am – Mars trine Moon (October 7 to 13) gives courage, initiative, enthusiasm, and good instincts. He can be direct and assertive without offending because he will appear honest and sincere. Good leadership qualities and a positive attitude will gain him support and make him more attractive to the public and women in particular. He will stand up and fight for his family and supporters.

October 10, 4:24 pm – Mercury square Pluto (October 8 to 18). Mercury stations retrograde on October 16 square Trumps Pluto, and this transit is exact again on October 16.

This is a very challenging influence for Trump. He may receive stressful news and be forced to think about very serious things that make him feel scared and threatened. His thinking is likely to become extreme and he is even more prone to believe in conspiracy theories.

A more confrontational, ruthless, or coercive communication style is likely, with threats, lies, intimidation, and insults. Intense interactions will involve criticism, arguments, and conflict, making him more defensive. His fighting spirit will make matters worse and he may back himself into a corner. He will probably say things that are offensive or prejudiced or are in other ways self-destructive.


Donald Trump’s birth chart does show he has the strength, courage, and fighting spirit to recover from his illness. But there are also many influences that are not helpful for this condition.

To start with, he was very prone to infections in general and to epidemic infections. A number of fixed stars indicate sickness and violent death. One in particular is unfavorable for health and especially for the lungs.

Transiting Mars square trump’s Saturn when he tested positive for COVID-19 could have made him more susceptible to the debilitating effects of the infection.

Helping him recover now is transiting Mars sextile Sun giving great recuperative powers and fighting spirit. And the strongest influence for the next few weeks is transiting Saturn trine Midheaven. That is excellent for his presidency and his approval ratings.

On Wednesday or Thursday this week he can expect good news with transiting Mercury trine Mercury. However, Mercury stationing retrograde square Pluto is a big threat to his reelection campaign and also possibly to his health. This destructive influence is exact on October 10 and 16 and lasts from at least October 8 to 18.

37 thoughts on “Donald Trump in Hospital

  1. Very good synopsis on trumps near future. I hadn’t noticed the fixed stars on his Ascendant & Algol on his IC. Wow that is scary but it’s so true with Mars on his Asc. that he will plow thru this virus& make it work for him. It’s all very unpredictable🤯.

  2. You were quick off the mark here, Jamie!
    In my opinion, this is a very good analysis, and describes The Donald much more accurately than his total horoscope, which looks more and more like a failure to realise his potential.
    The most telling aspect seems to be the one that speaks of Mercury square Neptune: “… Donald Trump has difficulty seeing and understanding the real, factual world. This leads to misunderstanding, misrepresentation of the truth…”

  3. Thank you Jamie ! Very interesting data. Information from dreams very clear.

  4. Seems a little strange that Trump has all these astrological indicators of infection, given that his health has been excellent all his life, and he seems to be recovering rapidly from Covid….Trump also has tremendous energy, especially for a man his age.

  5. Something has become profoundly clear from seeing the responses to this man’s illness: Donald Trump triggers people. And what he triggers in them (i.e. – the insults and degradations they hurl) are the unresolved issues in their own lives that are being triggered. Often unconscious, but not necessarily. Also, the more violent the reaction, the deeper the issue.

  6. Hi Jamie,
    Thank you as always! Another thing that needs to be taken into consideration in Trump’s chart is that one of the royal fixed stars, Regulus, conjuncts his Ascendant. Regulus can bring wealth, power, privilege, prestige, charisma as well as an almost Houdini-like ability to escape disaster. The one and critical stipulation is that the individual must avoid revenge. Regulus promises great success if revenge is avoided. If the individual engages in revenge, Regulus promises a falling from grace.

    • Hi There,
      I should have said, these are observations in addition to the one you make about Regulus and health.

  7. The coming solar eclipse at 23 Sagittarius on 14th of december 2020 will be what effects him the most this year. He was born on a lunar eclipse day and the upcoming solar eclipse is triggering that natal energy. He is also in the middle of a nodal reversal; a season to come undone from things started 9 years ago. Eclipses can manifest effects during the 1 month run up to it. So he is in the impact zone in november.

  8. Martin nailed it, and that was surely a trigger because we have plenty of proof.

  9. What about the approaching opposition of Saturn to his natal Venus, and Pluto to his natal Saturn, or don’t they have an effect on his health? Or does their positive aspects with his Midheaven ease the effect? I know that both planets (and Jupiter) have been dancing around in Capricorn the past few months.

    • Oh, they are important Brent. I will talk about them next time when I post about the election transits for Trump and Biden. I just looked at the most exact transits for his hospitalization here.

  10. In analyzing a persons health, look to the cusp of the 6th house. Jamie has provided just the chart to show us, 1Aqr44

    So 99.9% of you know by now I’m going to say this degree is very close 0.06″ orb to the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction on the Helios chart. 1Aqr50.

    DT is a pretty good actor, one must admit. He reads his cue cards flawlessly, and even corrected Joes mistake to score the best joke at the debate.(Joe rambling about 1, 2, and 3, DT saying his cue card is #2)

    So its pretty significant that DT is sick, and we should be positioning ourselves at the Sun for the best view of him. And I can draw a serious Merkaba to describe what’s happened the last 12 months, but draw it in a Bob Ross way. The Merkaba is a combination of two grand trines, in the shape of a Solomon Seal, its also the physics behind the internal processes within a gas planet. It’s a long post, when you have a minute.


    Of course there is, reading this opinion sets the “classroom’ scene. Eddie is the antagonist only.

    “New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof wrote Saturday, “Let’s learn from the president’s infection.”

    The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank on Friday called Trump’s diagnosis “one heck of a teachable moment.”

    Two big media quotes indeed, and with the Examiner opinion piece, a thesis/antithesis. I’m still in a prologue to Merkaba Synthesis. This artwork did get off the ground Saturday evening, it went into the cloud, but not onto the page. local reference

    Air and Fire Merkaba Synthesis,
    Manifest between Calendar Months:

    Fire, Nov/Dec 2019
    Air, Jan/Feb 2020
    Fire, Mar/Apr
    Air, May/Jun
    Fire, Jul/Aug
    Air, Sep/Oct

    This covers all twelve months. And instead of Sign cusps, we do it a little different and paint the Calendar cusps.

    Think about what happened during these periods as you conceptualize the two triangles, first build the Fire trine, pyramid shape. Place a banana at the peak, this is the Release of the artwork, we move from Crystallization (an idea molecule in water) to Inception (start the fire).

  12. Air, January-February 2020, the dissemination of the artwork has reached velocity, the Search Engines call it : Going Viral, a bad choice of words that finally catch up to us. We move from Inception (and conception), to Shock (airborne).

    Fire, March-April 2020, we’re locked down while the fire burns around us. We’re in a plague, moving from Shock to Conflagration. There is shock blowback. It’s bad like a nasty back draft.

  13. Air, May-June 2020, opposite the release of the artwork, make sure these two points line up. As much as the Banana was funny, its deadly serious now as visceral protests have begun. People marching around in confusing clothing, signs and sculptures in words we have never witnessed. We move from Conflagration to Riot.

  14. Fire, July-August 2020, opposite the release of the pandemic, there are more burnt embers in the pit than flame, but they catch and flare up. More formal attempts are made at transformation, look around. We move from Riot to Ashes.

  15. Air, September-October 2020, opposite the conflagration, DT illness is the symbolic end to this years excitement. We move from Ashes to Atonement.

  16. So many complications and reflections from the stars! I follow astrology but also have been” tuning in” to the cosmos and have been experiencing powerful clairaudience. For some time I have been “hearing that Trump is on a path of self undoing. Had a very powerful message that his downfall was eminent. I predicted that the full moon of last week would be the day this became apparent. I was actually surprised by this manifesting as I am still skeptical of what I am “hearing”. Non the less my voices are very strong here and insistent that the man will not survive. I am always willing to be wrong but a very strong message is being put out here.

  17. Cryptic Gerald looks correct to me “Ashes to Atonement”. T in hospital is astro complex. One wonders if he had the virus if he gets out so quickly. He “tested positive”, the pcr test is wildly inaccurate, 80-90% so. The sick don’t always develop antibodies. How could we know what he has/had? We now have a global “casedemic”, many positives, few deaths or hospitalizations. The Germans are moving to sue their government for “crimes against humanity” by destroying the economy in lock down, the deaths and misery caused. Neptune vs Mercury.

  18. “Helping him recover now is transiting Mars sextile Sun giving great recuperative powers and fighting spirit.” Have you forgotten that Mars is now retrograde and will be so until mid Nov? For this reason, most everything you wrote about Mars in relation to Trump’s transits is the opposite. Not sure how you could make that mistake.

    • He came out of the hospital on the day of this transit and said he felt better than he had in 20 years. Even though Mars is retrograde, you still have to take into account the influence of transits to the natal chart. The effect of retrograde motion does not outweigh the effect of the transit.

  19. Agreed. I think Trump’s soul purpose is to be some massive Pluto-style planetary healer. I am not claiming that he has conscious awareness of his role.

    Trump’s rather stuck in his ego, as are the people he’s triggering. He is certainly drawing everything out to be looked at, generally a first step in healing.

    I’m not sure if that is expressed in any way in his birth chart, but would be interested in the opinions of more serious astrologers.

    Matt Kahn, this spriritual healer guy, had a little meditation about the U.S. election for this Project Resolution monthly meditation (google/duck and check it out if it sounds interesting). It was about blue states wanting to be heard (blue as in throat chakra) and red states wanting to feel safe (red as in root chakra), which seemed like an interesting way, though of course not the only way, to look at the raging animosity of the current election.

  20. All this misfortune has been happening because Neptune square Sun and Moon climaxing next year, when probably Trump will get arrested and dismissed by Melania. His businesses will go bankrupt. That’s Neptune.

  21. Interesting, Gerald. I’m more familiar with the 3-dimensional Merkaba. I didn’t even know that the Solomon Seal (aka Star of David) was CALLED a Merkaba as well!
    Merkaba formations in the sky occurred at Harmonic Convergence in 2003, near the start of the Gulf War in 1990, near 9/11 – and in my 2011 Solar Return

  22. Thanks for clarifying the 3-dimensional aspect of the Merkaba Char. Good proofreading.

  23. Interesting, thanks.

    I did a quick look at Sibley/Trump to see if Trump’s Venus was anywhere near USA’s sun. Not so much.

    His Chiron is pretty close to the USA Saturn..?

  24. Regeneron and Genesis share the same root word. DT could have promoted any therapeutic he’s been given, and there are many. But it’s Regeneron, which is just to confirm what we’ve done here at astrologyking and other forums; looking at the stars at this moment in time. Cosmogenesis is one name, the original, and not even that original. And we have other names for it too: Trilogy, Trinity, Comedian, Mosture69. I think only the last one is unique, the others are Collaborations.You can build a huge derivative machine from this, the footprint or benchmark is pretty good.

  25. no, Mosture69 is a collaboration as well. The story goes like this: after the Miami banana goes up and comes down, between Christmas and New Year, a banana is taped to the building where my vehicle is parked for the winter. A photo is taken.

    Prior, during the summer of 2019, the building’s grey tarp covering is repaired with white vinyl tape. The gentleman who repaired the covering unbeknownst has mapped a Visual concept of the future artwork. His name? Gerald. Remember I use a pseudonym. And next I’ll post a photograph taken just after Christmas, to prove it.

  26. There was blowback for using the word *mapped* to describe the art,. So a Mercator Map can be deceiving when comparing countries located off the equator. Yeah, ok, we all know Greenland isn’t the same size as Africa, and that the Earth is a sphere. The artwork is on the side of a building. My van wasn’t parked in a Round thing.

    When someone jives you on a word, what I do is put it to the Number Test. MAPPED is heavy on material and structure. Terrain.

    If Mapped doesnt work for you, doesn’t lift you off the ground, try the word Symbol.

    “” The gentleman who repaired the covering, unbeknownst, left a symbol of the future artwork ”

  27. In his secundary directions his sec Saturn is very close to his Sec MC. Responsibility or fall?
    In his solar arc he has Pluto sextile moon on election day. That looks good.
    Can go either way.

  28. the online version of Cosmogenesis has a counterpart in Mosture69, and also in the Landscape project “Draining the Swampy Backyard”. You’ll find it mentioned on astrologyking threads, here and there.

    The landscape was done by hand, approximately 8/9 months in the making August 2019 thru March 2020. The finishing touches added early April 2020.

    Essentially it’s a driveway roundabout, turnaround, cul de sac.

    When you look at the photos, benchmark the overall view to the open wood shed. Notice the Mosture69 symbol on the van shed, and the two light brown coloured Willow trees, treated as Square to the centre.

    For preservation grass and topsoil is transferred, thickly laid at the foot of Mosture69.

    There are hundreds of details, too long to list. But I understand there are satellite images. So the interpretation is only partly mine.

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