Medical Astrology

Medical Astrology

Medical Astrology

The planets and the fixed stars are used in medical astrology. The fixed stars denote specific parts of the body, and are activated when in conjunction to the Sun, Moon or planets in the natal chart. The Sun, Moon and planets are using in two ways. Firstly, their positions in the natal chart denotes general areas, systems and functions of the body. Secondly, in both natal charts and in transit, the Sun, Moon and planets have a physiological effect on the natal positions.

It is also worth looking at the position of asteroid Hygeia in your natal chart and in transit. This asteroid of health made many conjunctions in my chart when I was battling cancer, each step of the way, from diagnosis to til the all-clear. At the end of this article there are some links to free online medical astrology astrology books.

The Planets in Medical Astrology

THE SUN rules the pituitary gland, heart, spine, and general vitality. The Sun, new moons and solar eclipses can cause heart and spinal complaints.

THE MOON rules the hypothalamus, stomach, digestive system, body fluids, female organs, and the lymphatic system. The Moon, full moons and lunar eclipses can cause menstruation problems and fluid retention.

MERCURY rules the brain, central nervous system, tubing of the body, the five senses, and the hands. Mercury can cause nervous, speech or respiratory disorders.

VENUS rules the thymus gland, testes and ovaries, hormones in general, the throat, kidneys, and sense of touch. Venus can cause urinary disease and sugar imbalance.

MARS rules the adrenal glands, iron in the blood, muscles, gall bladder, bile, head, and senses of smell and taste. Mars can cause injuries, cut, blows, bruising, burns, inflammation and fever, and acute diseases.

JUPITER rules the thyroid gland, liver, pancreas (traditional), thighs, feet, growth and cancer (traditional). Jupiter can cause liver disorders and obesity.

SATURN rules the parathyroid glands, skin, hair, teeth, bones, the body’s defenses, and the spleen. Saturn can cause restriction of vessels and nerves, lethargy, narcolepsy, chronic diseases, and can slow growth of cancer. Saturn is cold and dry.

URANUS rules the amygdala, neural activity, and aura. Uranus is related to ADHD, Aspergers and similar syndromes, it can cause spasms, seizures, accidents and nervous disorders, sudden illnesses, and electrocution.

NEPTUNE rules the pineal gland, endocrine system, psychic healing, and infection. Neptune can cause weakness, disease in general, and especially contagious infections, addictions, poisoning, sensitivity, immune diseases and misdiagnosis.

PLUTO rules the pancreas (modern), metabolism, elimination, cell death, cancer (modern) and genetics. Pluto can cause compulsions, genetic disorder, amputations.

The Fixed Stars in Medical Astrology


02 ARI
09 ARI
14 ARI
21 ARI
26 ARI
27 ARI

00 TAU
03 TAU
07 TAU
14 TAU
14 TAU
24 TAU
26 TAU

00 GEM
05 GEM
09 GEM
16 GEM
20 GEM
21 GEM
22 GEM
22 GEM
22 GEM
22 GEM
23 GEM
24 GEM
28 GEM
28 GEM
29 GEM

03 CAN
05 CAN
09 CAN
14 CAN
14 CAN
18 CAN
18 CAN
20 CAN
23 CAN
25 CAN

07 LEO
08 LEO
13 LEO
20 LEO
27 LEO
27 LEO
27 LEO
29 LEO

11 VIR
21 VIR
25 VIR
26 VIR
27 VIR
28 VIR

04 LIB
09 LIB
10 LIB
13 LIB
17 LIB
22 LIB
23 LIB
24 LIB

03 SCO
06 SCO
11 SCO
12 SCO
15 SCO
19 SCO
22 SCO
23 SCO
29 SCO

02 SAG
02 SAG
03 SAG
09 SAG
09 SAG
11 SAG
17 SAG
22 SAG
24 SAG
25 SAG
28 SAG
29 SAG

00 CAP
03 CAP
08 CAP
12 CAP
13 CAP
15 CAP
15 CAP
19 CAP
25 CAP

01 AQU
01 AQU
03 AQU
04 AQU
04 AQU
05 AQU
12 AQU
13 AQU
20 AQU
21 AQU
23 AQU
23 AQU

03 PIS
03 PIS
05 PIS
08 PIS
15 PIS
23 PIS
29 PIS

Fixed Star

Deneb Kaitos
Baten Kaitos
Al Pherg


Prima Hyadum
El Nath
Al Hecka

Tejat Posterior
iota Gemini

Asellus Australis
Al Jabbah



Zuben Elgenubi

Yed Prior
Has Alhague


Giedi Prima
Deneb Algedi

Deneb Adige

Part of Body

Back of the head, eyes and cerebellum
Bottom of skull between nose and upper lip
Between neck and lower jaw
Center point of the head
Between top of forehead and crown of head
Slightly to back of crown of the head

Midway between forehead and top of head
Top of throat, between throat and head
Right side of the neck
Left side of the neck
Thyroid gland
Back of the neck
One quarter inch up the base of the neck

Base of neck, connection to nerves
Across the shoulders
3 inches above the breast
Center of the breastbone
Right side of chest, chest cavity, lungs
7th vertebra from top, 7th cervical
Bronchial air sacs
Left side of 8th vertebra, 1st dorsal
Right side of 8th vertebra, 1st dorsal
2 inches below the breastbone
13th vertebra from top, 6th dorsal
Last vertebra at bottom, 7th lumbar

Left breast
Center of the chest
1 inch to the right of the breastbone
Nipple of the right breast
Left side below the breast
Right side below the breast
Top of the stomach
Front of the stomach and parathyroids
Back of the stomach
Below the left eye

Below the right eye
Top of the heart
Outer tissues of left side of kidneys
Outer edge of right kidney
Bottom of the heart
Top of the kidneys
Slightly below the top of the kidneys
2 inches below the top of the kidneys

Left side of body to the back of lungs
Front of the chest
Back of the right lung
Center of the pancreas
Lower part of the pancreas

Center of the right kidney
Center of the left kidney
Right kidney
Nerves of the right kidney
At the connection of the two kidneys
2 inches below the navel

4 inches below the navel
Inside the spine
Bottom of the spine
Lowest vertebra of spine, 7th lumbar
Lower half of the colon
The middle section of the colon
The top quarter of the colon
Bottom center of the adrenal glands
2 inches below the navel

Left side of  2nd vertebra, 2nd cervical
Left side of the buttocks
Left side of the buttocks close to spine
Right side of spine, center right buttock
Right side 3rd vertebra, 5th lumbar
Left side 2nd vertebra, 6th lumbar
2 inches below center of the buttock
Right side of the groin
Middle of the groin
Left side of the groin
Left side of the groin
Middle of the right thigh

Middle of the left thigh
Right leg above the knee
Inside of the left knee
Below the left knee
Below the right knee
The back of the left knee at center
Back of the right knee
3 inches below the back of left knee
3 inches below the right knee

7 inches below the bend of left knee
7 inches below the bend of left knee
Center of calf of right leg
Center of calf of left leg
2 inches below center of the left calf
Front of the leg 4.5 inches below knee
Front of  left leg 7 inches below knee
Left leg just above the ankle
Front of right leg 4 inches below knee
Front of right leg 7 inches below knee
Front of right leg below the knee
Blood vessel, nerves around vertebrae

The heel of the right foot
The heel of the right foot
Top of the instep of the left foot
Top of the instep of the right foot
Center of the left foot
Center of the ball of the right foot
Center of the ball of the left foot

The parts of the body in relation to the fixed stars come from: The Fixed Health and Behaviour Imbalances, Ted George and Barbara Parker, 1985.

Free Medical Astrology Books On Google Books

The Complete Herbal, Nicholas Culpeper, 1816.
English Family Physician, Nicholas Culpeper, 1792.
The medical Mirror, Ebeneze Sibly.
The Medical Mirror Journal, 1864

Free Medical Astrology Books On PDF

Astrological Judgement of Diseases, Nicholas Culpeper, 1655.
The Astrological Physician, William Andrews, 1656.

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  1. Outstanding piece of writing, Jamie! I have wanted to be able to see where the fixed stars fit in with regard to medical astrology for quite a while now…

    Thanks for your usual thoroughness in fleshing out the details… (Pardon the intentional pun!)

  2. Hmmm I am curious – Do you know what body parts are associated with Chiron?? 🙂 THANK YOU! This is awesome 🙂

  3. This is a very complete list of the fixed stars in relation to medical astrology and Mr. Partridge did an excellent job. I noticed that he has also listed some free books on the subject. I would like to recommend Encyclopaedia of Medical Astrology by H.L. Cornell, A.M., M.D., Ph.D. I have the third edition that I purchased many years ago from the AFA. It was first published in 1933, I believe. This book is not free, however, it is well worth the cost to anyone wishing to learn more about medical astrology. Several years ago, I researched the timing of childbirth and this book has been a go to resource since that time.

    • Thank you for the recommendation! Have been feeling drawn to medical astrology lately as a few friends are suffering from various types of depression and was wondering what might help. Also probably indeed it can help on rectification and birth time research as well as family patterns. I do not know yet though how to rectify charts, lots to learn still :). Astrology is so fascinating like an ocean.

      Btw I have a colleague at the Vancouver Fraser Valley Astrolotical guild whose book another colleague recommended to me but I did not get it yet (studying other things a lot now, later will get to it). In case it can be helpful it is called “Medical Astrology for Healing” by Thaya Edwards. I donno though it she mentions fixed stars there or not.

  4. Great article!! Love your website, thank you for sharing your knowledge! ????
    Only I did not understand the end about the body parts. How is it related to the fixed stars?

  5. Hello, thanks so much for this information. My understanding is that different cultures or cosmologies associate the planets & stars with different body parts. On which culture or astrology is this information based on? Thanks again and have a magical day.

    • Hi Laura. This is based on channeled information from this book: The Fixed Health and Behaviour Imbalances, Ted George and Barbara Parker, 1985.

  6. HI there Jamie, absolutely amazing content! Thank you for sharing this. Could it be that the last 2 links are not working correctly? They are referring to a different website? This website does not share these 2 pdf’s. Greetings Sylvia

  7. Amazing..I was thinking of Medical Astrology, and your work just appeared..fantastic informative information, thank you….may I ask, how can we surmise the best day, Astrology wise, to receive either a flu shot, or even the Booster, my thanks…

  8. Morning Jamie. I’ve been contemplating the anatomy in regards of Fomalhaut lately you sure it’s the right-heel and not the left?

  9. last 12 hours, overnight, muscle spasms right calf.

    8:30 am EST, Sunday August 27.

  10. “VENUS rules the thymus gland, testes and ovaries.. ”

    It’s very hot, I’m resting late evening, 5 Sept. A bee enters an open window, stings my testes.

    “Bee stings have a variety of meanings, and many of them are signs of good things to come. So if this happens to you, take some time to reflect and be optimistic!” Mila Day

      • dead bee discovery, Sun conjunct Orcus. Part of Fortune 09Can39 conjunct natal Orcus 09Can37,

        medical astrology: O9 CAN, star Alhena, 1 inch to the right of the breastbone


        Often called Bright Foot of Gemini. According to Bullinger it means “hurt, wounded or afflicted”, and it has been called “the wound in the tendon Achilles.” [1]

        The bright star Alhena is of the nature of Venus. it is said to give eminence in art. [2]

        From a combination of Alhena’s placing in its Constellation and in Sign, (Cancer), and the Ptolemaic simile for it, it is not hard to guess that this star should show up our artistic skills, especially with the written or spoken word, and abilities to negotiate a peaceful solution to disputes among people. And so indeed it does. We get to the roots of problems and move matters forward from there, and gaining ‘identity’, distinction, that is, for our efforts.

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