Pluto Transits

Pluto transits to the natal chart signals major life changing events which last about 18 months. As Robert Hand says “Pluto is not a mild or even very subtle planetary influence. You can always see its effects very clearly.” [Planets in Transit, p.477.]

Along with Eclipses, Pluto transits are the best way to understand the major changes going on in your life. They mark major turning points and you can gain understanding of the past by looking back, and learn to deal with what is happening now. Looking ahead can give you clues to your future.

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  1. thank you for this interesting article!
    Pluto is now transiting on my natal moon, which is in twelfth house. My natal moon is opposite jupiter, conjunct saturn and neptune and sextile pluto. Do you know what this transit could mean? i’m very worried…my mother has a cancer. My Sixth and seventh houses fall in cancer. I would be grateful if you could clear my doubts. Thank you,

    • Don’t worry about Neptune sextile Pluto, most of us have that. Ignore houses and it will be easier to work out. Emotional upheaval, getting a lot of unhappy feelings out, but then a positive transformation or your shyness, fears or sadness.

  2. mine is libra ascendent it has sun and mars combusted and mercury conjuct pluto 0 orbit, neptune uranus rahu in saggitarius and jupiter and venus in leo, satrun in capricon and moon ketu in gemini,is mercury conjuct pluto is dangerous…………..please help me

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  4. Can I get some answer on: What are the ramifications of Transiting Pluto opposed to Natal Pluto? Which at the same time will be squaring Uranus and my Asc.?

    • I expect this will indicate a really big change in life direction which could involve your personality, relationships and spiritual outlook.

      • How could a person be old enough to hsve this transit? Sone kind of chart reading error?

  5. Hi Jamie,

    Hope you are recovering well.
    Transiting Pluto is almost opposed to natal Venus (19.12 on 12th house), what kind of major life changing events should I expect? When do you usually start to notice this transit?
    As Pluto is know to dig into the hidden and Venus is on 12th would it be a bad transit? … I am already having the Uranus transit opposition Pluto (19.56) coming right now and it’s the second hit ….
    Any insight on this would be very much appreciated!!

    • Hi Meli. I don’t think Uranus opposite Pluto will b e felt too strongly as it is a generational transit.

      The closest I have to a description of your Pluto transit is Venus square Pluto.

      Houses make no difference, only AC, MC etc.

      Allow one degree orb for Pluto transits, but you will be starting to feel it coming on now. Any major events will happen very close to the exact opposition. Do you use precession correction? It can make a big difference in time with Pluto transits.

      • Hi Jamie,

        Thank you for your response.I have been looking at events from what you mentioned.

        Uranus opposition natal Pluto was in my case close to MC/IC and events were not an easy ride. I have probably managed to get free of some family and people control issues but it was painful.

        As for Pluto opposition Venus , I felt the first hit recently and it was related to clients not paying bills (a good amount ….wondering if the fact that pluto is also trine natal jupiter plays something on this ) and trying to tame advantage (could this be the Pluto side?)…plus pluto sextile natal uranus was felt as something completly unexpected ….so it seems it is affecting finances , what could I do to mitigate?

        On the other hand I have a strange situation related to emotions. There is underlined tension between me and a man but he seems to do not acknowledge his feelings for me while he is very strongly attracted. How can I know if it will turn to bring balance between us or I am facing a plutonium person who is not evolved enough to accept a nurturing and balance relationship. I feel judged by him in relation to professional status and financial stability. What I can expect to learn from that? I already gave up to go for a romantic relationship as he has a too strong wandering eye tendency but it doesn’t matter how many months we don’t see each other when we meet I feel this emotional tension rising up but I can’t force him to deal with his feelings towards me. Would this transit heal , help or bring positive closure? Thanks!

        • Somebody may feel a reaction to you but this does not mean they wish to act on it. Respect his wishes. When men do not respect women’s wishes they are called rapists and stalkers so FORGET him, allow him to exercise his free will.

  6. Transiting Pluto is retrograding on my natal Venus in September (trining my natal Saturn retro). Thoughts on what might happen. I’m in kind of a one-sided love situation me being more in love lol

  7. Hi Jamie
    I am heading towards two major Pluto transits next year 2017. One is the Pluto opposition ascendant transit and during the same duration Pluto square Saturn transit. What struggles should I expect to encounter under this life changing transits?? Any relief from other helpful planetary configuration during all this? I am april 2, 1982 at 12.50 pm IST.

    • I don’t get your Pluto square Saturn transit beginning until 2018. What is your place of birth or what is the degree of your Ascendant?

        • Here are the dates for Pluto conjunct DC:

          10 mar 2017
          02 jun 2017 Rx
          07 jan 2018
          30 aug 2018 Rx
          01 nov 2018

          Basically felt for 18 months but will climax near to those dates.

          Pluto square Saturn transit:
          05 feb 2018
          15 jul 2018 Rx
          12 dec 2018

          Although not as strong because Saturn is not as personal, this will be the more challenging year as it coincides with the transits to DC.

          • Thanks Jamie
            Pluto conjunct the DSC means a major struggle in relationships, isn’t it?
            Jamie relationships with the opposite sex has always been the most painful for me since the beginning.. although learning the lessons one by one, it’s always painful…
            Should tighten my belt for harsh master Pluto’s lessons in the years to come.
            Thanks once again

            • In this case it is more likely going to mean struggle because of the corresponding square to Saturn. You always have to take other transits and eclipses into consideration so it might be easier at times.

  8. It always amuses me when astrologers say pluto transits last for a year to a year and a half. Having experienced the pluto/moon conjunction it is overwhelmingly obvious via conscious awareness that it’s a three year process that dominates the life. Actually as soon as it applies to 3degrees-WHACK, and separating at 3 degrees, the feeling of completion.

  9. Hi Jamie, what is the closest transit to Pluto opposite ascendant – that I can read through? Any good source you have would be highly appreciated. Thanks

  10. Hello Jamie

    You don’t use houses for your interpretation so I will ask in a different manner. I am a cancer ascendant at 18°19′ and next year 2017 Pluto will be transiting Capricorn i.e. my 7th house.
    People who use houses say that 7th house transit of Pluto brings karmic relationships in form of friends, enemies, love relationships which bring profound changes in life through these people. How much does it hold true???

    • Hi Tina, I do use the cardinal House Cusps Like Descendant and Midheaven. So Pluto within a couple of degrees of your Descendant is very significant. I have 18 Capricorn Ascendant so we should compare notes through next year.

      • Sure Jamie
        A new relationship for you…. that would make for a lot new experiences for you next year… All the best

  11. Hola, Jaime! Happy New Year to you and your family!

    According to my chart (which I calculated on I will be having Saturn Square Pluto from January 2017 until November 2017. It sounds pretty dire (there is mention of Saturn Sq Pluto even bringing violence) so I would love to get your perspective on the matter.

    My bday is 11/27/1968.

    I’d really been hoping that Saturn was winding down and that there would be happy good things, like new love and jobs and all of that good stuff. Not more dismal Saturn lessons, with violence. : /

  12. My natal Moon is on 17 degrees in Libra, and I have a Pluto transit :((. Also Tra Saturn is squareing mu natal Saturn R4 in Pisces 29 degree. What to excpect and how to survive?
    Thanks in advance

  13. Good afternoon Jamie,

    i’m afraid, because nearly december 2017 i will have pluto trine natal sun (9 house) at the same time that pluto square my natal uranus (2 house) . This year i have an ocult enemy (i knew him in 26 march 2016, and was my lover in 4 june 2017 but i was knowing him more, and i was feeling afraid, so dark, i never wanted to love him again) , and it’s taken taste os rape and murder by revenge (Karmic i think, too much 8 and 12 house)

    i have dreams that he rape me and i die, with a baby inside…in others i live but i see all in court, but dificult to win (even i don’t know it ¡f it’s good that i do it if i live, and the purpose it’s clean my bad karma with the grace…) . please…can you help me?
    10-05-1973 15:10 pm
    Canary Islands
    thank you, Jamie, i follow your page <3

  14. I like to know more about pluto conjunction with Chiron in de 4th house (capricorn)

  15. Any info on Pluto square Neptune?my dad has this transit now and is very sick 😢

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